When Jake and Finn catch up after a serious day of adventure-ing. Jake mentions about the plans for the night.

"Hey Finn! There is another movie night going on tonight! You know what that means right buddy?" Jake says as he is winking and nudging Finn.

"Gross dude! I don't want to be involved in another Slobber fest!" Finn makes a disgusted face and slightly chuckles… Every time Jake wants to go to the movies, it is always some make out flick. He knows exactly what Jake wants Finn to do. He wants him to find someone kissable, and Finn wouldn't tell him, but he already had someone in mind. Princess Bubblegum, from the candy kingdom was his target. He had tried and failed before, but this time was different. He wanted this moment to be special. Nothing would make Finn happier then to win over Princess Bubblegum's heart.

When Jake elbows Finn in the side, Finn comes back to the real world and Jake says, "Hey man! Come back to earth! Are you going ask Bubblegum again?" and then winks and gives him what he calls his "sexy smile." Finn laughed at Jake and punched him lightly on the arm.

"If it will make you happy, I guess I have no choice dude." Finn sadly agrees.

"SWEET!" Jake exclaims. "Don't screw it up this time man! If you need my advice you can alwa- HEY! Where are you going in such a hurry?" Finn was already out the door and running straight for the Candy Kingdom.

Finn thinks to himself, "I can't trust Jakes advise! But what the glob am I going to say?" Before Finn knew it, he was already at Princess Bubblegum's door. Finn knocks on her castle door, and he says nervously, "Hey, Princess? Um... Can I... Uh... Ask you a question?"

Princess Bubblegum lets him while telling him, "of course you can Finn!"

"I was wondering if you... Can I come in?" Finn says with a nervous hesitation

Princess Bubblegum hugs him in the friendliest way possible before adding, "Of course you can Finn, you're my friend!

Finn thinks to himself, "Man, still in the friend zone... Crud.." but hugs Bubblegum back anyways when he notices a canvas in the corner, and asks her what she's working on.

Princess Bubblegum just tells him, "Oh, just something silly…. So what did you want to ask me Finn?" When Finn's attempt at small talk crashes and burns. Finn mentally criticizes himself and tries to change the subject... again but this time he brings up curtains.

Princess Bubblegum hesitantly replies with, "Finn they are the absolute same curtains I've always had… Are you alright… you seem like something is wrong, or you're thinking too hard…"

Finn, again, criticizes himself for messing up, and then Finn shifts nervously as he speaks. "Well... Uh... PB... Will you, do me the honors... Or er.." Finn lets out a long sigh and says almost quickly "WILL YOU GO ON A DATE WITH ME?" Princess Bubblegum sadly turns him down.

Finn protests, "But Princess! I... Really, like you... and... stuff..."

Princess Bubblegum apologizes, "I'm sorry Finn. I only see you as a friend. I don't like you in that way…

Finn tries to protest again but Princess Bubblegum interrupts him, "Finn, maybe we should talk about this later alright?" Finn walks out of her room with his head drooping because he's has never felt more heart broken and disappointed before in his life. Finn left the Candy Kingdom. He sat down on a hill and looked up to the Princess's window. He watched for about 10 minutes when the Princess peered out the window and slammed them shut. Finn sighed as he buried his face in his knees.

Marceline walks up to Finn and carefully asks him, "what's wrong lil' dude?"

Finn just looks up at Marceline, "Oh... Hey Marceline... Nothing's wrong..." This makes Marceline ask if he's indeed having Bubblegum troubles again.

Finn asks, still clearly upset, "It was that obvious huh?"

Marceline replies, "That seems to be what you're moping around about 100% of the time you're moping around… It's predictable when you're outside her castle..."

Finn looks over at the castle as he thinks of Bubblegum. Finn tries to explain, "I just.. You know... Want her to have the same feelings that I do..." Finn looks at Marceline, and asks, "I don't suppose you could help?"

Marceline just says casually "I guess I can. But this is the last time; it's tiring seeing you moping." Finn gets clearly excited, and starts to regain his usual smile as his hopes for Bubblegum and him start to return; just as Marceline adds, "As long as you promise this is the last time you ask."

Finn exclaims, "You're the best Marceline!" Finn hugs Marceline. "So, what should we do?"

Marceline tells to Finn, "We should definitely get you more into less of a friend guy… here come with me." Then Marceline takes Finn back to her house. Finn asks what they're in fact doing at Marceline's place when they're supposed to be getting Finn and Princess Bubblegum together. So, Marceline explains, "We are getting you two together. But you're too nice, too open; we need to get you more prepped. You're innocent and in love, but if she says she doesn't feel that way we have to make it seem less obvious just how innocent and in love you are so that she realizes that she does like you." Finn sits on Marceline's couch and fiddles with his fingers on his knees.

After a few moments of silence Finn finally asks, "Soooo, like... Go kill a dragon, or something? Because I know a totally awesome place to slay us up some dragons."

Marceline laughs a little then says, "No silly not slaying dragons, I mean that'd help you seem like a hero… but you're so young and so innocent. I mean, have you ever even so much as held hands with a girl?"

"YES I HAVE!" Finn says as his face begins to turn red from embarrassment, and the fact that he actually never has.

Marceline walks over to Finn to add, "See? You're not man enough for Bubblegum. She's an older woman, the way to woo us is experience with girls, but since you're needing enough experience by tonight… in a couple hours, we'll have to settle for making you seem experienced."

Finn continues to turn even redder. He has no idea what Marceline is talking about, nor is he really sure he wants to find out. Finn hesitantly asks, "and what exactly are you thinking?" He finishes off his question with a gulp.

Marceline just smiles at his innocence. "As much as I would like to make you no longer a virgin. Or at least make out with you… maybe something more… If you insist on going for Bubblegum… I can just give you some advice, and see if she still wants to fuck you when she finds out you're an innocent little virgin."

Finn is so red that Marceline could have eaten it right off his face. Finn exclaims rather loudly, "WHAT?"

Marceline laughs once again, even barely able to say, "Oh Finn… You didn't think a girl like Bubblegum was still a virgin did you?"