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Lena stood on the far end of the dock, staring up in awe at the boat-no, the ship before her. The sun shined off the top deck's white exterior which contrasted sharply off the fire engine red of the lower decks, the ship's name, the Magus, was printed boldly on the topmost deck, and to the blonde's six year old mind, it was the most marvelous thing she had ever seen, even better than Disney World.

Behind the young girl, her father, Russ, stood, several cases filled with camera gear stacked next to him as he too took in the sight of this ship which would act as their home for who knew how long. He looked calculatedly at the Magus, observing, just as his daughter was, the fresh paint and new look the ship was sporting. Needless to say, it didn't look too bad of a place to work and live.

"What do you say, Peaches?" Russ asked, nudging the blonde with his elbow. "Should we board or head back home?" Lena threw him the most exasperated look a six year old could make, her long braids swinging around her shoulders.

"Daddy," she began, as though she were the adult, "this is home now." She bit her lip looking back at the Magus. "Doesn't it just look like home?" Russ chuckled softly, wrapping an arm around her shoulders and pulling the girl close to him, who in return, slung one of her thin arms around his waist, hanging onto the hem of his shirt.

"Yes, Peaches, it most certainly does," he conceded, tugging lightly on her hair. "So, let's go aboard!" Lena's face almost broke in half; her smile was so large, despite the fact that she was missing a tooth in the very front. She eagerly grabbed her duffle and a box of sound equipment, but only after several minutes of assuring her Daddy that she was in fact strong enough to do so. Russ simply rolled his eyes but allowed her to carry the case nonetheless. His little girl wasn't one to be refused, especially when she was determined, and that's exactly what she was. Determined.

The family of two made their way to the end of the pier where the Magus was docked, the crew busily loading the ship with supplies: food, ropes, charts, and numerous other materials. On the lowest deck stood three stationary people who seemed to be watching over the loading of the ship, the three immersed in a conversation, gesturing first at the supplies before back towards the gleaming walls of the Magus. Russ, not wanting to interrupt the trio made of two men, both tall, although the darker haired one was noticeably taller by just a few inches, and the other a woman with curled light auburnish hair.

Russ waited patiently for a minute a so, waiting for a lapse in conversation, but a determined Lena is not a patient Lena at all. Lena brushed her braids off her shoulders before sharply poking her father in the side. She gave him a look that basically stated that if he didn't say anything, she would. He sighed. Lena looked at him expectantly, opening her mouth so as to speak up but he waved her off, turning back to the Magus.

He raised a hand so as to shade his eyes from the blinding sun. "Hello there!" he called, waving his other hand so as to catch the attention of the trio. Lena looked up as the woman leaned over the railing waving back at them.

"Hello!" she greeted them, a wide smile on her freckled face. "What can I do for you?" She straightened slightly, making a shushing noise at the men behind her, who still seemed to be talking, perhaps even disagreeing over something.

"My name's Russ Landry." Russ turned to Lena. "This is my daughter Lena." The six year old in turn smiled her gaptoothed smile at the woman, waving brightly. "I'm looking for Emmet Cole; I'm his new cameraman."

The woman, if possible, smiled even more broadly. "Yes of course! Come aboard!" The woman pushed herself off the railing, grabbing the arm of one of the men behind her, leading him over to the metal ladder on the side of the ship. Russ, after exchanging a few words between one of the other workers on the dock, left the cases filled with his camera gear with the rest of the equipment, before leading Lena over to the ladder.

Russ boosted Lena up to the ladder, allowing her to climb up several rungs before following her up the rest of the short ladder. Lena quickly scrambled to the top, beyond excited to set her feet firmly on her new home, excited to start a new adventure, and excited to help her Daddy do what he loved.

The father and daughter were greeted once their feet were planted on the deck by the curly haired woman and the shorter of the two bickering men, the blonde one, whose hands were intertwined between each other.

"Nice to have you aboard," the man welcomed him, outstretching a calloused and weathered hand, which Russ shook immediately. "I'm Emmet Cole." For the captain of the ship, Emmet was surprisingly human and amicable. Russ had half expected him to be an old man with a long graying beard with a heavy seaman's accent, but instead, Emmet appeared to be about the same age as Russ, give or take a few years, and the only lines on his face were obviously a result of his broad smile.

