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Smooches, Scrappy

Nessie sat staring blankly out the front window on her last day of freedom. She had mastered the rapid aging. Wrapped her family around her petite little finger. Now she was off to tackle the great wide world known as High School. She was nervous, anxious, excited, confused, worried, terrified and oh so many more emotions. In a way, it was to be expected for someone to be a little, ok make that a lot, out of sorts over their first day of school. But for Nessie, there was a little more to her emotions. See Nessie was a half-breed. She wasn't your everyday mix of half black and half white or something normal like that. No, she was a mix of 'species'-half vampire (yep, vampire) and half human. On top of that, Nessie had a very unique name; a name that was sure to be a 'hit' in high school. Her parents were definitely ones to mesh things together so her name, Renesmee, was a combination of her 2 grandmother's names—Renee and Esme. And to put the proverbial cherry on this sundae of weird Nessie's best friend was a shape-shifter named Jacob Black. Jacob, or Jake as he preferred, could switch from man to wolf at will.

A deep sigh escaped Nessie as she sat pondering what was coming. Her one saving grace and escort into the world of your everyday American was a crazy ass wolf-man. Seriously, how was this gonna work. She was starting to wonder if trying to be average and ordinary was going to work out for her. After all, the only thing not bizarre in this whole situation was that it was completely NORMAL for Jake to be somewhere close by. Since the day Nessie was born, he had always been there right by her side or at the farthest hiding in the nearby shadows. Being a wolf, Jake had this unbreakable bond with Nessie. On the day she was born, Jake imprinted on her creating a bond that made simple things like being soul-mates seem like a passing phase. From the first moment he looked into her eyes, he was there. It didn't bother Nessie at all. She really didn't know what she would do without him. Jake was her best friend, confidant and partner in crime. Of course, Nessie's parents, Edward and Bella Cullen, weren't quite sure how good his presence would be in school but they couldn't deny that Jake would always protect Nessie and watch over her.

The first thing you noticed about Jacob Black was that he was immense. He was well over 6 feet tall and had a body girls dreamed. You might think you could look at him and know how he was but in reality Jake had always been hard to read. Most people made snap judgments about him and the guys he hung out with. Rumors of them being gang members had spread like wildfire causing most of the people on the La Push Indian Reservation to steer clear of Jake and his friends. Other people saw him as a spineless puppy dog being used and abused by the Cullen family. Not to mention that most of the teenage population saw Jake as the guy hopelessly in love with the wrong woman. In all actuality, Jake was a perfect mesh of all these first impressions. He was a loyal, sweet, romantic, hard-ass 'gang-member' who had his heart-broken by a girl. Sure there's a way he carried himself that's a little intimidating and arrogant but if you had to go through half the crap that he'd been through in his mere 23 years, then you'd have the same F. U. attitude.

Of course, time and circumstance changed everything. In the years since Edward and Bella's wedding and the birth of Nessie, Jake had changed. You just had to take the time to get to know him. Nessie knew the real Jake and her mom, Bella, did as well. It was easier for Bella because she was so close to Jake in her pre-vamp and pre-Nessie days. So she knew that underneath the attitude, the comments, foul-mouth and his thug-style, Jake was a very nice guy. A guy she could trust her daughter with.

Edward didn't always see Jake in the same way, though. Edward and Jake had a strange relationship but it was one they maintained for the 2 most important females in both their lives, Bella and Nessie. Edward had just learned to grin and bear it. He kinda accepted that Jake wasn't going anywhere. But the relationship between Jake and Nessie's dad was a delicate balancing act. Her dad, Edward, was a 125 yr old man trapped in the body of a 17 yr old vampire. Conservative didn't even begin to describe him. Edward was quiet, brooding and stubborn. Sprinkle on an abundance of over-protectiveness and you had Edward Anthony Cullen. But Nessie loved him. She was daddy's little girl through and through. Then there's Jake—loud, fun, and impulsive; the very opposite of Edward. Jake pushed Edward's buttons so much that if he wasn't a vampire his hair would have gone completely gray just from the stress of trying to keep his cool composure.

