Hey look, the story's final chapter is finally finished and uploaded! XD Sorry for the wait ._. I started this and never got around to finishing it. But, now it's done. And this is the first multi-chaptered story I've finished since...well...2nd grade...that's a long time ago. ._.

Chapter 6

"Well…looks like he's fine," Brad sighed.

Sonny walked in and stared at Frank in confusion in shock. "What the fuck?" He blinked.

"Riff Raff beat the crap out of him," Rocky explained.

"Uh…Riff Raff? Short, skinny, weak Riff Raff? Really?" Sonny laughed. "Big, tough Frank couldn't whip Riff Raff's ass? Really?"

"Riff Raff's a fucking beast when it involves Magenta," Frank sighed.

"His eye is black…I'm surprised Riff Raff didn't do more damage but…I guess that's what happens when you're pissed but weak," Brad snickered. "I still can't believe what the fuck I saw. Riff Raff stormed in and shoved Frank to the ground and kicked him in the side and then beat on him until Cosmo pulled him off of him."

"Where were you, Sonny?" Frank asked, running a hand through his hair. He turned his head and looked at Rocky. "Hey, can you tell Magenta and the others that we're going to have a make-over thing to just chat for a while?"

"Sure," Rocky nodded and left quickly, not wanting to stay any longer.

"I was exploring…for a while…I was bored and left to go check out some of the first floor that I didn't get to check out and ended up on the third floor in this huge bedroom and-" Sonny was cut off by Frank laughing.

"Whatever, I don't care." He stood up carefully and gently touched his side, which still hurt at the smallest touch. He turned to Brad. "Brad…you're an ass."

"What's that about?" Brad asked. Frank shrugged and turned back to Sonny with a big smile on his face.

"Now, Sonny. What about that room?" He asked.

"Uh…well…it was a huge bedroom that was painted purple and it had a red and blue bed. It was fucking awesome!" Sonny grinned.

Magenta had her arms around Riff Raff's neck, her face buried in his shoulder. They'd been like that for the past ten minutes, and everyone was sure Magenta was crying her eyes out into his shoulder.

"I'm scared to leave the room," Nation joked.

"Why?" Columbia asked.

"I'm afraid I'll walk out and see Cosmo and Janet making out," Nation made a face at the thought. "Why does he like her?"

"Because she's one of the sanest girls here," Columbia smiled. "Let's be honest. Genta's kind of…twisted in the head, you're his sister, not to mention you're lesbian, Laura's extremely shy, and I'm just plain hyper all the time."

"I'm not twisted in the head," Magenta mumbled. Columbia and Nation could barely hear her muffled voice.

"Yes, you are," Columbia snickered. "You're dating your brother."

"Shut up," Magenta grumbled, tightening her hold on Riff Raff.

Rocky walked in, quickly closing the door behind him and shaking his head.

"When did Janet and Cosmo finally admit that they're in love?" He asked.

"A while ago, Rocky," Columbia sighed. "Why does it take you so long to understand simple stuff?"

"Shut up, sparkles," Rocky groaned. "Anyways, Frank wanted me to tell you that everyone's getting together for…makeovers…"

"Really? I didn't think Frank liked makeup," Nation grinned.

"He probably just wants one of the girls to help hide his bruised ego and black eye," Riff Raff smirked.

"Oh, I'll hide it well," Columbia giggled evilly.

"I'd punch him again," Riff Raff commented.

"I'd cut his-" Nation began.

"Nattie!" Laura cried.

"Sorry," Nation giggled. "Well…when are we going to do the makeover?"

"I don't know," Rocky shrugged. "Whenever Frank decides he's ready to come out of the room."

"Which will be never," Riff Raff joked.

"He seemed pissed but kind of scared right after you left, Riff Raff," Rocky said, crossing his arms over his chest. "I think he's scared of you…at least…of what you can do when you're angry."

"He should be," Riff Raff mumbled.

"I love you," Nation giggled, squeezing Laura's hand. She used her free hand to push some of Laura's blond hair behind her ear.

"Either you two are making out or you're completely in your own world, doing who knows what to each other," Columbia snickered.

"Probably doing lesbian things," Magenta giggled, stepping away from Riff Raff.

"What the fuck?" Riff Raff frowned, gently setting his hand on Magenta's shoulder. "I liked your warmth."

"Freakazoid!" Magenta teased, sticking out her tongue playfully.

"How can you two act as if nothing ever happened?" Columbia asked. "I know Frank and I wouldn't be able to do that."

"True love," Nation answered.

"Whatever…I'm bored," Columbia shrugged.

Janet walked into the room, staring at the floor. Everyone stared at her. "What?" She mumbled.

"You kissed my brother, Janet," Nation said.




"Meh…I don't care," Nation laughed.

"Oh…well…he went to go get Frank," Janet sighed.

