Disc.: Not mine.

She likes the way his mouth slants over hers, the first time they kiss.

It's quick, and he pecks her on the corner of her mouth right after –like punctuation. The whole thing is rather like an exclamation point. Quick, excited, a slash-and-dot right across the monotony of the day.

It feels like the beginning of something, and the ending of something else.

She has never thought about Neville like this before. Hasn't thought of anyone this way, really. But he blushes, and stutters her name, one end of his mouth curling up in a smile around the end of it, like a question mark.

Exclamation points and question marks.

She's never met anyone else who moves in punctuation marks. She'd like to learn.

She takes his hand. He blushes again. She rather likes that too.

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