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The day Kakashi walked in the ward X of the infamous mental institute known for psychotic criminals he felt oddly at peace. Like he was finally walking somewhere he belonged. A very strange feeling indeed.

A man at the age of 34 should not feel at ease when he walks into a shit hole filled with not just crazy psychos but crazy psychos who were sent to jail and then sent there for twisted insane mind. A man of Kakashi's age should think of a nice life, his 2.5 kids, home, loving wife, dog and a perfect house with white picket fence. Perfect apple pie life.

Not Kakashi though. He was in a specialized team of marines, then in an even more specialized team of SWAT and then another team that picked special members from that SWAT team and other most special solder teams from around the globe to build an ultimate team of undefeated warrior master minds. Well he gets tired thinking of how many special teams there was before that final team.

There were no cool named for that team like eagle or seal or bear or tiger or deer or whatever. There was a number though. D-13. The deadly 13. Well it was cool if you knew the name but that beside the point. Kakashi's whole life has been a war or another. His team didn't kill solder it killed the leaders of solder, the masterminds behind the wars. So well they didn't have missions very often.

His dad, grand dad, grate grand dad.. All of them were some high class officer or something in each world wars and no to mention all of them died fighting. And Kakashi's yet again tired thinking of the wars. He walked out of his team the day he had to put a bullet into his teammate's head because he was injured and couldn't walk on his own. They couldn't leave him behind alive because the enemy could torture information out of him. And the information they carried were apparently more important then their lives.

He stared into his commander's eyes for a long moment after hearing the order to kill his life saving friend. And then he put a bullet in his friend's head. His friend made it easy. He nodded at Kakashi with his tired eyes with a smile that's seen on a life long prisoner's face before getting his release. And trough his silent eyes he told Kakashi that Kakashi was doing him a favor. And after that mission he surrendered his stuff and walked out with a light heart.

But his captain was a good man. He gave Kakashi an advice before he walked out. Told him that the things he knew didn't make him the target of only enemy but also his superiors now that he didn't want to work for them anymore. So if he wanted to live peacefully he shouldn't totally get detached from the shade of the leaders. But Kakashi was tired of killing and dying.

So Jiariya, his captain who was going to retirement any day now, offered him training, for some different kind of job that didn't involve killing. Not directly anyway. He was going to train on criminal psychology. Well so he did. And so now he was joining his job today.

Of course his one of a kind status got him one of a kind training and so he was in one of a kind mental institute. This place held they king of psychos. All of them sent here after committing multiple murders and after being failed to treat well from every other place in the world.

But still they were better then people Kakashi knew in his previous job. At least they killed after going all psycho crazy. Kakashi worked with people who killed in cold head. So this place held much sanity for Kakashi. And the security… well no one was killing anyone here.

So ward X was the worst part of the institute. Every patient was kept in their own individual cells and every thing that entered in this ward was checked multiple times for anything dangerous. And even after all this Kakashi heard there were 3 murders has already been committed.

Enough of that. Kakashi had to meet his patients for studying. He walked into the office before him.

"Hello Hatake san." Sarutobi Asuma stood up and offered his hand.

"Just Kakashi is good enough Sarutobi san." Kakashi smiled as he took the tanned man's hand.

"Well then call me Asuma." Asuma looked like a nice man. Kakashi nodded. "Well it's time you meet the patients here. There aren't many in ward X. Just 4. Come with me they are in the recess room currently. Here's their profiles." Asuma gave Kakashi a file and they walked out of there.

Kakashi turned a page and saw a picture of a brightly smiling blond. He was a psycho?

"That's Naruto Uzumaki. I know looks very friendly and he is too. But he got extreme rage issues. It was only once he experienced it and that one time he killed 8 people with butter knife. So it was very messy you can guess. When he gets angry he somehow becomes extremely powerful. Major hormone disorder if you ask me." Kakashi quirked an eyebrow at him and Asuma shrugged "Hey don't underestimate hormones. But it's a shame for him to be here. He's a good kid. And honestly he's the only patient I think that has a chance of getting better." Kakashi turned the page.

"That's Sasuke Uchiha. His brother Itachi was here before for massacring his entire clan. And now he's here for massacring his school bus. That's in his DNA. We are looking for a way to fix it." Kakashi stared at the pale skinned boy's face for a long while. They were so young…barely 20. He sighed and turned the page again

"That's Nagato Uzumaki. Went insane from the traumatic events occurred to him trough his life." It was a picture of an orange haired man's with lots n lots of piercing in his face. He seemed to look like in his late 40s and really masculine.

And Kakashi turned the page again before he could look down they were walking by the recess room. It was huge but was divided into 4 cubicles. And from the hall way they stood it was like a one sided window to monitor the patients in there. And he saw Naruto in his cubicle sitting with a giant grin and painting with crayons. It had a bright yellow sun and a sunflower bigger then the sun, a stick figure with a pointer above it saying 'NARUTO' in chicken scrawl and he was busy painting other stick figures. Ain't he the little Picasso?

And then there was Sasuke. He has charcoals and black crayons and he was scratching. And it was just a skeleton in a coffin but dear lord it looked damn good. He had talent.

But the most beautiful; picture belonged to Nagato. It was a picture of a perfect world no blood shade no nothing just people living happily and Kakashi was confused.

