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~After Story~

-:Chapter Fifty-Nine:-


Natsu stared out over the room. He noticed that new people had joined FTG during the time he had been gone. He sighed, gulping down his whiskey, slamming down the glass once it had been emptied. He noticed, to his surprise, a very nervous looking Juvia Loxar stand beside Gray while he talked to Sting and Rouge. Hjin and Lisanna sitting beside each other, kissing, getting Elfman to glare at them with an very overprotective aura surrounding him. Erza was nowhere to be seen – Natsu had his guesses on where she could be – and Cana, well, Cana had one big wine barrel in her lap while she talked with Macao and Wakaba.

Everything seemed so calm, like someone had spread over some spell over the building.

It irritated him to no end. FTG is famous for being a wild and crazy and out of control place, not a hospital were everything have to be quiet and calm. His knuckles turned white as his hold around the glass tightened.

If he knew it would be boring here, he would have stayed at home with Lucy and his kids.

"Ey, Natsu-nii! Some guy is looking for ya'!" the leader perked his head up, looking over to the door, seeing Romeo stand by the door, waving at him.

Sighing he stood up and walked over, ignoring the looks he got.

Once the door was closed behind him and folds his arms, looking at the man in front of him. His eyes widened as he recognized the man.

"Judo?" when he got no reaction from the older man, he reached out with his hand and placed it on the officer's shoulder, shaking it. "Hey, you ok?"

"I'm just fine, but..." Judo finally spoke, but Natsu had this really bad feeling when he looked up to meet his sad eyes with his worried ones.

"But? But what?" he was beginning to get really nervous now.

"You have to go to the hospital.

Okay screw the -beginning-to-get-really nervous.

He grabbed Judo's shoulders, shaking the man as he stared up to him.

"What happened?! Tell me!" his voice oozed with worry and he felt really cold inside. Judo inhaled, looking down to Natsu with the same sad eyes.

"It's Toshiro, he collapsed and can barely breathe on his own."

Natsu froze on the spot

Toshiro, he collapsed and can barely breathe on his own.

Collapsed, barely, breathing.



He rushed through the entry-hall of the hospital, Judo close behind.

Judo had already told him which floor and corridor Toshiro had been admitted to. Sweat brimmed his eyebrow, but he couldn't give a flying fuck about it, not now when his son, his beloved son is fighting for his own life.

He bit his lip-piercing in anguish. It felt like an eternity before the elevator stopped at the right floor. With hurried steps he reached the corridor, finding a downhearted Layla stand there, waiting for them.

"Natsu-kun, thank God you came." she said, moving over to the door – Children ICU – and waved at him to come over. "I must warn you that Toshiro is... not looking like his old self."

Natsu only nodded and finally he could go inside the room. His eyes widened at the scene.

Toshiro laid with a oxygen mask over his face, clad in a diaper and his eyelids had turned dark. And he was so pale. He looked more dead than alive.

"No... no, this can't be happening!" he fell down on his knees, not finding the strength to stand up. His hand shook as he took Toshiro's smaller ones in his.

They were cold as ice.

"Hey buddy." his voice that always held that cocky town, now quivered as he spoke, his thumb skim over the soft and cold skin of Toshiro's hand. "Daddy is here, everything's gonna be alright." he closed his eyes, leaning his head down to the bed, teeth gritted while tears ran down the bridge of his nose, dripping down to the white bedsheets.

"N-Natsu..." he twisted his head around, tears still rolling down his cheeks. Lucy's lower lip trembled, her eyes red and puffy from crying. He held out his hand for her and she rushed over to him, hiding her face in his chest, new tears coming from her and sobs filling the room. "He-He just fell when he walked. He wouldn't wake up, he didn't react. Oh Natsu, please tell me this is a dream!" she cried, hands gripping hard on his shirt. Natsu hugged her closer, his nose buried deep into her hair.

"Ssh, it's okay..." he whispered, trying to hold down his voice so it wouldn't crack. The parents fell silent, listening to the beeping that told them the heart of their child was still beating.

Beep.. beep.. beep.. beep

Lucy had placed her hand over Natsu, her thumb too caressing Toshiro's smaller one. She flinched at how cold the little fist was.

Knock! Knock!

"Dragneel-san? Heartphilia-san?" both of them turned to look who it was. They tensed when it was the doctor standing there with a checkbook neatly placed in his left hand. "Can you two come outside for a moment?"

"Ok." Natsu said, helping Lucy who at first didn't let go of Toshiro's hand, but did when Natsu gently helped her with that.

When they were outside, door closed behind them, the doctor finally spoke, "We ran some blood and stool tests and," the doctor paused, rubbing his neck as if thinking over on how he will say the results.

"And?" Natsu asked, his voice drenched in worry. He hugged Lucy closer to his side, his right hand holding both of her shaking ones.

"And it appears that his glucose level is low, dangerously low."

"A-And why is that?" Lucy asked, her voice cracking up and a hiccup came short after. The doctor looked at the couple.

"His diagnose is diabetes."

"Dia... betes...?" Natsu couldn't get a grip on what the doctor had just said.

Diabetes... how can he have that?! Natsu yelled to himself, his grip around Lucy hardening.

"The nurses have already given him his first doze of insulin and will keep an eye one him for a few days. Of course you can visit him and talk and touch as much as you want."

Both Natsu and Lucy nodded.

"Would you like to stay for the night?"

"Yes." Lucy answered quickly, but could care less about it. The doctor gave her a understanding look and then turned to Natsu.

"That's what all I had to say, you can go back to you child now. A nurse will come by at 7pm to give him a new doze." with that said, he walked away, after shaking hands with the parents of course.

And as the doctor said; they went inside the room again, not letting go of Toshiro's hand once they had it their own.


Gray flinched at the pitched voice. Slowly he turned around and let out a cough when he got tackled down on the floor in front of his own apartment door. Opening his eyes he nearly screamed when he came face to face with a certain blue haired Loxar girl. "J-Juvia...?"

"You remember Juvia's name!"

What. The. Hell? He thought. The first time he had seen Juvia, she had started a fight between her and Natsu after the pinkette had threatened her brother.

But now... he didn't know what he should say about her. It's like she is another person.

"Oh, Juvia is so happy!"

And why the fuck is she talking in third-person? "Uhm... Juvia, I can't feel my legs."

Juvia's eyes widened and quickly climbed off of him, a blush crossing her cheeks. Gray sighs in relief to feel the blood rush down to his feet. "S-Sorry..." he turns his head, looking at her kneeling figure.

"It's alright."




"Uh, well did have to tell me something?" he asked her. Juvia snapped her head up, but only to look down to her fists again.

"N-Not really, Juvia just wanted to say 'hi'." she said.

Too honest! And that was not a 'Hi'! And you stood beside me all day at FTG! He exclaimed in his mind, but became calm when he saw Juvia shift around in her place. He sighed, but let a small smile come across his lips. "You wanna have something to drink?"


Gray's eyed widened.

"Uh, yes, Juvia would love to." he couldn't help but chuckle as he stood up and extended his hand for her.

A few minutes later, the two of them sits beside each other on Gray's couch, two Pepsi-Cola standing on the coffee table.

"So, why did you visit FTG?" he asks her, reaching over to grab his drink.

"Well, Juvia have joined FTG. Look, Juvia have the tattoo on her thigh!" she said happily, showing him by yanking her skirt up.

And Gray, well, let's say his Pepsi-Cola didn't stay in his mouth.

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