A/N: Written for Goldenlake's Love Letters event! Just a silly exchange of notes between Jon and Thayet. I wonder what he wants forgiveness for... Please review!

Words: 379
Characters: Thayet, Jon
Time: Sometime post-SotL
Genre: Romance, Comedy

Disclaimer: Everything you recognize belongs to Tamora Pierce, not me.

Dear Thayet,

I am sorry. I am a useless nincompoop, and you are beautiful and right and wonderful and magnificent. Please forgive my horrendous failings.

With love,



Keep trying.


Dearest Thayet,

What more do you want me to say? Must I insult myself more, or compliment you further, before you will forgive me? I am the worst of men, the lowest creature to walk the earth. You, however, are moonlight and stars given shape, glory lives in your heart, the light of love and everything that is good illuminates all that you set your eyes upon. Please, I beg of you, Queen of Grace, turn that dazzling gaze once more toward me, that I may bask in your warmth.

Most sincerely yours,



Better, but not there quite yet.


My loving wife gleams like the rising sun;

She twinkles like the stars and the moon.

I really must see her, and soon,

For I know that she is the only one.

She alone will bring me the light of dawn,

She'll shine and show the path i' the dark.

Together through life we must embark

For without her I'll always be withdrawn.

Please, my love, show me your kindest mercy,

Give me the forgiveness I cannot live without.

Lack of your love is to my soul a drought,

For I want and I need only your clemency.


Your poetry never was good. But still, I'm touched.


Thayet, my love,

Is all forgiven? May I be privileged once more to gaze upon your incomparable beauty? I long to touch that porcelain skin, to kiss those strawberry lips, to listen to your melodious voice as it sings my name. Gods-blessed Thayet, my shining-eyed queen, is it true? May we meet again in peace and joy instead of anger and quarreling?

With fondest hopes, your most loyal husband,



Almost there. Please, do continue.



I am running out of adjectives and epithets. Instead, I can say only this: I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. Please, take pity on this poor soul, my one and only, my love.



Now that is what I wanted to hear.