(Swahili: Bilauri = glass)

"Good morning, sire," said Zazu the hornbill as he flew down and landed on the shoulder of Simba, the Lion King. "And good morning to you too, young master," added Zazu, acknowledging Kopa.

"Shh," replied Kopa, with his finger pressed up to his lips, "they're hunting."

Zazu looked out across the plains. From where he, Simba and Kopa stood on the top of a small hill, they could see the backs of a plentiful amount of lionesses stalking a herd of antelope.

"Ah yes," whispered Zazu in response, "so they are."

"Sarafina!" whispered Bilauri, calling the lioness on her left. "Psst!"

Sarafina stopped moving and looked over her shoulder at Bilauri.

Bilauri lifted up three toes and then knocked herself on the head twice with a balled up fist. She then pointed over in the direction of Nala.

Sarafina nodded.

Slowly, she made her way over to her daughter.

"Nala," she whispered.

"Yes Mom?"

"Instructions from Bilauri. When the leaders move out, we're going to wait three seconds before we join in. Got that?"

"Three seconds? Okay."

"Good," replied Sarafina. She crouched down next to her daughter and then let out a chuckle. "I guess you're under a lot of pressure right now."

"What makes you think that?"

"This is the first time your son's watched you hunt. I know you want to be the one who brings one down."

"As long as Kopa learns something, I will be happy," responded Nala.

Sarafina smirked. "We'll see."

The first of the lionesses began the chase. The gazelles took off into a run and Nala and Sarafina arched themselves into pouncing positions.

"Alright," whispered Sarafina, "one…two…"

"Three!" exclaimed Nala, and with that she jumped out to a head-start on Sarafina.

Sarafina didn't even bother moving. She just grinned. "Still a child at heart," she said to herself.

Indeed, Nala had jumped out to such a head-start that she was right in the pack of the herd of gazelles.

She wasn't bothered though. She had done this plenty of times before. She knew what she was doing.

Nala found a gazelle in front of her that was running slower than the rest. She ran after it.

"Just a bit further…" she said to herself, as she ran up behind the gazelle. "Alright…" she added, "…now!"

But as Nala pounced, the gazelle kicked, and his hoof landed square in Nala's left shoulder blade.

Nala stumbled off of her feet and rolled into a heap on the ground. The herd escaped while the pride ran up next to her.

"Oh no!" exclaimed Bilauri, "Nala, are you okay?"

"My child!" cried Sarafina, "is she hurt?"

Simba, Kopa and Zazu also came down to join the commotion.

Nala finally sputtered out a couple of coughs, and she looked up at all of them.

"Phew!" said Simba, giving out a sigh of relief. "Gee whizz Nala, you had us all worried there."

"Sorry about that," replied Nala. "Where's my Kopa?"

"I'm here Mom," her son replied, walking up to her. "So what went wrong?"

"Nothing went wrong," the lioness replied, "sometimes hunts just…ooh!"

"Nala. What are you trying to do?" asked Sarafina.

"I'm trying to get up…but my shoulder…"

"Oh ha heh!" Rafiki laughed, arriving on the scene, "you won't be able to walk on dat shoulder for days!" said the mandrill, pointing his stick down at Nala.

Nala sighed. "I was afraid of that," she admitted. "Guess I'm just going to have to limp around."

"You could," agreed Rafiki, "but it still won't do your shoulder good. I say we carry you back to Pride Rock."

"Well…" replied Nala, "you're the doctor."