Disclaimer: All Characters belong to Joss and Mutant Enemy, except for Richard and any random characters I throw in.
Summary: Willow and Spike form a rather disconcerting addiction, at least that's what they both believe, yet neither of them is willing to stop. After rescuing some girls from demons and after an incident involving some blood, Willow and Spike find themselves in a complicated situation.
A/N: AU Season 6, Buffy and Angel are close friends and on talking terms and she spends a lot of time in LA, Spike and Buffy never had their sexual relationship, and Tara and Willow break up sooner than in the series, and neither wants to get back together. I think that about sums up the changes I made. I think this is one of the 'darker' fics I've ever written, and it will remain that way. Enjoy!

The night air was crisp and cool against Willow's pale cheeks as she wandered towards the warehouse Giles had told her a few demons were holed up in. If Buffy wouldn't have been off visiting Angel in L.A, Willow wouldn't have even had to be there, with Spike no less. She didn't mind him, but he wasn't exactly the poster boy for stable lately. Not that he ever had been. Buffy had blabbed on and on about Spike's failed seduction of her and how she had to keep shooting him down. Seeing the hollow look in his eyes and the hopelessness etched onto his face when he thought nobody was looking, Willow figured shooting him down involved Buffy verbally ripping him to shreds and degrading him until he felt worse than dirt. Honestly, that's how Buffy always treated him, but Willow hadn't paid much attention before, especially considering he had been horribly terrifying, even with the chip. Now that he had stuck around after Buffy died, and even when she was brought back and treated him like crap again, he had stayed, and this drastically changed Willow's view of him. They had an uneasy relationship that wasn't quite a friendship, but perhaps a mutual understanding of each other. When Willow went through her lesbian stage with Tara, Spike had been the only one to truly accept it. Nobody else really tried to, they just pretended it didn't make them feel uncomfortable.

Willow had been having these internal tirades constantly lately. It might have to do with the fact she had so much free-time on her hands. Now that Buffy was back and accepting of the fact she had been pulled out of heaven – which Willow still felt immeasurably bad about – Willow didn't have to worry about taking care of Dawn. Also, since Tara had left her a few months ago because of her excessive use of magic, she didn't have a girlfriend to worry about pleasing. They had parted on good terms and still talked to each other when Tara came to visit Dawn, but there would be no romance between them anymore. Each of them had just changed too much. Willow wanted to be embracing her magical skills and Tara just wanted to be in a relationship not solely based in magic. So with all this extra time, Willow had started up some college courses again since she had to take time off in order to take care of Dawnie.

Since Willow was still the only one who didn't seem to mind working with Spike, she had asked him to tag along so he could help her kill stuff. That normally could sway him to come along. She figured he needed a distraction every now and then considering he seemed to be constantly inebriated. Buffy had really metaphorically shoved a stake through his heart, but Willow figured that was part of the job description. Of course Spike had griped about it in his usual snarky way, at least until Willow offered to buy him more scotch. That had shut him up pretty quickly. Now that left them here, walking in silence to the bad part of Sunnydale, in the industrial district where warehouses lined the road. Most were dilapidated and filled with all sorts of creatures that go bump in the night, but that wasn't of concern to Willow tonight. She was on a mission to uncover some headquarters of a virgin slave trade. This had grown in popularity in the recent months apparently, but Willow had been a bit distracted to really be on the supernatural up and up. If rumors from Willie's bar were to be believed, virgins were a hot commodity in the demon world, and useful for all sorts of evil deeds, Willow even knew a few spells that the blood of a virgin was useful for.

Of course she had only briefly visited the idea of actually using it. Glancing down at the map she had worked on earlier, the one she had cast a spell on to locate one of the demons Anya was convinced ran the whole Sunnydale operation, it looked like they had arrived.

"I think this is it, Spike. Does it look like a secret lair for evil deeds?" She asked with a slight smile on her lips. Spike just rolled his eyes. He wasn't exactly well tempered tonight.

"Well, considering you said secret, I'd deduce you wouldn't be able to actually tell if it was the place or not. Didn't you have some map or something? You better not be wasting my time, Red, I've got cable TV to watch," Spike said with a scowl. He wasn't exactly in the mood to deal with any of the Scoobies, not even Red, the least annoying of the lot. Spike liked that she had more of a darker side to her. She wasn't just the little bookworm, nerd she'd been in high school; she had power now, and the urges to use that power. Spike could see clear as day that she had an addiction of sorts to the magic, it was probably like a power trip for her, which was yet another reason to add to his growing list of reasons why magic wasn't such a great idea.

