Fairy Tail: Birth By Sleep

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Chapter 5: The Sealing of a Monster


Ur smiled as he walked with both her pupils.

It had been awhile since the three had actually spent some quality time together, away from training. Training, that was what Gray and Lyon always thought about. It seems that they value it more than their childhood, which was more important when you ask Ur. And yet, training made both boys happy so Ur just went with it. As long as the boys were happy, she was too.

Gray looked back towards their master before asking, "Ur? Where are we going to next?"

Lyon heard the question also and looked back towards their master. Truthfully, he enjoyed having a rest once in awhile. Training was fun but going out like this, it just felt like he was back with his family.

Ur smiled at her two boys and replied, "Well, I still need to buy something from the corner store. So, I guess that's where we are going next!"

Gray smirked before looking towards Lyon and saying, "Race you there, Lyon!"

Gray took off at full speed, which angered Lyon slightly. Immediately, Lyon started to sprint as well, unwilling to lose to that boy. He would never forgive himself if a boy that just recently started training with his master surpassed him.

Ur could only smirk at the retreating forms of the boys. She truly enjoyed this. Peace, if there was one. Especially Gray since he had always harbored a certain darkness within him. When she had confronted him about it, Gray only replied by saying it must be his hate towards Deliora. From that day on, Ur knew that Gray would never be free from his darkness, as long Deliora exists.

Catching up to the boys, he could see both of them arguing, seemingly unaware of the fact that most of the adults around them were watching with mirth at them.

"I got here first!" Gray yelled and stomped his foot, seemingly trying to convey his statement to be true.

Lyon only glared at the other boy and replied, "Tch, I'm sure I got here first."

Gray looked ready to punch the other boy so Ur decided to cut it, "Boys, boys! Behave or no training for next week!"

Gray immediately was joined by Lyon, both showing their trademark puppy dogface. Ur laughed at this before shaking her head and embracing the two boys on both her sides and leading them towards the corner store.

"Good afternoon, Ur! What brings you here today?" Asked the kindly old man that owned the store.

Ur smiled at the man before replying, "Good afternoon! I'm just grabbing some last minute groceries before we go home."

The old man smiled kindly at the violet haired woman. She was a frequent customer to his establishment, weekly if he remembered right. A lovely lady, who seemed very happy with her two apprentices.

"So, Ur. Have you been dating anyone recently?" Asked the old man nonchalantly.

Ur watched the two kids running around the store before replying, "No. I'm not interested in anyone and to be honest, training both my apprentices gives little time for socialization."

The old man looked at the young woman, "You should start thinking about your own happiness, Ur. You are not going to be young forever."

Ur only smiled at the old man. She often was given the same advise by the old people inside the town, and yet they didn't understand that she was happy. Happy to be accompanied by such enthusiastic and loving boys.

After grabbing the necessary items, she grabbed the two kids who were starting to whine about how they both wanted to start training again. So, grabbing all their merchandise, they started their trek back towards their humble cabin.

Just as they reached a fork on the road, they were confronted by a group of travelers.

The travelers, seeing the three walking towards the path, stopped them and said, " You three should do well to skip the path toward Brago. There is news that say Deliora is currently rampaging there."

Gray immediately perked up at this and asks, "Is he coming here?"

The traveler that seemed to be the leader replied, "No. The demon seems to be traveling south. So you guys better not take any southern roads for awhile until the Magic Council sends mages to deal with the demon."

Ur held back Gray and smiled nicely, "Thank you for the warning. You all seem to have come from Brago so I believe the town near here would be more than happy to accommodate you all until the demon passes through your country."

The travelers all smiled at this news before bowing, "Thank you. We will be going now. Remember, stay safe and keep away form the path we came from. There is no saying that the demon might just decide to come back up north."

"We will be careful. Good day."


Gray fidgeted as he replayed the events this afternoon.

Deliora was here. It was near, near him. Could he beat it? Could he take revenge against the moste— no, demon? He must at least try.

Ur saw the form of Gray, sitting silently by the fireplace. She knew what he was thinking. She knew that Gray might just up and leave if he felt that he could defeat the demon Deliora. But, as his master, she could never allow that to happen. She must protect him, at all cost.

Gray stood up from his position before going into his room. He had made up his mind; he was going to confront the demon. He was going to win no matter what. For his family, and his village, he had to win this fight.

Packing his stuff, he saw Lyon was watching him from his bed. The young boy was curiously pondering as to why his brother in all but blood was packing his stuff, as if he was—

"You are leaving, aren't you?"

Gray looked towards his fellow apprentice before replying, "Yes."

"Why? I mean, you haven't finished your training with master Ur yet. Where are you going?" Asked a very curious Lyon.

Gray zipped his bag before replying steely, "I'm going to face the demon that the travelers mention this afternoon. I need to kill it."

