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Zoro debated telling Magina his real name. He wanted to hear her say it but not when she didn't remember him. When she called him "Mr. Bushido", he almost corrected her. Zoro growled loudly in his throat. Battling Sudo over again would be easier than waiting for her to remember him.

"How is your shoulder, Zoro?" Chopper asked, looking at him.

"It will heal. I said it before, Chopper. Stop worrying about me and concentrate on her."

"She still doesn't remember you?" Chopper asked, mixing some medicine.

"Magina is so close to remembering. She doesn't recognize me and doesn't know my name but she's remembering things about me. A swordsman has to learn patience when fighting an opponent. I'll be patient."

"Oi, Zoro, Chopper. Come here," Usopp called softly from the door.

Chopper and Zoro looked at each other before following Usopp into the hallway.

"This is my 756th brainstorm to help Magina remember our good nakama, Zoro-kun. Luffy liked it too and wants to try it."

"Try what?" Zoro asked suspiciously.

"We'll put on a play of main points that happened between Zoro and Magina so far."

"WHAT?" they both shouted. Zoro was slack-jawed with shock while Chopper sparkled with excitement.

"I call it: Usopp-sama's Play of Magina and Zoro in 6 acts with a final 7th act that glorifies my greatness!"

"What part will I be playing?" Chopper asked with stars in his eyes.

"Oh, you have a very important part indeed, Chopper. You will play our most illustrious captain," Usopp gleamed.

"I get to play Luffy?" Chopper repeated, awestruck.

"Oi, Zoro, you play Sanji," Usopp said offhandedly.

"I'm playing that damn Love Cook?" Zoro growled, his eyes slanting dangerously.

"It was L-L-L-Luffy's idea!" Usopp stuttered, his legs shaking.

"Where is he? I'm going to slice him until he's within an inch of his life. You'd better take me to him, Usopp, or you're next!"

"O-oi! Calm down! You can talk to Luffy but he really thinks that this will help Magina remember. I do too! We all want to help. Magina and Zoro are nakama and we can't sail until she's back to normal."

Zoro sighed in disgust, "Well, whatever, but why can't I just be myself?"

"Luffy wanted to play you," Usopp shrugged.

"Tch." Zoro was angry for a second. "Fine, since we're trying to help Magina, I'll go along with it but if this doesn't work, I am personally cutting your head off and Luffy's too," he growled.

"Hah, hah, well there is no reason why it should fail since it's being written and directed by your own amazing playwright who has studied the art of productions for 50 years…Usopp-sama!"

"50 years! Amazing!" Chopper cried.

"Yes, and there is set building and costumes! We must find them all!"

"Find them all!" Chopper repeated, dancing with Usopp.

Zoro shook his head and didn't say anything. Well, maybe it could be fun. He was worrying too much about Magina anyway. He could always make fun of Sanji too. Zoro grinned at the thought.

. . . Two days later . . .

Magina fidgeted with boredom. Gash visited her a little each day but the Straw Hats were strangely absent. Magina knew that she should trust her nakama however something was wrong. Chopper came to check on her but he wouldn't answer any of her questions. Sanji stopped bringing her meals. The oddest thing was that Luffy never visited her. Not once.

Magina was worried. Were they angry at her because she couldn't remember him? His face, his name was on the tip of her tongue. They wouldn't avoid her because she forgot him. Would they?

"What are they doing?" Magina asked Kigen on the second day. He was nearly recovered.

"You'll find out soon, Magina. Come, I believe that they're ready," Kigen smiled at his apprehensive granddaughter.

He led her into an auditorium. The first thing that Magina noticed; the obnoxious curtain clashed with the room. It was fashioned out of several different blankets, poles and ropes. It was definitely something a child would put together or Luffy. Kigen took her to a chair and told her to wait. What was going on? Was this the reason why she hadn't seen her nakama lately? Usopp came out and walked to her seat.

"The audience is here. Good. I am Usopp-sama, the director and stage manager. I hope that you will enjoy this production. Here is a program for your convenience. Thank you." Then, he bowed and left.

A play? They were putting on a play? Magina was amused. This should be entertaining. Magina glanced at the program while waiting for the play to start.

Usopp-sama's Play of Magina and Zoro in 6 Acts



Nami…..Nico Robin

Luffy…..Tony Tony Chopper

Zoro…Monkey D. Luffy

Sanji…Roronoa Zoro


Robin…king's actress


Vivi…..Nico Robin



Gash…as himself


Sudo…king's bodyguard

Special Effects…Nico Robin

Director/Stage Manager…..Usopp

ACT I: Magina's island

ACT II: Entering Grand Line

ACT III: Drum Island

ACT IV: Davy Back Fight


ACT VI: Song Island

ACT VII: Usopp-sama is the Best!