Most of the extended Cullen family really liked Jake or at least could tolerate him with a smile. This was truly amazing since the Cullens were all vampires and sworn enemies to the shape-shifting wolves. The entire Cullen family lived on a huge estate with everyone except Edward, Bella and Nessie living under one roof. Edward, Bella and Nessie had a small cottage on the back side of the Cullen property. Besides Nessie's grandparents, Carlisle and Esme, her uncles Jasper and Emmett lived there with their wives Alice and Rosalie. .

Nessie was starting to wonder if her vigil would ever end or if she was doomed to spend her last free day trapped in house with the fam. Finally, she heard it; the sound that let her know that Jake was close by. It was the faint sounds of hip-hop music. Even without her heightened senses, she would hear Jake coming. He didn't just listen to music; he wanted to feel it too. The volume was always up and the bass was always booming. Nessie saw his car moving through the trees and even though you would think the music would get louder as he got closer, it started to fade. Nessie knew that Jake was turning it down. No matter what others assumed about him, Jake respected Esme and Carlisle so he always turned the music down as he pulled up to the house.

He got out of his car and took all six steps to the Cullen front door in one leap. Before Nessie could even turn from the window, he was walking in. He didn't need to knock anymore. After all he spent more time with Nessie at the Cullen house than he did at his house on the Rez.

"Hey girl, what ya up to?" Jake asked.

Nessie shrugged, "Not a thing. Just trying to figure out what I should do with my last day of freedom."

"What?" Jake exclaimed holding his hands to his chest like a shocked country lady. "You're not so excited anymore? Are you finally realizing the truth about what you've been begging for? I tried to warn you, ya know. Why anyone would choose to go to high school I'll never understand. But with you, you've been whining about it for the past year. How you wanted to be out in the 'real' world and all that. You know what they say…be careful what you ask for because you just might get it. Well lucky you, you're going to high school." Nessie couldn't help but roll her eyes; he was enjoying this way too much.

"Sure, Sure! I know you're feeling just as nervous as me. After all, aren't you trying to make a good impression with my dad by going back to high school with me?" Nessie said jabbing him in his stomach.

Nessie really didn't need a babysitter for high school but there was no way to convince her dad of that. So this was the solution, a win-win for both Nessie and Edward. Nessie had her best friend and dad had his guardian. Maybe not a win for Jake as he had to relive the wonder years he dreaded so much. Unfortunately, Nessie and Jake weren't going to be in the same grade. Nessie was going in as a sophomore and Jake a junior. With Jake looking like a giant he was just a little too big to pass as a sophomore. Honestly, even his posing as a junior was a stretch but it worked. The plan was Nessie would be supervised for 2 years and then senior year she could fly solo. It didn't matter that they were in different grades, though, her entrance test scores were so advanced she was already taking a few 11th grade classes. Out of the 7 classes, Jake was in 4. Look out Cape Flattery High, Bonnie and Clyde are taking over. High school was going to be a blast.

Jake just rolled his eyes and said, "Whatever, school's school. Been there, done that and just for you I'm doing it again. So now you owe me, and one day I will collect. Bet on that, babygirl."

Nessie giggled because she knew he'd never 'collect'. "You're all talk, J, and you know it. I owe you nothing. Now moving on, I'm really tired of being in the house, so let's go do something. Anything!"

Jake gave Nessie an impish grin and said, "I know a few things we can do but I'm not sure you can handle them. You sure you're game?"

"I can handle anything you can dish out. So what ya got?" As soon as the words left her lips, Nessie knew this was going to be bad. There was only one person whose mind was dirtier than her Uncle Emmett's and that was Jake. And the door had just been left wide open for a full on perv-tastic moment.

Jake's eyes narrowed, growing darker as he looked her up and down like he wanted to eat her where she stood, before he finally said as he slowly stalked closer to me, "You never ask a man a question like that! I'll show ya what I've got."

