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It took over an hour for a piss drunk Spike and a horny Willow to arrive at his crypt. Every few feet Spike would have to pull her off of him while she groped him and tried to kiss him. Normally he'd welcome it, but he knew the witch wasn't herself, and he wasn't going to take advantage of her. He was evil, but not desperate. Finally he saw his crypt in the distance and he only hoped that Buffy wasn't patrolling through his cemetery at this particular time. Suddenly, he felt the presence of a small group of vampires. Trying to shove Willow off of him, he spun around towards where the prickling sensation on the back of his neck was coming from. Standing only a few feet away were four vampires poised for pouncing on them, grins plastered on their faces, yellow eyes blazing, and forehead bunched up. Sighing, Spike shoved Willow hard enough for her to land bum first on the wet grass, but this disturbed his balance and opened him up for attack. Willow glared indigently from where she'd been shoved, but settled for crossing her arms over her chest. She wasn't frightened in the least. If the attractive vampire couldn't handle the others of his kind, she could use her magic against them. She watched impassively as the drunken Spike flew past her before landing on and breaking a tombstone.

Spike wasn't quite so impassive. Cursing wildly, he clumsily got to his feet, where the other vampires were waiting to grab him. One of them shoved him against a nearby mausoleum, and his head swam as it connected against the hard stone with a loud thud. Before they could get their hands on his neck to break it, he was able to pull out his stake and plunged it into the surprised vampire's heart. It dissolved into dust, much to the anger of the other vampires after him. Again he was tossed across the cemetery, traveling about a dozen feet before landing next to a now impatient witch. Sighing, she rose to her feet, mumbling words underneath her breath while she stared at her feet. The vampires were amused.

"Ha! Look at the girl, thinking she can protect herself," One of them said, chuckling. He obviously had no understanding of the kind of power Willow could wield. With the final word ending in a shout, the witch looked up, her eyes black and devoid of any emotion. The vampires looked confused for a moment until Willow lifted both of her arms and gestured towards them. An enormous fire engulfed them all; it was large enough that even from his place behind Willow Spike scooted back uncomfortably. The screams only lasted a second before all that was left was ashes. Spike stared, wide-eyed; he was shocked by the power emanating from her. He always knew she was powerful, but this sorta mojo? Something was definitely up; even his sluggish mind from the alcohol was able to recognize that, he just hoped that he remembered in the morning. He had been on a black out binge, but being kicked out of the bar may have prevented that. He sure hoped so.

Willow's eyes were still black when she stared down at the very puzzled-looking Spike. He could hardly hold back a cringe. What he saw there could compete with Angelus in evilness. As quickly as it had appeared, it was gone, leaving a slightly more like herself Willow. She glanced down at her outfit and wrapped her arms around herself, trying to cover the amount of skin she had showing. What in the world was she wearing!? She looked like a total slut. It looked like she just raided Faith's closet. Confusion settled over her, she couldn't remember the last two hours at all. The last thing she completely recalled was heading into her room to study. Now she was somehow dressed like a total skanko in the middle of a cemetery and surrounded by little piles of ashes. Shaking her head, she looked at Spike questioningly, wondering why it felt like she just did a magic atomic bomb. It felt exactly like after she'd teleported Glory that one time. As if the memory caused her symptoms, Willow was suddenly struck with one of the worst headaches she'd ever had, and her nose started bleeding, running down her face and onto her lips. She sank down in the grass next to Spike, clutching her head.

"Spike . . . what happened? How, how did I wind up here? I'm all confused," she said as tears stung in her eyes. God, she felt awful. A nice warm bed and some Tylenol sounded wonderful at the moment, but she needed to take Spike over to Giles and get him patched up. Willow had no idea how he became injured, but it had him wincing in pain from even the slightest movement, and Spike tried to cover up when he was injured. At her question, he glanced at her, uncertainty burning in his eyes. The night's events would have even the ol' Watcher bunching up his eyebrows in puzzlement. Spike had a glimmer of an idea about what caused it, but wasn't presumptuous enough to trust his judgment.

"Listen Red, we can talk this out in detail later, but I need to go patch myself up first," Spike attempted to scramble to his feet, but with a pained hiss, he fell back onto the ground. He grimaced and clutched his side, he could tell a couple of ribs were broken and it would take time and blood for them to heal and thread themselves back together. Willow stared at him with sympathy. They were both pitiful at the moment. She held her hand out to him and even though he glared, she helped him to his feet and placed his arm over her shoulder so she could help him walk to Giles' apartment.

"I didn't need any help," Spike stated, sounding like a petulant child. Willow rolled her eyes, but she said nothing. It was a long while before they were on the same street as where The Watcher lived. Before they were even halfway down the road, both heard the sound of feet slapping on the pavement, and quickly glanced behind them. They both breathed a sigh of relief (which made Spike mutter in pain) when they recognized bright blonde hair. Willow stopped, and was suddenly glad Spike had offered her his duster earlier in their walk. Willow felt way too exposed in her current outfit. She honestly wanted to just go home and cover every inch of her body.

"Willow! What happened? Are you alright?" Buffy asked in a rush when she caught up to them. She completely ignored Spike's injuries, which brought about a quick feeling of anger in Willow, but she pushed it down and away. Besides a cut on her forehead and a few bruises on her arms, Buffy looked fine. She was more concerned about Willow. Her friend had dried blood smeared on her face, and looked about half dead.

"Yeah, I think so, Spike got attacked by vampires and uh beat them off I think," Willow stated, unsure of her response since she didn't remember any of it. Buffy finally turned her attention to Spike, and gasped at how bad his injuries were. She was about to ask if they were super vamps, until she smelled the distinct odor of booze on his breath.

"You're drunk!? No wonder you got beat up! You're lucky you didn't get Willow killed! Oh I soo wanna stake you right now," The Slayer glared at him, threateningly waving her stake at him. He just shot her a withering look until Willow sighed loud enough to get both of their attention.

"Look guys, can you please quit it? I'm tired and just want to figure out what is going on." Willow said with irritation evident in her tone. Buffy nodded and took Spike's other side so they could reach Giles' place faster, but she made sure she glared at him first. He returned the look. Willow was unaware of the silent communication of hatred; she was too busy focusing on not passing out in the road. She didn't even know why she was so tired, usually she only felt this way after a particularly powerful spell, and the only time she'd gotten a nosebleed was when she'd teleported Glory. Tonight was just baffling. She wasn't even going to try to explain what happened, she'd just get cleaned up and ask Giles about memory loss. She'd completely lost at least a few hours of time.