Title: The Princess and the Golden Jewel
Author: DancingStar
Crossover: PSI Factor / Sue Thomas FB Eye
Pairing: Connor / Lindsay, Jack / Sue
Rating: 12
Category: AU, Romance
Spoiler: The Princess
Summaries: Lindsay and Connor could have met differently in 1623….
Comments: Oh, I love those medieval romances! Therefore, I had to write another one. I´m sorry!
What many don´t know: Callenburgh Castle does really exist: It´s Callenberg Castle in Coburg, which is about 60 kilometers away from where I live. And one more info: Northern Ireland was separated from Ireland in 1921, so in this story it makes perfect sense to travel from Belfast to Dublin...

The Princess and the Golden Jewel

"Mother, I don´t even know him," Princess Lindsay talked to her mother since days, hoping she could escape the visit of the Prince of Ireland.
"Don´t worry, my child," Queen Anna Maria folded up a blanket, "The Prince of Ireland is a good man, he has a strong character, just right for a future king and he will treat you well... I heard the girls at the court talking about how handsome he is."
"Mother," Lindsay said, "This doesn´t help me... I want to marry someone I love and who loves me... Just like you and father."
"Your grandfather chose me as wife for your father", Anna Maria told, "Love came later, after we got married."
"But... I can´t live in Ireland!", Lindsay knew that the argument she didn´t speak the language, wasn´t counting: She has been taught in Irish language since she was six years old and because her younger sister, Princess Susan, also wanted to learn this the two sisters shared the lessons.
"I can´t live in Ireland!", Lindsay repeated, "I would miss you, father and Sue very much."
"Of course we understand," Anna Maria said, "But it´s never easy, my child. I also missed my family very much, when I came from Portugal to Ireland without them, but soon you won´t have time to miss us… You can´t change the facts. The Prince is probably already on his way. Your father can´t send him back home if he arrives."
"IF he arrives," Lindsay was hoping her fiancé wouldn´t find the way to Edinburgh, and at that moment she heard a horse whining outside. She hurried to the window to see who had come and a horrified scream escaped her when she saw a flock of dark riders.
"What happened?" Sue wanted to know, who now entered her mothers´ room, too. Together with Anna Maria Sue ran to the window.
"These are the Riders of Ayr," the Queen said.
"Mother, what's going on here?", Sue asked.
"The Riders of Ayr?" Lindsay repeated in panic, "Who are these people? What do they want?"
"Leave, my daughters," Anna Maria whispered, went to a drawer above the fireplace and handed Lindsay a small, but heavy bag, "Hurry and bring the Golden Jewel to Dublin. King Andrew will get the message... Don´t tell anybody you are princesses then you can arrive save in Dublin."
"But Mother, we can´ t leave you alone," Sue cried.
"Which message are you talking about?", Lindsay wanted to know. The dark riders caused a lot of noise the courtyard.
Anna Maria gave her youngest daughter another leather bag. "This is money from the treasury," she whispered, "Ride as fast as you can to the port of Glasgow and take a ferry to Belfast. Pay the ferryman with the money and then ride to Callenburgh Castle immediately. Please, do what I tell you."
Sue nodded and pulled Lindsay as fast as she could into a secret passage. They slipped down a dark staircase to the chamber of some maids. There, they exchanged their beautiful dresses for the maids clothes and put the dresses in bags. Then they crept to the horses. The equerry had prepared two horses for two people and before he could complain, they took the horses and rode silently away from Edinburgh Castle. The horses galloped till the castle was out of sight, but Lindsay could still hear the terrible battle, then they allowed the animals a slower pace. For reaching Glasgow they would be out for three hours and when they had arrived in Belfast, it was still a long way to Dublin.
In Glasgow they took, like Anna Maria had told them, a ferry which first had to pass a river and then they drove over stormy seas to Ireland. The trip to Belfast took almost three hours and the two sisters then got rid of a nice sum of money. At the port of Belfast they asked a poor washer-woman for the direction to Dublin and the old woman pointed to the south. As thanks for her help Sue paid the woman with a silver coin from her leather bag and so the two left the city and soon rode through a deserted forest.
