A/N: An epilogue. Set three weeks after the "Hero in the Hold," Booth needs to meet with Sweets to be cleared for field duty once again…

Three weeks later…

"Booth! We're going to be late if you continue this." Brennan laughed.

Despite her warnings Booth continued to kiss his way down his partner's body. She'd managed to get to the bathroom and start the shower, but Booth had managed to distract her from the task at hand.

"Okay. You either need to continue this in the shower or go to your own apartment and a take a very COLD shower. You cannot be late for this meeting with Sweets. Your return to field duty is contingent upon this session!"

Unphased by Brennan's little lecture Booth continued his exploration while he was dragged into the shower. Brennan followed her usual shower ritual while trying to ignore the man touching every inch of her body. Finally Booth stood up straight and kissed her while his hands continued what his mouth had started. Unable to ignore her partner anymore, Brennan stopped what she was doing and leaned up against the shower wall. "Fast, Booth. Hard and fast."

He grunted his approval and began anew. His hands dropped from her shoulders to her breasts, finding her nipples and tracing circles around the sensitive skin there. "Don't stop," Brennan moaned.

Her hands explored Booth's body, something she'd done many times in the last few weeks, but something that she never seemed to lose interest in. "Faster," she warned.

With that his hands dropped to Brennan's waist and found her center. His fingers circled her clit a few times before tracing her folds and finally lining up at her entrance. Her hands dropped to his waist, then lower, and cupped him roughly. His whole body shook with pleasure, but he continued the task at hand. He sunk one finger in, then two. He found a rhythm she seemed to enjoy and she began stroking him in time to that rhythm.

"Oh God, Bones." He rasped. Her body responded to his plea and she lifted off the wall and pressed herself into him. "Slow down or this isn't going to last, baby." He begged.

"Booth," his name came out on a moan. "We don't have time for this to last."

He withdrew his fingers and extracted himself from her grip. Just as Brennan started to protest Booth pushed her back up against the shower wall. He pulled her leg up around his waist and lined himself up at her entrance. Booth brushed his partner's wet hair out of her face so he could see her eyes clearly as he entered her. As he pressed the tip of himself into her, her eyes began to flutter shut.

"Stay with me, baby. Look at me."

Brennan's eyes fluttered back open and he stroked into her in one quick movement. Her whole body quaked beneath him and she yelled his name, "Booth!"

They were both so close it didn't take more than a few strokes to send them both hurtling over the edge. Booth pressed his body against Brennan's and into the wall to keep them upright. They both relaxed as their orgasms subsided. Booth began to kiss his way back up his partner's neck and along her jaw line.

"Booth." Brennan coaxed, softer this time. "We need to get going."

The only response she got from Booth was an aggravated moan. He cleaned up and Brennan finished washing her body and they got out of the shower to continue to get ready for the day.

"I don't see why I need to talk to Sweets about any of this. I'm fine. I'm more than fine. I'm great," the tension in Booth's voice almost made Brennan laugh out loud.

"Well, why don't you tell Dr. Sweets why everything is so great? I'm certain that will go over very well." Brennan stifled a giggle.

"Not funny, Bones. You know I can't tell him. They'll split us up. We have to keep this under wraps until I can figure out how to prevent that."

"Why don't you just tell Sweets? I'm sure he wouldn't recommend that we be split up. You know he thinks we're in love anyway." Brennan was still trying to stifle that giggle, and failing miserably now.

"Yeah, Bones. That's a great idea. Tell the infantile shrink that I'm in love with my partner. If he doesn't immediately recommend our separation he'll laugh at me." Booth's anxiety was really showing now.

"I think the laughing scenario is much more plausible." Brennan admitted. "In any event we need to get going and I need to get you back to your car. Showing up together would definitely cause questions."

Booth and Brennan made their way out to Brennan's car and the ride to Booth's apartment was quieter than usual. When they arrived Brennan finally turned to her partner, "I'll be there to support you, Booth. Whatever you decide to tell Sweets, I'll support that. I'll meet you at Sweets' office for the session."

