Come back, come back to Me 11

Ahim wasn't too surprised to wake up in Joe's arms. Of course she'd stayed out late and come home sometime early that morning, even when he fell asleep. She'd come home alone, letting the rain soak through her dress and collasping on her bed. He would be safe in the tree from the rain...

And he'd come back pretty quick. She had a feeling, at least.

She blushed roses. Why was she wearing a new nightgown? Had he...?

Screw it, Marvelous thought, rising from the bed of leaves that was still just drying up, just screw it.

He still loved her. He would always love her. And yet...and yet...

"You going to try and let her go?" a voice purred in his ear, and he nodded a bit and tried to smirk.

"Well...yeah," he chuckled as best he could, "I guess there's always another."

"You suck at being subtle," she grabbed his shoulder and grinned, "just come to me already."

He smirked once more.

It wasn't a average or perfect happy ending.

But it was happy for then, at that time, for that night.

Author Note: Sequel? ;D