Fairy Tail: Birth by Sleep

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Chapter 2: First Mission



That was what both Makarov and Iwan Dreyar felt when those two new recruits. Iwan, son of the current guild master, can literally feel the power rolling of on the two. The same can be said with Makarov. Both men were literally shaken when they felt the presence of those two.

Iwan looked down from his spot on the loft area of the guild. He watched as his father, Makarov Dreyar, fall of the table from spinning to much and becoming drowsy. He sighed at his father's actions and glanced at the new members.

"Father has been too lax." Iwan mumbled to himself as he looked around the loft he was sitting on. There was no one else there. Not even a single soul except himself. Ever since Makarov had been master of Fairy Tail, less people become S-Class mages and the old ones like Bob have already left the guild to create his own, Blue Pegasus. The only one remaining with him was Gildarts Clive and he was somewhere doing missions all the time. This was truly a sad time to be an S-Class mage for Fairy Tail.

Makarov watched as his son walked out of the guild. He knew what was bothering him but he has no clue what to do. S-Class mages were just to hard to find these days and most stay reclusive in doing missions.

He sighed as he remembered his old friend, Bob, leaving the guild to start his own. It had been a sad day for all of them since Bob himself was an S-Class mage and losing one was a blow for the guild. Now, all that remains is his son, Iwan and Gildarts, who was still out there doing his mission. He looked at the two new comers who were ordering drinks across the bar, hoping that these two would somehow bring back the lost glories of Fairy Tail.

-Naruto and Aqua

Naruto looked up and scratched his chin. It was hard. Too hard.

The menu was snatched up by an irritated Aqua before she slapped him in the head before shouting "Just order a drink!"

"But there are so many different choices!" Naruto whined as he massaged the growing swelling on his head. "It was either mango, banana or watermelon!"

Aqua sighed as she opened the menu. True, there were lots of different choices that they have never even tried before. She flipped the page to reveal the special for the day which made her eyes gleam. "Can I order the special for the day?"

The woman behind the bar turned to look at Aqua before smiling "The ice blue melon shake I presume?"

"Yes." Aqua nodded as she gave the menu back to Naruto who quickly turned the page to the drinks section once more. "I like blue."

"I can see why." The woman nodded and turned towards the bottles once more and started taking out the fruits and blender she needed "My name is Cornelia, by the way."

Cornelia, the woman in question, had brown hair and brown eyes. She was sporting a cowboy style top with matching vest and skirt. Her boots were also cowboy style with spurs behind them. She looked about thirty or so but still had the figure of a shapely woman.

"Ah! I'll take the Mango Banana Watermelon shake please!" Naruto announced as he scratched his hairless chin.

Aqua sprouted a tick mark on her forehead and slammed Naruto's face on the counter, shouting "Stupid! There was a shake like that and you didn't order it! You made me wait for almost fifteen minutes!"

"But.." Naruto started as he tried to wipe the blood on his nose. He looked towards Aqua whose eyes were burning in flames and cowered back and replied "Sorry Princess."

Aqua smiled and kissed Naruto on the cheek before looking back towards a smiling Cornelia and said "My name's Aqua and this man here is Naruto, my fiancee." She then held up her hand with the ring on it.

Cornelia smiled, albeit sadly, and turned back towards her work as she pulled out a blender and started putting in all the ingredients for the drinks. The sad smiled was not missed by both new comers as they saw the slight dusty ring she had on her finger.

-Thirty Minutes Later

Naruto burped as he laid down on the couch in the guild masters office. The office itself was small in size. Comparable to a small bedroom. There were no book cases or what not only a desk with a large chair behind it, a sofa near the center of the room and two chairs each slanted against the desk.

Aqua smiled as she rubbed her fiancee's stomach. He had been entranced by the wonderful drink he ordered and had asked for ten more glasses. The result was him being bloated. This scenario had happened before in their white expanse home. He had just discovered that whatever they asked for in the kitchen, it would appear automatically. He had ordered twenty ramen at that time and suffered a major stomach ache afterwards. That was the start of both of their diet meals which Naruto himself quite enjoyed.

