Bill Kaulitz

Tall, dark, slenderly built.

Muscle protruding from only the right place.

Beauty and satisfaction drenching your soul.

Gorgeous to the eye, delicious to the taste, tantalizing to the touch.

Eyes I wish to seek, you're handsomely beautiful.

Face and physic lustfully worthy,

Of all who sneak a peek.

Deliciously sculpted, a man with such wonder.

Hair once of a lion, black and white defines it.

The move of your body strong and sure,

The sound of your voice makes my mind go obscure.

A song of mouth-watering melody,

Dancing past your lips,

Swimming to my ears,

My mouth wants a sip.

No doubt in my mind I want you for me,

But it's too painfully obvious it's never to be.

Something un-controlling,

Ripping through my being,

A thought so perplexing, so demanding,

It bursts,

My heart tearing at the very seams.

I pray to only meet you,

To allow you to know I exist.

You could never care, but I would rather die then miss such a chance.

You paint your eyes with black,

So many thinking you should be depressed,

Yet you smile more than often and are for too happy to be anything other.

From a country I only dream of,

A world I do not know,

An accent I can hardly talk in,

A language I cannot speak.

You're so utterly perfect it's almost strange.

A longing to meet you,

To see you up close.

I wish you to be mine, but…

It can only ever be my own personally fantasy.