"What happened?" Columbia asked. "You seem sad."

"Nothing happened," Janet sighed. "It's none of your business."

"Ow," Magenta giggled. She playfully shoved Riff Raff.

"What?" Riff Raff asked.

"You know what," Magenta smiled.

"You two are just plain stupid," Janet grumbled.

"Frank!" Cosmo shouted, hurrying into the room. Frank was standing in front of Sonny, examining him. It took about ten minutes before he acknowledged Cosmo with even the slightest glance.

"Cosmo…does Sonny look like he got beat up?" Frank asked, spinning Sonny around to face Cosmo.

"Why are you even asking that?" Cosmo asked with a heavy sigh. Frank opened his mouth to answer, but Cosmo cut him off. "Nevermind. Come on."

"I beat the shit out of Frank!" Sonny laughed.

Cosmo grabbed Frank's wrist and started to lead him towards the door until he noticed Brad was missing. "Where's Brad?" He asked. "Please don't tell me you locked him in the bathroom again…"

"I locked him in the closet and now he's crying like a little baby," Frank smirked.

"Really, Frank? Really?!" Cosmo shouted. "Go to the girls' room now."

"Is…Riff Raff in there?" Frank asked, voice dropping in volume drastically.

"Go!" Cosmo shouted. "He's not going to beat you up again."

"Hey! He never beat me up! It was Sonny!" Frank screamed. "Everyone saw Sonny do it!"

Cosmo glared at Frank. "No! Everyone saw Riff Raff storm into the room and beat you the fuck up! Now stop trying to fix your over-inflated ego and follow me, you douche!" He screamed.

Frank followed silently, scowling. Sonny was left in the room. He unlocked the closet and let Brad out. Brad ran out of the room, not bothering to thank Sonny or see if anyone else was in the room.

"Um…I guess being locked in the bathroom and closet scared him…?" Sonny mumbled. He left the room, following Brad to the girl's room.

"I love you," Magenta whispered. She was sitting in front of Riff Raff, holding his hand. "I wish we could get married."

"Whoa!" Columbia and Nation shouted at the same time. Magenta turned her head and stared at them, raising one of her eyebrows. "You're really thinking about marriage?!"

"Yes. Do you have a problem?" Magenta spat at them.

Frank walked in silently and sat down away from Riff Raff and Magenta. He noticed Nation glaring at him and scooted away.

"Asshole," Nation mumbled.

"Nattie," Laura whispered.

Cosmo entered the room and sat down next to Janet. Janet started blushing and stared at the carpet.

"Ooooh!" Columbia teased. "Someone's got a crush! Janet's got a crush! Janet's got a- ow!" Columbia glared at Frank, pouting slightly and rubbing the back of her head. "You didn't have to hit me!"

"Shut up," Frank muttered. "I can hit you if I want to."

Brad and Sonny raced into the room. Sonny tackled Brad inches from Riff Raff and Magenta. He started pulling Brad's hair and trying to bite his shoulder.

"Don't ever call me a stupid kid again, Brad Majors!" he screamed before biting Brad again.

"Agh! Stop it, Sonny!" Brad cried.

"Frank! Get your brother to stop biting Brad!" Columbia shouted.

"He's not my brother, Columbia!" Frank shouted back at her.

"Can we just start whatever you have planned next?" Nation asked. "Oh yeah…the makeover…shit…"

Frank managed to pry Sonny and Brad apart.

"Where's Rocky and Eddie?" Columbia asked.

"Wasn't Rocky in here?" Janet asked.

"No," Cosmo said. Janet started blushing again. "But nobody really cares about either of them. Let's just do the makeovers and get this stupid night over with."

"Draw names to see who gives who a makeover?" Frank asked.

"Anyone have a hat?" Magenta asked. "I can't think of any other way to avoid cheating."

"There should be a hat in Frank's room," Columbia said, standing up and hurrying out of the room. Frank glanced at Riff Raff nervously.

"Should I freak him out?" Riff Raff asked Magenta softly. Magenta shook her head. Columbia walked back into the room, carrying a couple of hats and some paper.

"Okay," she began, ripping off pieces of paper. She started handing out the pieces. "Everyone write down their name on their piece of paper. And then fold them in half and put them in the hat."

"Um…we need pens or something," Nation said with a frown. Columbia rolled her eyes and handed Nation a pen. "Where did you get this?"

"I was carrying it with the paper, Nation."

Soon, the hat was full.

"Okay, Frank draws first," Columbia said. "Whoever you draw, you have to give them a makeover. They can't look until you're finished and they can't refuse."

Frank snatched the hat from Columbia and quickly pulled out a piece of paper. He unfolded it and groaned. "Nation."

Nation rolled her eyes and took the hat from him. She drew a piece of paper and read the name out loud. "Hey, I got Riff Raff."

"Lucky!" Magenta shouted.

