The hyenas had already found Kopa. Shenzi, Banzai and Ed were all chasing after Timon, Pumbaa and the lion cub as they ran through some thick shrubbery. Suddenly, Pumbaa spotted a burrow in front of them. Timon agreed that they should hide in it, and he jumped in. Pumbaa followed, and then Kopa tried to too.

"Oh no!" whined Kopa, "help, guys, I'm stuck!"

Timon and Pumbaa each grabbed one of his paws and tried to pull him further into the hole, but from above the hyenas were right on him. They opened their jaws…and then moved in for the kill.

Suddenly, Simba jumped out from a thicket and swatted the three hyenas with his paw. The hunting party of lionesses followed.

The hyenas were outnumbered, and they knew it.

Shenzi, the female hyena, put two of her fingers in her mouth and blew out a whistle. As the hunting party closed in on the hyenas, another set of 30 hyenas jumped out of a thicket and into the clearing.

Now the lions were outnumbered.

"Oh no," said Timon, poking his head out of the hole to see what was going on, "they've brought the whole clan!"

The lions and the hyenas began fighting one another. Though there were more hyenas, the lions were stronger. The hyenas gnawed and bit while the lions clawed and scratched.

Eventually, however, the hyenas got the upper hand and they backed the pride into a corner.

"Stop fighting!" commanded Simba. "Let's try to resolve this in a more civilized manner. Hyenas, what do you want from us?"

"Oh…" replied Shenzi, snickering, "we just wanted a snack."

Ed, the third hyena, laughed in agreement.

"If you're talking about my son, you're not getting him," Simba snapped back.

"Oh…oh…oh…your son…well why didn't you say so? Banzai, did you know that was Simba's son?"

"Yes I did!"

"Oh that's funny, cos you know…I did too. But we don't care Simba. Your pride is outnumbered…you are in no position to bargain right now. So if you will excuse us, we have a snack to attend to."

The clan of hyenas turned around, but then all of their jaws dropped.

Kopa was nowhere to be seen!

"He couldn't have fit in that hole!"

"Never! That hole was far too small for him."

Ed nodded in agreement.

"And he couldn't have got out."

"Nah – he was stuck good."

"Someone must have helped him."

"But all the lions are there in that corner!"

"I know that! You think I don't know that?"

"So where is he?"

Before their conversation could continue any further, the hyenas were interrupted by the snarling coming from the lions behind them.

The hyena clan turned back around.

"Yes?" asked Shenzi. "Do you guys want something?"

"I want you out of our lands," replied Simba.

"Well too bad, hun. We still outnumber you – and we're going to get a snack while we're here."

Suddenly, however, rustling was heard from the trees above them. Rafiki appeared on a branch with a gourd in his hand.

"That's it?" asked Banzai, the male hyena, "that's all you've got?"

Suddenly, another mandrill appeared, also holding a gourd. And then another, and then another, and then another.

Eventually, there were so many mandrills, that they actually outnumbered the hyenas themselves.

Simba smirked. "I think its best you get your clan out of here now Shenzi, unless you want to get pelted with gourds."

Shenzi snarled as a response, and then began to move her clan back in on the lions.

"Ready…" whispered Rafiki to the other mandrills, "…aim…"

Shenzi and the clan crouched down into their pouncing positions, and then they moved in for the attack.


All of the mandrills threw their gourds and knocked each of the hyenas in the head. When they had run out of ammo, they just picked more gourds off of the trees above them.

Eventually, the hyenas were being pelted so much that they decided to retreat, and they ran out of the Pridelands with their tails between their legs.

All of the residents of the Pridelands cheered. The mandrills hollered, the lions roared, and Timon and Pumbaa came out from the burrow and did a victory dance.

"Wait a minute…" said Simba, "…so where is Kopa?"

"I have him," came the reply. Nala and Kopa stepped out together from their hiding place behind a thicket.

"Nala!" exclaimed Simba, "How did you…you're still limping! Goodness, Nala! You're going to hurt yourself. How did you even get here?"

"Simba, please, don't panic. I'm fine. And if I hadn't come here something may have happened to Kopa. His health means the world to me."

"Well…I can't argue with that," said Simba. "But Nala, you need to go back to Pride Rock immediately and rest."

"I will," the lioness replied. "It's lonely there, but I'll manage. Kopa, you just need to be more careful, okay? Make sure to listen to me when I say that. I say it for a reason. There is danger in this world," explained Nala.

"Yes Mom," replied Kopa, "I promise I will. But you've gotta admit, we had those hyenas fooled! They are dumb!"

Nala smiled as a response. "Just be careful dear."

"Anyways," said Simba, "we've still got to finish up our hunt. Kopa, want to come and watch?"

"Yes please!"

"Alright, well let's just get your mother back to Pride Rock, first of all."

"Heh heh, don't worry about her," said Rafiki, "leave her to old Rafiki, he knows what to do."

"Alright, well, see you later Nala," said Simba. "Come on Kopa, let's go."

The hunting party left, as did the mandrills.

Nala smiled down at Rafiki. "Looking for something?" she asked.

"Where is my walking stick?"

"Up against a tree. Thanks for letting me burrow it."

"Technically…I did not let you burrow it."

"Ah, but it was like you said to me Rafiki. Well…you said it in a dream at the least. Every bad thing…every bad dream…everything in life that's not fair, there's a reason for all of it. Today wasn't a good day, but I think Kopa took away some very valuable lessons from it. And I'm happy with that."

"And so you should be," replied Rafiki. "Think you'll need the stick to help you get back?"

"If you don't mind."

"Not at all. And hakuna matata," said Rafiki, "don't worry, that shoulder should heal in no time at all."

"Honestly, Rafiki," replied Nala, chuckling, "after what happened today, I think I'm going to enjoy relaxation."

Rafiki chuckled. "Won't we all?"