A/N : Okay, folks. This story goes from when Edward left Bella in the forest, back in New Moon. I was trying to stick to the character as much as possibly (all self-loathing and that, you know!) but I don't know how it came across. Right ... here goes!

* Edward P.O.V *

I ran away. Leaving her in the blackness of the forest, all alone.

The regret and pain sank in so quickly that it almost felt natural. The look on her face repeating over and over in my head as I told her I was leaving. I promised myself that I would never hurt her. That I would never put her in any kind of danger, yes, but also that I would never upset her … and I failed.

Maybe I should have gone back and said a proper goodbye, given an honest explanation for my leaving but I didn't want to upset her any further.

I should have at least have taken her home, back to Charlie, where she was safe instead of abandoning her there. But if she had began begging for me to stay I knew that I wouldn't have been able to say no, and I needed her to have a normal, happy life. For her. For Charlie and Renee. For me.

My family had already left Forks. Our cover was that we were moving to LA, which was a ridiculous concept considering our … 'state', but the people of Forks didn't know our secret so it made no difference to be honest. I didn't know where I was going to go, what my plan was. All I could focus on was not returning to that forest. So I continued to run, never stopping …

It wasn't until I reached the Canadian border that I really began thinking my plan through. I knew that I wasn't going to with my family, that was a certainty. Not only did I not want to bring my problems and mistakes down on them, but I didn't want to be around course I would check in with them ... every month or so. They had been my comfort for so long, my parents and my siblings, my strength … but without Isabella it meant nothing. I didn't need anything but her.

You're not going back there! I repeatedly told myself, possibly thousands of times. She'll be happier without you!

But there was a part of me … and incredibly selfish part … that wondered if she really would be. Although I didn't, and never did, believe that her love for me was as strong as my love for her I considered if it was what kept her going. My presence, my existence.

No. Of course not … She's human. She'll forget and she'll heal. She'll be okay … I told myself. She'll be okay.

A/N : I know that it's short but it's more of an introduction than an actual chapter ... if that makes sense XD