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The sound of motorcycles echoed through the night air, which warned the people around the area to not go out. The lights from the two wheeled vehicle brightened up the darkness. But there was one certain motorcycle with a long red dragon over the black lacquer that held onto a white death skull with golden teeth. The person who owned the cycle gassed on and a roar of came from the motor and the speed just increased under a half of a second, his pals not far behind. Five Harley Davidson motorcycles roared through the streets.

Suddenly the siren of a cop car made them look backwards. The leader cursed and winked to his pals to follow him through a shortcut, wide enough to let the motorcycles pass, but for the car it's was impossible. The police stopped, cursing over the wit they had to get away from the cops.

"L52 here, they got away this time too. Over." the policeman said in his walkie-talkie, waiting for answer he looked at the red backlights of the motorcycles.

"Okay, come back to the station, we need to find out where they will be next time. Over."

"Yes. Over and out."


Laughs and drunk chatting from a building in some sort disturbed the silence outside. But those who is inside did not care about that, the only thing that could take their attention was if someone kicked the door open.. which it got.

"Hey! Be more quiet!" a man with a black helmet shouted, making the place got completely silence. Behind him was six more figures, but their helmets where off their head so you could see their faces.

"What the fuck? Why do we have to be more silenced?" someone asked, his hand grasped his new beer bottle, but exploded in thousands of glass pieces when a pullet struck right through it. "Hey! What was that for, Natsu?" the man shouted.

"Macao, calm down.. Mira-chan will get you a new one." another man said, but the guy called Macao took non of that. But even before he could do anything a bang from the stairs made them look up to it.

"Everyone be quiet!" a short old man shouted. "And Natsu, you know it's forbidden to shoot in here." a snort came from the young boy. "By the way, doesn't the six of you have school tomorrow?" and that made all of them froze. "I thought so.. Go to your rooms now." and that made everyone laugh, except Natsu and the gang.


Natsu grumbled while threw his leatherjacket and helmet on the couch in his room, then slumping down on the bed with his back first. "Fucking old fart, I bet he didn't go to school.." he mumbled silently to himself. Looking up the ceiling he saw posters of different kind of motorcycles, pistols, tattoos and of course young half naked women. Looking over to his wardrobe he had set up pictures and texts from the newspaper, all of them news about his gang; Death-Dragon.

Okay, I watched Discovery Channel and there was a program about Hells Angels and I was like: "Wow… being a gangster isn't easy.." and BANG! This story was born (:

P.S. I don't like gangster/mafia or anything related to something like that, I found nothing else to watch yesterday.. T_T

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