Author's notes: Just a little Jason/Reyna ficlet because they are awesome and the end.

Disclaimer: I don't own Heroes of Olympus.

It's All In The Timing

Before he was elected praetor, Jason hadn't paid much attention to the daughter of Bellona. He knew of her - who could miss the girl from the Second Cohort with the gold and silver dogs trailing behind her everywhere she went? - but he hadn't even known her name until she was elected praetor alongside him. He wasn't ashamed to admit it; there were 200 members of the legion, after all, and he spent most of his time drilling with the Fifth Cohort.

He wishes he would've gotten to know her sooner. Reyna is … something entirely different. Many of the young women in the legion are extraordinary in their own right, but Reyna's the first one that captures Jason's attention and holds it beyond the span of a few weeks. Jason's had a few girlfriends here and there, none of them serious, but he's not his father by any means and he couldn't have picked a worse time to be interested in someone.

Trying to storm the Titan stronghold and deal with an ill-begotten crush on his co-worker at the same time? Yeah, that's a great way to get himself killed.

He wants to ask her out for coffee once the Titans are defeated, but Reyna's so hard to read when it comes to her feelings and he's not even sure she particularly likes him. So he settles for smiling at her over paperwork, casually brushing his fingers against hers when he hands her pens or scrolls, and gently teasing her when he gets the chance.

Slowly, she starts to open up to him and the day he gets her to burst into warm giggles at a joke is the day he summons his resolve and is determined to get that date.

Of course, that would be the day the queen of the gods decided to kidnap him.

His sense of timing sucks.