Makarov studied both the new recruits. He smirked at the sight of the deathly pale man who was laying on his couch. He remembered when he first tasted Cornelia's cooking and her delicious drinks. He almost tried to hire the young lady to be his personal chef or something but soon realized too many food caused bad occurrences. Much like what the young man was experiencing right now.

"So, what names shall I put in these mage identification cards?" Makarov asked as he pulled out two new cards that were supposed to be filed to the Council.

"Aqua." Aqua replied she propped her fiancee up at his command.

Naruto swallowed one last time before saying in a sickly tone "Naruto."

Makarov nodded as he filled out the first box. He understood them not giving last names since he himself did not give it when he filed for the membership. As long as their magical signature was there, the council could identify any mage that was registered to them.

"I need your birthdays and kind of magic you possess." Makarov said as he pulled out a new pen. This pen was used just for the sake of the mage signing the card. It would imbed the magical trace the mage had which can be used to identify each and everyone of them. It was specifically given to Guild Master's around Earthland.

"That" Naruto sat up straighter "is a secret."

"You need to file it in your identifications, Naruto." Makarov replied. He knew some mages liked to keep their magic a secret but the fact is they need to give an overview of it. "Maybe just an overview would do."

"Hm" Naruto nodded as he glanced towards Aqua before continuing "Elemental Magic for me."

Makarov nodded as he listed it down on the card with the word "Unknown" at the bottom of card. He then turned towards Aqua and gestured for her to speak.

"I believe my magic is called Requip here." aqua replied as she held out her hand and Rainfell appeared. He then made it disappear after Makarov nodded once more as he filled out her card with the word "Unknown" on the bottom. He then handed both cards towards them both and said "Sign on the bottom please."

Makarov handed the other pen which had no ink in it. Naruto shrugged as he saw the pen and signed it. He looked at the card and saw his signature shining in different colors. He then handed it to Aqua who signed it and had the same effect as his did.

"Curious." Makarov said in low voice as he took the card and pen back. "I have never seen a person sign with a rainbow color before."

Naruto shrugged as he stretched his back. He didn't really care as long as he was in. He was sent here for a mission and he would not fail...again. He looked towards Aqua who shrugged in the same manner as him before he reached for her hand and squeeze it.

"Now that this matter is done, we must talk about your living quarters and you Fairy Tail insigia." Makarov started as he filed the cards away so he can mail them later in the day. He then opened his second drawer to reveal the Guild stamp.

"So who's first?" Makarov grinned as he brought out the stamp. "Decide where it would go and what color you want it to be."

"Yellow." Naruto stepped up while grinning. "Yellow, on my chest."

Makarov hopped up the table and pressed the stamp on Naruto's right chest before he poured his magic into it. The process was fast as Makarov took the stamp off to reveal a yellow Fairy Tail insignia on Naruto's right chest. Naruto grinned before he sat back down and gestured for Aqua's turn.

Aqua stood up and held out her arm before saying "Blue, on my left upper arm."

Makarov did the process again which was kind of fast and hopped towards his chair again. He stored the stamp away before looking back at the couple and smiling "Welcome to Fairy Tail! As you now, we have guest quarters here for new members who can't afford to rent or buy their own home yet. "

"How much is the average rental fee?" Aqua asked.

Makarov scratch his overgrown beard before replying slowly "Approximately a hundred thousand Ryo. Although two missions should already be enough to cover for it."

Naruto nodded slowly before saying "Then we must get missions now! I am still itching for a nice battle."

Aqua nodded as she felt the same. The only opponent they had fought with was each other or occasionally Kami who tested their strength from time to time. The battle between them was easily a draw but when Kami comes around, even the both of them could not overpower the said God. That was to say that they could not over power a being that has unlimited strength.

Makarov smiled at the enthusiasm the both of them had. He stood up once more and led them towards the main room to reveal a silent hall. Less than one fourth of the people earlier were there and even those who stayed were either asleep or just woke up.

"It's to be expected." Makarov answered their unasked question "We usually hang around early in the mornings and late at night but between those times, we usually get our jobs and do them."

Both of them nodded as they were led towards a board half full of papers. They easily saw that each paper had the job names and description and the amount of pay they get after they finish the said job.