Lights came on and the curtain was pulled back.

Magina ran onstage. A paper spear hurtled towards her. The paper spear hung in the air too long, so she had to run to catch it so that it appeared to hit her. At last, it hit and she fell. Moments later, a plank lowered and three people stepped off.

"Oh, what a beautiful day," Luffy started out, woodenly and quietly.

"Hey, Chopper. You've got to be louder, more excited," Zoro pouted.

"OH, WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY. I WONDER WHAT WE'LL FIND ON THIS ISLAND?" Luffy screamed while strolling over towards Magina. Magina grabbed Luffy's leg.

In the audience, Magina fought back a giggle.

"Oi! Hey! Let go! This is my leg!" Luffy yelled.

"Oi, Luffy, why the noise? I'm a crappy Love-Cook and I need my concentration!" Sanji asked.

"There's a hand!" Luffy exclaimed.

"Sea…I must get to the sea…"Magina muttered.

"Oi, Zoro, Sanji, look at this," Luffy said as he lifted Magina's arm and started playing with it. Sanji turned Magina over.

"It's a girl! I must take her on board at once and ravage her with my monkey lips!" he said in surprise.

"She's badly wounded," Zoro said, leaning over and poking Magina in the ribs. Magina started shaking and tried to get away from Zoro without moving. Zoro kept poking her in the ribs until she had to cover her mouth to keep from laughing.

"She hasn't eaten in a while either. I must cook her my 6-course Menu of Love!" Sanji exclaimed.

Sanji and Zoro turned to Luffy but he didn't say anything for a long time.

"Bring her onboard!" someone whispered loudly from offstage.

"Oh, right…Bring her onboard…Sanji, Zoro," Luffy said as he walked back onto the 'Going Merry'.

The curtain dropped and Magina could hear sets being moved around. She wondered who cast the roles. It was probably Luffy and the thought made Magina grin. Only he could come up with a cast list so insane. The curtain was raised again and she recognized the deck and rooms on the Going Merry.

Magina lay on one of the beds. She tried sitting up but fell back on the bed groaning. The door opened and in stepped Zoro. "So, you're awake," he said in a low voice, folding his arms across his chest.

Nobody moved as Magina continued to stare at Zoro and Zoro stared back.

"Oi! Zoro, how is she?" Luffy asked as he barged in.

Magina sat straight up in her chair. Zoro? That name, and that outfit…the whole thing, as ridiculous as the play was, stirred up memories she thought she had forgotten.

Luffy, Zoro and Nami took care of Magina.

Since she had been asleep and delirious during this part, Magina paid close attention. Certain things began to fall back into place in her head, like how Hasan was defeated. Without her memory of that one man, there was no clear solution. Magina had to admit that the special effects for that particular scene were amazing.

The crew defeated Hasan, with Kigen making a special cameo appearance as Caran-san. They entered the Grand Line and Sanji played the part of Usopp. Magina did laugh when she saw that. Then, there was another scene change and she was back on Drum Island. Magina was starting to remember things faster now. Drum Island was another place she felt that her memory was incomplete and soon she understood why.

Zoro and Magina were the only two aboard the Going Merry for a while. Zoro almost knocked Magina off the ship but he managed to swing them back to safety. Once they left the ship, a mountain of snow came crashing down on to the stage, burying Magina and Zoro. Magina started digging Zoro out, not noticing how it was creating several long gashes up and down her arms. Zoro broke free just as Magina dropped, too exhausted to move.

"Oi! Magina. Come on, wake up!" Zoro said, slapping her face gently.

"Okay, Magina. We're going to make it to town. Just hold on a little longer," Zoro said when Magina didn't respond. He picked her up and carried her on his back.

The real Magina looked on in awe. She was either freezing to near death or unconscious so she didn't know that this was what happened. It wasn't until after the Drum Island Act that Magina truly remembered Zoro. Once she watched the fight, everything came rushing back. The tears welled up and spilled over.

"Thank you, everyone," she whispered as she waited for the end.

. . .

Zoro growled faintly underneath his breath. This play was a disaster. It was true that everyone on the crew worked really hard but there was always something. Even with three ordinary sticks; Luffy almost destroyed the set once or twice. Chopper kept forgetting his lines or saying them wrong so Luffy and Usopp were coaching him during the scenes. Sanji was pouting about having the role of Usopp and he refused to take out his cigarette. His fake nose kept catching on fire and causing a commotion. Nami did a good job at playing Magina except she flirted too much. Robin was busy keeping order and pretending to stretch for Chopper so that it looked like he was really Luffy.

