Fairy Tail: Birth by Sleep

A/N This is a three way crossover between Naruto, Kingdom Hearts and Fairy Tail. Pairing will be Naruto/Aqua.

'Skythreader'- thoughts

"Skythreader"- monster or Kami talking



Death can mean so much to a living and breathing person. Often, people tend to forget about it. It is as if it does not even exist. But reality is a cruel deity. All things must always come to an end. But there is always a new beginning. A beginning much better than the previous life that was lost. A cycle that has no end.

Naruto stared up at the moonlight. The clouds seemingly laughing at his fate. His body, all broken while his coat itself was tattered and torn all over. He seemed a dead man for a passing being but it was never truly over for him.

He looked sideways and saw his best friend, Sasuke Uchiha, smirking down at his crumpled form. The smile mocking his state of body and mind. He tried reaching out to him but the black haired man just laughed at him before mockingly bowing

"Three year training with a Sannin, Toad Sennin, Hero of the last shinobi war and Rokudaime Hokage. All these you haver achieved and yet you still cannot beat me? Even your father's pitiful Hiraishin was not enough to stop me! Are you truly this weak Naruto? Was me labeling you as my rival a foolish mistake I made when we were young?"

Naruto, the man in question, just closed his eyes. He had already trained his ass of for three years with the Sannin. He had trained in the arts of Nature Chakra after his former master died. He had come in tune with Kyuubi in the last shinobi war. He even made it into the position of Rokudaime after the death of Tsunade ten years after the shinobi war. And yet he was here, defeated by his best friend who had abandoned him and his village for the sake of power.

Naruto sighed before yelping in pain as he felt Sasuke kick his exposed rib before hearing another snide

"Is this all I came here for Naruto? Your death? I was hoping for a more difficult challenge! Stand up you dobe!"

Naruto felt his arms going limp as his vision was getting blurry. He felt his body being kicked all over but he didn't care. He was dying and he knew it.

'So this is how it ends for me.'

Naruto succumb to his unconsciousness before feeling his back becoming damp. He opened his eyes, expecting to see his dad and mom in heaven, and looked around the sewage like walls and pipes.

He tried to stand up but once again fell on his butt. He sighed before holding on to one of the pipes and stood up once more. Naruto wobbled carefully as he passed different passages. He already knew where to go and what to expect so he steadied himself before walking towards the last hall.

He then walked in to see the glowing eyes watching him once more as he neared a large cage. As he got nearer, a demonic voice resounded and almost pushed him back

"You! Pathetic little vessel! You almost died had I not salvaged your body! Weakling! Can you not beat the Uchiha crap? What happened to your training? All down the drain!"

Naruto looked up at the gigantic fox before him and replied

"Well, you should pump more chakra for me! I know you've been giving me only a fraction of it!"

Kyuubi roared in rage and replied

"HA! Me? Give you more of my chakra? As if! The only reason why you are losing is because you look at his eyes when you fight! He can predict your movements if he looks into your eyes dumbass! Had you concentrated on his feet instead, you would have won!"

Naruto sprouted a tick mark on his head and yelled


The gigantic fox just sat back down and closed his eyes. Neither one of them spoke a word for a minute. Naruto had seriously screwed up. He never thought by just not looking into Sasuke's eyes, he could manage to cut his prediction by half.

A full five minutes passed before Kyuubi spoke up, scaring Naruto

"Use my chakra. I'll pump into you my chakra and use it. Kami knows I don't want to die yet."

Naruto just stood slack jawed before composing himself and nodding. He and his tenant knew that when he dies, they both die. No use in conserving chakra for nothing.


Sasuke was about to pierce the blonde haired man's heart with his sword before a blast of red chakra pushed him off. He staggered back as he saw Naruto's body being pushed up by the red chakra. He activated his cursed seal to level two before charging another Chidori.

Naruto opened his eyes and saw Sasuke charing up his technique. He then glanced at his body and saw the rush of red chakra. He smiled wickedly before taunting

"Time to play, Sasuke-chan!"