Both were traveling for hours when it began to dawn. The forest became darker and darker. "How much time will we need?", Sue asked, but Lindsay didn´t answer. Her sister wouldn´t understand what she was saying, because Sue couldn´t hear. She was only able to see what Lindsay was talking about. Her mother had taught her how to read lips. Sues deafness was a secret of the family and there were only a few who knew the truth. 24 years ago Queen Anna Maria was crying a lot when the doctor announced his diagnosis. But it didn´t change the fact that she loved Sue as much as Lindsay.
The horses walked next to each other and now a cold drizzling rain pelted down on them.
"It's pretty cold," Sue's voice trembled and she saw Lindsay nodding.
"Let´s see if there´s a guest house or some other place where we can rest," Lindsay muttered. At that moment the branches and bushes along the road were moving and armed men emerged from their hiding places. The horses shied and walked back several steps.
"Whither art thou bent, lovely ladies?", a man asked, holding a sword directed at Lindsay's horse.
"We are on the way to Dublin," Lindsay said and under her cape, she reached for the bag in which the jewel was. She realized they fallen into the hands of a group of robbers.
"Well, there is a shortcut to Dublin. It leads right through my forest", the robber laughed with a toothless mouth.
"Thanks, but we get along alone," Lindsay´s horse began to run. The animal was whining and rushed away. She was relieved when Sue followed her, but she was happy too early, because apparently the robbers also had riders. "Lindsay!", Sue's voice was almost in panic. Together their horses chased through the woods, when suddenly they met two other riders. The horse tried to brake and on the wet ground they almost skidded and crashed against the other riders. Sue nearly fell off her horse, but one of the foreign riders caught her. "Are you alright?", the man asked.
"A group of robbers is haunting us," Lindsay said, and now the two men noticed the robbers. One of them drew his sword and stopped his horse protectively in front of the steeds of the two young women. When the robbers saw him, they kept their horses and disappeared.
Sue was surprised. Obviously, one single sword slash by this man was enough beat the robbers.
"You shouldn´t ride through the forest at this time by yourself," the man said.
"We are on the way to Dublin," said Lindsay, "I'm Pri... Uh, my name is Lindsay", She thought it was better not to tell him she was the Princess of Scotland.
"I'm Connor, that's my brother Jack. If you want, we bring you to Dublin."
"Thanks, that's very friendly," again she took to the jewel to be sure it was still there in her pocket. Relieved, she climbed into the saddle of her horse and they rode off. Connor and Lindsay rode silently next to each other. Finally, they left the woods and rode across a big meadow, which was almost flooded with moonlight.
"You´re don´t live here, hm?"
"How do you know?"
"Because of your Scottish accent… What are you doing at this time in the woods by yourself?," Connor asked then.
"I´m not by myself," Lindsay objected, "My sister is with me."
Connor hadn´t noticed another blonde woman but his Brother obviously noticed her: He rode beside her and spoke softly to her. Sue laughed occasionally.
"My brother seems to like your sister very much," Connor suggested.
"Yes, she has a sweet nature... Sue is deaf", Lindsay said," Except from our father, our mother and me, nobody knows..."
"And you just told me..."
"Yes," Lindsay nodded, "You won´t tell anyone, right?"
"I'll keep this in private. I promise you... So what are you doing out here in the woods at this time?"
"My sister and I are on the way to Dublin..."
"You already said that," Connor laughed softly.
"We are looking for a friend of our father," she wasn´t lying because her father, William King and the Irish King were really good friends, "What are you and your brother doing at that time in the forest?"
Connor was amused about the cheeky way in which she tried to sound him out, too. "We're on the road and were actually on the way to the nearest port, but it looks like our plans have just changed," Connor turned around again to see his brother, "I think both won´t mind."
"How long will it take until we reach Dublin?"
"About one day," Connor said, "There are still about two hundred miles."
Lindsay nodded, she understood. "It's pretty dark," she suddenly said. She didn´t want to have the Golden Jewel in the darkness.
At the foot of the hill on which they rode, Connor could see the lights of a small village. "Do you prefer staying outside or can you afford a guest house?", he asked.
"Mother gave us enough money so we don´t have to stay here", she replied and was relieved when Connor rode to the little guest house.

