Chapter 5

Operation: Warm Welcome

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"Delivery for the Princess?" I could hear one of the gate guards ask. Sarge was driving the truck now, Sweetwater in the passenger seat. Haggard, Mikey, and I were in the back, the entire part covered by a tap, hiding us. Haggard was a Darcsen which might have caused some unnecessary trouble and Mikey was a teenage girl, which might have been more than a little suspicious. I've never been much of an actor and, besides, I lost to Sweetwater in this round of rock, paper, scissors.

"Alright, we'll just need to check the rear," I could hear the other state. We bid our time and waited for the signal.

"A, D, H," Sweetwater said aloud. We divided each side and the rear of the truck bed into eight parts. The letters corresponded to each of those parts as where the guards would go.

"What?" I heard on of the guards say. I was sitting between D and E of the rear and drew my trench knife. It was my father's from the last war, he handed it to me when I joined the army. In an instant, it sunk through the bottom of his mouth, past his tongue, through the roof of his mouth and into his brain. I dragged him into the tarp and waited. We were supposed to leave one of them alive and it turns out Mikey was the one to do it.

Sarge got out of the car and pinned the mercenary's arms and covered his mouth. Haggard and I disposed of the two bodies in the bushes. The night gave us sufficient cover and the faint Ragnite lamps were not enough to reveal us. "Now tell them it's clear or we kill you, got it?" The mercenary nodded furiously and Sarge released his mouth.

"Intruder alert! Intr-!" Sarge sliced his throat open and dropped the body. It looked like these mercenaries weren't afraid to die. No wonder they were called the best in the world. And now us five army rejects were taking them on on their home base?

"Outta the way!" Haggard pulled off the tarp and picked up her lance, planting it on the roof of the truck as sirens blazed throughout the villa. Sarge jumped back into the driver's seat and hit the gas pedal as hard as he could. Haggard pulled the trigger and blew the wrought iron gates clear open and Sarge charged through.

"Plans stay the same!" He yelled, swerving as I held on for dear life. I handed Sweetwater my carbine and tried to take out as many legionnaire guards as I could. Haggard reloaded and blew a hole right through the front doors of the mansion. "We kidnap the princess and hold her hostage, grab the gold and get the hell out!" Originally, we weren't going to wreak havoc until after we 'delivered' the package.

The truck skidded as it entered the mansion and Sarge slammed on the brakes. It spun and slid along the marble floor, turning two hundred and seventy degrees and sliding nearly twenty meters before coming to a halt. I dragged Mikey out as she through up and took cover behind a marble pillar, leaving Sarge and Mikey behind the car. Sweetwater and Haggard had flipped over a stone table and were using that as legionnaires moved from cover to cover to try to get to us.

Mikey looked confused for a moment and picked up the radio, listening in. Why was she doing that? "It's a distress call!" She shouted towards the rest of us and bullets whizzed all around.

"If anything, we're the ones needing a distress call," Sweetwater shouted back.

"Really?" Haggard asked, "I think we're doing great!"

"Shut the hell up you two," Sarge ordered,, "Less chitchat, more shooting. You too Mikey, Sweetwater is right, we have out own problems to worry about."

"You don't understand," Mikey was still listening to the radio, "I-I think it's the princess. She's being held her against her will. She's asking for the Federation to send in an extraction team."

"Then she ain't getting no extraction," Sarge ducked down, a bullet ripping his patrol cap off, "Cuz we the only team around here and we ain't here to extract her, we here to get us some gold."

"There's a Federation warship a few miles out, they agreed to send in a rescue unit," Mikey shouted.

"Oh shit!" Sarge yells, "Then we need to get this shit done as fast as possible if we don't want our asses dragged back for a court martial. Where is the princess?"

"She's in the safe house, basement level 1," Mikey relayed, before the radio was shot through.

She picked up her sniper rifle just in time for her to punch a bullet through the helmet of an armored machine gunner.

"Move towards the stairs!" Sarge shouted and we made out way there. Sweetwater and Mikey were holding back the mercenaries that were coming from the entrance as Haggard, Sarge, and I cleared out the ones coming in from the stairs.

We slowly made our way down. I actually ended up running out of magazines and dropped my carbine in favor of a Legionnaire submachinegun. Haggard picked up a shotgun and Sarge just changed his carbine for another.

It took us nearly twenty minutes to make it down a single flight of stairs but we did it. And the mercenaries coming at us from Sweetwater and Mikey's end were moving away, back to the entrance.

Sweetwater took point and cleared the hallway of mercenaries. It was a long, straight hallway with no cover apart from the saferoom we were trying to reach. But that was bolted shut. Best mercenaries in the world or not, every single one was torn to ribbons from Sweetwater's machine gun fire.

Well, every one but one.

A woman stood at the entrance at the far side. She was a dark-haired beauty, long hair tied up in a high ponytail, taller than me, finely proportioned, and wielding nothing but a rapier.

But then a blue aura enveloped her body, as if she was set alight by a bright blue flame. Her dark hair turned bright white and her eyes turned a glowing red. And then she charged at us.

"Look alive men, she's an an enemy!" Sarge yelled at us. But it wasn't enough. She closed the fifty meters between us in an instant, thrusting her blade at Mikey as she loosed off a round. She dodged the bullet and pressed forwards, aiming right at Mikey's heart.

But Sweetwater wasn't about to let that happen. He pushed her aside and the rapier went through his upper arm. Haggard, Sarge, and I were next to act. Haggard fired off a shot from the shotgun before tossing it away. There wasn't enough time to reload.

