Chapter 18: Isn't this more than enough?

So it turns out people are in fact interested in getting their job done by amateurs Guild members

Misha: Meow, meow, mew, mew, mew, me~ow!

Translation: Takes one to know one, newcomer...know your place

Ah~ Misha even though we don't know what you say we still get the gist of it. Thanks for that, no one has ever told me they liked the color of my eyes before. Enjoy!

Bedroom hallway

"Would you just get over this already, this is stupid!" Walker exclaimed.

"I will if you'd just hold still!" Nina shouted as she threw a punch.

Walker's evil eye had seen it coming, but his vision, and his physical strength are not up to par with one another. Meaning that while Walker can see attacks coming, his body still cannot keep up with them. Several minutes into their argument, and both sustained several bruises in those last couple of minutes.

"I swear if you weren't so good at fighting, I would have kicked you out by now!" Walker shouted.

"Just try, and get rid of me! You'll have to kill me, and I swear if I go down, I'm taking you with me!" Nina exclaimed.

"Why do I have to die with you!" Walker argued.

"Damn it just get knocked out already so I can-hey!" Nina shouted as Aegis had suddenly grabbed her by the top of her head with one hand.

"Get the hell away from me-damn-it!" Walker shouted as he attempted to move, but a recent kick to his right shin by Nina had made it next to impossible to move away from his spot.

Now with both angry demons on either side of his hands he directed them back to the team who were enjoying the show until Aegis had put a stop to it.

"Can you tell me what's wrong with this picture?" Aegis asked.

"Yeah! I'm not killing you yet!" Nina exclaimed.

"No stupid, there's something off about our group...maybe? It can't be..." Walker muttered.

Schrodinger, Milky, and Berry Melon Eliminated: 12 remain

"Now do you understand? While you two were fighting, those ninjas picked off our numbers one by one. You're both idiots" Aegis explained.

"Alright I get it now! Let me go, but keep her restrained" Walker said.

"You bastard!" Nina shouted furiously

"Isabelle, would you mind spraying her again?" Walker asked.

"I am not a cat!" Nina shouted

"Time for you to go Isabelle" Noelle urged.

"Right Noelle, I'll do my best!" Isabelle assured.

After the remaining team moved to the sides to allow Isabelle some space she skipped her way towards Nina with her staff at the ready.

"Ready~?" Isabelle said.

"Steady~" Noelle called out

"Yoink!" Kelly was heard shouting as she appeared in a puff of smoke on the far right side of the hall.

She quickly swiped Isabelle before she could cool off Nina, and vanished in a second cloud of smoke to the far left, and instead of crashing chest first into the wall, she vanished withing the cloud of quickly evaporating smoke.

"A~h! Isabelle!" Noelle shouted as she darted out of the hallway.

Isabelle Eliminated: 11 remain

"Hey! Where are you going!" Milky cried out.

But she was ignored. Noelle rushed towards the lobby, and entered the dining hall, on her own.

Noelle Eliminated: 10 remain

"Since the point of the game is to take the other teammate's group towards the neutral area by any means necessary. That too counted as a lose for you" Aldo said appearing in a cloud of smoke in front of Walker Nina, and Aegis.

"That counted? Damn you!" Walker exclaimed.

"I'm sick of your games!" Nina shouted.

Both demons lunged at Aldo, but he swiftly back-flipped out of the way, and vanishing in a quickly getting old puff of smoke causing Walker, and Nina to crash into each other instead.

"Why are you so desperate in trying to cop a feel of me?" Nina asked with no shame.

"Well aren't you feeling high, and mighty! You wish I was you angry freak!" Walker angrily retaliated.

"Say that again, and I'll rip your tongue out through your ass!" Nina said.

"This is getting ridiculous, I am growing bored of listening to you two argue all night" Kimberly said.

"He started it!" Nina exclaimed

"She started it!" Walker exclaimed at the same time Nina had.

"I agree, we've been talking amongst each other, and we feel it is best if we simply split up to have a higher chance of finding our playful ninjas" Elfie said.

"You two can beat each other senseless for all I care, we'll just focus on winning this pointless thing" Aegis said.

"You two stay, we go! Curse to be with you, and you!" Peach Basket exclaimed.

"You guys are a bunch of party downers, wet towels, the violent drunks no one wants to get close to" Megas agreed.

"I-I-I really don't like it when teams fight one another l-l-like this. It's these types of things that get you to l-l-l-lose" Firefly added

"What you two need is a cool island song to extinguish your burning hearts...or was it hot island song to warm your cold hearts?" Peachy wondered.

"In any case we decided by majority vote that you two need to settle your anger issues" Sasha said.

"How dare you guys do all this without your leader's consent! What ever happened to loyalty!" Walker demanded to know.

"You picked us off the streets, we've only been in this guild for a week, or so. These things take time" Elfie said

"Fine! you wanna be like that, go! Don't get yourselves caught!" Walker said storming off toward the end of the hall with Nina who with all the talking lost the will to fight, and eventually cooled off on her own followed Walker, and for some unknown reason, Peachy went with them too. The rest of the team taking orders from whoever feels like it, retreated outside to span the area for a possible ninja hideout, and storm it.

Moments of silence passed as the three waited for the other team to go outside before conversing with one another.