The horses were fed in the barn and the landlady had brought them a sumptuous meal when Lindsay heard soft music coming from the village square. "What's that?", she asked, trying to look out of the window. "This is the annual village festival," the landlady said, "There´s always plenty of food and dance."
"Let´s go," Jack suggested and Sue didn´t even get the opportunity to disagree. Connor and Lindsay were left alone at the table. "My brother is a bit impulsive sometimes," Connor apologized then he added: "If he likes a girl." He immediately realized his faux pas: "That doesn´t mean it´s happening often."
"I´m sure it wasn´t meant like this," Lindsay said. It felt uncomfortable to be alone with him. She was almost relieved when he also suggested going to the festival and so they got up and walked together to the dancing people on the village square. Lindsay was surprised to see Sue, who danced with Jack. That's always been the strength of her sister, she thought. Sue was good at not to let people find out she was deaf.
"Let's dance, milady," Connor suddenly said and offered her his arm.
"Milady?", she repeated and raised her eyebrows.
"That was just a saying," Connor replied, "Do you want to dance with me now or won´t you?"
"Um... I don´t know. I... ", because she couldn´t decide, Connor grabbed her hand and pulled her to the dance floor where they almost danced the whole evening. Connor found this poor girl wasn´t at all like the daughter of a peasant: She danced like a fairy and her beauty took his breath away. He noticed her sweet scent, when she turned to him to close.
"Is everything all right?", Lindsay wanted to know, when the music ceased.
"It's all right," he agreed, nodding. But nothing was alright. He was on the way to meet his fiancé but instead he had fallen in love with Lindsay head over heels.

Late at night, Lindsay had gone back to her room and because she had the opportunity, she took a warm bath in a wooden tub. Her room was just immersed by a warm fireplace. When she heard the door to her room opening, she wanted to get up but she thought it would be better not to do this, because it was Connor who bothered her at such an inconvenient time. "This is a very bad time for a conversation," she blushed and tried to cover her body, but Connor remained in some distance. "Don´t worry. I can hardly see you", he promised to her," I need to talk to you urgently. It´s very important."
"Can´t wait until tomorrow when I´m not...?", she stopped. She regretted her words, because now he came to her and his hands rested on the edges of her wooden bathtub. She sank a little further back into the water when she feared he could see her, how he shouldn´t see her: With no fiber on her body.
"It can´t wait until tomorrow, but if you ask me, I won´t say no."
"You better don´t come to close. Otherwise you might fall into the water."
"If I fall into the water, this would be a very pleasant moment for both of us," he murmured, half kissing her mouth and then he left.

After a sleepless night they met at the guest house for breakfast and then Connor and Lindsay walked through the empty streets of the small village. Many straying dogs were on the road and ate from the trash cans behind the houses.
"Not to stay overnight yesterday was very noble of you. I don´t want to think about what would have happened if Sue had seen you coming out of my room, "she said suddenly.
Connor nodded when they walked side by side. He would do everything to ensure that they were caught together. He hadn´t told her he was the prince and future king of Ireland and she seemed to have feelings for him. Therefore, he couldn´t marry the Princess of Scotland: he hardly knew her after all and this poor girl had aroused his interest. Connor urgently needed to talk to his father when he was home again: Lindsay was different than all the women he had previously met.
Of course last night it was uncomfortable, when he had bothered her while bathing, but she blushed and almost admitted the kiss and this told him she felt something for him.
"About what did you want to talk to me yesterday?", she asked and thought about the scene in her room.
"I thought I will ask your father for your hand..."
"What?", She turned to look at him shocked, "You can´t do this! My father would never accept that... And I´m already espoused to someone."
"Opinions change," he said, "I´m a very good match, my love. Your father won´t mind."
Lindsay thought feverishly. She couldn´t tell him she was the Princess of Scotland and she was espoused to the Prince of Ireland. "He will mind," she finally said, "My father... Well, he would want someone on my side who wants to keep the bakery in our family," she lied. She was relieved when they reached the guest house again and Jack was coming to them. "We have a problem," Jack began, "Sue's horse is saddle-sore and lame on the right hind leg. I don´t like to say this, but we should let the animal rest for one day."
"Alright," Lindsay admitted. She didn´t want to make it worse than it already was, if the horse had to continue walking in this condition, they would have to kill the horse when they arrived in Dublin...
Jack went to Sue to get her the news and of course Connor noticed Lindsay's worn face. She thought about her mother and that she had told her they had to arrive in Dublin as soon as possible.
"Don´t look like that," Connor finally said, "It won´t hurt our horses, if we take them for a short ride."