"Kill it?! You are not strong enough!" Replied a very concerned Lyon.

Gray shrugged before walking towards the door. He needed to leave before he lost his resolve. Just as he was reaching for the door, Ur spoke up from the kitchen table saying, "Gray, where are you off too?"

Gray opened the door and started walking out. He didn't want to be convinced by his master to not go. In fact, he was about to make a run for it before Ur stopped him by asking, "You are off to face Deliora, right?"

He stopped and looked back towards the cabin door and saw both Ur and Lyon standing there, looking at him with longing. He took a stance before asking, "Why? Are you going to stop me?"

Ur sighed, "No. I know I cannot stop you, nor convince you when you have made up your mind. But I want you to remember that your training has not been completed yet. You do not have the capacity to face Deliora and win."

"If I cannot beat him then it's your fault!" Gray shouted back, "It means you haven't been able to teach me a more powerful magic!"

"Gray, if you leave, I have no choice but to expel you." Ur threatened. She didn't want to do this but for the sake of convincing her student to come back, she had to.

Gray felt his heart constrict. The threat had hit home and he knew that if he decides to go through with his plan, he would never be able to get back, if he was still alive after his encounter with the demon. So before he could even think of going back, he willed himself to run away. He had to do this, he knew he did. But was it right to leave his master? The one person who took care of him when his village was destroyed by that hideous demon?

-Naruto and Aqua

Naruto and Aqua jumped form tree to tree.

It had been two years since their promotion into the prestigious Order of the Ten Wizard Saints. They had done normal S-Class missions from then but now, they were once again contacted by the Magic Council to eradicate a potential threat to the peoples of Earthland. They were tasked to find the demon, Deliora. Also, since it was one of the demons that Kami tasked for them to find, they were hitting two birds with one stone.

"I'll kill Kami and the Magic Council for making us hunt this demon. I mean, why couldn't he just pick one that didn't roam around too much?" Complained Naruto as he narrowly missed a stray branch.

Aqua leapt ahead of him and replied, "Well, you should blame Zeref. He was the one of created these beings anyways. Besides, At least after this, we are one demon down for the count!"

Naruto shrugged at this before going silent. The demon was said to be immortal. Undying. That was going to be a problem since if they cannot kill it; they would have to seal it. The problem with this was that sealing a demon would give other people a chance to unseal it.

"Where are we following the demon to?"

Aqua looked around the frosty background and took a guess, "I would think that we are headed to Brago. That would only be the village that we are going to pass while using this trail. And, of course, the demon likes to cause mayhem inside villages so Brago is our main suspect."

Naruto nodded before speeding up and shouting, "Catch me if you can then! Slowpoke!"

Aqua shook her head with mirth before speeding up as well. It would not do well for her husband to beat her in a race; she wouldn't hear the end of it if the man won.

-Brago Outskirts

Deliora looked towards the village it had sacked. The burning houses and destroyed infrastructure delighted the demon. It was created for these kinds of destruction and whenever it destroys something, it felt satisfied. But the satisfaction never ends; there are always more villages to destroy.

It turned around and watched a puny human started to run towards him. How foolish of this human to come and attack him. He would teach this boy a lesson before moving on to another village.

Gray started to run towards the demon. He saw the demon from a distance and almost stopped in horror at the figure.

Deliora was a massive, dark blue, humanoid demon. He had a large torso and two large arms that end in large, scaly hands. In addition, he had two large legs that end in feet that resemble the feet from a large bird; he also had large spikes on the back of his feet. His hair is mane-like in shape and it flowed down to the nape of his neck. He had a pair of horns that pointed upwards, starting from a plate on his forehead. He had large pointed teeth as well as two hollow eyes. All in all, a horrifying figure to go against.

Gray willed himself to move as he tried his best to not tremble form the demonic aura that the demon was exhuming. Reaching the demon, he immediately brought his hands together and shouted, "Ice Make: Lance!"

And ice made lance formed on his hand and shot towards the demonic figure.

Deliora, seeing the futile attempt to hit him, roared and swatted the lance away.

Gray, seeing this action, prompted him to furiously make more Ice Lances.

"Ice Make: Lance! Lance! Lance! Lance!"

The four lances flew towards the demon and tried impaling the figure. Too Gray's surprise, the lances hit its mark and pierced the skin of the demon near the torso. He was about to cast another lance to finish the job when the demon started roaring and breaking off the ice. Pulling the shards out, the demon's torso started healing at an incredible rate.

After the holes had been healed, the demon looked towards the boy that did the damage and pulled his hand up to smash the boy into oblivion. Seeing this, Gray pulled his hands above his head and shouted quickly, "Ice Make: Shield!"