"I messed up again..." Nina muttered in what could only be described as shame with a tint of embarrassment

"Figured that out on your own did ya?" Walker asked

"Well if neither of you mind, I shall begin my fresh island dance routine" Peachy declared, and doing just that.

"I'm trying I really am..." Nina explained.

"...Some of these rooms are still vacant, but all of them should be empty. Strike on sight any moving shadows" Walker said, unknown whether, or not he was ignoring Nina due to frustration.

"On a tropical island with the coconut trees-huh what? What was that?" Peachy asked, not paying attention while she sang, and dance.

"He said to attack anything that moves in these rooms" Nina explained before Walker could yell again.

"Does dancing to a cool island song count?" Peachy asked with a raised hand.

"No" Walker answered flat out.

"Does-" Peachy began.

"Neither does a hot island song" Walker answered fairly quickly.

"...W-well now let's get started then, these doors are first on our list right?" Nina quickly asked before a comedic argument could take place.

"I'll check rooms on the right, you two take care of the left side" Walker instructed.

"Got it!" Peachy exclaimed.

"I'll do as ordered" Nina assured wanting to make up for her faults.

Walker asked of them very little, which gave him little confidence in their accomplishment, but perhaps this would be the moment where they will shine at their brightest.

"Oops! You weren't gonna need this door right?" Peachy asked as she showed Walker a broken lock, and door knob which worked perfectly just a few seconds ago.

Or perhaps they'll collapse in on themselves like a neutron star, and everything Walker holds dear will go with it.

"Just...Nina you open doors from now on. I don't know how she did it, but I'd rather focus on the task at hand" Walker grumbled.

"R-right!" Nina assured a little too loudly.

Walker moved to the side his gun loaded, opened the door cautiously, flicked the light on, and darted inside, only to quickly realize there was no living presence in sight. He quickly searched the bathroom, but it too was empty. Nina seeing no other alternative kicked the door open thinking the Prinny she saw for a brief second would simply fix the door when it comes back. Peachy rushed in...or rather danced in, but at least she was still armed even though she wasn't at all taking their mission seriously.

"Nothing in he~re!" Peachy sang to the others.

"Maybe the rest of the guild is doing better?" Nina figured.

"We lost Megas...somehow!" Sasha was heard shouting.

Megas Eliminated: 9 remain

"Now counting Megas that leaves us with eleven left if I'm counting right" Walker said.

"We should pick up the pace" Nina suggested.

"Agreed let's keep going" Walker exclaimed.

Row after row of rooms were searched all of them remained empty, but pushed even further to find success they continued their goal as a stunning reminder of losing was once again thrown in their face.

"Don't tell me how, but they somehow snatched Aegis too!" Sasha shouted at the trio.

"What!" Walker exclaimed with disbelief

Aegis Eliminated: 8 remain

"Great now there's less than half of us left!" Walker realized.

"And they still have all of their teammates" Nina said.

Walker nodded at the conclusion, and focused back on the job at hand, his room was next to breached, and one thing he noticed was the light coming from the bottom of the door.

"...Guys-no girls, shut up for a moment, stick close" Walker instructed in a hushed voice.

Standing by the left side of the door with his back to the wall, and both girls on his right, he opened the door with a swift motion only those with skilled fingers could possible replicate, and rushed in gun drawn, and aimed to see Kelly curiously putting on one of Walker's hats.

"My room! My Hat!" Walker declared as he opened fire.

Kelly tossed Walker's hat at Walker blinding him for a brief second, enough to jump out through the window behind her she used to get in, in the first place.

"Come on!" Walker exclaimed as he tossed his spare hat away from his vision.

He jumped out through the same window that Kelly used, with Nina, and Peachy following closely behind him. Something out of the corner of his eye caught his attention, and saw that Kelly was already mid jump, high into the air. In the brief moment she was mid-air Walker's evil eye went to work, estimating the possible landing spot a branch from a tree several yards away. He knew it was a long shot, but that was the whole point of his years of training wasn't it? Aiming quickly, and carefully he fired several bullets at the base of the branch breaking it off the tree. A second branch above the previously destined landing branch was withing her reach, if only she had learned to double jump like her brother had instructed her to do...oh well. She collapsed onto a bush below a tree she struggled for a bit trying to stand up, but once she got on her feet, she was already tackled by Walker, Nina, and Peachy. All four of them crashed rather roughly on dirt floor, each of them attempting to restrain Kelly before she did some annoying ninja trick to escape, but it was quickly realized that it was unnecessary.

"I think we knocked her out!" Peachy realized.

"We did attack her rather fiercely" Nina noticed.

"Then I guess we can carry her over to the dining hall" Walker said.

"Right let's get off of her" Nina said.

"Hey Walker, is this your first time tackling a girl?" Peachy asked.

"...Yeah? Why?" Walker asked.

"Because..." Peachy said pointing down.

Following their stares Walker found out that his right hand was clamped onto Kelly's breasts, and still there.

"Well that's to be expected. Forty percent of her body are practically her breasts" Walker said with no shame, or care whatsoever. Though this may be because his mother, and so called friend were both Gunslingers, as well as Berry Melon who was a former Gunslinger.

"...Yeah that sounds about right" Peachy agreed.