Jack found Sue in the parlor of the old farmhouse and she just looked at an old picture, when he was standing in the doorway and cleared his throat. She didn´t respond. "Sue?", he finally asked and she didn´t turn around to him. She sighed and instead wanted to go to a table to sit there when she saw him and was shocked.
"Sorry, I didn´t mean to scare you," Jack admitted, "You didn´t hear me when I came in…"
"No," Sue frantically shook her head and sat on a chair. Jack noticed how pretty she was, even if she looked so worried. "What´s wrong with you?", he asked, "Is it why you and your sister want to travel to Dublin?"
"We deliver an important message to a friend of the family..."
"And you know what's in this message?"
"No," Sue shook her head but she had seen when her mother gave the bag with the mysterious jewel to her sister. The jewel was the message, but she didn´t know what that meant.
"You're not very talkative," Jack observed.
"Do you want to know a secret?," Sue asked and wasn´t a bit surprised when he nodded, so she said: "My real name is Susan. My sister is to blame for calling me Sue, "she laughed a little, "Lindsay is one year older than me. When I was born she had learned how to speak and mother told, Lindsay couldn´t pronounce my name correctly and then she called me Sue. Since then, everyone calls me like that."
"It's no secret," Jack said, "That's something everyone in your family knows... If you don´t want me to lose interest in you, you should tell me a real secret about you."
"What?", Sue got up, "You... You can´t get interested. That's impossible!"
"Why do you say that?"
"My hair ...", Sue said, "So you like my blond hair? Many people already said the color is a work of the devil…" She thought Lindsay was also blond, but she had never been told she´d look like a cold-hearted Snow Queen.
"I think your hair is very pretty," Jack said.
"And my nose... my nose is too big and..."
"You're perfect."
"I... I´m... I'm deaf, "it suddenly burst out of her and he actually stopped, "You´re right. I can´t hear. Father said therefore I am good for nothing. Not even as a wife." She wanted to leave, but Jack held her tight.
"I don´t think so," he disagreed, "Obviously you don´t see how beautiful and intelligent you are. How do you know what I'm saying?"
"My mother had a different opinion than my father and taught me to read lips. If it was up to my father, I would have to spend my life in some dungeon, I'm sure." Now she was even crying, she thought. She tried to wipe away the tears, so Jack wouldn´t see it. "You're a wonderful girl. Anyone who claims your not, doesn´t deserve being with you."
Sue hardly knew what hit her when he kissed her. She was dizzy and she wanted him to push away but she couldn´t. It felt so nice and so sweet that she didn´t have the heart to disappoint him. Because most of all she had disappointed herself.