Laura handed her piece of paper to Nation.

"Laura drew Columbia," Nation said. "Here, Columbia," she said, handing Columbia the hat.

"Frank," Columbia said, with a genuine smile. She handed the hat to Cosmo.

"Um…Janet…" Cosmo whispered. Janet squeaked. She drew her name.

"Cosmo…what are the odds?"

"Give me the hat, Janet," Magenta growled, snatching the hat from Janet. She took a few minutes to pick a name, but she eventually did. "Magenta. Um…what?"

"Laura," Riff Raff said.

"Brad," Sonny growled.


"What are the odds that you two have to give each other makeovers?" Columbia asked. "Wait…Magenta…did you draw your own name?"

"Yeah…I guess I'm just gonna not do it." Magenta shrugged.

"Okay…um…we'll start with Frank, Nation, and Laura. They have to give their makeovers," Columbia sighed.

"Nation has to get a makeover," Riff Raff said. "That would make Cosmo next in line, since Columbia has to get one too."

"Oh…that's true," Frank said, grinning at Nation. "Looks like someone's gonna be a clown."

"Oh my god, can I please trade have Magenta give me a makeover? Please!?" Nation shouted. "I hate Frank!"

"No. That's the rules, I'm sorry. Let's go," Columbia sighed. She stood up. "Nation, Frank, Laura, Janet, Cosmo, follow me." She walked out of the room, followed by the others.

"I guess we should just chat while they're gone…" Sonny said. He looked at Magenta and Riff Raff, who were busy making out. "Um…well then, Brad…I guess we can resume our fighting." He and Brad began fighting again.

An hour passed before anyone walked back into the room. Nation was the first one, who started screaming at Frank.

"How dare you make me look like a fucking clown, Frank?!"

"Columbia made me look like a clown too, so don't complain!" Frank shouted back at her.

"Laura's really good at putting on makeup," Columbia said. "Frank, get your ass out of the doorway!"

"Not until you apologize!"

Frank shrieked and fell down. Columbia, Janet, Cosmo, and Laura climbed over him.

"Jerk," Janet mumbled.

Frank jumped back up. "All I need is a big colorful wig and I'll be a clown!"

"Um…Sonny…why is Brad's nose bleeding?" Columbia asked, noticing Brad. "And why are his glasses broken?"

"We got into a fight. Long story. Don't wanna talk about it," Sonny shrugged. "All I know is that Magenta and Riff Raff are incredibly good at making out because I haven't seen them stop for air once."

"You were probably too busy fighting to notice them," Cosmo grumbled.

"Magenta! Riff Raff!" Nation shouted. Magenta and Riff Raff separated. "It's time for the others to go do their makeup or whatever."

"It's almost morning," Laura whispered.

"And the only one who's fallen asleep was Magenta!" Frank laughed.

"Shut up, Frank," Magenta mumbled, standing up.

"Anyways…Nation, Riff Raff, Laura, Brad, Sonny, and Magenta, go out into the hall, turn left, and go into the first room," Columbia said. "I can't leave because Frank will get lonely."

"Okay," Magenta said.

The sun was almost completely up before they came back. All but Magenta and Riff Raff walked into the room and sat back down, not commenting on their makeovers.

"Where are Magenta and Riff Raff?" Frank asked.

"Magenta fell asleep while sitting on Riff Raff's lap. It was actually really adorable. But Riff Raff said he was going to be a little slower getting back because he has to carry her," Nation said. "I think it was romantic. Now I see why she stays with him when she could easily find someone else."

"He's always been there for her," Columbia said. Just as she finished speaking, Riff Raff slowly walked into the room, carrying Magenta in his arms.

"Aw!" Sonny squealed. "That's so adorable!"

"Well…I'm guessing the party is almost over now that the sun in the sky," Riff Raff said, leaning against the wall. "Shall we be going home soon?"

"You'd like that, right, Riff Raff?" Nation teased. "Get to be alone with Magenta."

"Shut up."

Columbia looked at Frank. "Well…I guess it's about time for everyone to start heading home…"

"I've had a lot of fun, Columbia. Thanks. I'm sure Magenta would be saying the same thing," Riff Raff smiled at Columbia. "I'm gonna get her home, okay?"

"Okay, bye, Riff Raff!"

Everyone started getting ready to leave after Riff Raff left. They all quickly left the room, leaving Columbia and Frank alone.

"Wait…where's Eddie and Rocky?" Frank asked.

"They probably went home…let's just get everyone home," Columbia said. "I'm really tired."

"Rocky…where the hell are we?" Eddie asked. "We've been going up and down stairs for hours now!"

"Eddie, shut up! I'll find our way out!" Rocky shouted.

"That's what you said hours ago, Rocky! I told you we should have just asked Columbia to escort us out!"

"Shut up, Eddie!"

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