After getting off her, Nina volunteered to carry her back to the dining hall to leave her fate at the hands of the rest of the losers.

"I don't mean to interrupt your escapades, but they had just eliminated Sasha from this challenge!" Kimberly shouted with sophisticated elegance.

Sasha Eliminated: 7 remain

"If you can hear me, we're gonna regroup at the lobby! That's an order!" Walker exclaimed.

"You just want to show off our prize" Peachy said.

"A little bit of gloating will show them who's on top" Walker explained.

"You think they'll treat you like a leader after this?" Nina asked.

"I'm just lucky they decided to stay here at all. I doubt that's gonna happen if at all" Walker said.

Walking from one side of the building they reached the front of the building, and entered the lobby where the rest of who was left were already waiting for them.

"Check it!" Walker began showing his guild members a shred of hope of actually winning.

"How do you like us now!" Peachy shouted.

"Uh~ victory?" Nina concluded.

"Ooah~! Pack leader got busty ninja!" Peach Basket stated the obvious.

"I-I thought something horrible happened to you guys!" Firefly said

"Someone open the door, and toss her in the dining hall before she wakes up" Walker instructed.

Elfie did so, and with Walker's help both him, and Nina tossed Kelly inside the dining room.

Kelly Eliminated: 1 remain

"Wait a second...aren't you missing someone?" Walker asked.

"I am right here, thank you very much" Kimberly spoke from inside the dining hall.

Kimberly Eliminated: 6 remain

"She gave herself away when she cried out to you" Elfie explained.

"So then it's just me, Peachy, Peach Basket, Elfie, Nina, and Firefly?" Walker counted.

"So it appears" Elfie said.

"Nyehehe~ blood rushing, heart pounding, can't stop shaking!" Peach Basket exclaimed.

"I'm right there with you sister! Yeah!" Peachy shouted.

"Haven't you learned from Kimberly's, or Sasha's mistakes?" Elfie wondered.

"I just want to go to sleep in my bed where I know it's safe" Firefly said

"I'll try to stay calm, but when were this close to either, winning, or losing. It's hard to control yourself" Nina said.

"Agreed let's finish this before that happens" Walker said.

"Where to fearless leader?" Elfie asked.

"Well splitting up did such wonders for you, but considering how many of us are left, I'm pretty sure we should stick together in this" Walker figured.

"Shut up!" Sasha was heard shouting from the dining hall.

"I just got an idea, but we need to go back to my room" Walker said as he began walking back to the hallways.

"Why? We're not your harem" Elfie suddenly blurted out as if asking for the time.

Walker struggled to keep himself from falling as Elfie's comment felt like a punch to the stomach.

" me...please? Don't misunderstand, even though it looks exactly like it-which is not the case..." Walker said sinking to the point of pleading as he regain his footing, and managed to stand upright again.

"Pervert" Kimberly was heard speaking through the walls.

"*Sigh* why me?" Walker grumbled as he continued walking without turning back.

Hearing several footsteps behind him meant they were indeed following him, but it sounded as if they were not getting any closer to him for some reason. When they finally reached their destination...

"...Stay here, I'll be back..." Walker said as he entered the room, and shut the door behind him.

The girls were silent, unsure of what to say...the sudden awkwardness caused from Elfie's comment left them with nothing to speak about. Eventually though one of them did speak...

"*Yip*!" One of them cried out, and suddenly silenced.

"...Who was that?" Walker called out.

"Firefly" Elfie answered.

"She's not there anymore is she?" Walker asked.

"Nope" Elfie answered.

Firefly Eliminated: 5 remain

"Alright, I got it, I'm coming out now" Walker said.

He came out holding a long piece of thick rope which.

"Ah-" Elfie began

"Shut up! For several reasons, the important one being that, that ninja shouldn't know about this" Walker said.

"So what's it for?" Nina asked fairly skeptical.

"We're gonna tie ourselves up to each other by our wrists" Walker explained.

"Shadow man carry heavy pack members! Heavy as us, he take us all, we lose all!" Peach Basket said.

"Just leave the rest to me. Next destination, outside" Walker said

"Should we get started tying ourselves to one another?" Nina asked.

"Yeah, sure, go for it" Walker allowed.

"Oh~ this is gonna be so much fun, and if we're still tied to each other like this, we could practice getting in sync with one another when we do our dance musical!" Peachy said.

"Just work on getting those knots in as tightly as you can handle" Walker said.

"Alright, I fastened my wrist to your rope...had to get around my cuffs which were hogging most of the space, but the deed is done" Elfie reported.

"Peach Basket did curse knot on arm, ready to pass on!" Peach Basket added.

"Oh, em, ge! This is gonna be so fun! Okay I got it!" Peachy said.

"I got mine all set too" Nina assured.

By this point they had reached the lobby.

"Alright I'll just attach myself to Elfie, and that should do it" Walker announced.

"So where outside are we gonna wait for him?" Peachy asked.

"I know a spot that I remember that should support us...hell it has the word 'support' in it's name" Walker said.

Following his lead the remainder of the guild left outside, and headed toward the right hand side of the building. There Walker motioned his team to stop at a recently re-modified wall.

"There, I know for a fact, one of the main support beams to this building is right in front of us. Nina hack at the wall until I say otherwise" Walker instructed.