Lindsay had no idea why she was getting into it to go for a ride with Connor and then he comforted her with the fact that the small lake, to which they wanted to ride, wasn´t far away. A signpost, however, told Lindsay the opposite: "It says there are 4 miles to the lake."
"You can read?"
"Is there something wrong?"
"Not many daughters, whose father earned his living as a baker, can read," he noted and Lindsay felt as if she had betrayed herself. But then she said: "Obviously I'm not the only person who surprisingly enjoyed very much education. You're just a poor man who travels through the woods with his brother and you can read as well."
Connor liked her repartee. "Yes, but I´m a man."
"Right now you're just terribly conceited," she replied. Connor shook his head in amusement. He liked her more and more and she proved to be a worthy opponent in discussions. She wasn´t only beautiful but also very intelligent, so she would be the perfect wife for him, he thought to himself.
For the rest of the way to the lake, they hardly spoke.
"There´s even a small cave at the northern tip of the lake," he said when they arrived and tied their horses to trees.
"You know this area very well," she remarked.
"My brother and I have played here as children. We were very often on the road with our Father... Inside the cave there is even a water pond."
"And how did your father earn his living?"
"He was a cattle dealer," Connor lied, "We often accompanied him because our mother died after giving birth to my brother." While he was talking, they went up a small hill and then saw the entrance to the cave. Lindsay was amazed when he started climbing into the cave. "You... you won´t..."
"I will," he laughed and disappeared in the cave.
"You can´t leave me alone!", she called after him and heard a splash. She was unsure what to do next. So she decided to climb into the cave, too. When her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she saw a pile of clothes on a stone and again she heard a splash. "The water is wonderfully fresh," Connor said to her, "Come, let´s swim a bit."
"No," she thought swimming with a stranger wasn´t a good idea and that´s why she just sat on the edge of the pool, which embellished the ceiling of the cave with magical play of light.
"This is a shame," Connor gave in and grabbed for the sharp stone edge of the pool edge, "But if you don´t want to, I also can force you."
She screamed when Connor grabbed her and pulled her into the icy water. She emerged from the water shocked and her skin almost hurt because of the relentless cold. With trembling hands she tried to reach the edge of the pool, but she had no idea of where she was. She was still breathing like an old farm horse, when Connor came closer to her. "It wasn´t my intention to scare you," he apologized. Lindsay wondered if he didn´t mind the cold water. Then she realized how he looked at her and she suspected it was because of her white dress, which was now soaked. When she leaned against the hard stone wall of the cave, she realized she couldn´t avoid him. He stared at her eyes and she could feel his warm breath on her face. Connor grabbed after her body, pressed her against the wall and because she didn´t defended he tried to kiss her. She turned her head aside so he could only cover her neck with kisses. But even that was enough to make her gasp out of breath. His hands were wandering and she felt his touch even through the wet fabric of her dress. The cold water was suddenly boiling hot, while she admitted that he lifted her up a bit, so she wrapped her legs around him. "We shouldn´t…," she began and to her rescue she heard the nickering of the horses, "The horses...", she tried to push him away, but he didn´t want to.
"Forget the horses...", he murmured hoarsely against her skin.
"No, I can´t," but then she managed to push him away and she made her way out of the water. Of course she was embarrassed, that her dress was almost transparent now, but proudly, she left the cave and was relieved she would dry in the sun halfway, until she reached the guest house. She rode back by herself and hurried to get her horse into the stable as unnoticed as possible.

Meanwhile, Jack was gone and Sue noticed, of course, when the door to her room opened and Lindsay came in with soaking wet clothes. "Where have you been?", She asked her sister, "And why are your clothes wet?"
"I... Connor and I were on a trip... I fell into a river."
"You have to put on dry clothes, immediately," Sue said, gave Lindsay a warm blanket and she noticed how Lindsay was crying.
"Is everything fine?", She asked, "Did he hurt you?"
"No," Lindsay shook her head and Sue realized her sister currently couldn´t talk to her. So she gave her some time so she could change her clothes, and when Lindsay lay in her bed, she sat down beside her. Lindsay was still crying and upset. "Would you tell me what happened?", Sue gently took her hand.
"I can´t marry him," Lindsay said, sobbing, "I don´t even know the Prince of Ireland." She had met the prince once and this time she was five years old. She couldn´t even remember.
"Is it because of Connor?"
"You've fallen in love with him. Admit it... Is he the reason why you're in tears?"
"I shouldn´t fall in love with him. I should marry the Prince of Ireland."
"You can´t reverse it," Sue comforted her, "How did he made it that the stubborn Princess Lindsay is in love?" Lindsay then told what had almost happened in the cave if she had given herself up to him and if her sense of duty hadn´t stopped her. Certainly the Prince of Ireland would never marry her if she spent the nights with other men before their marriage. Sue listened intently to her story and in the end she sighed helplessly. "I can´t help you, dear sister," she apologized and for the first time in her life Lindsay didn´t want to be the firstborn child of her parents. She had noticed how Sue and Jack looked at each other, and if Sue would tell her parents how much she loved Jack, they would certainly turn a blind eye and allow her to marry the poor son of a cattle dealer. But on Lindsay's shoulders a heavy duty was resting, which almost broke her heart.
"Maybe it comforts you a little that Callenburgh Castle is only one day's ride away," Sue said and Lindsay finally nodded. She couldn´t hear how desperately her sister was crying in the night.

The next day, Connor tried to apologize and Lindsay was just nodding. This behavior frustrated him a lot because she didn´t dare to look at him. He loved the brightness of her eyes and her wonderful smile. He didn´t want to scare her yesterday, it was only a try to win her.
They rode in silence side by side, until they finally reached a crossroad with a signpost.
"This is the way to Dublin," Lindsay muttered, "So now our paths will go separate ways. I wish I could thank you for your help, "she said, looking at him.
Connor nodded and he stopped his horse right next to hers. "I know a reasonable reward," Connor stretched a little in her direction and she knew exactly what he wanted.
"That's impossible," Lindsay shook her head quickly, "I told you I am already espoused to another man. Therefore, I can´t kiss you. I could never forget you and I´d be caught in an unhappy marriage all my life." The horse began to walk and she hoped he couldn´t see the tears in her eyes, when she rode away. The horse galloped and Lindsay called after her sister. Sue said goodbye to Jack with a kiss and then she had to leave. She vowed herself she would come back to him as soon as they had handed the jewel to the King of Ireland.