"I believe this one would do the trick for you." Makarov said as he pulled off a paper from the board. He then gave it to Naruto to read it.

"Yep. This seems easy enough. And the pay is high too!" Naruto exclaimed as he gave the paper to Aqua before she nodded.

"Escaped animals. Retrieve all in the forest. Three hundred thousand Ryo! Let's do it!" Aqua said as she gave the paper back to Naruto who folded it in his pocket.

"So where is this farm, Master?" Naruto asked. He was already jittery from excitement of doing his first job in this universe.

"You can't miss it." Answered Makarov as he started walking back up towards the loft. "It's on the northern borders of Magnolia."

Naruto nodded and burst out of the guild in a cloud of dust. Aqua then sighed before waving towards the guild master and followed her fiancee's war path.

-Frisco Farm

Naruto looked up and saw what he thought was a small farm, turned out to be a huge farm. Instead of seeing the fields with a farmer or two planting or harvesting, he saw trucks and other machinery with workers on them. The barn itself was huge and the main building was as big as a two story building.

Naruto looked around for a person to speak to but was sent sprawling once more to the ground by a bullet of blue and white. Naruto stared up and saw Aqua lying on him with a smile on her face.

"My my, never thought you were that forward Princess." Naruto grinned cheekily as Aqua turned beet red before she stood up and brushed herself.

"I prefer to do that when we're alone." Aqua answered cooly as Naruto stood up. He then kissed Aqua on the cheek before gesturing towards the farm.

Aqua looked up and had the same reaction as Naruto. The place was huge! She glanced at the huge machinery that they were using and the huge plantation they had. This must've been where almost all the goods from Magnolia came from.

"We need to find the manager to start our quest." Naruto said as he started to walk towards the gates hand in hand with Aqua.

-Managers Office

Naruto glared at all the workers who ogled at his fiancee's as they sat down beside the manager's office. The secretary had told them to stay put while she called him. He looked around and saw all the machinery inside. It was more of a factory than a farm itself.

"Don't make a scene, Naru." Aqua whispered as she held Naruto's hand. She knew that men always ogled at him because of her beauty but that does not mean she liked it. She belonged to Naruto and no one else.

"Don't worry Princess. I won't" Naruto replied as he calmed himself down. He always hated when other men ogled at his fiancee. It just set him off on how men's imagination always go haywire when she's around. It really ticks him off.

They both sat in silence for a minute or two before hearing the door open. They saw the secretary carrying folders out before she said to them "The manager will see you two now."

Both nodded as they walked in the door. The looked around and saw the room was magnificent. too magnificent in fact for a simple office. The walls were lined with books. The floor was covered in a rug that looked foreign. The ceiling had a mosaic design on it. All in all, it was grand.

"So someone in Fairy Tail accepted the job then." A portly man said as he whipped out a cigar and lit it. "I had it hung up only this morning. It seems that rumors about you guys being the strongest and most active guild in Foire is really true eh?"

Aqua nodded as she led Naruto, who was still starring starry eyed at all the books, towards the desk. She immediately winced at the sight of the man.

The manager sitting on behind the desk was more than portly, he was big. His head was shaped like an egg. He was bald except for a few strips of white hair. He had an overgrown mustache just like Makarov. The suit he was wearing looked like three sizes too small for him because of the strain the buttons were put through. All in all, he looked like a pig in a suit.

"Yes, we saw the job earlier and decided to do it." Naruto answered as he recovered from the shock of seeing so many books in one place. "How many cattle's did you say got loose in the forest?"

"Five hundred." The manager answered as he puffed out smoke from his nose and mouth. "Too many for two mages don't you think?"

Aqua smirked and answered "Two of us can handle it. Give us an hour and we'll be able to recover every single cattle that got loose."

"Half an hour you say." The manager said as he played with his mustache. "That would get my orders in a day ahead of schedule!"

"Yes." Naruto nodded as he tried to clear away the smoke "We can do it in a hour."

The manager smiled greedily before replying "If you can do that, I'll triple the reward! Also, I may just talk to my friends about Fairy Tail's reputation and you guys just might get more jobs."


