Title: who is the heroes

Theme: adventure, fantasy

Adaption from: chronicles

Who the heroes

Dave matt's son is my school friend. We eat together we go to school together and play together And almost single day we always together. And then 7 years letter when I'm back to America from Indonesia my home country. I saw dave been bully by the ''8-BALL'' gang street. I want to help him but my body it's too small to fight. And I go out from my car and I scream "don't hurt him'' they look back and they kick me and I don't see anything. And dave ran to the police and saw my bodies. After that day dave always go to the hospital and look at me every day.

09:00pm I heard the big noise come from the 1th floor. The sound it's like an alien but there's nothing in 1th floor. I look behind and I saw a big hole. The sound came from there. "dave look at that?''. Dave seems like he want to jump to the hole . And he doing it. I ran and jump to. I look for dave. And he scared me with he's scary face. He laugh at me and I think he just joking. When we go deep to the tunnel we saw a really big mysterious thing. I touch the "thing" and the "thing" turns color from blue to red. I faint and feel like die.

10:00am after the accident I don't know what happened to me. And I start go to school after get better from the hospital. When I and dave go to home after school. There is the truck want to hit the girl. I don't know what to do. So I push the girl and I get hit. But I don't feel anything. And the truck is broken by my body. It really strange. The girl came to me and say thank for save her live. Dave ran to me and say "wow it was cool, how you do that" in my though I just don't know about it but in my hand it feel like a power. So after that day we found the new friend named grace. She was at the same school but different class. She is younger than me. We like brother and sister. Always together and never leave each other and this was the strange day I ever had.

05:00pm we walk from school and go to home. When dave see the "8-BALL" gang. He just sit and watch when they kick him. Dave doesn't feel anything and he pushing drake the gang leader. All the gang member fly and never come back. Grace she just look at dave and grace say "wow are you can do this" she pointed at the gang member and they all get shock. I was shock. Not shock with electricity but shock what she do to gang member. "so we all got a power and why we don't fight a crime with this. They all agree and we start a new day with fighting crime

But how grace have an electricity. And why this world become strange. And then the fight begin

created by: cole mc grath