Marceline slowly leaned in; her face almost pressed against Finn's, and kissed him hard.

Finn felt her warm lips press against his. Even though Finn was drunk, he could feel passion flowing off of Marceline. He was mesmerized by her touch.

Marceline pulled Finn closer, pressing their bodies together.

Finn felt so close to Marceline. He didn't know right from wrong, but her body was warm against his. To the point that it wasn't awkward, in fact, it was comforting. Finn didn't know what to do, so he let his body take control. He pressed closer to Marceline. This was more then a friendly hug.

Marceline wrapped her arms around Finn, and pulled her lips away from his, and quietly whispered, "Finn are you sure you know what could happen, and that you're okay with it?" She was certain that he was going to push her away at any moment, but she still hoped that he wouldn't because she hadn't felt this important to person in so long.

Finn wrapped his arms around her, and whispered into her ear. "I don't know where else I'd rather be then here in your arms Marceline." At that moment Finn locked his lips to her neck and kissed tenderly.

Marceline smiled and moaned just the slightest bit, biting her lip.

Finn slowly kissed the right side of her neck up and down. After he did this a couple times, he bit softly on her neck.

Marceline continued to pull Finn closer until she was sitting in Finn's lap. She pulled away once again and whispered so lowly Finn could barely hear her, "Finn, I want you to go all the way with me, but only if you think you can do that and not regret it when you wake up in the morning."

Finn slowly replied, "Marcy.. Nothing we could do together would make me feel regret. Marceline the Vampire Queen.. I love you."

Marceline laid herself down on the blanket; just as the sun was setting, and let Finn take control of the situation, since neither of them had done this before.

"So, um.. Where do we. Um start exactly?" Finn didn't know what to do, but how could he? He only watched vampire porn and masturbated once!

Marceline blushed and giggled a little, "Uh, I think it would probably start with the removing of clothes. But tell me if you get uncomfortable and we can stop, okay?"

"Maybe we should have a safe word. Like, mathematical!" Finn chuckled a little. He was joking a little, but most of that was quite serious.

Marceline laughed for awhile and then nodded, "Alright that sounds weird but I guess it works... I'm nervous, no one's really seen me naked before... it's not that pretty of a sight..."

"Marcy. You look beautiful to me." Finn smiled at Marceline as he slowly got on top of her. "Nobody has ever really seen me naked either." Finn giggled.

Finn went down and pressed his lips to hers. His left hand started at her face and slowly went down her neck. He hesitated when he got closer to her chest.

Marceline smiled, "Nuh-uh, you have to take your shirt off before you can move down any further, and then I'll take my shirt off."

Finn blushed, and slowly took his shirt off, and took his hat off as well. Finn went back down and kissed her neck tenderly. He whispers into her ear, "It is your turn now."

Finn smiled and blushed. "Do you mind if I.. uuuuhh. You know.."

Marceline giggled, "You can do whatever you want, we established a safe word."

"Heh. Yeah. Okay. Here I go." Finn brought his left hand over Marceline's chest, hesitated for a second and groped her chest.

Marceline giggled quite a bit at Finn's shyness, because it was just so cute. Then, she looked up at him, "Should I- Should I take off my bra now?"

Finn blushed even more. "I think so, I mean, that is how it works right?" Finn giggled at Marceline.

Marceline slowly sat up just enough to unhook the back of her bra, and slowly sat it on top of her shirt; worried that Finn would laugh at her at any second.

Finn admired Marceline's body. Her body was warm for a vampire, her skin was smooth, and her figure was dead perfect to Finn's eyes. Finn pulled Marceline up a little bit so he could wrap his arms around her and press their warm bodies close together. "I love you Marceline. Thank you for all the trust you have shown me. I think I know what to do next. Are you ready?"

Marceline simply nodded her head, as she was in awe that Finn actually wanted to do this, drunk or not.

Finn smiled. He didn't feel drunk anymore. He was focused on nothing more then Marceline. Finn slowly started to slide down her body, stopped at her chest, and slowly licked her nipples.

Marceline bit her lip so hard she could almost taste blood, it was so unexpected and while she had gotten pretty far with her boyfriend, it had felt nothing like this.

Finn stopped after a while, and slowly kissed down her body till he came to her pants. Without asking, Finn began to take both her pants and her underwear off.

Marceline was so shocked with this new side of Finn that all she could do was let there and let Finn do whatever it was he planned to do.