Makarov sat on behind his desk before grabbing his secret stash of magazines. He opened one of them before giggling madly and saying "Oh Ayumi, you naughty girl."

He then looked up and wiped his bloody nose before whispering to himself "Why do I feel that we'll be getting more job requests in the future."

He shrugged before looking back towards his magazine and continue giggling.


Naruto glanced at Aqua before nodding towards her direction. Aqua nodded back as she opened her hand to summon one of the Keyblades she obtained in the Keyblade Graveyard.

Kami had escorted her there during one of her training days. Kami told her to hold out her hand and all the Keyblades that she was able to wield will disappear willingly and she will be able to summon any of them in battle. This was one of the happiest memories she had since Terra and Ventus's Keyblade were part of them. Kami told her that she will need these Keyblades in the future which was still a mystery to her.

A light shone out and engulfed her hand before a brown Keyblade appeared on her hand.

The blade in question had two large fangs that curved downward and do not connect to the pommel of the handle. The guard and the keychain were both lion heads. The blade itself was short and made out of wood that extends a little and curves into a C shape. the C shape was wrapped in white cloth strips with wooden spikes protruding from the wrappings which serves as the teeth of the key.

"Circle of Life." Aqua whispered as she felt the blade pulsing on her hand. She then brought the Keyblade forward and shouted "Call of the Wild!"

An aura of brownish color surrounded the forest as it pulsed from the blade. Naruto then walked towards Aqua and smiled at her before looking around the forest. He saw movement around the forest and smirked. This was easy.


Naruto and Aqua sat in the managers office as they were given their pay. The manager himself was smiling like crazy as he wrote the paycheck. In a span of thirty minutes, they were nine hundred thousand richer!

Then, out of nowhere, a worker burst in the room and shouted "Animals are attacking the farm!"

Both mages stood up and started running outside. They already knew what happened, the Call of the Wild must've been too effective and successfully called every animal towards Aqua. They have to do something before the said wild animals get to the farm.


Naruto and Aqua arrived outside just in time to witness snakes, lizards and other wild animals charging towards the farm. Naruto sighed before looking towards Aqua and saying "Leave this to me Princess."

Aqua nodded before leaping back. She knew that Naruto felt responsible for this and he himself needed to fix this problem. It was just Naruto's view and she could never disagree with him in anything.

Naruto walked towards the charging animals before inhaling deeply. Aqua saw the move and shouted "Everyone! Grab onto something!"

Everyone saw the urgency and started to hold on to poles and large tractors. Aqua, herself, summoned Rainfell and stood in attention. If the attack really worked, then she would need to make a large shield enough to cover all these people.

Naruto sucked in more air before shouting and releasing "Wind Gods Rage!"

A roar was heard and everybody stood stock still in shock as half the forest was uprooted. The animals themselves were blown back into the forest and started running back in fright. Aqua herself had to put up a massive shield just so the winds down blow back and destroy the farm. It would have caused quite a disaster to Magnolia.

Naruto stopped the winds and scratched his head before turning back and saying "Guess I overdid it."

Everyone sweat dropped when they saw that nearly half of the forest was now non-existent. If that was overdoing, they shuddered what was the full force capacity of that single attack.

The manager pushed himself forward through the crowd. He looked towards the half bald forest and then cried. Everyone once again sweat dropped at the sight of the portly man crying his eyes out.

Naruto then started walking towards the manager before saying "I'm sorry for the damages to the forest. I'm sure you can cut my pay from that."

The manager, instead of getting angry, hugged Naruto before saying "Cut? I'll add your pay two fold! You have cleared the forest which I wanted to convert into a new field! It would have taken the workers almost a year to do what you did in a minute!"

Aqua walked towards Naruto before patting him on the back while smiling. Naruto turned and smiled back. If this was the world they would live in for fourteen years or so, then he could cope up with the weird people in it. Especially the people who payed him for destroying half a forest!

Name: Naruto (Last name not given)

Age: 20

Magic: Elemental Magic

Class: Not yet classified

No known Information.

Name: Aqua (Last name not given)

Age: 20

Magic: Requip

Class: Not yet classified

No known information.