"So just to be clear, you want me to destroy your property" Nina said.

"No I don't I just need you to make a hole big enough for my hand to reach in...just punch at the wall" Walker explained.

"O~h...well alright, you're the boss" Nina answered hesitantly.

"How come you never ask me to break any of your stuff?" Elfie asked sounding jealous.

"Because then I'll get pissed off at you, do you really want that to happen?" Walker answered.

"I guess not" Elfie grumbled.

"Good, so Nina, go right ahead" Walker allowed.

Nina nodded in understatement, walked towards the wall, and delivered a fierce, vut concentrated punch which narrowly missed the support beam.

"Is this big enough?" Nina asked.

"Perfect now get out of the way!" Walker quickly said.

As he attempted to tie the several knots he was planning on doing to the beam, one of his wrists, specifically the one tied to Elfie was being yanked in the opposite direction of the beam. Looking back he saw that Aldo attempted to snatch Nina, but the knot securing them has prevented him from doing so, and now everyone was at a tug of war with Nina being the middle girl.

"Whatever you do, don't let go!" Walker ordered.

Seeing as how he couldn't finish tying the knots on the support beam of his house, he had to improvise by forcing his body behind it, and keeping himself in place with his legs, and free arm. Elfie was used her free arm to grasp Peachy around the waist to help her pull. Peachy used her free arm to grab Peach Basket just above her chest to help pull, and Peach Basket used her free arm to have a tighter grip on the rope keeping her tied to Nina. Nina was unable to perform any actions as her right arm was being pulled on by Aldo, and her left arm was being pulled by Peach Basket. Aldo seeing the obvious problem here, brought the obvious solution, a very sharp kunai.

"Ooah! Smoking man cut rope with pointy toothpick!" Peach Basket realized.

"No he won't!" Walker exclaimed.

Drawing his gun with his free hand, but losing some of his grip force he shot at the kunai in Aldo's left hand before he could use it to cut Nina free. This didn't stop Aldo from taking out a second kunai to try again, and this didn't stop Walker from shooting that kunai out of Aldo's hand. The process repeated several times until Walker got sick of it.

"Don't you girls have weapons too? Help me out over here!" Walker exclaimed.

"In the tropical island with the coconut trees-" Peachy began to sing.

"Quit fooling around!" Walker exclaimed.

"I feel like my arm is about to rip off, I wasn't meant for physical tasks!" Elfie complained

"Poke! Poke!" Peach Basket corrected.

"Fine~!" Peachy moaned.

Both Peach Basket, and Peachy brought their spears, and began stabbing at Aldo, but incredibly Aldo had no problem dodging all of their attacks. The team was very confused.

"Elfie explain!" Walker quickly said as he felt his grip loosening little by little.

"He's a ninja! They are next to impossible to hit in a frontal assault, but I hear they have a blind spot when an enemy attacks from the rear. That's your best bet!" Elfie explained as she too began to feel exhaustion from pulling on the rope.

"I got it!" Nina assured.

Using what little strength she had left, she yanked Aldo towards her, gave him a spin to the point that his back was facing the team.

"Now! Let him have it!" Walker exclaimed.

Peachy, Peach Basket, and Walker all attacked with an onslaught of bullets, and stabs. The poor Ninja with his back turned didn't stand a chance at dodging any of them, and by the end of it all, was left on the floor beaten, and bloody.

"Alright, let's take him to the dining hall so Elfie can heal him before he bleeds to death" Walker said.

"We did it! I can't believe we did it!" Peachy shouted excitedly as everyone began undoing their knots.

"Ow~ my cuffs are hurting me more than usual now..." Elfie said.

"I thought I was gonna lose an arm for a moment there" Nina said as she carried Aldo.

"Ooah! War prisoner! Peach Basket want to curse him! Cu~rse~" Peach Basket exclaimed.

"Well see what happens in the meantime let's move" Walker said.

Now detached from each other the group headed back to the lobby where they heard laughter coming from the dining hall.

"What the hell?" Walker wondered.

He opened the double doors, and Kimberly, Sasha, Milky, Berry Melon, and Kelly all having a gossip circle.

"-And that was the first time Walker wet the bed-oh! Walker hey what's up?" Sasha asked loudly

"Set him down over there, Sasha you're a bitch, then immediately heal him so he can wake up. That way we can tell him he lost.

"I-is Aldo gonna be okay?" Kelly nervously asked.

"He will be in a moment, but first..." Walker said

Aldo Eliminated: 0 remain Disgaea Guild wins

"That about wraps up your little game" Walker said.

"Wow you guys actually did it...yay for you" Kelly said.

"What, is that it? A 'yay' you better have a better reward for all the trouble you've put us through!" Walker exclaimed.

"Well as the disgraced loser, and you obviously the tyrannical dictator I have no choice, but to offer my body for your please" Kelly said disappointed as she began to disrobe.

"No, no, no! Cut that out! Whatever the hell Sasha told you about me is not true, let's just wake your stupid brother, and see what he says!" Walker exclaimed before things got into the mature rating.

"You were right Sasha, he did refuse my offer just like you predicted" Kelly said amazed.

"Told you! He's so obvious" Sasha gloated.

"Elfie do the healing before I make you heal two other bimbos close by" Walker grumbled.