Next thing you know Edward was yelling "JACOB BLACK. THAT IS INAPPROPRIATE."

Jake just smiled, grabbed her hand and headed for the door. He opened it and pushed Nessie through before Edward could say another word. Nessie skipped down the steps as Jake yelled back in to her dad, "I didn't say anything inappropriate. Your dirty mind took it there." It really didn't matter what Jake had actually 'said,' it was his thoughts that were upsetting to Nessie's father. Jake couldn't hide anything from Edward. Edward Cullen was blessed with the amazing vamp power to read minds. Some days mind-reading came in handy, other days it just brought more stress. Nessie could just barely her dad growl and start to say something but Jake yelled over him, "Bye, Eddie" and quickly slammed the door. It was never a peaceful moment when Jake was in high spirits, it just wasn't his nature. Jake loved to push her dad's buttons and calling him 'EDDIE' was just one of many things that got under his skin.

Nessie had jumped in the car and was waiting for Jake to get in. She couldn't help but giggle like a school girl. She should've been upset that her best friend was provoking her dad but she could never really be mad at Jake. Moments like these she just had to admit that their banter was kinda funny. But underneath her giggles, Nessie was starting to notice something else. Another feeling when she was around Jake. She didn't know when it started and really didn't care, but what she did know was that she was really starting to enjoy Jake's flirting and innuendos. It sent tingles down her spine each and every time he said something even remotely naughty.

"So now that you've had your fun with my dad, where we going?" Nessie asked.

"La Push." he said, "I figured it was the last day before school starts so what better than a bonfire. You know the boys are always up for a party. So Seth and Embry spread the word and everyone is heading out there now."

Nessie was practically bouncing in her seat. "PERFECT!" she yelled. She leaned back in her seat and started bouncing her legged excitedly as Jake turned the music back up and started down the driveway. She watched out the window as they drove along and couldn't help but smile. There was nothing like a bonfire at La Push—a beautiful beach, great music, good food (if you like food that is) and a few good men. She loved hanging out with the boys. Sure they were supposed gang members and in reality wolves but that just made them like overgrown puppies…all fun and games. Nessie couldn't kid herself though, she loved hanging out with Jake…everyone else was just a bonus.

As they drove to First Beach, Nessie just sang along to the music while looking out the window and Jake kept stealing glances. He couldn't help but notice how good she was looking. She had on some short, very short, blue jean cut-offs and T-shirt that had a Tootsie Roll on it. It was a good thing that he hadn't noticed her outfit in the house but now that he was taking his time and checking her out he noticed in the lower corner of her shirt it said 'BITE ME.' His first thought was "I'd love to take a bite." He shook his head slightly trying to break the trance but thoughts like this were coming more and more everyday. What could he say she was not only his imprint, she was HOT. It was only normal for a warm blooded, and in his case a very warm blooded male to have thoughts like this when a girl looks as good as Nessie. Of course, the next thought that went through his head was, the boys better keep their eyes off of HIS imprint.

Jake had never intended to have romantic feelings for Nessie they had just started to creep up. Now he could only hope that his waiting was about to pay off. Jake would never rush Nessie into starting a relationship; it was inevitable, or at least he hoped it was, so the plan was to just ride it out. Right now, Jake was just enjoying every minute with her; even if most of the good stuff was all in his head.

Nessie caught Jake looking and she started to blush. "So, uh, you got your crap together for school?" she asked trying to kill the awkwardness.

"Well if it was up to me, I'd just grab a notebook and a pen and off I'd go. But your auntie has hooked me up. I swear I have more supplies than the whole freshman class. It's all good though, I know her heart is in the right place." Jake answered. He'd never really been much for school, but after several lectures from Edward and a lot of soul searching Jake was going to try to make the most of it this time through. He needed to figure out something to do with his life not to mention making a little pocket money. Jake couldn't deny that he always wanted to be able to buy Nessie things. He wanted to buy her things that he knew she deserved but you can't do that with pocket lint. So Jake was really going to try and with a little luck, and a lot of Nessie's help, he was actually going to pay attention and learn something this time.