But before Kakashi could question he was stopped on his tracks because they were already walking by another cubicle and on the table there was nothing. But the patient was leaning on the window and even though from inside nothing could be seen of outside it still looked like the patient was looking trough a transparent window and watching the sky. His eyes were so green but rimmed with black. His head full of blood red locks were unruly and his skin was as pale as it could be.

And if Kakashi wasn't mistaken his eyes looked those of a demanding street child who really wanted to cry but knew his crying would be in vain because really who cared about a street child?

Kakashi came to a halt. He could understand crazy smiles of Naruto, brooding look on Sasuke and even the normal face of Nagato but tears and pain? People who have gone mad long ago did not grief, did not feel pain of their madness. So what's with this one? And why was he in a straightjacket in his recess?

"Oh and that's Gaara Sabaku." Wait Sabaku? As in the leader of sand country Sabaku? "And don't let the eyes fool you. He's the one who killed all 3 staffs here." So that explains the straight jacket. "He's the most dangerous one here." Asuma said and turned at Kakashi.

"How old is he?" Kakashi asked.

"16 years 8 months. Yeah young I know. He's the youngest patient here. First killed when he was 6. Has been insane since then. And kept killing no matter where he went. Reason behind insanity unknown. He doesn't talk. Never did. Records say he used to talk before he went insane. He is insomniac thus the dark circles around the eyes. He has the biggest list of murders. 17." Kakashi sighed.

"Well now that you're here I'm finally gonna get out of this crazy hell and go back home and never come back again." Asuma laughed happily. Kakashi smiled at him. Man deserved some peace in life.


Kakashi has been there for 2 days now. And he wasn't a doctor he was just an observer of the patient behavior. But he couldn't help noticing the behavior of the stuff. It seemed like they enjoyed the insanity and suffering of the patient there.

Kakashi followed the screams in ward X and found himself standing outside Gaara's cell. The white padded room had only a door and a security camera in it and nothing more. The temperature was controlled from outside. There was a bullet proof window on the door and as Kakashi looked trough it he frowned. Gaara was thrashing on the floor and screaming what looked like in agony.

Orochimaru, the duty doctor walked beside Kakashi and patted him on the back. He pressed a control button after putting a password in the key bad and the screams stopped. He had stopped the only speaker in the room. Now Gaara could die screaming no one would hear.

"He does that sometimes for no reason. We just turn off the speaker. Crazy psychos." Orochimaru chuckled happily. Kakashi scowled.

"You just ignore a patient? And for some reason? Are you trying to say you don't know the reason he's being like that?" Kakashi was very angry inside. Orochimaru's smile didn't seem so marry now.

"He's been in that straightjacket ever since I saw him the first time 2 days ago. You don't know what it does to a person? His arms are probably numb from down the elbow and above the elbow it's swollen so badly it's driving him nuts! If you keep this up his arms will be damaged permanently if they aren't already. Open this door right now." Kakashi demanded.

"He killed 3 staffs here Kakashi. He will kill again." Orochimaru said.

"I'm going in on my own risk. So by all means don't worry. And it's Hatake for you." Kakashi said calmly. Orochimaru shrugged and pushed the buttons.

"Be my guest then." The long haired man stepped back as Kakashi walked in.

The door was locked behind Kakashi and the silver haired man didn't pay it much attention. He walked to the boy who was screaming trough his raw sore throat and was tired after screaming for hours now. Gaara didn't even spare Kakashi a glance. He was in sheer agony. Kakashi didn't bother talking. In the state the kid was he won't hear a word. His face was red like his hair from screaming and from the pain. His pupils were blown wide from the sleeping drugs that couldn't put him to sleep in his pained state.

Kakashi just pinned the kid on the wall and undid the sleeves from behind the red head's back. He undid the endless buckles and unzipped the zipper and pushed it off Gaara's shoulders. He pulled back and laid the red head on the white padded floor before he pulled the jacket off the poor kid. Gaara wasn't screaming anymore he was sobbing. And Kakashi was right.

The kid's elbows were swelled and purple from the blood pooling there. Under the elbow it was pale and cold and his fingers were just numb. Kakashi slowly and carefully laid the hands beside the redhead's body and massaged until blood was flowing in his fingers. He massaged the inside of both elbows and fore arms to the nimble fingers and watched then go reddish pink from the blood flow. Felt them grow warm and felt the trembles as the senses returned to them. And just as the agonizing pain subsided the sleeping drugs kicked in and Gaara was sleeping like a baby.

Gaara looked so vulnerable like that. Lying there all tired and helpless; face wet from tears and body tired from drugs and struggling. Kakashi spent some time there making sure the arms were still working and then his eyes went to the kid's forehead. He brushed aside the flaming red locks and found the kanji tattoo saying 'ai' symbolizing love. And the silver haired man wondered what was the story behind it.

As Kakashi walked out leaving behind an almost unconscious red head and he decided he was gonna learn about this kid. He wan gonna learn what the son of a country's leader was doing there. And he was gonna learn what was the pain that the boy still experienced.

He didn't know why he felt so curious. Maybe he was just bored or maybe he had nothing better to do. But he was gonna learn the unsaid unknown story behind the boy's life.

And thus Kakashi started his journey to find the hidden story of a red head rebel buried away from every one's knowledge years ago.


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