Finn looked up at Marceline. "I hope this will feel good." He looked back down moved his head close to her pussy, spread her lower lips, and began to lick her "special spot" as he saw on the video.

Marceline gasped loudly, and ran her fingers through Finn's hair, and held on tight.

Finn had a sudden burst of adrenaline. It was almost as if he was sharing the pleasure Marceline was feeling. This feeling flowed through Finn's body, to the point that his licks became even more furious and faster to boot.

Marceline had to pull lightly on Finn's hair, she wasn't sure exactly what was going to happen, but she was going to explode. She was short of breath, "Finn. This. Isn't. Fair. I. Need. More. And. Your. Pants. Are. Still. On."

Finn looked up, and stopped licking to look in Marceline's eyes. Finn smiled. He took off his pants and his underwear to reveal that he had a huge, raging boner. "Is this what you wanted Marcy?" Finn blushed as he looked at her again.

Finn blushed and smiled once again. He moved his "junk" down and rubbed on her clit with his shaft.

Marceline did everything in her power not to dig her nails into his skin and gasped so loudly that is startled some birds in the trees for almost a mile.

"Don't hold back Marceline." He smiled at her and slowly pushed his cock inside. It didn't go very far at first, but the feeling made Finn moan with pleasure.

Marceline clung to Finn, bit her lip, and still managed to moan so loud she had to put her hand over her mouth.

"It feels so good Marcy. Please.. Marcy. Don't hold back. I want to hear you, and feel you." Finn moved his hips so the tip came out, but then he slowly put it back in. This time it went further in. He could feel every detail of her pussy. It was smooth but tight. The feeling was warm and felt slimy in a good way. Finn kept moaning from the feeling of it all. This was so different, so new, but in every way possible, so right.

Marceline looked up at Finn and moaned again, thrusting her hips towards him, so that he'd move further inside her.

Finn gasped and thrust his head up. This sudden movement that Marceline did caused Finn to push as far as he could. His cock was all the way inside now, and it was tight, but it felt right. The pleasure was so much that he slightly collapsed on Marceline down to her neck in which he kissed and bit.

"Marceline. I'm feeling weird. I think… I think I have to cum." Finn stopped to look at Marceline.

Marceline looked up at Finn, "I do too, Finn... I want you to cum with me."

"Okay. Lets cum together." Finn began to pick up his pace. He moved faster and faster, in and out of her until finally he could feel it. He shoved his shaft as far as he could inside her, and unleashed his load. It was warm, it felt sticky, but it felt good and right. He moaned over and over again. "AAHH.. Marcy! Ah, it feels... huh... So. Good!" He could feel the slimy liquid oozing over his shaft as he kept coming. Then suddenly he felt Marceline's pussy tighten over and over again.

Marceline moaned loud, and ran her fingers through Finn's hair once again, as he collapsed on the blanket next to her.

"Did… Did you get there? I mean, I felt your, um, you know… Tightening." Finn said gasping for air. He could still feel liquid oozing from the tip.

Marceline was out of breath, naturally, so all she could do was nod her head, and then get up to start putting on her clothes before someone like Jake saw them.

Finn did the same, walked over to Marceline and hugged her from behind. He pecked her cheeks with his lips and whispered, "I love you." He smiled, but then all of the sudden he felt tired and woozy. Finn passed out on the ground next to Marceline.

Marceline kneeled down on the ground, worried, "Finn?!"

Finn hick upped. "So... Tired..." Finn managed to moan out. All that they did and the drinking had worn Finn out to the point that he pretty much blacked out.

Marceline finished putting on her clothes, and ran back to her house to quickly grab a bottle of water for Finn, and then flew back at top speed to give it to him.

Finn woke up after water was poured on his face. "Marcy? Can... Can we cuddle?" Finn giggled the best he could. He was completely exhausted and all he wanted was to be somewhere safe with Marceline in his arms.

Marceline smiled, "Absolutely, let me get everything packed up and we can go back to my bed." Marceline hurriedly packed all of the picnic things in the basket and rushed Finn back to her house.

Finn had his eyes closed most of the way there, but his eyes were open long enough to see marceline under his arms in her bed. Finn whispered before falling asleep, "I love you Marcy. You are amazing." His cheek rested on her head as he fell asleep with her in his arms like he wanted for so long.

Marceline smiled sweetly, and just before she too fell asleep whispered, "I love you too Finn."