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* Edward P.O.V *

"Where's your car?" Bella asked me.

"I didn't bring one. I ran."

She frowned, "You ran? From where?"

"Alaska." I said simply. "I didn't think that would surprise you."

"It didn't." she lied.

I lifted her into the passenger seat of her truck and strapped her in.

What was I doing? Why did I promise her I'd stay, when I promised myself that I wouldn't? I couldn't leave her though. Not for my own selfish reasons, which did play a large part in it, but because she had just confided in me about something that was incredibly difficult for her to talk about. I couldn't just leave her again after that.

Why did I call her "love"? Wouldn't that give her the wrong impression. Obviously I said it because I love her and I care but I didn't want her to misinterpret why I came to see her. And I kissed her forehead … why? She seemed so happy when I did it, comforted by my touch.

I needed to find a way of leaving without hurting her before this went any further.

"Thanks." she smiled as I strapped her in.

I rushed over to the drivers side and headed towards her house. The road was so familiar. It was as if I were driving her home from school like every other day before my departure. Her knee was close to my thigh, her body just inches away from mine.

"I hope Charlie hasn't noticed I'm gone," she said, "I think he'd flip."

"You went for a walk. It's not a crime."

"Yeah, but I've scared him so much lately … for the past couple of years really, I don't think he can take much more."

"How's he coping with the wheelchair?"

Her face dropped. "Okay, considering he's completely confined to it."

I looked at her face, she looked so sad. I unthinkingly pulled a strand of hair away with one of my hands and touched her face with my thumb. She closed her eyes at the touch. "You blame yourself." I said angrily yet calmly. I was pleading she'd say no.

"Of course."

I stopped the car in the middle of the road, not bothering to pull over to the side. "Don't say that. Don't even think it!" I roared. "I won't have you blaming yourself for any of this, Bella!"

She looked away from me, "I can't help it!" she cried "I should have stayed with Jac- him. I shouldn't have let him wander off like that!"

"Stop!" I shouted, putting her face in between my hands, "Stop it! How dare you even suggest that you played any part in this!" Her tears rolled into my palms and down my wrists. I tried to tone down my voice so that it would soothe her rather than frighten her but I was so angry. "What he did to you … to Charlie, to your entire family and life, was not your fault."

I never meant to react like that. I never meant to be that angry around her but I had been bottling it up, hoping to release it when she wasn't around.

"Kiss me …" she cried.

"What?" I froze.

"Please, just once." she put her forehead onto mine, "Even though you're here I feel so alone. So empty. Please … just kiss me."

My head told me not to, but my body reacted differently. I pulled her into me, not just her face but her entire body. Her lips pressed against mine frantically and her scent rushed through my nose. I forgot how difficult it was to be that close to her. Her fingers pulled at my hair as she moved over to sit on my lap, I pushed her away and tried to control myself.

"Too much?" she said.

"Three years doesn't change much, Bella. I'm still a vampire."

"I thought you were doing really good," she smiled, "if that helps at all."

He smiled weakly back at her and brushed her hair away with my hand, "You're so grown up."

She laughed blushing deep red, "Yeah, well I age."

"You do indeed. I didn't think that you'd change this much but you have."

She slowly leaned in to kiss me again, more gently this time, and moved off of my lap and back into the passenger seat. "Right … home."

I started the truck again and continued the drive to Bella's home. We made small talk but I think we were both trying to take in what just happened.

If Charlie was still awake then surely he wouldn't let me stay. But I couldn't leave her. After that kiss, there was no way. I was sucked back in … but I was happy that I had been. She seemed happy too, but maybe that was just a façade.

Her house came into view, exactly the same as it had always been. I pulled over into the drive and my senses twitched.

"Is that a w-"

"What?" she said confused.

"I smell a werewolf." I growled.

"Oh, yeah … um," she stuttered, "that's Seth. He's asleep."

"In your house?"

"Yeah. I didn't mention … and Alice apparently, didn't mention my dad marrying Sue."

If it beated, my heart would have stopped, "Clearwater? Sue Clearwater?"


"And Seth, a werewolf, lives in your house. With you."


"This is dangerous." I whispered turning my head to look out of the window.

She leaned over and turned my head back with her hand, "Don't worry about it."

Worry? The werewolf's lack of control was just as bad as their temperament, of course I was worrying.

"Hey, Edward." she said, kissing my cheek, "he's family now."

Something was wrong. Different. I straightened up and instinctively covered her with my arm.

"It's not Seth." I said. How did I not notice before. I knew that smell perfectly … putrid.

"What? Edward, it's just Seth that lives here. Sue's not a wolf and Leah's not staying with us tonight."

"He's here."

I got out of the car and slammed the door. Bella obviously followed. I never actually expected her to stay in the car.

"Who?" she said worryingly. "Edward, who is it?"

She stopped behind me and tensed up. I defensively crouched in front of her, baring my teeth. In front of us, not fifteen feet away, stood Jacob Black.

"What are you doing here?" he roared at me.

"I could say the same for you."

Bella's breathing became rapid, "Go away!" she screamed. She tugged at her hair with her hands.

"Bella, love. Go inside." I ordered, "Now!"

"No!" she screamed, "Jacob, get the fuck out of here! How dare you come to my house!"

She walked forward and grabbed my arms, pulling me towards the house. I pulled her back and looked her in the eyes seriously, "Bella, go inside!"

"Not without you!"

"Oh, I see how it is." Jacob hissed, "You'll forgive him in a heartbeat but you won't even hear me out!"

"I don't want to hear anything that you have to say, now get the fuck off of my property!"

He took a step forward and I crouched further. Did he think I wouldn't attack him after what he did to her. I would be ready to kill him if it didn't endanger my family. He continued to walk. He was doing it on purpose.

"Come on then." he taunted me, holding out his arms, "Let's do this."

"No!" Bella screamed, darting in front of me, "Don't you dare."

I pulled her back, "Get out of the way, I don't want you getting hurt."

"You're hurting her every time you touch her, blood-sucker!"

"I didn't take her child away from her!" I roared.

He froze. Bella gasped.

"I will never hurt her the way you did, mutt. What you did to her was ... there isn't a word. How you can stand here now and how you can ever consider her forgiving you is ridiculous. You're embarrassing yourself. So do what she asked you do, and fuck off."

I wrapped my arm around Bella's waist and walked her to the door which she swiftly opened.

"What if he comes back?" she whispered.

"He won't. But if he does I'll be here. Don't worry about that."

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