The four survivors had been through hell to get here. Thousands of zombies had stood between them and safety and thousands of the undead had fallen before the barrels of their guns.
But the safety they had fought so hard for was gone. The wreckage of the helicopter slowly sank beneath the water until just the tip of a single blade showed.
"God damn you, Jimmy Gibbs Jr.!" Nick shouted, cursing the stock car driver he seemed to blame everything for.
"Now see, that was just uncalled for." Ellis replied, giving him a wide-eyed look, "If anything, damn that Tank over there." He pointed at the corpse of the mammoth infected.
By the time the survivors had reached the end of the explosion torn bridge, the Tank had been hot on their heels. All four had scrambled into the heli, the ramp had been shutting, the Tank had been howling in rage. The bird was ten feet in the air when the chunk of concrete slammed into its side. Nick, showing quick reflexes, had pushed Rochelle out the near closed ramp then dragged Ellis with him. Coach had followed close behind. The survivors landed hard ion the concrete. The Tank roared in pain as a piece of shrapnel from the spinning blades caught in full across the chest, slicing him open and killing it. For this, they were thankful. The meager amount of bullets they had combined with their injuries would have meant a hard fight for the four, one they would have surely lost.

"Well what do we do now?" Rochelle asked, leaning against Coach for support. She was favoring her left leg. Nick turned and threw up his hands in frustration, "The same thing we've been doing for weeks, surviving! We've got to find somewhere to hole up now, get you off that leg and you," he pointed to Ellis, "we need to get that arm bandaged."
Ellis nodded and looked at the wound on his forearm, courtesy of a Hunter's claw. "I guess I should be thankin' that guys bad aim! He jumped hisself right off the side!" He said with a small laugh.
"Alright people, let's get out of here. No sense in standing around." Coachs' deep voice said. They gathered their fallen weapons and supplies, Nick cursing, again, when he couldn't find his second pistol.
Ellis walked to Rochelle, turned, and crouched in front of her, "Hop on up Ro."
"Ellis, sweetie, you don't need to do that. I'm fine, really!" She took a step to demonstrate but her ankle failed her and she fell to one sighed and literally threw her onto his back, she weighed so little lately.
"Young'un you can't be doing that with your arm." Coach said to him.
"Oh it's all good. I don't even feel it anymore." Ellis smiled happily and started walking after Nick, who was already storming away. Coach rolled his eyes at the happy twenty-three year old and followed.

They walked nearly an hour before encountering the infected again. Nick and Coach picked them off easily. Nick, as always, using more ammo than Coach.
"I don't know how you are such a bad shot," Rochelle said to the conman from Ellis' back, "it just doesn't seem to fit with your character."
Nick scowled and stalked ahead. "I'll look around in these buildings ahead for supplies."
Coach gave him a sharp look, "Now Nicholas, don't be going off on your own."
"It's fine Coach. I'll stay on the ground floors and signal every, let's say three minutes?" he demonstrated the four note tune that had come to be their call for anything.
Nick turned and jogged into a building ahead without waiting for an answer.
The remaining three glanced at each other uneasily, but continued their slow advance down the street. When Nick was in a mood it was usually best to let him work through it whatever way he wished.

Nick searched through the stores that lined the street. The odd set-up of the buildings enabled him to go from one business to another without exiting back onto the pavement. Each store had a door leading into the adjacent one. He quickly found a few cans of food that had rolled under the shelves probably during the chaos of evacuation. These he put into his backpack. Food was always nice but right now they needed medical supplies.

He whistled the signal and continued into the next space.

Rochelle, Ellis, and Coach relaxed a little upon hearing the whistle just a couple of doors ahead. They stayed alert for any noise from the infected and walked on.

Nick continued on like this for a while, methodically searching then moving on. He found little after that first store but what he did get was useful nonetheless. An unused pack of batteries for their flashlights, a box of jumbo flashlights, and miraculously, a small stash of pistol, AK-47, and shotgun ammo were all under a loose floor tile. Clever, he thought, almost didn't see it. He whistled again and squeezed himself through the broken door that joined the two stores. He swept his flashlight over the dilapidated shelves and tables. This place had been ransacked harder than the others.

I should probably go back outside; Ellis is going to need a rest and- HOLY HELL!