Magina stared in horror as the villagers stepped threateningly towards her.

"Burn the witch!" "Turn her out into the sea!"

"No, not the sea!" "She'll call her demon-monsters to save her!"

"Burn her!" "Burn her!"

"No! No! I'm not a witch! Please, stop!" Magina cried, tears streaming unchecked down her face.

She backed up until she was against her father's door. She was trapped! No one could save her now. With her father and his crew dead and no one else alive-she was the only one left for the villagers to blame.

The head fisherman, Caran-san, stepped through the throng of angry people.

"There is no way for us to tell if she is a witch," he said, turning to the crowd. There were grumbles of dissatisfaction. They wanted blood; her blood. Caran-san raised his hand for silence. Eventually they quieted down.

"However, as the possibility that she is a witch exists, we have to hear it from her own mouth. Take her prisoner!"

Magina's eyes grew round in fear. No, no, no! Father! she thought to herself as they surrounded her. She desperately tried to fight back but numbers alone overwhelmed her. She was dragged through the city and thrown roughly into the village jail. She huddled in a corner, trying to warm the inner chill that made her shiver. A guard was sent to watch her. He smirked at her.

"Poor little Magina," he said, not sounding sympathetic at all.

"Have you ever seen a witch hunt, little Magina? Oh, you will enjoy it." And he laughed.

Magina sat there, controlling her fear, her rage and her helplessness. She couldn't let them break her. She clenched a hand. If only she had managed to escape before the villagers started searching for a scapegoat; she even had a secret cave in the tall cliff sides that practically surrounded her island. At least she wouldn't be sitting in a cell, waiting for her own execution. Around mid-day, the mayor of the village and two of his 'enforcers' came into the cell to see her. She eyed them warily. She never understood why Hasan needed enforcers in the first place. The island was peaceful and those enforcers only seemed to harass the other villagers.

"Now, Magina; if you would only confess that you brought the sea monster to destroy the ship, then it will go much easier on you," Hasan cajoled.

Magina heard the hidden malice in his cold voice. She closed her eyes tightly for a second before launching herself at the mayor. She managed to scratch his cheek. The scratches were deep and bled a great deal. The other two struck her viciously. She was beaten down and it was just as she was losing consciousness that she was dimly aware of someone stopping the torture.

They left her alone then. They didn't leave her food or water. Her stomach growled. She hadn't eaten since escaping her father's ship more than two weeks ago. Magina glanced cautiously upwards. There was no guard there. What luck! She tried to stand but for now, she was still too weak. So, she crawled out. By some miracle, she made it to her secret hiding place. She slept fitfully but no one would find her here.

. . .

Magina woke up slowly, every muscle and fiber of her being complained about the abuse. She heard the ocean breaking against the cliffs. It gave her a fleeting sense of tranquility. She could be safe there, at sea. Her sense of peace quickly fled as she heard the villagers yelling. They must be searching for her. Magina only waited until she heard a group of them pass by before leaving her secret place. She had to get to the sea.

She tested her strength. She was very weak. Lack of food took it's toll and the beating hadn't helped. But she felt that she could run, if only for a short while. However, her escape was only partially successful, for not long after she got up was she discovered. Angry shouts followed her as she raced to the ocean. Magina was nearly there when a spear hurtled toward her unprotected back. She turned at the sound. The spear only glanced off her side instead but it was deep. She fell, the strength leaving her with her blood.

The villagers came upon her and found her wound. The spear hit. They knew she was weak, the wound would finish her. Their revenge, they thought, was complete. They left her to die alone, friendless.

Magina only waited until they had gone before she started to crawl onwards. She would make it to the sea before she died; she had to make it to the sea. She was weakening quickly. It was mid-morning now. Where was the sea? She thought she was close...One hand clutched at something that wasn't rock. Barely conscious, Magina didn't care what it was; it was in her way. She reached up and grabbed something skinny, but she was beyond noticing by then. She collapsed; the lack of nourishment and the beating finally catching up with her.

" sea...must...sea..." she mumbled as blackness surrounded her vision and she was lost.

. . .

Zoro, Luffy and Sanji stepped off the Going Merry to see this new island. They didn't really need to stop here. They had enough supplies (that is, if Luffy didn't eat it all,) to last them to another island. Luffy stopped to take a look around, admiring the view. Suddenly, he yelled and tried to get away but he couldn't move except for stretching.

"Oi, Luffy. Why the noise?" Sanji asked.

"Th-there's a hand!" Luffy exclaimed, pointing at his leg. Both Zoro and Sanji looked at the bloody and dirty hand that was gripping Luffy's leg. Try as he might to shake it off, it refused to let go.

"Oi, let go! This is my leg! Hey! Hey!"

"Luffy, stop it. There's a person attached to that hand," Zoro said in exasperation.

Luffy stopped, his leg in midair and not long after they all heard the mumbling.

" sea...must...sea..." It faded abruptly, cut off.

Luffy gently detached the hand on his leg, found the arm and eventually found the rest of the body.

"Oi, Sanji, Zoro, look at this," Luffy said, playing with the lax arm.

Sanji came and turned the body over.

"It's a girl!" he stated in surprise.

"She's badly wounded," Zoro commented, touching the side wound. The girl cringed at the light touch but didn't move otherwise.

"She hasn't eaten for a long time either," Sanji said noticing the ribs sticking out from underneath the skin.

"Bring her on board," Luffy said while heading back to the Going Merry. Zoro and Sanji carried her onto the ship and put her on a bed. Despite himself, Zoro was curious as to how a girl got beaten up so badly. He settled himself down on the floor for a nap. It'd all be solved when she woke up.

Foxblade13 here. Yes, the first chapter is ambiguous on purpose. I don't want to explain too much but this island was never really a part of the One Piece storyline. I needed a place where Magina could start from and that she could meet the crew which meant that I had to make it up. Disclaimer: I do not own any of the One Piece characters and I did not intend to write this for any reward other than the sheer joy of writing it. Read and Review if you wish too and I will reply (as long as I figure out how to.) This is my first time on a site like this so I'll be working out the kinks as I go, lol. I hope to have a chapter out every week. I might update more if I can get the chapters edited quickly. I hope you'll enjoy this and subsequent chapters to come! Thanks for reading!