Russ now turned to the woman at Emmet's side who extended her hand, which was not as tough but just as seasoned, as well. She, like her husband, looked to be about Russ's age with youthful eyes and a slender build. "Tess Cole," she informed him, drawing her hand back so as to clasp Emmet, who was obviously her husband. Russ settled his hands onto Lena's shoulders, pushing her blonde braids off her shirt, allowing them to dangle down her back.

"It really is a pleasure to be here," Russ informed them. "She's an absolute beauty. I know Lena here was beyond excited when I told her she got to come along as well." Lena smiled up at her Daddy before looking back at the couple before the father and daughter.

Tess smiled down at the girl. "Well, we're glad to have to aboard, both of you. At least there will be someone else around to try and keep Lincoln out of trouble." Emmet snorted, muttering something that sounded suspiciously like "Doubt it."

Russ cocked his head. "Lincoln?" he questioned. Tess and Emmet nodded.

"Our son," Emmet informed the two. "He should be around here somewh-" the captain of the ship broke off as the clashing of pots and pans echoed up from the hold, along with angered Spanish. Emmet and Tess shared a look between each other, before saying in unison, "Lincoln," just as a blonde boy, just around Lena's age, came dashing through the windowed room the others were standing next to. The boy turned on his heel, as though to run down the side of the ship that Russ, Lena and the others stood, but stopped at the sight of Emmet and Tess.

He froze, an innocent smile immediately gracing his face. "Hey Mom, Dad!" More pots clashed together below them, but the boy- Lincoln remained in character, never breaking from his innocent façade.

"Lincoln," Tess began, "what did you do?"

"Nothing," Lincoln insisted as the angry Spanish increased from the hold.


The boy's face cracked, and he looked guiltily down at his shoes, toeing the newly waxed deck. "I love you?" he told her, his voice and face hopeful that he would be able to avoid a scolding. Tess narrowed her eyes slightly, before shrugging and shaking her head. She turned to Emmet.

"He certainly is your son," she told him simply. Emmet and Russ snorted, while Tess stood there shaking her head, and Lena looked on curiously.

"Yes," Emmet chuckled, pressing a kiss to Tess's cheek before walking towards Lincoln and wrapping an arm around his neck, pulling him playfully towards the group. "He certainly is." Emmet ruffled Lincoln's hair, causing it to stand on edge. Lincoln glared up at his dad, before smoothing his blonde hair back down.

Emmet brought Lincoln back to the group so that he was standing before Russ and Lena. "Lincoln, this is Russ, our new cameraman, and his daughter Lena. They're going to be staying with us at least for the next few weeks." The boy looked apprehensively at the girl before him, who eyed him back. She looked about his age, but he had never met a girl whose hair was as blonde as hers or as long as they appeared in her braids. She stared at him in a way that made him think she was older than she appeared, and he wondered exactly what her deal was.

Little did Lincoln know, but Lena was doing the same thing. She wanted to know who this boy was exactly. She appeared to be sizing him up, trying to determine who this boy, in the shorts and mussed up shirt, his hair still on edge, was. He didn't exactly look like any of the boys she had gone to school with, but then again, none of the boys she had gone to school with lived on a ship with his parents, going on adventures every day. She supposed he could be a valuable person to know, or maybe even a partner-in-crime?

She held out her hand to the boy. "Lena," she said simply. The boy stared down at it as though shaking hands was a foreign concept to him. Perhaps, Lena thought, it was. Maybe he had never been on shore before! Maybe he had never met another kid… maybe he didn't have any friends. The very moment that thought blossomed in Lena's mind, she was determined to become this kid's friend, no matter what it took.

Lincoln hesitated a moment longer. He had never been friends with a girl before. But maybe, Lincoln thought, taking in Lena's jean shorts and striped shirt, being friends with her wouldn't be that bad. He took her hand in his, like he had seen his dad do time after time with each new member of the Magus's crew.


The two smiled shyly at each other, their new found friend.

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