An Ice Shield formed on top of him as the monsters hand smashed into him. Dust covered the area before revealing that Gray was holding on, his ice cracking from the pressure.

"Ice Make: Rose Garden!"

Roses and thorns suddenly burst forth behind Gray and attacked the demon's hand. Deliora immediately retracted his frozen hand before releasing heat and successfully melting the ice. It turned towards the new foe and saw that it was a woman and another child, who seemed to cower behind the said woman.

Gray looked behind him and saw his master and fellow apprentice, Ur and Lyon. He smiled thankfully before collapsing from the pain that he garnered from taking the strain of Deliora's full might.

"Stand back, Gray, Lyon. Let me deal with this." Ur said as she moved towards the beast and shouted, "Ice Make: Claymore Shears!"

Shards immediately formed and pelted the demon, making it fall back from its position. Gray and Lyon watched in awe as their master overpowers the great demon.

Deliora growled before gathering energy from his stomach and releasing a beam of energy with his mouth. The beam struck Ur as she immediately made an Ice Shield, which barely managed to survive the onslaught of the energy beam.

Gray and Lyon saw the beam and immediately were shocked when their master blocked it. It was said that Deliora's beam was death in itself, but their master seemed to disagree with this.

Deliora saw the human surviving and was greatly angered. It growled and started to punch the Ice Shield.

Ur tried holding the shield steady but the strength of Deliora was no joke. It felt like a huge bettering ram breaking her arm. And yet she held on, for the sake of her two apprentices.

Deliora smirked as it saw the human woman's resolve being broken. It was one more hit from breaking the shield and killing the human woman before he was hit in the chest by a fist made of ice.

Ur looked around and dispelled her Shield, almost collapsing from the strain. She looked towards the two newcomers that saved her before asking, "Who are you?"

The male looked at her and smiled before asking the woman to carry her away towards the two boys. But before she was taken away, he answered by saying, "Naruto and Aqua."

-Naruto and Aqua

Naruto and Aqua saw the devastation that the demon did to the village and immediately tried tracking it down. They cannot let this monster destroy another village if they can help it.

Luckily, they saw the demon punching an Ice Shield not far from the village. They saw that the woman holding the shield was almost out of energy so they immediately sprinted forward, hoping to help out the woman.

Naruto looked around before smirking, "Ice God's Fist!"

A giant fist made of ice sprang up from the ice shards that were scattered around and flew towards the exposed chest of the demon, successfully distracting it from its attacks against the woman.

Seeing the monster getting distracted he pointed towards the woman before saying, "Aqua, take her towards the children. We can't have distractions for this fight."

Aqua nodded and immediately grabbed the weakened woman. The woman tried to stand but Aqua shook her head and carried her instead. It would be faster if she was to move alone than with an injured woman. Besides, she had to hurry or else her husband would get all the fun.

Naruto looked at the demon and sprung into motion. He brought his fists up and shouted, "Ice God's Barrage!"

Coating his fists with ice shards, he assaulted the demon left and right, pushing the demon backwards.

Deliora, feeling helpless at the constant assault of this mage, brought its hands up and tried blocking, only for its hands to be frozen from the contact. It felt pain for the third time this night and he was sure to never feel it again. It was going to crush all of these humans before daylight comes.

Aqua, seeing her husband smashing into the demon, immediately equipped a Keyblade named: Glimpse of Darkness. The Keyblade handle was off-white and has a wide, black pommel. Its guard is black with thin, orange edges, is lined by rectangular spikes, and does not connect to the bottom of the handle. The weapon's shaft is rather short, conical, and off-white in color. The head of the Keyblade is black with thin, orange edges, as are its teeth. The teeth are quite a bit larger than those of most other Keyblades, reaching halfway down the shaft. Rectangular spikes of varying lengths line the outer edge of the teeth, and there is a small, black protrusion on the opposite side of the weapon to the teeth.

Aqua gripped the Keyblade and ran towards her husband, hoping that their strength would be able to weaken the monster and seal it. But before she could reach Naruto, she saw Deliora grab Naruto and threw him away.

Aqua jumped and caught Naruto, causing both of them to skid away. Naruto, shaken from the hit, scratched his head slightly before saying, "Sorry, got too excited."

She just shook her head before replying, "Well now, we attack him together."

Naruto nodded before sprinting towards the monster once more, with Aqua right behind him. Just as Aqua was about to reach the monster, she spun and shouted, "Light!"

Aqua glowed and suddenly, a column of Light sprung forth from her body and hit Deliora, pushing the monster back. Naruto took the chance and shouted, "Ice God's Roar!"

The burst of icicles hit the demon and effectively created a hole in its torso. Seeing the damage, Naruto bit his hand and started to mark seals around the demon's body with his blood. He needed to seal the demon before it got back into its former strength.