Willow heaved a sarcastically dramatic sigh at him before responding to his usual snide remarks. "Well drat, I guess this money will just keep burning a hole in my pocket huh? Gosh, I'm so crushed that I won't have to buy alcohol for a vampire that doesn't want to tag along in the first place." As expected, Spike glared at her, but kept silent as he brushed past her to break into the locked warehouse. He jiggled a make-shift lock pick in the door while Willow watched with interest. Was there anything bad and illegal he hadn't done yet? Before she had a chance to explore that train of thought, the door unlocked with a soft click. Smiling smugly to himself, he pushed open the door and stepped inside, a hand near the stake in his coat pocket, just in case. This was a fairly small and disorganized organization compared to others Spike had seen operated in other parts of the country. There were probably only about five demons running this whole gig. Willow glanced around the room, searching for signs of life. The plan was to kill the demons and bring the girls trapped inside to safety. It was easier said than done considering neither of them knew just what they were walking into. Even Willow had the sense to not talk and have one of her babble fests, and both were concentrated on assessing their surroundings. Spike was obviously better than her at that, because he suddenly yelled to her, "duck!" and she had immediately done so without a conscious thought.

A loud whirling sound buzzed above her, right about where her head would have been if she hadn't listened to Spike. Before she could even partially figure out what had happened, Spike was across the room and in a heavy fight with a demon. There was the sound of glass breaking behind her and she hopped to her feet and reeled around to find a demon busting out the glass on a case containing a fire extinguisher. He yanked it out and wielded it, running towards Willow. She yelped, but dodged his swing at her. She spun around, behind him now and sent a whirling kick to his back. Of course it had probably hurt her more than him, but at least she tried. It still distracted him though. He grabbed at his back, holding the extinguisher one handed, and Willow took advantage of this opportunity to desperately search for a weapon. Spike and his demon were still going at it full-force, but the demon was obviously on the losing end of this fight. After a particularly painful sounding punch to the jaw, the demon was literally spun around and knocked onto the floor.

"Red! Catch!" Spike yelled and somehow she managed to avoid being stabbed by the knife he threw at her. He must have taken it from the demon during their fight. Willow barely managed to catch the darn thing and a sharp pain traveled through her hand, but she didn't have time to notice or dwell on it. The demon she had been fighting was swinging his weapon at her head. She managed to duck, but the brunt of the extinguisher still managed to painfully clip her shoulder, sending a painful shockwave through her. She cursed and stabbed at him with her knife, connecting with his leg. With some sheer luck she had managed to nick a major artery and blood began spurting out of the wound. He howled in pain as his blood splattered all over Willow and the concrete floor. He screamed and grabbed his leg, but it was too late to stop the bleeding. He was already weakened and in a minute or so he would bleed out completely.

Focusing on the rest of her surroundings, Willow heard the sounds of Spike fighting, and she hustled over to go try and help him out. There were two dead demon bodies on the ground, each with their necks snapped, and Spike was busy dealing with two others. When he locked gazes with her, he sent her a look that said 'I'm fine, go find what we came for,' as if that wasn't sign enough, he waved her off and continued fighting. Not about to complain about not having to get anymore beat up, Willow hurried through the warehouse, searching for the girls they were trying to save. As she expected, when she finally found them, four of them were dead and the other four were utterly devoid of any other emotion besides terror. Willow quickly went to work untying them and she tried to talk to the one who seemed the least out of it.

"It's alright, we'll get you out of here, you guys will be alright," Willow assured her. The girl's gaze took in her savior with an eerie calm only achieved by having the wits scared out of you so badly that nothing was really left at the moment. A brunette girl next to them suddenly burst into uncontrollable tears, and the other two clutched at each other, fright and relief etched onto their faces. The brunette glanced at Willow as she undid her binds.

"They-they . . . raped them. . ." the brunette muttered between sobs and Willow felt bad for them. That had to be a truly horrifying experience. All these girls would be emotionally scarred for the rest of their lives. It wasn't fair. Holding back her own tears, Willow nodded and mumbled meaningless words of reassurance. As she finished untying the last girl, they all huddled together, finding comfort in the shared space. Wiping at her watery eyes, Willow sighed and was about to go look for Spike before she heard footsteps behind her, fearing for the worst, she spun around, knife clutched in her hand. Upon the realization it was a really beat up Spike standing across the room; Willow tucked the knife into the pocket of her jacket and hurried over towards him.

"Spike are you alright?" She asked him, genuinely worried. As if he could sense that, he saved his sarcasm for a later time.

"Yeah, I've handled worse; you get all the girls out ok?" He asked before suddenly sniffing. His eyes flashed golden and Willow was too fascinated to worry about why. Before she had a chance to stop him, he reached out suddenly and took one of her hands into his.