"As you wish tyrannical dictator" Elfie said.

"Damn you...all of you" Walker muttered.

Elfie performed her talented art, and cured Aldo of his injuries, he snapped out of his unconsciousness took a look at his surroundings, and realized his defeat.

"This was...unexpected-zam!" Aldo realized.

"Accept defeat already so we can go to sleep, we still have jobs you know, and I think we have just enough moonlight to get a decent night's sleep" Walker said.

"I admit defeat, your team is truly astonishing...the ones that didn't get caught that is-zam!" Aldo said.

"You didn't give us much of a chance" Aegis said.

"Noted-zam!" Aldo said.

"Less talking, more rewarding" Walker said.

"We have a certain amount of HL you're welcome to it-zam!" Aldo said.

"My shopping money!" Kelly exclaimed.

"It was an unpredicted turn of events, and have you forgotten already?-Zam!" Aldo scolded.

"I wanted to buy a normal skirt like normal teenagers...nin-nin" Kelly grumbled.

"*Sigh* you, and your obsession with your age group. If only you put more work in your jutsu rather than your frivolous attempts at becoming this 'normal' thing we wouldn't have lost-zam!" Aldo scolded.

"I-well you messed up too!...Nin-nin" Kelly argued.

"You two need to get along better-" Noelle began.

"Sharing the blame though not always fun is something you must do as siblings" Isabelle finished.

"My brother, and I share the same idea, except I do it more adorably-teehee!" Berry Melon cutely added.

"...Except most of our incidents are in fact your fault, I only blame myself because I should have seen them coming, and done something about it" Walker said.

"We don't always fight you know-zam" Aldo corrected.

"We have a difference in opinion...nin-nin" Kelly corrected.

"If it's any consolation, you two were pretty impressive, didn't think you had the skills to capture a spirit like myself" Limbo said.

"We all did!" Everyone proved him wrong.

"It seems as if we needed to train more-zam!" Aldo said.

"Can we really improve using our old gear? We've pretty much mastered everything we could in our hometown, nin-nin" Kelly said.

"Then a new destination is in order then..." Aldo said then took a good long look at Walker.

"...What something on my nose?" Walker wondered not getting the signal.

"I think he's trying to say that he wishes to train here, but his pride won't let him put it in words" Elfie said.

Aldo flinched.

"Hit the nail right on the head didn't she?...Nin-nin?" Kelly asked.

"If I say yes, can we all just go to sleep?" Walker asked.

Kelly nodded apparently speaking for both of them.

"Fine you're in, there's really no paperwork to make it official-" Walker said.

"Besides the one at the Clinic" Elfie corrected.

"...Besides the one at the Clinic, but that can wait until tomorrow, you two can chose any room you want that isn't already taken, yadda-yadda- welcome aboard now dismiss!" Walker quickly said before leaving the guild, and heading off toward his room.

"Welcome partners!" Sasha greeted before leaving as well.

"So what? We're just forgetting all the trouble they caused us? How are we gonna eat without a table here?" Schrodinger wondered as he too left for his room.

"More curse dolls to make, more work for Peach Basket...ooah~" Peach Basket murmured as she stomped her way out the dining hall.

"Why is it that when more people show, I feel even lonelier than ever?" Limbo asked himself as he dragged himself toward his room.

"Mew, mew, meow~" Misha exclaimed

Translation: (With all these demons joining what point is there in keeping me? Is he trying to build an army)

"Like hope we get a long, and junk!" Peachy hoped as she ballet-ed her way out.

"Is this a daily thing? You know recruiting demons toward his cause?" Nina wondered as she left to find her own room.

"Not really, it's just how things end up" Elfie answered as she left to guide Nina toward a room of her own.

"Aw~ man I can already tell there's going to be one hell of a party soon, my toga is ready!" Megas exclaimed.

"If you are going to do so, then please stay several yards away from me through the entire period" Kimberly instructed.

"I hope with all these new faces I'm not forgotten any time soon...that would suck" Milky said as she rushed out of the room.

"It's up to us to demonstrate true sibling companionship Isabelle!" Noelle said.

"We have to work harder than ever Noelle, but I know we can do it!" Isabelle said as both girls left the room together

"Hope you have a gho~ulish time~" Limbo moaned as he vanished through the walls.

"Well at least I'm still the cutest thing on this team!" Berry Melon reminded herself as she skipped away.

"You'll put a lot of work into this won't you otherwise. I'll make you put a lot of work into this...don't let it get to that point" Aegis warned as he stomped loudly out of the room.

"W-wait for me! I-I know it seems like it's going to be scary, b-b-but...well it's s-still scary. L-let's just try our b-best!" Firefly stammered as she ran away from the room.

"Did we really lose to them brother-nin-nin?" Kelly asked.

"It certainly looks that way sister, but this may be a good thing. Did you see how they hid they true potential by acting like idiots? Zam!" Aldo noticed.

"I...don't think it's acting-nin-nin" Kelly said.

"No I'm sure of it, no team is this ridiculous, and clownish without some form of hidden agenda. It may not seem like it now, but my instincts as a ninja tell me there will be big things in stored for them, and being there with them will give us all the power we could ask for-zam!" Aldo explained.

"I just want to hang out with some gal pals, and talk about boys in a mall food court...nin-nin" Kelly said.

