Author's Notes: Written for dancingwithrainbows' 100 Prompts, 100 Drabbles, 100 Words or Less Challenge on the HPFC forum.

I have made the decision that I need more variety. I need to do something new and different that will make my brain feel funny. Next-gen is new and different and will make my brain feel funny.

So here, have 100 Lily Luna-centric drabbles. Various pairings, less than 100 words, and…





"Why are you doing this?" Rose asked, exasperated. Lily was leaning over the sinks in the lavatory, twisting her head from side to side and examining her long, strawberry blonde hair in the mirror.

"Because my Mum and Dad will have fits."

"And you want that?"

"Yes," Lily said. She picked up her wand and flicked it, several bright green streaks appearing in her hair. "Maybe then they'll bother to notice me."

Rose sighed, looking at her cousin with worry in her eyes.

"You know you're beautiful, don't you, Lily?"

"I know," Lily said dismissively. "Now give me the scissors."