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It was cold and raining. Splash, trickle and pitter patter could be heard as the back drop to a grey early night. The city had taken the weather to match the mood. Through an alley way hard breathing could be heard, as a young girl ran with all her might her blond hair soaked from the rain. Blue eyes gazed all around her with fear. Her pale legs ached from strain. But rest was not an option when Morgan Le Fey is close at your heels. She abruptly turned the corner and slipped on the wet pavement. Getting up quickly she dashed straight ahead. Morgan followed the girl but not on foot. Morgan hated to get her robes dirty, she preferred to levitate then to run or walk. " Impudent child when I capture you I will take great pleasure in feasting on your youth!"Morgan's hand began to glow as she swung her arm as if tossing an under hand ball. Causing the ground underneath the girl to tremble and levitate up with great force. She could only watch in horror as she slipped and landed on her back with a resounding thud.

Abra was out searching the city as he was instructed to by Master Klarion. He had been searching for hours and still found no trace of what Master Klarion had sensed. Abra paused briefly trying to remember what he had said.

Klarion sat in a big red sofa chair overlooking a fire place. In his lap lay teekle his faithful cat. He looked up briefly "Abra I sense magic being used by a familiar opponent. Go into the city and find its source. Be quick about it, its almost time for teekle's dinner." Teekle smiled and

hissed at Abra. Abra left in silence as Klarion turned back to the fire place. He waved his hand over the flame, it flickered briefly before swirling into a window which showed the city being tormented by the rain. He smirked.

Abra sighed, this was going to take him longer then he thought. As he was walking the streets he heard shouting and pavement cracking. He turned the corner to see a blond girl lying face down near a huge crater and Morgan Le Fey advancing towards her. He quickly ran behind the corner trying not to draw attention to himself. He put two fingers to his temple and closed his eyes. his disembodied face appeared in Klarion's flame window. "Master Klarion I have found the source of magic that you sensed. It is Morgan Le Fey!" Klarion rose abruptly from his seat knocking teekle to the floor, who hissed in irritation. Klarion eyes flashed red as he snarled in anger. "I will be there in 1….2" Klarion then appeared behind Abra and shouted " 3!". Abra jumped back startled, then turned around to see Klarion. " Where is that bitch?" Klarion growled. Abra soundly gulped from fear, "She is around the corner…she is chasing some girl and trying to blow her to bits". Klarion and Abra turned around, and moved towards the corner to see Morgan chasing the girl to a green field bordered with trees.

Morgan approached the field, she stopped and levitated higher. She smiled coldly as the girl tripped in the mud. " Escape is futile, where ever you go I will find you with the crown that adorns my brow" She pointed at her forehead where a silver band with a circular stare sapphire in the middle and three silver leafs on either side resided. Morgan raised her palms up and they glowed. Pieces of earth on either side of the girl lifted from the ground. She could now only run forward or back to Morgan. Morgan looked at the girl and said "I'll give you one last chance to come with me willingly" The girl looked up at Morgan and said shyly " I will not go with you willingly" Morgan sighed "very well then suffer!" Morgan clapped her hands together. The pieces of earth suddenly hurled them selves at each other with the girl in the middle. Then the earth crumbled to rocks. Standing in front of the girl was Abra. " Morgan Le Fey so desperate for power your willing to chase young girls,? But I guess if I was getting my butt handed to me all the time by Jason blood I would be desperate to". Abra swung his wand in Morgan's direction. The swing produced a blade of green light that changed into arrows as it approached Morgan. She passed her glowing hand in front of herself casually and brought up a shield. Abra moved in underneath her and pointed his wand up "onrefni erif" a swirling column of fire ensnared Morgan from beneath. She screamed as she moved back. "No one stands in my way with no consequence" she raised her arms above her head and her hands glowed as electricity danced in her palms. Abra smirked " if that were true, Jason would have perished decades ago" Morgan lowered her outreached arms to her waist as a electric bolt shot out towards Abra.