Jake's self doubts must have shown clearly on his face because Nessie reached over and starting rubbing his hand. Softy she asked, "What's wrong, J? It's just school, why the face?"

"Yeah, I know. I just hope that I don't mess it up again. You know that I'm going to need a lot of help. I'm going to be leaning on you during this year. My first time through high school was a joke. Honestly I didn't even finish after I started phasing. But this time it needs to be different. I'm not bullshitting around, ya know." Nessie nodded and smiled the prettiest smile. To the outside world, Jake was this badass that ran the Rez but when he was with Nessie, he was just 'J'. He couldn't help but bear his soul to her; it was as natural as breathing. The wonderful thing about Nessie is that she loved Jake even during his sappy moments. So as crazy as it was, the 23 years old wolf was looking to a 6, almost 7, yr old half-vamp for help. But then everything in this life was a little crazy.

Finally, they pulled up to the beach. It looked like everyone was there. Once the car was off, the outside music could be heard. Jake got out, scanned the beach and walked around the car as Nessie got out of the car. He slyly took Nessie's hand. He'd held her hands a million times, but today something was different. He wasn't one to over-analyze. So if it felt good he'd keep doing it. And from the pink that was rising on Nessie's cheeks, it was obvious she was feeling pretty good about it too.

They strolled down to the where everyone was and Jake hollered to the guys as they got close, "What Up, Dawgs!" Everyone turned and smiled. A chorus of hellos floated through the air and then everyone went back to what they were doing. Jake headed towards to Quil grabbed his hand and did a quick one armed man hug. Nessie and Jake found a spot next to Quil, one of Jake's closest friends, to sit and just listen to the music. Seth, Brady and Collin were deep in some story, laughing hysterically. Emily and Sam were cuddled up watching the fire. Jake could see Jared dancing with Kim and Embry was up on some girl, but in the dark it was hard to make out who she was.

Jake and Nessie just sat there listening to the music and chatting with Quil. The conversation was light hearted and fun. It wasn't long before the song "Baby" by LL came on. Nessie loved this song and there was no way she was going to sit it out. Before it was more than a few beats into the song, she had jumped up and Jake was being drug out to dance.

The music had a deep sultry bass line and Nessie was moving and swaying to the music. Jake's eyes locked on her hips and soon his hands followed. Jake pulled her back against his front and just started to slowly move with music. Nessie was lost in the song and rubbed her butt right on him. Even though it was just dancing, the way she was moving was starting a fire in Jake and it wasn't going to be put out anytime soon. The fear of blue-balls was not enough to make Jake step away from Nessie though. Jake danced harder up against Nessie. About halfway through the song Nessie turned around. She threw her arms over his shoulders and arched her back while she started grinding on his leg. Jake relaxed and let his hands rub up and down her sides as they kept moving. He could feel every curve she had. He had thought she felt amazing from the back but damn it was nothing like watching her grind up on him while her hands rubbed up and down his chest.

Nessie knew every word to the song and was rapping along. As the song went on, Ness looked up at Jake and he looked Ness right in her chocolate eyes. He surprised her into silence and sang a verse back to her. The words to the song held more meaning and truth than either of them were ready to recognize. Jake should have felt corny but Nessie just smiled and looked up at him through dark-hooded eyes. Jake hoped one day he could say similar words to Nessie, but for now they were happy just enjoying the song and the feel of each other.

When the song was over, they stopped dancing but stood in each others arms. Nessie looked up at Jake and smiled which was quickly followed by a blush. Jake could hear her heart start to speed up, but couldn't help but grin. Nessie's hands moved slowly down his shoulders and came to rest on his chest. Jake's eyes dropped to her lips and thought about what it would feel like to press his against hers. He hesitated a second to long and she slowly pulled away. Nessie dropped her eyes and let her arms fall to her side mumbling something about getting a drink. Jake just dropped his hands and followed behind her to the coolers.