He then flipped back and charged his own Rasengan before rushing towards his friend. Sasuke, seeing the move, rushed forwards to meet him head on.

The clash of the two, while expected, was astronomical. The black Chidori was met by the red Rasengan which, on contact, formed a crater the size of Gamabunta. Their battlefield, the Konoha forest, was stripped bare of its trees. Everyone within a hundred kilometers radius felt the immense power clashing.

Naruto held his Rasengan in place. He knew the force itself was already destroying his and Sasuke's body. This was his last chance to beat his friend and he knew it. He had to do what he had to do.

Sasuke was wide eyed when he felt his Chidori being pushed back. He groaned at the pressure he was feeling on his skin and bones. He knew that he needed Naruto to look at him in the eyes so he can try and capture him in Tsukuyomi. But the problem was, Naruto seemed to always look at his feet. This was a serious problem indeed.

"Sasuke! You'll lose and you know it! Give up now and save yourself from this torture!"

Sasuke glared at the blonde in front of him and replied

"Idiot! I will never back down! More so to you!"

Naruto sighed and pumped all of Kyuubi's chakra in one final blow

"So be it."

Kyuubi was now sweating as he gave in all his chakra. He was now panting at the rate of chakra he was expelling just so he could live. Never mind the boy, the great Kyuubi no Yoko must live so he pumped his chakra towards his seal to save himself.

A stupid course of action.

Suddenly, all of the Elemental Nations felt the resounding explosion. It was as if the world was struck by a giant meteor and was big enough to be felt across the globe. The ANBU that was patrolling the forest came upon the site that would haunt them forever.

The East Konoha forest was now a dead land. Scorched earth that will never be alive again. Tress were now burning on the ground as animals and other life forms that were unable to escape the wrath were burnt to ashes. At the center of it all was a headband. A headband with the oil carved upon it signifying that the Toad Sage was here, but now no more.

- Realm of Darkness

A woman in a blue dress walked towards a seemingly lost man who was staring towards the sea. The man in question, was about six feet tall and wore a black cloak. The cloak itself had silver linings which gave it its mysterious aura.

"Who are you?"

The man looked towards the woman before replying

"Hm? Why hello! It's not often I get visitors."

The man looked towards the sea once more and continued staring. The woman stared towards the sea also and spoke once more

"Please, call me Aqua. Why are you sitting here all alone in the Realm of Darkness? How did you end up here?"

The man, not even looking up, replied

"Well...I can tell you this is my second time on these shores. But unfortunately, much like the first, I do not remember who I am or whence I came. Everything was washed away in whatever currents brought me here."

Aqua looked down and replied

"That's too bad. I know I've been here a long time, wandering through the endless hours, unable to escape."

The man, known as Ansem, asked in return

"You wish to return to your own world?"

Aqua nodded as she continued staring at the vast expanse on the sea.

"It's my friends. I promised I'd be there for them.

Ansem quirked at this and asked

"Your friends? Somewhere in the scraps of memory I have left, you remind me of a boy I once knew. He is very much like you-true to his friends, and kind. This boy travels to many worlds and fights to keep the light safe."

Aqua looked up towards the man before asked

"Keep the light safe? I've been away too long. Did something happen out there? Are the worlds in danger?"

Ansem looked down before speaking in a solemn voice

"Sad to say, they nearly fell to darkness more than once. But at every turn, that boy arrived with Keyblade in hand to save the day."

Aqua, hearing the last sentence, asked excitedly

"Huh? Wait a sec...Is his name Terra or Ven?"

Ansem once again looked towards the sea before continuing

"Neither of those, I'm afraid."

Aqua looked down in sadness before replying

"Should've known."

Ansem chuckled to himself

"How long has it been since I met him? At least a year now, perhaps more. Back then, my heart was clouded with vengeance. I did terrible things, both to him and his friends. I brought unhappiness to more lives than one. I felt something must be done. Was that why? A means to clear my conscience? Or perhaps, out of a sort of scholarly instinct? While the boy slept his long sleep, I his the result of my research inside him, transplanting the data to where it might best serve a purpose. In fact, I would like to believe that maybe he can things right. a boy like him who could touch so many hearts-he could open the right door, and save all those people whose lives I ruined. So many are still waiting for their new beginning, their birth by sleep. Even me...and even you."