I drew my trench knife, as did Sarge and we engaged her directly. She was fast, way too fast to be a human. But, between the three of us, Haggard joining in with her own blade, we managed to keep her at bay. She landed a few cuts on us, though mostly shallow. But we couldn't land a blow on her at all.

Haggard, being the reckless idiot she was, charged right at her. She reached for the blade with her left and and it pierced through. But she didn't stop there, she pressed forwards and her hand moved down the blade until she grabbed the guard. With her armed hand, she tried stabbing the blazing blue warrior directly but she caught Haggard's wrist easily. Haggard dropped her knife and twisted her arm around, grabbing our attacker.

I saw this as my opportunity, I dove right at her, aiming my blade at her neck. She moved Haggard in my way and I hit the ground, sliding along the smooth floor and throwing my blade at her. She tried to move out of the way. But Haggard screamed at her, "Oh no you don'!" Locking her in place as best she could. She left go of her rapier and moved, the blade missed, shattering against the stone ceiling. The shards bounded off, one of them leaving a gash on her face. A face as smooth as porcelain. Funny how I can still admire her beauty while she's trying to kill us.

"Margaret!" An imposing, shaven man with pale skin stood at the other end of the hallway, "Leave them, we have more... important things to do."

"Yes sir!" Her body, still surrounded in a blue aura approached Haggard who tried to scuttle back but the swordswoman grabbed the hilt of the the blade and ripped it out. As a testament to Haggard's own strength, she let out a small yelp and nothing more. The blood on her cut cheek dripped down her face. She touched it and looked at the blood, glaring at me.

We did nothing as she passed the rest of us and made her way back to the male. When they left, I dropped my fists, which I didn't even realize I had up and breathed a sigh of relief.

Until she came back. At the end of the hallway, she was there again, the blue flame surrounding her body bigger and brighter than before. A thin, white lance in her hand. It began spinning and gathering the blue aura around her and reminded me of something... something...

"Shit!" I yelled, "Up the stairs! Now!" I dashed up the stairs, dragging Haggard with me. Mikey did the same for Sweetwater and Sarge helping us both support our injured squadmates. The beam hit the far side of the wall, making it and extremely close call as the soles of my feet were burned off b the intense fire and the cuffs of my pants caught fire. I quickly put it out and we sat their, waiting. We could hear the sounds of battle going on outside but the only sounds we were paying attention to were the sounds of her fading footsteps.

Mikey jumped down the stairs, sniper rifle in hand and glaring down the scope for an instant before motioning that it was clear. We made our way to the saferoom door and knocked on it twice.

"Who's there!" Came a voice. It was clearly shouting but it was so quiet. Just how thick was this door?

"Your Federation extraction team your highness!" Sarge yelled back. The door opened and we saw a young women, maybe about as old as Haggard. She took one look at us and immediately tried to close the door.

Nope. I stuck the butt of my borrowed submachinegun in the way so she couldn't. That door looked really heavy, at least half a foot of solid steel.

"Hey, we came all the way here for you and you just try to slam the door in our faces?" Sweetwater asked, "Is that the thanks we get for bustin our asses to get here?"

"You're the five psychopaths that attacked this place," she tried pushing the door shut, but Sarge and I just forced it open. "And I find it hard to believe that three dumb looking men, a little girl, and a Darcsen really took out all those legionnaires," She grabbed a tennis racket laying nearby and held it in front of her, as some sort of self defense, "This is all probably a ploy by Kirilenko for me to surrender my country's secrets to him."

"Your country's secrets?" I asked, genuinely curious, but Haggard would have none of that. There was one thing and one thing only that she was here for.

"Look here missy," She pushed her way to the front, "I don't give a damn about no secrets, I had my hand stabbed through by a psychotic, hair-color changing, red-eyed, demon bitch who can light herself on fire. I just want to know where the damn gold is!"

"Wait, you fought Margaret?" She asked in disbelief, "And you're still alive?"

"Hell yea we did," Sweetwater was the one to push himself forwards now. "And we have the injuries to show it!" he pointed at his injured arm and Haggard's hand which Mikey was bandaging.

Meanwhile, I took a moment to look around the room. It was well furnished, and there was a periscope I the middle of it. It seemed to lead to the floor above. Probably how she knew that we were 'those five psychopaths'. There was even a hot tub and a tennis court in here. Safe house? More like tiny resort. Royalty sure knew how to hide like, well, royalty.

"Enough about yo goddamn injuries," Sarge pushed the two of them aside, "The gold, the legionnaire's gold, where is it!"

"What? His gold? That's what your af-" She started to ask when suddenly, three Federation marines burst into the saferoom, guns pointed at us.

"Freeze! Drop you weapons and put your hands above your heads!" one of the ordered.

"Yeah? You and what army?" Haggard asked.

"You and what army... Are you out of your mind Hags?" Sweetwater hissed at him, " Why would you say that? These are the Federation marines!"

"I just always wanted to say that."


"Sounds cool, thought maybe it'd shut em up."

And then ten more of them came in. "Oh," Haggard put her shotgun down and raised her hands, "That army."

"Ah, my real extraction team is here," The princess walked to them and two of the marines escorted her out, "Toodles, you psychos."

"Say goodbye to the gold," Mikey followed suit.

"So... I wonder what prison's gonna be like," Sweetwater quipped, having done the same much earlier.

"I don't wanna go to jail," Mikey looked like she was about to cry.

"I hear the food's good," Haggard answered enthusiastically.

"I have a feeling the food's gonna be the least of our problems, dropping the soap is what I'm worried about," Sweetwater shot back.

"I hate that, it's all mushy and you can't get a good grip, slips through your-" Haggard began before she got cut off by Sarge.

"You three just shut up," he ordered, and we fell silent, waiting for the marines to take them back to the Federation.

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