"No! Too much training ahead of us! We must prepare, but first we shall rest with them, zam!" Aldo quickly scolded.

"...Okay" Kelly reluctantly agreed.

With five new rooms to fill it quickly became apparent that they were in dire need of expanding into a second story, but seeing as how they still had enough rooms to keep two more members they figured it can wait. With all the newcomers shown to their rooms the guild was finally able to earn their much deserved rest knowing that now it's only going to get rowdier in the morning. Their rest felt short, but not the worst in their many years of existing. When morning came it felt as if they had just time to blink until the bright rays blasted their vision, forcing them to get up, and start the day.

"*Ugh* those ninjas are gonna work extra hard to make up for this..." Walker grumbled as he tried to get up.

It didn't feel early, no it became clear that he, and the rest of the crew had overslept as he heard the faint sounds of mail being delivered signaling more work that needs to be done. By this point they should be eating...

"We'll just have to get to them done later than usual" Walker figured.

Seeing as how he isn't going to feel less tired talking to himself he proceeded to shower with cold water. Put on his usual clothes, armed himself, and walked out into the hallway. It was far too quiet, obviously everyone still attempting to catch some last minute sleep before getting to work.

"Lazy good for nothings..." Walker muttered.

Heading towards the lobby he grabbed several letters each pertaining to a possible job, or junk mail, or chain letter then proceeded toward the dining hall. Sighing deeply at himself at the wrecked room he went to work doing what he could to make at least a decent table to eat food in. Halfway through his work Elfie came into the room.

"Most of us are starting to wake up" Elfie reported.

"Morning to you too. If you haven't noticed it's already afternoon, and we've just received some job offers today. Make a quick breakfast while I fix this damn thing" Walker said.

"Well it occurs to me that some of our members will refuse to be woken up, if you wish to have them work you'll just have to do it yourself while I go prepare the food, which will take me some time" Elfie said.

"I can already tell this is going to be fun" Walker sarcastically remarked.

"Good luck" Elfie said before leaving toward the kitchen.

Putting his carpentry aside, but figuring that with the added help he'll get from those he wakes up it would be for the best to wake everyone up. Heading into the hallway he saw several of his members stumbling about with weary looks, and drunk-ish walks. The only exceptions where Kimberly who kept her composure though it was obvious she was working really hard on keeping herself upright. Peachy who seemed to have more than enough energy to spare along with Megas.

"How do you do it?" Milky grumbled.

"Years, and years of hard work" Kimberly answered.

"So that's why you're single what a waste of time, but I guess stupid is as stupid does" Schrodinger added.

"I will shoot you in the head because clearly you lack a heart!" Kimberly exclaimed.

"Bro, dude, bro!...Ah I forgot what I was gonna say! Haha~" Megas exclaimed.

"So~ loud..." Limbo moaned as he phased through the walls.

"Eh. I felt worse" Sasha brushed aside.

"Has anyone seen our new-new members?" Aegis wondered.

Soon afterward a door to the far left swung open, and out of it came Kelly.

"I overheard your conversation, and as you can see I'm right here, but my brother is out training in the woods somewhere, possibly near a waterfall for dramatic effect" Kelly answered.

"Bring him here, we're getting ready to eat, and we might have you guys go out on a job to see how useful you are" Walker instructed.

"Aw~, but then I'll have to keep saying nin-nin at the end of my sentences" Kelly argued.

"We all have to make sacrifices" Walker reminded.

"*Sigh* fine" Kelly said, and vanishing in a cloud of smoke.

"...Do you think she can teach me to do that?" Milky asked.

"I don't know, but how about we go to the dining hall, and I teach you how to fix a table" Walker said.

" thanks?" Milky said.

"Haha~-I wasn't asking" Walker revealed.

"...Okay..." Milky mumbled as she headed towards the dining hall.

"The rest of you follow her so it won't feel like such a dull, and thankless task, but don't be fooled it is pretty dull, and thankless" Walker ordered.

"*Yawn* I'm still so sleepy that I..." Noelle began

"...have trouble finishing my sister's...bagels?" Isabelle finished.

"No, no sentences" Noelle corrected.

"...Just this once I'll comply to such a menial task only because you achieved victory last night" Aegis reluctantly agreed.

"Can't I just dance it better?" Peachy asked

"No" Walker said flat out

"What ailments will befall me upon doing such an unfortunate task?" Limbo asked.

"None, in fact you could learn something from this, this is me being as positive as possible, but the reality is, you might not" Walker said.

"W-won't I get splinters, what if I bleed to death from one!" Firefly exclaimed.

"Then try not to get in the way while working on our food" Walker answered.

"What can a gho~st do?" Limbo asked.

"Don't give that crap! You're plenty physical enough for manual labor!" Walker argued.

"Meow, mew, mew!" Misha exclaimed

Translation: (Tell me what to do, I dare you to test my mercy)

"Misha is correct...I believe. We still have some members who are not awake yet" Kimberly reported.

"Whoever is awake either help fix the table, or help Elfie fix us breakfast" Walker said.

"Very well, I shall go, and prepare the tea Milky was so graciously clever as to bring during my absence" Kimberly said.

"Ho-*ya~wn*ray..." Milky yawned.