Zoro smirked just a little. Love Cook was also sulking because he was being made fun of. If anything, that was what Zoro enjoyed the most. The lights were so damn hot and they made him sleepy. He felt naked without his katana and fighting with his feet was so troublesome. Zoro hoped this would jog Magina's memory of him. He had no desire of trying another foolish idea like this one.

At least they were near the end. It was during the last battle scene right now. Luffy swung his 'katana' wildly at 'Sudo'. The bodyguard spent most of his time avoiding the sticks rather than trying to fight Luffy. Zoro didn't blame the man. Luffy prepared to strike the final blow. Zoro groaned when he realized that Luffy diverged from the original script. Instead of just hitting Sudo with a single strike, he attempted to spin like a tornado. Usopp wrote the fight scene very simple because Luffy had a tendency to destroy everything in his path. Luffy argued since he insisted that it needed to 'look cool'. Usopp desperately tried to get Luffy's attention and stop him but it was too late. He overshot the actor and started flying in the air.


"Luffy! Don't grab the…"


The curtain poles snapped in half. Luffy was trapped in the mismatched blankets. He struggled to get himself out but that only tangled him more. He pulled and clawed his way out while his crew rushed over to lend Luffy a hand. Zoro ripped some of the fabric away when he heard the set creak alarmingly. He glanced up and growled. The wooden set tilted and swayed, finally collapsing with a resounding Crash!The Straw Hats were buried underneath the ruins of the sets and stage. Zoro climbed out of the large pile of broken wood. He was surprised that the stage lasted as long as it did. He brushed the dust and debris off his costume when Magina ran up to him. He frowned. She shouldn't be running yet.

"Are you alright?" she asked anxiously.

"I'm fine, though I can't wait to get out of this ridiculous outfit and this wig. It's itchy," Zoro said, trying to ease her concern.

Magina sighed in exasperation. "Look, Zoro. I know you're a tough guy but your head is bleeding. You should let Chopper…"

Zoro's face froze in utter shock. He waited almost a week to hear her say his name.

"Stop, say it again," he ordered. He needed to hear it once more, just to reassure himself.

"What? Okay, I know you're a tough guy…" Magina tried again before Zoro cut her off a second time.

"No, not that. Say my name again," Zoro said shaking his head.

He would not budge on this, he had to hear her say his name. Magina looked up at him with tears in her eyes.

She smiled at him and obligingly whispered, "Zoro."

Zoro smiled in relief. It faded a little when she began to fall. He picked her up and carried her back to the chair.

"You shouldn't do such stupid things. You're still recovering. Don't over do it," Zoro said sternly.

"You get to lecture me but I'm not allowed to do the same? Go get Chopper to look at your head! There are definitely some screws loose!" Magina argued back.

She hadn't stopped crying yet, but Zoro knew that she was happy. He could hear her laughter bubbling up from within her.

"Oi, marimo! First, you do a real shitty impression of me and then you make Magina-san cry! That's unforgivable!" Sanji shouted from the wreckage.

"I'm not crying, really. I'm very happy. My nakama came up with this just to help me remember…it's amazing. Thank you everyone!" Magina said, trying to wipe the tears from her eyes.

Luffy grinned, "It was fun, but I'm hungry!" he rubbed his stomach.

. . .

Magina slumped wearily against the chair. She felt completely drained- emotionally, physically. She groaned when her stomach growled at the mention of food. Would there ever come a time when she wasn't hungry?

"I'm hungry too," Magina said in explanation to the look Zoro gave her. He grinned and her heart skipped a beat. He suddenly flung her over his uninjured shoulder.

"Oi! Shitty marimo! What are you doing to Magina-san?" Sanji said, ripping off the fake nose and the curly wig. Zoro just grunted like what he did was perfectly normal.

"You have a problem, you crappy Love Cook? I'm a pirate. This is what pirates do. Do you need me to explain it to you?"

"It's true," Luffy said, scratching his head thoughtfully.

"Don't agree with him! Baka!" Sanji yelled, kicking Luffy in the head.

Magina giggled.

"Oh, Sanji-kun?" Nami asked sweetly, giving Magina a secret wink.

"Aye, Nami-swan?" Sanji turned suddenly with hearts in his eyes.

"Robin and I are hungry too. Can you cook us something?" Nami asked with a sly smile.

"Cook me some meat, Sanji!" Luffy shouted grinning.

"Aye! Nami-swan and Robin-chwan!" Sanji replied. Turning to Luffy, he said, "You get nothing!"

"Why not?" Luffy pouted.

"Because you agreed with that shitty broccoli head marimo about taking Magina-san," Sanji replied.

"But Sanji, it's true. Pirates are supposed to take what they want. They also have to sing and like to eat meat. I want to eat meat," Luffy said, a thin trail of drool dripping from his mouth.