Connor and Jack reached Callenburgh Castle a few hours earlier because the woods were so familiar to them and they knew how long Sue and Lindsay would take for their detour to Dublin. It was time that Connor finally talked to his father, and he immediately asked the king for an important conversation. After all, she had told him she was already espoused to another man and he didn´t want to come too late.
King Andrew was amazed when his eldest son didn´t even take a short break from his exhausting trip. So it seemed to be important. "I won´t marry the Princess of Scotland," Connor said to his father.
"Whom will you marry?", asked King Andrew, "Besides, what do you think, how do I explain this to my friend William, that you suddenly changed your mind and don´t want to marry the princess?"
"Didn´t you told me that the connections which are made out of love, are the happiest?"
King Andrew shook his head. He wished he hadn´t told his son how much he had loved his mother and how he had fought for that he could marry his beloved Victoria 27 years ago, and not the Countess of Saxe-Coburg.
"You sound like you've already found a woman," Andrew sighed, "Who is she?"
"She's the most beautiful woman I ever met. Her name is Lindsay and she and her sister were on the way to Dublin because they had to deliver a message to a friend of the family."
"Is she able to teach our traditions and values to your children?"
"She is."
King Andrew seemed to think for a moment. "Go and find her, my son. Find her and bring her to Callenburgh Castle, so I can take a look at the future Queen of Ireland."
Connor nodded and then he went to the stables. He asked for a different horse and set out immediately on his way to Dublin to look after her.

Breathlessly the princesses Lindsay and Susan reached a few hours later the castle and were immediately taken to the king. They bent the knees.
"Milord, we bring you the jewel. Our mother said, you would know what that means", without looking at the King, Lindsay handed him the bag.
"It's very nice to see you again, Princess Lindsay," he said, "You must know that my son isn´t thinking about you as his wife. I´m really sorry."
"I respect that, milord," Lindsay replied, "So I will also ask my father if he dissolves the connection." She was so enamored of the young man, who had saved her life in the forest, that it was alright when the Prince of Ireland didn´t want to marry her. If her own father didn´t respect these love, she would rather live as a poor girl than being married to someone who didn´t love her.
"Princesses, please stay for tonight. Your father would never forgive me if I allow you traveling the way home in this darkness."
"We feel very honored, milord," Sue thanked him. A court lady brought them to their rooms.

"I can´t believe we have actually made it to Dublin," Sue told Lindsay, when both strolled in the late afternoon through the castle garden. Her mother had once told them how magnificent the rose garden was. Now they wanted to see the pretty flowers.
"Without Jack and Connor we wouldn´t have made it," Lindsay said and Sue knew that expression only too well. "My goodness," Sue sounded very shocked, "When we are on the way home, you should seek Connor and ask him if he comes to Edinburgh. Father has to meet him and he has to allow you to marry him... And if mother and father don´t allow this marriage, then you threaten them to renounce the throne."
"You think that would help?"
"Very much," Sue replied, "Father would never give the crown to me. I am deaf, remember?" Sue knew her father believed she was unacceptable as future queen. Sometimes, she was hurt but she had resigned. Therefore, Sue was also convinced her plan had to work.
"Excuse me, I'm not feeling well. I´ll go back to our room", Lindsay said and left Sue alone in the garden. Sue should not see how much she was suffering.
So Sue went alone through the garden and suddenly she met Jack, who was accompanied by a well-dressed man. "My son, this is Princess Susan of Scotland," King Andrew said and stood next to Sue.
"Princess, you've surely heard about Prince Jacob..."
"I...", Sue nodded when Jack grabbed her hand.
"We already know,", he was visibly relieved to see her again, "Father, you would leave us alone for a moment?"
King Andrew didn´t understand why his son sent him away, but he went and left the two alone in the middle of the rose garden. When he was gone, Sue wrapped her arms around Jack. "I didn´t know you are...", she began.
"I didn´t know you're the Princess of Scotland," he murmured, kissing her, "I missed you so much in the last hours."
"I missed you, too," Sue looked at him, "I´m so happy to see you again." Sue took a moment to realize what that would mean for her sister. "Jack, this means that Connor is also the Prince of Ireland?"
"Yes," Jack nodded, "Why do you ask?"
"Because Lindsay has fallen hopelessly in love with Connor. She doesn´t know he´s the prince of Ireland, to whom she´s is actually espoused. She feels miserable, " Sue said. She was still in Jack's arms and she liked it.
"Connor told father the same: he told he also had fallen in love with a beautiful stranger and at the moment he´s looking for her in Dublin. I got an idea: You have to persuade your sister to come to dinner tonight."