Aqua was stunned by the speech. A boy who could change so many peoples hearts. It was hard to believe for her.

"What's this boy's name?"

Ansem looked once more onto the sea before replying

"His name is Sora."

Aqua looked ahead once more before whispering


Just then, a shining light blinded both of them. Aqua then pushed herself back up before looking towards then light and saw a gateway with blue bubbles as the frame. She looked on curiously as Ansem got up and spoke

"It seems your time has come. Your new beginning, you birth by sleep."

Aqua looked at the man before asking

"What about you?"

Ansem smiled at this young woman's care for him before he replied

"Me? It is not time yet. Maybe soon."

Aqua gazed at the light before she looked back and called out

"We'll meet again!"

-Unknown Location


Everything was white.

Naruto looked up and saw white. Everything really was white! He sat up and started remembering the continuous surge of power he felt even in his dying breath. Dying? Was he dead?

"Your awake."

Naruto jumped up and got hold of a kunai before he sighed in relief at the sight. An old man, dressed in white robes, was smiling at him. He had a long beard or pure silver and a pointy cap to match his sleep wear.

"Who are you?"

The old man grinned before replying

"Me? I'm Kami! And you, are naked."

Naruto looked down and saw he was really naked. As naked as the day he was born. He quickly covered his bits before saying in a shaky voice

"W-well if you are Kami himself, can you please give me clothes?"

The old man chuckled before flicking his wrist. In an instant, Naruto was covered in the same garbs as the old man. Pure white. Naruto sighed in relief before asking

"What am I doing here, Kami-ojii-san?"

Kami laughed heartily before replying in a joyous tone

"I like you, kid. Your the first one to address me like that! I really chose the perfect student!"

Naruto looked at Kami before asking once more

"Student? What will you teach me? And...how am I still living?"

Kami sighed before flicking his hand. Once more, two recliners appeared. Kami took the first one before gesturing for Naruto to sit on the other. He then started

"Do you remember what happened?"

Naruto nodded lightly before answering

"Yes...I fed my Rasengan with everything I had to destroy Sasuke and me in the process."

Kami sighed before saying

"That was not all that happened."

"Was was not all Ojii-san?"

Kami smiled once more at the warmness he felt being called that

"Kyuubi, it seems, tried to pump his chakra into the seal to protect himself from being destroyed."

Naruto sighed this time before muttering

"Selfish fox."

"He is, trust me. Now as to why you are here, he not knowingly, gave you his chakra reserves and killed himself."

Naruto grinned at this and thought

'HAH! Take that fox!'

Kami adjusted his hat before continuing

"Which brings us to why you are here. His chakra, being an immortal type, made you immortal as well."

Naruto's eyes went anime big before exclaiming


Kami plugged his fingers in his ears before replying

"Yes, immortal. But not God immortal. You can still die in battle but your healing will have gained in speed just like when you had Kyuubi in you although now it is faster. You will not get older though so you get to control your appearance of age. The only thing you need is to control and harness this power which I will help you. In addition, I will train you in the Lost Art of God Slaying. It has been too long since I have sent my champion on Earthland."

Naruto once again exploded in excitement but was stopped when a doorway appeared beside him. He saw the door open and reveal a beautiful blue haired angel. She had a blue type of dress which hugged her curves. Also, she was carrying some kind of key thing.


The first thing that she saw was white. White. Everything was white. She then looked around and saw an old man in a robe and was wearing a white nightcap. Beside the old man was a man. About twenty to thirty years old with blonde hair and blue eyes just like her. She immediately blushed but controlled it before asking

"Where am I?"

The old man smiled warmly before saying

"Aqua. I believe it is time for your new beginning! Come and sit down beside Naruto here so that I can explain the situation I needed both of you to fix."

Kami swished his hand and another recliner appeared but this time it had bubble designs on it. Aqua carefully sat down and nodded at the old man to start once more

"As you know, I am Kami and Earthland is..."

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