This was written for the forum 'Criminal Minds Weekly Prompts' if you haven't been there, I suggest you check it out! They have games and of course, weekly prompts.

This prompt is:

Your character goes through the process of choosing a pet, write about this process and which pet they chose and why.

He watched the cages, his hands placed on them, eyes wide open. He had to choose now. But what could he choose? His eyes flickered to where his father stood, patiently waiting while he talked to one of the owners of the pet store. His daddy said he didn't have to choose today and he didn't have to pick a pet from here. He could look elsewhere, or even online. But he wanted to see the pets up close.

He'd finally moved off kittens. He wanted something to play with. To throw a frisbee with. Something to keep him company for those long hours his dad worked and those days when his dad wasn't able to come home. It had to be a dog. But which one?

"How's it coming Jack?" his father asked, turning to look at him.

"Good!" he replied, chewing his lip thoughtfully.

That's when he saw the perfect one. The one little puppy that hung back, looking up at him with those big brown eyes while the others yapped and ran around. It hadn't taken long to convince his dad to get him a pet. In fact, his dad had practically said yes before the question was out of his mouth. Perhaps his dad felt guilty about not always being there.

"That one!" Jack declared, pointing at the chubby Golden Retriever puppy that flopped over on his side. It was as if the dog understood and his tongue lolled out, turning his head to look at Jack.

"Are you sure, buddy?"

"Yes," Jack exclaimed. And he was sure. Without a doubt sure. It was perfect.

So there it was. His Dad paid the man, and they went to work buying toys, treats and food. And firmly in Jack's hand, as he'd insisted, was the little compartment in which his new best friend sat, whining and wriggling with joy.