"Well if that's all I'll just...sleep in the kitchen" Sasha said.

"At least try to do something meaningful while you're there" Walker said.

"Well...fine I guess seeing how you handled yourself, I can give you a break" Sasha said with a wink before leaving.

"...Wake the hell up Peach Basket" Walker groaned as he realized the only reason Peach Basket wasn't responding was because she suddenly fell asleep.

"I'll do the honors, you worry about our real sleepy heads" Peachy said grabbing Peach Basket by wrapping her arms around her tummy, and carrying her much like a basket.

Keeping track of who left, and who remains Walker came to the conclusion that it was as usual Berry Melon, and apparently Nina who were still in their rooms.

"(Hm~ which is easier facing Nina, or waking Berry Melon?)" Walker thought to himself.

Moments later...

"Nina! Wake the hell up! Nina, Nina! Wake up! Wake your ass up! And If you can hear me, you too Berry Melon!" Walker shouted while banging on her door repeatedly.


"Hey Aegis what did Vodka say about waking Nina up?" Firefly asked after hearing Walker shout.

"I believe she said something along the lines of 'don't shout at her to wake up while banging on her bedroom door'...didn't you tell Walker that?" Aegis asked.

"I thought you did!" Firefly said.

"...Oh well" Aegis simply said as he got back to work fixing the table.

Back to Walker

Seeing as how there was no reaction Walker decided to check up on his sister who was still cozy in Walker's bed. He took two steps away from the door when suddenly it swung open nearly tearing out the hinges supporting it. Walker quickly turned around.

"Haven't I've gone through enough broken things in my house?" Walker asked loudly.

"Can't you see I was trying to enjoy a well deserved rest after busting my ass to do your stupid chore!" Nina shouted.

"Ugh! Again! Can we schedule this another time, I got a table to fix, and-" Walker was groaning until a right hook to his left cheek shut him up.

"-And now I'm gonna break you!" Walker exclaimed charging straight at her.

Taking the charge head on she stood her ground, and clasped her hands on Walker's shoulders thus twirling his body three sixty degrees before tossing him backwards. Being sent flying he realized that perhaps hand to hand combat against a hand to hand combat master was not a genius idea, but luckily it appeared as if he was being flung near his room, and figured this could be the perfect way to kill two birds with one stone. He fell head first on the floor, and slid several feet, feeling lightheaded for just a moment before snapping out of it in time to see Nina running after him. Quickly getting to his knees he drew his gun out of it's holster, and fired hitting Nina's left shin, and causing her to fall head first as well.

"This isn't right, there's not even a turn base system here, stop trying to rebel against the system!" Walker warned before entering his room.

"Come back here, and take your beating like a man!" Nina shouted as she struggled to shake off the pain of getting shot in the shin to continue the hunt.

Walker leaving his door unlocked to allow Nina to go inside rushed towards Berry Melon, and picked her up with both hands grabbing her hips like some sort of stuffed animal. As soon as he turned around Nina opened the door.

"Ass kicking time!" Nina shouted.

"Human shield time!" Walker retaliated.

In some sort of freakish version of rock paper scissors the time had come to see who's hand was superior to the other. When Nina's fist made contact with Berry Melon, the jolt of pain not only woke her up, but caused her to subconsciously activate a defense mechanism inside her for stranger danger purposes. Immediately she burst into flames engulfing Walker, and Nina, and setting them on fire while Berry Melon clutched at her stomach as she felt more pain in her gut rather than the flames licking her body. All three of them were in pain in some form, and for several minutes they continued to stop, drop, and roll sometimes colliding into each other in a desperate attempt to put out the fire. Luckily Noelle, and Isabelle were kicked out of the table fixing committee just in time to put out Walker, and Nina before they died, and had to be revived at the clinic thereby costing the guild even more money. The five of them walked back to the dining hall, one clutching at her tummy, two skipping merrily across the hall with their hands clasped together, and two walked bodies that resembled charcoal, but underneath all that layer of soot, and third degree burns were Walker, and Nina.

"...I am so sorry, these snaps don't usually happen so often. I think it's the new environment" Nina muttered in shame.

"...Mouth hurts too much to talk...get to Elfie..." Walker groaned.

"Oh~, and here I thought I wouldn't get tummy aches if I became a Red Mage" Berry Melon moaned.

Upon entering the dining hall they saw that the rest of the guild had already seated themselves upon the barely functioning table, even Aldo, and Kelly were present. The only exception was Blank who is still dead. The food had already been served, and five empty seats with plates full of scrumptious breakfast food awaited them.

"Looks like our store clerk Lawrence actually came through for us" Elfie said.

"Aren't you gonna ask us why we're charred, and in pain?" Walker asked.

"Not really sir" Elfie admitted.

"...Aren't you gonna heal us then?" Walker asked.

"If I do, then you won't learn" Elfie said.

Walker glared at her.

"...But who needs knowledge when you have me right?" Elfie nervously joked.

Without any pause Elfie perform her spitting miracle cure, and healed Walker, Nina, and Berry Melon of all their pain.

"Now that, that's settled let us feast at last" Kimberly announced.

Having a wide selection to eat on their pate alone, the team enjoyed the cold milk, juice, complimentary hot tea, bacon, pork-chops, hash browns, tater tots, eggs both scrambled, and sunny side up, and more.