As they walked over back towards the group, Kim finally noticed that Nessie was there and pulled her into a hug. Immediately they dove into a bunch of girl talk that left Jake uninterested. He grabbed a Pepsi and flopped next to Quil. Quil just looked at Jake for a few seconds and eventually shook his head. "Man, you just couldn't seal the deal. What are you waiting for? If there was ever a moment that was it!" Quil stated.

"Yea, I know. Trust me when I say the thought was there. I was too busy enjoying the view and next thing I know she's walking away." Jake replied. Deep down he wasn't sure of what was going on. She was his imprint and he'd always hoped that this day would come but was she feeling the same feelings as he was. Jake had definitely noticed the changes, all the changes, in her. Some of the changes were impossible to miss. In his eyes, Nessie was perfect from head to toe and everywhere in between. But the desire that Jake felt tonight was something new though. Was she ready? Fuck, was he ready?

On the opposite side of the fire, Nessie was just as confused. What was wrong with her? She knew that she'd always loved that song but tonight everything was different. Tonight they weren't just rapping along it felt like they were singing TO each other. Then there was the dancing. Nessie, Jake, hell all of them, had danced that way before, but the feelings that were flooding her body were definitely new. The way his body felt pressed up against hers and under her hands was causing her to shiver in delight. But when the music stopped and they both froze in each others arms the tension became to thick. She wanted to kiss him and she was pretty sure he wanted to kiss her but would a kiss be enough.

Kim would never know how grateful Nessie was for grabbing her up. Nessie needed the time to regroup and luckily Kim was fine with a one-sided conversation. A bystander would think it had been years since the two girls had seen each other instead of a few weeks. Nessie just continued to rerun the dance over and over in her mind until finally Kim caught her attention by playfully slapping her shoulder.

"Nessie, what's with that dance? I had no idea that you and Jake…" Kim started but left the end hanging there for Nessie to finish.

"It's not what you think Kim. It was just a dance." Nessie mumbled.

"You don't dance like that with anyone else. That was HOT and I'm not talking about his body temp either. The other guys were just staring with their tongues hanging out. Looking like the dogs they are."

"Really?" Nessie tried to shrug it off, "I didn't know." She really didn't know. Nessie didn't know what to say, didn't know what she was feeling. Nessie felt like she didn't know anything anymore. After all, this was Jake. The idea of taking their friendship to another level had popped in her head a few times recently but she had just brushed it off. It seemed obvious that when you hang out with such lovey dovey couples like her family it only made sense that she would start wanting someone for herself. But Jake? Would that mess everything up? They'd been friends for her entire life. As crazy as the feelings were, the truth was Nessie was the girl he helped raise who was 17 years younger than him.

Thank goodness Emily walked up just then. Nessie was at a loss for words. Emily gave her a hug before joining the two girls and quickly started a conversation with Kim. Both Emily and Kim were trying to have kids and that was all they seemed to talk about sometimes. Nessie took this moment to quietly sneak away from them. Nessie turned towards the fire trying to make sense of the chaos in her brain. Her mind was racing and she had no idea where it was going. Nessie just stood there, staring at the flames. It may have looked like she was just enjoying the bonfire but if you looked closely you would see that her eyes kept drifting back to Jake.

The rest of the night just kinda ticked away. Nessie wasn't avoiding Jake, by any means, but it just seemed like the moment was gone. She danced a few more times with a couple of the other guys and munched on some snacks. Mostly Nessie just hung out with the girls whining about school and boys. Chatting may be stretching the truth a little because Nessie had never been to school and hadn't had a boyfriend, so truth was she just listening.

Slowly everyone started to disperse. Couples strolled off hand in hand until finally it was just the single people left to clean up. Neither Jake nor Nessie was sure if there was anything more to that dance. They knew how it felt, and how it looked (no one was letting that go) but what they didn't know was how the other one feeling. When Nessie and Jake were finally alone again it was like nothing had happened. It was right back to the joking and flirting that was always between them but never anything more. Maybe it didn't matter what the rest of the gang thought, the reality was…it was just a dance.

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