It's a hound's nature to sniff things. And Kakashi can be compared to hounds in more then one way. When he found Gaara he just had a feeling that there was a story to; be told to hear. And he had nothing to do rather then watching four insane people. His brain needed more things to observe. So he took Gaara's case as personal knowledge gathering quest.

But he was more and more surprised when he dug in. there was very few record. No data of childhood; except for that one that accused him of murdering his own uncle at the age of 6. Its funny that a child would just go and murder without any reason. Everything has a reason. But there was no meaning of pulling out record files from previous doctors that treated Gaara. Their reports were brief and not much help at all. It's not supposed to be like that. There was supposed to be lots of analysis on Gaara but there were none. So its time Kakashi stepped in personally.

So there he was waiting in the long, long lunch line of Suna business center waiting for a certain someone. And finally he saw a young man with dark brown hair making his way towards the line. He was no more then 20 but his face was hard and mature. So being the son of Suna ruler wasn't all sunshine eh? He was wearing a crisp white shirt and a tie was half hanging from the collar like a rope he wanted to hang himself with. There should be a suit or blazer but it seemed like he discarded for lunch break.

Amazing how much he looked like his father. As the young man got closer to the line Kakashi's brain stepped into gear. Kakashi was almost at the end of the line. There were four people behind him and the young man, Kankuro, as Kakashi gathered was about to stand after four people but Kakashi stepped in.

"Kankuro Sabaku?" Kakashi said as if in surprise and that got him the young man's attention.

"Yes." Well no 'may I help you?' gee not a social butterfly is he? Kakashi thrust his hand towards him. "I'm Dr. Gin Momoichi." Well lies were necessary "I'm a fan of the institute you studied from." Well fan of your father won't do well not many people were fan of the Suna leader. "My Grand dad studied from Suna academy as well." The boy shook his hand for the sake of society. Kakashi stepped back and let him cut in line. The man behind him started to bitch but Kakashi didn't pay any attention.

"You just broke a rule" Kankuro said as he stepped into the line without much hesitation.

"Well I'm always expected to obey them breaking them sometimes won't kill any one." Kakashi gave a crinkle eyed smile. And as expected that helped the young man loosen down a few knots.

"Guess your right. How did you know about me thought?" Well this boy doesn't go down with sweet talk does he?

"What do you mean how? There was a complete report about the Kakzekage's family in the times of Suna just three weeks ago." There was a page about the man himself and few lines about his two children but no such elaborate detail. But this boy doesn't have time to read capsules or magazines.

"There was?" Kankuro shrugged after a moment. He was happy to get a cut in the long ass line. Kakashi watched as he shifted his weight from one foot to another. Impatient boy.

"Are you in hurry?" Kakashi asked.

""Well it seems like my lunch break would be over before I even get my lunch." Kakashi sighed annoyed.

"Hey son of the Kazekage your lunch break must be as long as you want right?" Kakashi said in a light curious way. Kankuro rolled his eyes at that and here they go.

"Yeah right. Mine is 10 minutes shorter then everyone else. Like studying politics wasn't enough I had to do internship under him." Kankuro almost snarled.

"Well the article said really good things about how successful your sister is and how much potential you have. But I was surprised with one thing." Kakashi said and Kankuro frowned. Didn't like his family being imperfect? That's a surprise. "Yes there was nothing about Gaara." Kakashi said and Kankuro was really confused as if he had no idea who he was talking about and then moments later his eyes widened and shoulders stiffened almost dramatically. And then a shadow of guilt and sadness covered his profile.

"How do you know about him?" Kankuro asked.

"I was his doctor. Among with many other I might add but I treated him." Kakashi nodded as if confirming a distinct memory.

"It's really strange I almost forgot about him." Kankuro was talking more to himself then Kakashi.

"I looked for his childhood records while treating him but there weren't many or anything at all. And so every time the treatment was incomplete somehow. Can you tell me what you remember since I never found any official data?" Kankuro still looked like he was trying really hard to remember something.

"I-I can't remember much…wow I never really thought about it all…he w-was really small.. and shy… and there aren't enough memory of him you know… I was a kid myself." Kankuro said. And Kakashi gave him a disappointed look. "But my sister… she spent time with Gaara" the name came out like he was hesitant to say it. Something was wrong here "She was older then me. I can get her to contact you." Maybe it was out of guilt but Kankuro was very helpful. He gave Kakashi Temari's number and also said he'd give her a heads up about him so she could be more informative.

