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Finn's face turns all sorts of new shades of red as he exclaims, "WHAT? I.. WAI... HUH!"

Marceline pulls Finn into a hug, and just simply replies, "Oh you poor, poor, naive little boy! The princess is a full-grown 18 year-old woman. Someone's bound to have tapped that. and once you've had sex there is no going back to never having sex. You have to try to seem like less of a virgin. And maybe… if you feel like you need real experience I can help out here and there"

Finn face continues to be red, and he just starts to freak out, "I don't want to have sex with her! I don't even know what sex is! What the glob are you talking about Marceline!" Finn then thinks to himself, "I'm not sure I want to know.."

A smile creeps along Marceline's face when she realizes that Finn has never had the chance to hear the sex conversation one's parents often give at the very age Finn was. She innocently states, "Oh… You've never had the birds and the bees conversation… Well then we need to start there.."

Finn continues to freak out, but his face states to become its normal colors as a look of confusion strikes upon his face, and he asks, "The birds and the bees? Huh?"

Marceline laughingly says, "You're lucky. If it were adults, parents, telling you. They'd tell you to wait. That sex only happens when two people love each other very much. But, sex is when you put your penis, when it's hard, into a girl's vagina, her most private part. And it feels very good for the both of you."

Finn, even more confused now asks, "You mean my crotch? Jake told me it is called a trouser snake, and that it could devour any girl that sees it. So why would I risk hurting her? Also, what the glob is a vagina?"

Marceline just keeps laughing, "It can also be called a trouser snake, even, silly things that I won't bother mention, or a dick, or, even more rarely used unless it's just between you and the person you're having sex with, cock. But Finn, you won't hurt her. It feels good, because that's what makes babies if not careful. A vagina is what girls have, like you have a penis." As another smile creeps it's away across her face she adds, "Would you like to see one?"

"You have a thing that flops around in your pants too?" Finn says has his eyes start to widen.

Marceline just keeps laughing, something about this was just so innocently amusing, "No silly! Ours is different because yours is supposed to fit into ours."

Finn just replies, "I'm just so confused by all of this. My mind is going bazonkers because of it."

Marceline sighs, "I would offer to show you what happens. But you're too innocent. And, Bubblegum wouldn't like it if I spoiled your love for her." Marceline quickly adds, "Here, I'll just tell ya, act confident, stand tall. If you need anything else, you know where to find me." With this Marceline disappears, leaving Finn sitting on her couch alone.

Finn knocks on Princess Bubblegum's door once again and yells, "PB I need to speak with you right now!"

Princess Bubblegum annoyingly says, "Alright. Alright, what is it Finn?" Bubblegum was still irritated with Finn for the way he acted earlier when she, of course, turned down his date offer.

Finn was about to answer, but then he remembered that he had to act confident. Without knowing what to expect, he opened Princess Bubblegum's door to confront her face to face.