Klarion materialized next to the girl who was standing now. Her simple strap white dress was tattered, muddy and torn. She was riddled with cuts and bruises. She turned and gasped. Klarion forcibly covered her mouth with his hand. While his other arm wrapped around her waist. His grip was hard and forceful. He leaned his face close to hers and whispered venomously "Now be nice and quiet or i'll turn your pretty little face into a scratching post for Teekle!" He then sniffed her hair "Why would Morgan be interested in you? He looked puzzled, then shook his head. "time to leave" Klarion turned to see Abra and Morgan fighting he smirked. He then looked down at the girl. All of a sudden Klarion and the girl were enveloped by a swirl of red and black smoke. Morgan noticed light in the other direction. She turned to see Klarion and the girl being enveloped by smoke. She screamed "Nooo." She flew over to the smoke and laced her arms into the smoke. The smoke cleared and Klarion along with the girl was gone. " That little witch boy…" she spat. Her eyes widened and she quickly turned to see Abra had also disappeared.

From the shadows of a building over looking the field. Manitou raven glared at Morgan he then summoned a raven from his hand. "My friend go and retrieve what we need". The raven cawed and flew towards Morgan. The raven attacked Morgan, she waved her hands frantically crying out "stupid crow get away from me" the raven cawed and grasped some of her hair in his talons. Morgan struck the crow with her palm and shot a lighting bolt at the bird. The raven dodged and flew away. "stupid creature" Morgan whispered as she vanished into the air.

Manitou sighed as his pet returned with only hair. "Well you tried thats all that counts" he said as he petted the bird who came to perch on his shoulder. He took out his cell phone and dialed Jason blood.

Jason blood picked up his ringing telephone. Faith who was reading a book on the floor looked up at Jason.( "hello Jason blood here who am I speak-" "yes Faith is here why do you ask?" Jason turned to Faith who was standing up and staring at the phone. "You found the crown of Aphrodite on Morgan's head!" "Are you sure that little brat Klarion is in the city." "What abra is working with Klarion." " Okay we will be there as soon as possible." )"Well Faith it seems we will have a chance at getting The Crown of Aphrodite back and into your protective care." Faith smiled "Yes finally I can reclaim my honor.. I felt so ashamed when it was stolen from me, Kent Nelson had given me the crown to guard and I failed him.." Jason sighed "Don't worry Faith the crown will soon be yours again." Faith smiled and hugged Jason.

Klarion reappeared in a hall way that had a red, black and wood scheme. He looked down at the girl he had in his clutches. He smiled at her obvious fear. He turned to the door and it opened,. He walked into the room and shoved the girl roughly onto the four post canopy bed. She looked up at him meekly, her long pale blond hair covered the pillows and part of the comforter. Her simple dressed was hiked up a bit to reveal creamy pale thighs. Klarion smirked and climbed on to the bed half way with one knee on the comforter. He grabbed her hair and stared right into her eyes. "Now be a good little girl and behave! Any trouble and I wont hesitate to disembowel you! Are we clear?" he tilled her chin up as she tried to nod . He let go of her roughly and stood up. Klarion headed for the door and shut it behind him. Outside the door teekle stood staring at the door. Klarion looked down at his familiar " Don't count on a mouse in the near future, I might have use for her".

Abra waited in the dinning room for his master to make an appearance. He sighed and sat down, pulling an emmer board from his back pocket. He extended his left hand and began to file his nails. "I have to pay more attention to my cuticles, don't want nails like Master Klarion". Klarion

appeared behind Abra and swung his claw like hand underneath Abra's chin . "What exactly is wrong with my nails? They look simply stunning don't you agree Abra?" Abra shivered, " Of course, why as a matter a fact looking at them closely they could belong to an ambricombie finch model" Klarion smiled as teekle who had been on his shoulder jumped down on to the dinning table. Klarion sat down at the dinning room table, there in front of him was a grey and blue cloud, within the cloud was a window. The window was replaying the fight with Morgan Le Fey.

Klarion sighed with frustration. Abra who had been standing away came closer "Master why are you playing the fight over again?" Klarion turned "I want to know why that bitch was after a mere mortal girl, Morgan is not a reckless women she is cold and calculating. She does nothing unless it is for power or for her son. To top it off she dares to trespass where I reside." Abra gazed back at the window before asking "Master why bother taking the girl if she is just a mere mortal?" Klarion turned " Isn't obvious? I took the girl to vex Morgan! Besides if Morgan wants her so badly maybe she can be useful to me." Abra scratched his chin "How are you going to find out if she is useful?" Klarion stood up and turned towards Abra. "That is where you come in Casanova" Abra raised an eyebrow "Me? how the hell am I going to help?" Klarion groaned " Well your good with females you have a new one in your bed every week or more." Abra sighed "Those are women not young girls.. I'm not a pedophile!" "She has female parts, just.. not as developed, how much different can it be?" Klarion stated. Abra stared at Klarion, as realization donned on him that he would have to comply.