Kankuro left before he could get lunch. His lunch hour was over before the line was half way done. Kakashi stayed though and bought two packs. One he kept and another he sent to the young man as a thank you for the help. And then he hoped the boy won't tell something to his father. Last thing he needed was the Kazekage suing him for sniffing around his family.


Kakashi could have got Kankuro in a café but a young man sitting with him would be eye catching in where he sitting with a 2 something pretty lady would be perfectly ok. And so Kakashi waited for Temari. And not after long a very attractive lady waked in. Her posture screamed confidence and power. She was. And she smiled as her found him.

The introduction was swift and Kakashi gave her the same info he gave Kankuro. And he stopped when she gave him a picture. He stared at it in silent surprise.

"That's Gaara when he was 8 days old." Her face was soft "He was really small when I first saw him. I thought he was a doll…" And it was true. His head was just a tad bit bigger then a big tennis ball.

"Was he born prematurely?" Kakashi asked because really he never saw a baby so small and fragile.

"I… don't know. I was 8 years old…and mom never came back. I was too busy looking around for her… I never got to ask questions about Gaara." Her eyes became glossy for a moment but she handled herself well.

"it was when he was 5 years old." She said giving him another picture where a very small redhead that looked no more then 3 was sitting down on a park seat and holding a balloon with a very happy smile. There was a tiny gap that indicated he had recently lost his first baby tooth.

"All he wanted for his birthday was a red balloon. He wasn't a demanding child. He was quite and shy. Never talked much, never asked for more." She looked sad just like Kankuro.

"There's a cut on his lip." Kakashi said suddenly. He was looking for childhood trauma or abuse. Temari's brow shot up as he said that and took a look at it.

"Oh yes…I remember… there was a bastard. He…hit Gaara. Kankuro took care of that though." There was slight hesitation when she said Gaara was hit.

"may I ask who it was?"

"It was the son of one of our councilors."

"Was he Gaara's age?"

"No… he was older then Me." That meant more then 8 years older then 5 year old Gaara. That's made the bastard 13 years old or more.

Now why would a teenager hit a child? Especially if Gaara was as shy and good as Temari said. Kakashi gathered the guys name and after some more talk he left.


It was many years later that Temari pulled out the baby box from her closet. There wasn't only pictures but also videos of them when they first came home. It was a tradition their mom made. But during Gaara her mom wasn't there so she and Kankuro recorded with their crappy skills. She turned it on and sat back.

She didn't need a video to remember though. She could remember when she took the fragile little thing in her arms. Gaara's eyes were crushed close as if about to cry in his sleep, very puffy cheeks that made his small nose look even smaller. His tiny lips were forming a strange pout that made his bottom lip press under his top lip so hard the poor upper lip was jutting out. She remembered pulling out the bottom lip carefully with her index finger because she wanted to take a look in his mouth. Gaara had moved his tiny fists when she did that. And she had gotten a good look in the toothless mouth. There was just pink gum, ping tongue and raw pink lips. His cheeks were bright red.

Temari remembers looking for her mom so she could as if she could have this brother to herself and dress him up like her dolls and play tea time with him. But she couldn't find her mom. And from then Gaara became less wonderful and the loss of her mother became more important. There wasn't much memory. Just flashes of a 3 year old standing out side the dining room holding the door shyly. A small 5 year old walking in the kitchen to have some breakfast… and then a 6 year old sitting in the corner, covered in blood and eyes opened wide in terrified sight of their dead uncle before him.

And from them Image of the little redhead was fewer and more distinct. There were home doctors looking after him and they weren't allowed to see him. It was a 8 year old Gaara she remembers last. he was leaving home and going to some mental institute. He had looked at him with those hollow eyes… when hid the tiny baby became so hollow and empty and cold? He was just a kid…

Temari never went to visit because she was underage and her dad said she wasn't allowed. By she was of legal age to do what ever she wanted Gaara was transferred to another institute where no visitors were allowed.

She dearly wished she had few more memory of her mother's last child. Gaara had mom's eyes. They were so shy and nice and hopeful… she dearly wished she could read the pleas in those eyes when he was around.