"Where is your future wife?", Andrew asked in the evening when he and Connor met in the dining room.
"I couldn´t find her," Connor was too frustrated, "I searched the whole town for her."
"The Princess of Scotland is here by the way," King Andrew said, "Do you want to meet her? We´ll have dinner. Maybe you get distracted for a while."
"No," Connor stared out of the window. He would be much happier if he could be with Lindsay.
"What a shame. She is a lovely, young lady. You would like her. Her sister is also very welcome. I think your brother is in love with her...", Andrew was interrupted when the heavy door to the dining room opened and Jack came in with a very beautiful young woman on his arm. "Milord," Sue greeted the King and Connor listened. He knew that voice from somewhere. Finally, another person walked into the room. "Milord, I can´t thank you enough for your hospitality," the person said and Connor looked up. In the fine clothes she secretly had in her luggage, she looked like a real princess. Her hair fell over her shoulders like angel hair.
"Lindsay", he got up and walked toward her. He noticed the look in her eyes and a slight twitching in her hands. She didn´t want to hug him in public and held back, but he took this decision for her. He took her hands, pulled her close and kissed her.
"Connor, you... you can´t…", his father was lost for words when he saw his son kissing the Princess of Scotland and she didn´t resist.
"This is Lindsay," Connor said.
"I know, this is the Princess of Scotland."
"No, she´s the woman I want to marry."
"The princess will ask her father to break the connection when she´s back home," said King Andrew and Connor looked at her: "Is he telling the truth?"
"That was before I knew who you are. Before I came here, I've fallen in love with the carefree young man who saved me and my sister out of the hands of robbers and... That's the reason why I didn´t want you to kiss me. I was afraid I could never forget you and..."
"I'll tell you a secret," he came closer, but this time she didn´t mind: "Today, I asked my father to dissolve my marriage with the Princess of Scotland, because I´m in love with a charming woman, who traveled carelessly through the Irish forests." He knew now that the Princess of Scotland and the young woman whose life he had saved in the forest were one and the same person and he would do anything if he could only marry her. Connor knew she loved him too, because if it wasn´t so, she would have never thought about dissolving her connection to the Prince of Ireland, when she didn´t know that the heroic man who had stolen her heart was in truth the Prince of Ireland.
"Are you sure you want to solve the engagement with me?", Connor asked.
"I'm sure," she replied, "I'm sure I won´t dissolve the engagement."

Thus, it was decided she would marry him and Lindsay smiled happily when she thought about it. "May I ask you a question?", She wanted to know, when Connor took her to her room.
"Whatever you want."
"When you saved Sue and me from the robbers in the woods, you said you were on a trip. This journey should take you to me in Edinburgh, right?"
"That's right," he replied honestly, "May I also ask you a question? Would you kiss me again?"
"This is not a question but a request," she laughed and stretched to kiss her fiancé Good night, when they reached her door.
"What´s the message you should bring to my father?", Connor asked eagerly.
"There is no real message, but rather a jewel. It´s the Golden Jewel of Scotland. My mother said, your father would understand the message."
"A golden jewel?", Connor asked, "Jewels are usually red, blue or green, but the golden are very rare because they come from far away. Are you sure?"
"I've never seen this jewel. I only carried the jewel in a bag, after my mother gave it to me. A group of dark rider occurred at Edinburgh Castle and …", she couldn´t go on.
"Let's take a look at the jewel," Connor suggested and therefore he decided to postpone their night rest´s for a while, "As far as I know, my father brought it to the royal treasury..."

To be continued...