"Sanji, please don't stop feeding them," Magina said, smothering her laughter. "I'm happy and you can be the first in line to kick Zoro's ass if he makes me unhappy."

"Hey, treasure should be quiet when being carried off," Zoro growled at her.

"It would be my pleasure, Magina-san. Let me know the instant the opportunity arrives," Sanji replied, rubbing his hands in anticipation.

"Oi! Chopper, Usopp! We're getting food, c'mon!" Luffy shouted back at the wrecked stage.

"AYE!" they called and hurried after them.

"You hear that, shitty marimo? You make Magina-san even the slightest bit unhappy and I'll kick your ass!" Sanji pulled out another cigarette and lit it.

"You just try it, Love Cook. Besides, she won't be unhappy with me. If it was you and your monkey lips on the other hand…" Zoro trailed off.

"What the hell are you implying?" Sanji said angrily.

Zoro laughed and Magina covered her mouth. Poor Sanji. If she laughed now, he'd be heartbroken. Luffy dragged Sanji away, begging for meat. Sanji conceded and let himself be pulled along with the rest of the crew. Zoro was left in one of the hallways with Magina still slung across his shoulder.

"Zoro, let me down," Magina giggled.

A moment later she was set gently on her feet.

"Don't ever forget me again," Zoro said sternly.

"Never again," she murmured before kissing him fiercely.

Zoro held her tighter and kissed her back hungrily. Magina sighed in contentment. Their kiss ended when both of their stomachs growled. Laughing, they went to find the kitchen and the rest of their nakama.

. .

Kigen and Gash watched the Straw Hat crew head off to fix themselves some food. Now that Magina's memory returned, the pirate crew would probably leave tomorrow.

"You didn't tell them about becoming King?" Kigen asked, looking at the man who used to be one of his song soldiers.

Gash shook his head. "They were too worried about Magina to really care about anything else. I didn't tell them about the Guardian either."

"Hmm, yes. Explaining that to my granddaughter might prove interesting. The Guardian disappeared, correct?" Kigen asked.

"Yes. Sudo was the one who made the Guardian stay to 'protect' the island from human influence. Though after spending some time with that pirate crew, I believe that being influenced by humans wouldn't be such a bad thing. Magina certainly turned out alright," Gash answered.

"Yes, she did," Kigen smiled proudly.

Kigen and Gash went to join the pirates for one last meal. Laughter echoed in the hallway as they entered the kitchen.

"Oi, Usopp. Build a separate room for us," Zoro demanded suddenly.

"Where am I going to put another room on Merry? Besides, I'm not a shipwright. I can't do anything about it," Usopp replied with a shrug.

"Come on, Usopp. You're a master at repairing Merry. An extra bedroom isn't much different," Zoro coaxed.

"Usopp," Sanji growled, "If you even think about building them a separate room, I'll cook you mushrooms for every meal."

Usopp shuddered at the mention of mushrooms. Nami and Robin giggled.

"I don't know why you're so upset, Sanji. They're probably only going to train anyway," Luffy said perplexed.

Robin and Nami laughed harder. Sanji was about to kick his captain's head in when Robin turned to Nami with a conspiratorial wink.

"I'm not sure what we'd do without you in the room, Miss Siren. Who could we find that would listen to us at the end of the day?" Robin asked, keeping an eye on Sanji's reaction.

"Magina-san…moving out means…there's an extra hammock in the ladies' room," Sanji muttered thoughtfully for just a moment. "That means…Nami-swan! Robin-chwan! Don't despair! I'll keep you company at night instead of Magina-san!" he rushed over with his arms outstretched.

"Down, Sanji-kun. I guess that means that you're okay with Zoro and Magina having their own room after all," Nami grinned at Magina.

"So, Usopp; here's what I was thinking…"Zoro said, bringing out a piece of paper.

Sanji's face flushed in anger again. He stalked over to Zoro's table and started picking a fight with him. Magina laughed. Everything was finally back to normal.

The End.

That's it. I can't believe we reached the end. I hope you enjoyed this chapter. It's one of my favorites. The play idea was just too good to pass up. Lol. Since this is the end, I get to express my grateful feelings to everyone who has followed me from the beginning until now. Thank you very much. Thank you to all of the new readers too! I also want to thank anyone who reviewed and added this story to their favorites. Also I want to thank my sisters for their help with editing this chapter. Review again or for the first time if you wish, I love reading them. I don't want to get anyone's hopes up yet but there is a rough plan in the works for a sequel of this story. I can't promise anything but I've been working on it ever since I've had the idea. Hopefully, this means that you'll see me again sometime soon. If not soon, then I wish everyone good luck with their own writing endeavors. Later!