.Chapter 5

Leaving the World

After the blow was stuck, and the woman was dead, the world began to turn back to normal. The once high building began to rise out of the dust, the lush green trees wavered in the park, and the bright sun appeared in the sky again. As Lucia saw all of this happening, he saw Brian's corpse still on the ground. She still couldn't believe that he died, and she wept for him once more. Then, the corpse opened his eyes again. Lucia was surprised, and exclaimed;

" Brian, are you ok? I'm glad that you are alive!"

Brian didn't even seem to notice her. He got up, and headed over to his house.

"Wait Brian! Can't you hear me? It's me! It's me!"

Brian didn't even look back. He just kept on walking and walking towards the slowly rebuilding town. She notices other corpses also becoming alive, but none of them have noticed her. She couldn't understand.

"Lucia. I know you are puzzled about all this, but you are now with me. You cannot live with your friends anymore. You are the first one to help bring judgment to the evils..

"This isn't fair!" She screamed to Him "I risked my life for Brian, and he doesn't even know it! How can you do this to me?"

"Lucia, please don't be upset. I know how you must feel, but you did save Brian's life. Even if you cannot be with him on Earth, you can meet him in heaven he is come up."

Lucia didn't know what to say. She knew that He was right, but what can she do now? She would have to do what God has said.

"Ok then. I'll go." she replied

Before she flew up, she looked back at the city, which was almost completely rebuilt. She will miss the city, and its entire people. She will miss her college, her friend, but most importantly; Brian. She will never ever miss him. She spotted Brian, and even though he couldn't hear her, she said

"Brian, Let's meet up in heaven, where we can be happy forever."

Lucia then flew up into heaven's gate, which marks the story of the first valkyrie to ever exist. May those two be happy together.