Torak couldn't believe his eyes as she walked into the raven camp. The last time he and Alitia had seen each other was the last time Torak and Fa had been to the wolf camp all those years ago, but he she was gazing right at him as continued through the camp. Embracing him as soon as she was close enough "I can't believe I found you!" she yield so loud his ear were ringing

"aaahhh...baadah …camp" was all Torak could manage to get out of his mouth, she giggled smiling at him. Her green eyes gazed into his or a long while until she looked away

"so are going to show me around " she said jokingly

"oh… oh yea sorry I was just thinking" he muttered clumsily. As they walked around camp Alitia slipped her hand into his, even though he felt awkward because Renn was glaring at him from the opposite side of camp, he motioned to her o come over by them and she reluctantly got up and made her way over

"Alitia this is R…" Renn cut him off by kissing him on the lips which confused him because just a few day earlier she had told only wanted to friends, after they parted she gave him look as if to say "I know what I said, but don't act like you didn't like it"

"as I was saying this is Renn my frei… Mean my girlf… I mean" he stuttered conflicted about what she was to him at this point

"I'm his girlfriend"