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Chapter Three

At first, it's difficult.

J.J's body has been through months of torture, and most of their training sessions end in her crying, and Morgan holding her close to him, scared and sad for her.

But slowly, she gets better.

She starts to show her ferocious side and Morgan's never seen this side to anyone.

She wants to kick butt.

She wants to make sure that what happened with Will never happens again.

They work around her State Department job, which is hard, but they manage it. And Morgan finds J.J's body becoming less frail and more tense.

She mentions this to him and he tells her she's growing muscle. He expects her to complain that she'll look like a butch guy, but she just smiles and nods and keeps smashing into the punching bag between them.

It's three months later, and Rossi is announcing to everyone that J.J is coming back.

Seaver decides to transfer to a different department, and they're one profiler short. J.J goes through the offender profile training course, which makes it even harder for them to work a schedule for training, but again, they manage.

But Morgan finds himself wishing that they could stop the training sessions.

Cause the more time he spends with her, the more he just wants to grab her and kiss her.

Before he knows it, he's fallen in love with the Pennysylvania Petite, and he can't fight it.

Watching her change into a warrior before his eyes, he finds she is perfect.

But that all crashes down four months later.

Emily is alive.

And she's kept it a secret from him for seven months.

At first he is furious.

And he refuses to train her.

She worked with him on bringing Doyle down. On stopping him and bringing Emily to justice.

And this entire time, she knew Emily was still alive.

But then, he catches her in her office, hugging Emily tightly and crying and telling her everything that's happened and he realises how much J.J has sacrificed to keep Emily safe.

He apologizes to her, and she smiles and says its okay, which lights up his whole world again.

Emily joins in on their training sessions after awhile, and Morgan watches how both girls take their past tragedies and turn them into frustration, using it to kick some major butt.

By the end of the fifth month that Morgan has been training J.J, she manages to kick his butt, and give him an incredibly large bruise on his back.

He's more proud of her than he's ever been proud of anyone.

And everytime he tries to tell her how he feels, he stops.

Because the last man J.J loved ended up beating her within an inch of her life everyday. The last man she loved drove her to use drugs and almost die.

She'll never trust anyone again. And he knows that.

One day, she grabs his hand and sits him down. She's panting and covered in sweat from training and so is he.

He wonders what's on her mind, when she suddenly leans forward and hugs him tightly.

"Thank you. So much. For everything."

He nods and hugs her back, taking in the scent of her strawberry shampoo and sighing.

"It's okay."

"And I'm sorry."

He pulls back, surprised, and sees tears in her eyes.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you about Emily."

He wipes the tear falling down her cheek.

"You were keeping her safe. There's nothing to apologize for."

And he smiles, kisses her forehead and walks off, unaware that she's smiling happily, glad she is forgiven.

His love for J.J grows tenfold when she surprised not only him, but the rest of the team.

She kicked an unsubs ass by herself.

He'd taken upstairs, and she'd gone down. He had heard shouts and the sounds of a scuffle and had run the minute he heard it.

What he found was a bloody and beaten unsub on the floor, and a similarly beaten J.J hovering over him. He saw the kid behind her, and she tried talking him down. To put the gun down or else he'd be going to jail, and not the unsub.

Not his father.

The kid put the gun down, thank god. Morgan didn't realise how tense he was until he put his gun down and saw his hands were practically sewn to it, refusing to uncurl from around the grip.

J.J was looking at him with haunted eyes and Morgan knew she was remembering everything that Will had done to her.

He consoled her, and she tried her best to put on a brave face for the rest of the team.

Emily and himself were the only ones who knew about Will's abuse.

She thanked him for teaching her how to fight, and Morgan realised that if these training sessions had never happened, J.J would've died in that basement, along with the unsub's son.

And the very thought makes his heart clench and he almost can't breathe from the pain.

Everything continues the way it was, and Morgan can't take it much longer.

He knows he has to do something.

So when J.J calls him and asks him to pick her up to take her to work today, he considers it a message from God.

It's time to tell her, Derek.

Morgan practically races to his car and drives at speeds he shouldn't be driving at. He screeches in front of her house and knocks on the door. She opens it.

"Hey, Cynthia took Henry to school and I don't have my car cause it's at the mechanic and-"

Henry isn't home?

Even better.

His hand reaches out and snakes around her neck and he kisses her so passionately, he hears her gasp in complete shock, and what he hopes is pleasure.

He's been waiting to do this for 7 months.

His whole body is shaking with nervousness, but she doesn't push him away, and his nervousness turns to excitement. She starts kissing him back and grabs him by the collar of his shirt and drags him inside and Morgan knows they're not going to work today.

She's had never thought she'd see the day where she'd be kissing Derek Morgan.

Of course, she'd always felt a certain attraction to him.

He was Derek Morgan, after all.

Her heart is racing and she can't stop.

Because she hasn't been touched like this in years.

Of course she loved Will with all her heart, and in the beginning, she felt the same excitement she was feeling right now.

But things changed.

He changed.

But Derek Morgan was kissing her right now, and by god, she was feeling a million emotions at once.

She's reaching for his shirt and she's thanking all the Gods she knows that Cynthia came and took Henry to school.

Her hands trail down his chest, feels the six pack abs he's worked so hard to gain. His arms wrap around her waist, trail down to her upper thighs and she's lifted into the air. She gasps and wraps her legs around his waist.

He's must bench press more than 200 pounds a day, 'cause he carries her upstairs so fast, it's like she weighs nothing.

She can hear her phone ringing, but she doesn't care.

His phone rings and they don't answer.

Morgan throws her on top of the bed and grins with delight.

"I've been waiting for this for so long, Jayje, you have no idea." He whispers breathlessly. She has no words. She just grabs him and holds him to her and kisses him as passionately as she can.

Because she's pretty sure she's been waiting for this just as long as he has.

He's gentle with her, and that brings tears to her eyes.

Will would abuse her, hurt her, treat her like she was a whore on the side of the street.

But Morgan, he treats her as if she is a god.

His fingers trail her skin lightly, not harshly.

His kisses are gentle, not harsh and unmeaningful.

His kisses do not burn her skin like Will's did. They make her feel as if she is the most special person on the planet.

It's like she's on Dilaudid again, but there are no harsh side effects. No passing out from the high.

Just pure ecstacy with every passing moment.

She wakes up and looks at the clock.

It's 5 in the afternoon.

She looks at her phone and finds 21 missed calls from all different members of the team.

"Oh, shit." She whispers.


She jumps at the sound and turns to see Derek Morgan propped up on a pillow, his eyebrow raised at her.

"They're probably looking for us!" J.J whispers. He shakes his head, chuckling.

"I answered one of their calls, told them I was with you and that Henry was feeling a little ill today, so we both took the day off."

"They bought it?" She asks, amused. He nods.

"Mhmm." He leans over and kisses her, and expects her to push him back, but she doesn't. Instead, she wraps her arms around him and presses herself against him tightly.

"That was amazing."

"It was." Morgan nods, agreeing. She sighs and he smiles.

"I'm sorry I just attacked you like that."

"Shh! Don't ruin my good mood!" She says, faking anger. He laughs.


"How long have you-"

"Around since we started training." He says, smiling. She smiles back.

"Well to be honest, I've always had a thing for you. It went away when I met Will but now..."

"I see." Morgan says, cocking an eyebrow.

"So what do we do now?" He asks. She smiles and kisses him.

"We see what happens." He smiles beneath the kiss.

"I love that idea."