"You're bleeding. . ." he stated, and to Willow's surprise, she was. She hadn't even noticed. It must have been when she caught the knife he had thrown at her. She stared down at her palm and nearly gasped at the amount of blood that had accumulated on her palm, wrist and forearm. She had a pretty gnarly cut across her palm from catching the blade of the knife. She gulped as she glanced up and Spike was obviously losing to his demon. His eyes blazed a bright, golden yellow and his features were somewhere between humanesque and demon. His fangs were clearly noticeable and finally after a bit of struggling against it, Spike's demon came to the forefront, winning whatever struggle had happened internally.

Willow was too shocked to do anything other than stare as his mouth descended onto her palm and started suckling at the wound. It was a bizarre, yet slightly pleasurable experience. It sort of felt like what she experienced while using magic, just to a lesser degree. After only drinking what was from where she had sliced her hand, he moved his mouth up to bite down on her wrist, hard. She yelped in pain and yanked her hand back as he wheeled backwards, clutching his skull. He yelled out in agony as electricity spread all through his brain from the chip in his squishy lobes. Willow cradled her wrist against her chest and gaped at him in shock. He hadn't ever done that before.

As he recovered from the searing pain in his head, he was just as shocked by what he did to her. Drinking blood like that was normally a personal and almost sexual event. He'd just been so overcome by the scent of her blood. Normally he could control himself, being all fangy and 'grr' was just always so obvious, he liked to play it low-key. He hadn't even considered tasting her since that time in her dorm two years ago. Spike inwardly flinched just thinking back to two years ago, when he'd gotten his chip. If he'd never gotten that damn chip in his skull, the Slayer and all her stupid friends would be dead. Well . . . as he gazed at the witch, he decided that wasn't entirely true. Literally speaking she would be dead, but not the rotting in the ground kind. He had planned to turn her that night, but the sodding chip ruined that plan.

Willow was in shock. Maybe it was from the generous loss of blood, or maybe it was how she wasn't utterly repulsed by what had just happened. She was surprised sure, but she wasn't totally grossing out, which was odd to say the least. Spike was still staring at her as if she was a nummy treat.

"Did you just – "she started, but she didn't even finish her sentence and Spike was already making a hasty exit through a side door she hadn't noticed until now. Well that was weird, was about the only thought that could sum up how she felt. She probably would have stood there all night, staring dumbstruck at the door Spike had bolted through if it weren't for one of the girls' voices reaching her through the haze that was beginning to settle over her. Shaking it off, she turned towards the girls and told them she would take them to the police station to have everything sorted out. On the way there, Willow informed the girls to say nothing about their attackers, only that there were four other dead bodies left in the warehouse. Willow waited until the girls were taken to a different room before she spoke to the officer she had developed a sort of friendship with.

"Hey. This is a uh . . . special case, if you catch my drift. Be careful who you send, I think we got them all, but there may be one or two hiding out." Willow told the cop, Richard. He was one of those officers who always had a crisp, unwrinkled uniform and seemed to have too much of a liking for coffee. Richard had a constant buzz about him and he nodded as Willow explained the situation further.

"Yeah, yeah, go during the day, etc., I get the drill, I have been doing this for a while you know," he replied as he sipped at his coffee inside his mug that proclaimed 'Chicks Dig Tasers,' Willow wasn't about to explain to him how weird that sounded. Maybe she was spending too much time around demons and certain blonde vampires, but it sounded like he was practicing his Taser on chicks. Shaking her head, Willow told him goodnight and started home, well to Buffy's home to be exact. When she passed Willie's pub, she found herself drawn inside. She was going to make good on her promise. Ignoring the weird looks she received, Willow pulled out a wad of cash and ordered a bottle of scotch. Willie was about to bug her about seeing her ID, but after seeing the murderous look on her face, he decided against it.

She sighed as she entered the cemetery. I hope this doesn't make things awkward, she thought as she neared his crypt. She would never have even thought about knocking and going inside, but as she set the bottle down outside his crypt, she knew he could tell she was there. It was that weird vampire thing. She turned around and walked away. When she had gone about a dozen feet, she glanced back and the bottle was gone and the door closed with a thud. This was really going to complicate everything. It shouldn't because it wasn't that big of a deal, the problem was that Willow couldn't seem to find the right amount of outrage at him. In fact, she didn't have any towards him.

Spike had watched her walk away and he couldn't help but wonder what was going to happen now. No doubt she'd just run to her Buffy and he would end up getting his ass royally kicked. Shaking his head at the horrible heartache that stupid blonde's name brought up, he opened his bottle of scotch Willow had kept her word on and downed a huge gulp. He settled into his chair and turned on the TV, drowning his sorrows with the scotch and keeping his mind occupied by whatever mindless show happened to be on. He'd have to go out later, he had something to do, but he just wanted to wallow in self-pity for a while.