Abra walked with klarion down the hall way towards the girls room. Klarion looked at Abra "So you think feeding her and giving her a change of clothes will get her to open up?" Abra looked down "She doesn't know who we are, I don't think she is from around here. I figure we play the good guys and that shouldn't be to hard with a hot meal staring her in the face" Klarion shook his head " I don't think food would make that much of a difference, I still think bribing her with a shopping spree at the mall and a shinny new cell phone would work better" Abra rolled his eyes "She looks like she hasn't eaten in a couple of days, she might be a run away… but then again those clothes aren't for the weather in this area" Klarion grunted in response as they reached the door.

The girl was laying down, one arm underneath her head while the other extended out. Her hair covered part of the bed like silk. She had decide to sleep after looking around the room and placing a personal item in the dresser. She was afraid at first but at least she was away from that crazy sorceress. She had a warm bed to sleep in for now… so why complain?. She stirred slightly when she heard mummers and foot steps. The door opened to reveal the two men who had saved her and captured her. The tall tan man with black hair and the pale devil horned teenager. She lifter her self up delicately and looked down at their feet, just like she had been taught to do when men were present.

Klarion quirked his head to the side at the girls behavior sighing as he spoke to her " Well we haven't been properly acquainted have we? So let us introduce are selves I am Klarion the witch boy and my apprentice here is Abra". The girl did not make eye contact with them during their "Introductions" this annoyed Klarion but he remained calm. " Tell me girl what is your name?" the girl stood up and walked up to Klarion She kept her eyes on the floor and bowed before responding "My name is Enris celestia , pleasure making your acquaintance". This behavior Abra and klarion found extremely odd for a modern mortal. Klarion walked around Enris like a jaguar ready to pounce its prey. He looked at her up and down taking in her appearance. Klarion stopped in front of her "Mmm well a change of clothes is necessary." Klarion raised his hand and crossed them in front of his chest with his palms facing outside, his eyes glowed red. He slowly uncrossed his arms, as he did Enris was slowly enveloped by a black satin ribbon emanating from the left side of the floor underneath her foot. The ribbon shaped itself around her tightly before melting away to revile her clothing. The dress was replaced with black tight dress pants, a black long sleeve dress button up shirt with a silver and black vest around the middle. Enris looked down at her new cloths. Klarion smiled " I like this look on you better now why don't you join us for dinner"

After dinner Klarion, Abra and Enris went into the den with fire place. Abra leaned against a book case, while Klarion sat in his usual seat across from him was Enris. Klarion started petting teekle who was in his lap purring contently. "so do you have any idea why Morgan le fey was chasing you?" Enris's hands fidgeted in her lap "that crazy lady started chasing me shortly after I arrived here, because of her my clothes became tattered and my bag was destroyed" Enris became a tad eradicate "all I could do was run and hear her say

repeatedly how she would enjoy taking my life". Klarion slightly annoyed at this point but Abra decide to ask his own question " So your not from around here…are you a runaway?" Enris looked up suddenly at Abra " Yeah in a way I am, I had to leave home for my safety". Klarion stood up and extended his hand to Enris who took it and stood up. Klarion held teekle in one arm and held Enris's hand in the other. " why don't we retire for the evening? I am sure your tired, go back to your room and rest, you'll find some extra clothing in the closet and in the dresser" Enris nodded and left the den for her room.

When Enris was in her room, Klarion turned to Abra who walked towards him. "Something is on your mind Master?" klarion placed teekle down "When I changed her clothes I sensed her aura didn't seem like that of a mortal.. tomorrow I will head to Zids magic shop, that man is bound to know something about Morgan". Klarion turned to leave the den but then stopped and slightly turned to Abra "keep a close eye on her Abra we must learn more about her and Morgan's obsession" Abra bowed to klarion as he left for his room. Abra straightened

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