Just Aqua was about to help her husband, Deliora's figure seemed to shake and grow in size. This effectively stopped Naruto from his seal making, and made him curse out loud.

-Ur, Gray, and Lyon

Ur and her apprentices saw the power that the two new mages exhumed and immediately felt safe in their presence. They saw the male punching the demon with ease and the female casting the move called Light, which made the demon stagger.

Gray grew more anxious in seeing these two much more powerful mages. Maybe he had gone to the wrong mage for training. Ur was strong but these two were on a different level. He must talk to these two after they defeat Deliora.

Lyon gapped at the power. He thought that in order to prove his strength, he needed to beat Ur, but this was different. He now realized that aside from Ur, he hadn't really met allot of strong mages at all. He needed to think about this and maybe talk to Ur about amping up his training.

When Ur saw the beast recover quickly from the attack, she knew what she had to do. The two could beat the monster given time but time was not a luxury they had. She knew that she had to intervene before the monster wreaks more havoc.

But before Ur could move, she saw Lyon running towards the monster. It seems that Lyon had the same idea and had gone to do the magic himself.

Lyon ran towards the monster to help the two great mages. He wanted to make a good impression and the new move that Ur taught him would be his trump card.

But before he could use it, he was trapped in a block of ice. Gray ran towards his friend and asked his master, "Master Ur, why did you do that?"

Ur looked at his apprentice and said, "Take Lyon and hide. After the battle, tell him I'm dead. He was going to do a move that I forbid him to use, and which he didn't know what would entail of him to use."

Gray could only nod before running with the iced Lyon beside him. He silently cried for his master and felt regret. Regret that he was the cause of them being here. Regret that he caused his masters death.

Ur ran up to the two figures and said, "I will seal him. If you two can hold him for a second or two, I would be able to do it."

Naruto and Aqua looked at the woman and nodded. They knew what the woman would use and they both can see the resolve that the woman had. There was no time for persuasion, only action.

"Do you have anything for us to do once you're gone?" Naruto asked the woman.

Ur looked at the both of them before saying, "Take care of my two boys, they need it most."

Naruto and Aqua nodded together before jumping forward. Naruto pulled up both his hands and shouted, "Ice God's Wall!"

Walls and walls of ice sprang around the beast, effectively trapping for a while. Seeing the move, Aqua immediately followed it with her move by saying, "Light: Barrier!"

Light columns sprang forth around the ice walls, adding another layer to the defense perimeter they both made.

Ur, seeing the both of them casting their spells, crossed her hands and chanted. She focused all her power into her hands and expelled it with a shout, "Iced Shell!"

Circular runic symbols appeared on all sides of the demon as Deliora broke through the defenses that both Naruto and Aqua made. Deliora tried moving away but was immediately constricted by the runes. It roared and tried to release its beam but to no avail as it got cancelled even before it was able to gather enough energy.

Ur grunted as she felt her life force leaving her. She started to disappear as Deliora turned into ice. She glanced one last time at her two apprentices before smiling. Then, in a blink of an eye, she disappeared.

Naruto sighed as he glanced towards his wife, who was heaving a sigh as well. The demon was defeated, but at the cost of another life. At least this one was not in vain. They knew that they could have defeated the demon but at what cost? It would have taken time and time was not a luxury to them when the demon could easily destroy another village while they both regrouped.

Aqua looked towards the two boys and walked towards them. The first boy, Gray if she remembered correctly, rank towards her and hugged her. It seems that the horrors of tonight had settled and the boy could not take it.

As she was about to grab the other boy, the ice around him broke and he gasped. The boy looked at Gray and asked, "Where's Master Ur? What happened to her?"

Gray looked down in shame before wiping his eyes, "She is dead. Defeating Deliora cost her life."


After the outburst, Lyon ran. Aqua saw this and immediately tried to run after the boy, only to be held back by both Naruto and Gray.

"Let him go. He will find his way on his own. His darkness is holding him back from joining us."

Aqua nodded her head before picking up Gray and walking towards the frozen Deliora and asked, "What will we do with this?"

Naruto pulled out a seal and pinned it on the ice block before activating the seal and teleporting it away. Gray looked at the man with shocked and asked, "Where did it go?"

Naruto shook his head before replying, "It is best if you didn't know. All you have to know is that it is safe, away from evil hands that would try breaking the spell that your master casted."

Gray nodded his head once more. He knew, now at least, his darkness has been lifted. He could live fully now without the lingering feeling of anger towards the monster Deliora.

"Where are we going now?"

Aqua seemed to contemplate a moment before answering, "Fairy Tail. You will find a good home there."

Gray nodded once more, eager to move on from this nightmare. He would always remember, never forgetting the sacrifice his master made. But also, he wouldn't wallow in grief. He would move on for his master's sake.