"I still don't know how so few of you guys can make so much food for all of us" Walker said.

"We're demons, everything is easier for us" Elfie reminded.

"Oh yeah...well if you're looking for a challenge I have several papers here that need our attention, that includes all of you!" Walker exclaimed to get his point across.

"Can't it wait until after we finish?" Milky asked.

"Peach Basket want more meat! Meat! Meat! Or I curse!" Peach Basket exclaimed.

"Alright let's finish our food then, but as soon as that's done all of you will move out, and do these jobs!" Walker exclaimed.

Briefly eating the buffet of food the guild was offered the end result being a mess stacked upon a mess on a mess of a table Walker had time to relay the good news to them.

"Alright let's see...junk mail, junk mail-ah! Here we go a poster" Walker said pulling out the poster which was the only thing that stuck out from the mail.

"So what's it say?" Peachy curiously asked.

"It's a job offer from someone named...Fenrich, who requires a large mercenary army for something that would be explained later on. The pay promises to be good...we only do one job, the briefing hasn't started yet so we can still get there, and apparently it's already been fixed with our local Dimensional Gatekeeper to take us to the location for this one time. The meeting will be held on a large camouflage tent just outside of the Netherworld harbor, and the last part just says 'hail Lord Valvatorez'" Walker read.

"I heard of both of them! They're those rare Original Demons we've talked about before!" Elfie said.

"An O.D.? Whoa! I've only glanced at my O.D back at Maritsu, but never actually spoken to one!" Peachy exclaimed.

"Well ain't this gonna be a hoot, and a holler!" Sasha announced

"Something like this can really bring a lot of positive feedback" Kimberly realized.

"Hm~ well if it's possible to persuade these to our favor we might get government funding for our guild" Walker realized.

"How do you know they're from the government, or anything close to that?" Milky asked.

"Because they're they always have some higher power, and become President, or Overlord, or anything really important" Elfie explained.

"That's true, now for who's going..." Walker said.

"Obviously this is a rare opportunity to represent the guild as a whole to a higher power, you mustn't take it so lightly" Aegis warned.

"I wasn't, which is why I've already chosen you first, and designated you team leader for the time being" Walker announced.

"An excellent choice, perhaps you can do the same for the rest of them?" Aegis challenged.

"Lloyd will join you for magic support" Walker added.

"I have mixed feelings about that" Aegis admitted.

"Support? How do I do that, when I've never felt such a thing in my life?" Lloyd moaned in despair.

"...Just do what he says. Alright Megas, your coming too" Walker announced.

"Aw~ yeah! I'm gonna bro fist me a O.D!" Megas exclaimed.

"Aegis-" Walker said.

"I'll try" Aegis said knowing what he was gonna say.

"Peach Basket, you're going to" Walker announced.

"Ooah?" Peach Basket asked with a mouth full of meat.

"That's right, your job is to just stand there, and make everyone weak for the rest of your team" Walker said.

"Peach Basket want's to poke, poke, curse, poke, curse!" Peach Basket chanted.

"Just make sure you follow Aegis' orders, and you can do whatever you want. Moving on, let's see who else should come..." Walker said.

"I-I could go" Nina volunteered.

"Let's see who else..." Walker repeated.

"I won't let you down" Nina assured

"Hm~ Firefly? No maybe not...we already have a Skull so there's no point in bringing a Mage..." Walker said.

"I know I've caused nothing, but trouble, but I can take a job seriously too!" Nina exclaimed.

"Hm~...Kimberly do you want to go?" Walker asked.

"Okay" Kimberly simply answered.

"Aw~" Nina groaned.

"Fine, fine, you can go already geez. Five should be enough so let's look through the rest of these letters, and see what else we have in stored" Walker at last continued.

"Yes!" Nina cheered.

"Browsing through the rest of the letters I can see we only have two more jobs to do" Walker said.

"Any names?" Milky asked.

"This one apparently comes from a person called Argon" Walker read.

"Argon huh? Well let's do it then, sounds like someone who is extremely intelligent, good looking, charming, and romantic" Sasha said.

A brief second of silence passed before everyone burst into fits of laughter.

"I-I-hahaha~couldn't say that with a straight face-hahaha-no m-matter how hard I tried-hahaha!" Sasha laughed.

"Damn it Sasha for making me-haha! Laugh so hard!" Walker exclaimed while occasionally laughing.

Everyone enjoyed a hearty laugh though Lloyd was reluctant to laugh, more like crawl under the table, and speak poetry about the cruelty of life.

"O-okay-ah~ well we should help him out anyways, I just feel so sorry for him that I can't help it" Walker said.

"Yeah me too, let's help the poor sap" Sasha said.

"Didn't you say you have another one? Zam!" Aldo asked.

"Yeah, yeah I did, let's read on the go we don't want to miss the dimensional gate, and we need to revive Blank while we're at it" Walker said.

With their meeting adjourned the Guild stood up, and followed Walker out of their home to begin another day of work.

End of Chapter

Haha that Argon guy sure is a Well anyways hope to reach 200,000 words before the year ends, but I'm pretty confident I'll do it which means more fun, and adventure for you! Thanks for all the reviews, suggestions, support, and of course your patience!