"Thanks, Bones." With that Booth got out of the car and headed for his own.

Brennan arrived at Booth's office about 10 minutes before his appointment with Sweets. He was pacing his office and clearly agitated.

"Booth," she soothed.

He stopped and looked up. He had the distinct urge to kiss her right here, right now. He managed to suppress it. "What the hell am I going to say?"

"Just do what you usually do. Behave normally and everything will be fine."

Booth stalked down to the FBI Psychologists office with his partner a few steps behind. He entered the office and threw himself on the couch. Brennan followed suit, but sat down in a gentler fashion.

"Agent Booth," Sweets began.

"Just cut to the chase, Sweets. I'm fit to return to duty. Sign the paper, send me on my way." Booth interrupted.

"Well you're certainly acting like yourself. Nothing seems out of place," Sweets narrated. "Yet something is different. Dr. Brennan, you're sitting closer to Agent Booth than is typical. You also keep looking at him, but not in the way you usually study him. This look conveys concern. Agent Booth, when you're agitated you tend to pace or fidget, something you're not doing now despite the fact that something is clearly bothering you. How are you dealing with everything since your kidnapping?"

"I'm dealing." Booth responded. This wasn't his usual sharp, quick response.

"Talking to others, utilizing physical activity as an outlet, gambling…" Sweets stopped, knowing that would certainly strike a nerve.

Booth glared at the young psychologist, "Not gambling." He looked down at the floor, then at his partner.

Brennan nodded at him. Sweets noticed this exchange but chose not to comment on it.

Booth sighed heavily. "Just sign the forms, Sweets."

"You know I can't do that until I've assessed your coping mechanisms." Sweets replied.

Brennan put a reassuring hand on Booth's. She leaned into him and whispered in his ear, "Just tell him."

Sweets was suddenly confused. He shouldn't have been, not really. These two had always had a close, albeit strange, partnership. But something about this exchange stuck out.

Booth stood up suddenly and began pacing. This was the Agent Booth that Sweets was accustomed to.

"I need you to think long and hard before you act on what I'm going to tell you. You understand that Sweets?" Booth questioned.

Sweets nodded and Booth's pacing slowed to some degree. "Bones and I…We…She stayed with me that night. Made sure I made it through the night okay. Something happened. We…I...didn't stop it. I didn't want to stop it."

"Oh." That was the only thing Sweets could come up with. He was, once again, shocked. Though he knew he shouldn't be. He'd predicted this almost since their first session.

"I don't want this to affect our partnership. It can't. I need you to make sure that doesn't happen." Booth was pleading now.

"You know I would never recommend that your partnership with Dr. Brennan be severed. I believe that would be detrimental not only to the two of you, but to the agency. You're both very adept at compartmentalizing. I'm confident that you two can maintain separate personal and professional relationships." Sweets finished.

"But?" Booth questioned.

"But, I need something else to put on that form. I believe that writing 'catharsis by means of sexual relationship with partner' would be inappropriate." Sweets elaborated. "Give me the form, Agent Booth."

Dr. Sweets took the form from Agent Booth and checked the box that said 'fit for duty.' Under Means of Coping Sweets wrote 'Utilizing talk therapy.' He signed the form and handed it back to Booth.

"You two," Sweets looked at the new couple, "you're good for one another. This is going to be good."

The young psychologist left his office smiling, leaving Brennan and Booth to think about what he'd just said. They were good for one another. Why had it taken so long for them to see that when everyone else around them had seen it for years?

A/N: So I've really enjoyed writing this. I really hope you've enjoyed reading it. I'll probably continue to write since I've had lots of requests to do so. Once again, ideas for new stuff are appreciated. I'm currently re-watching seasons 1 through 6 so I'm sure new ideas will abound. Thanks for reading!