Sorry I haven't been writing much these past few days. My grandmother finally passed away on leap year, the 29th at 5:02 pm.

And my mom and a few others aren't taking it well.

The funeral is today at 2. But I wanted to share with you what I wrote as part of her eulogy.


Love is eternal-

It is never ending and enduring through the passages of time. Through sorrow and pain, happiness and laughter-From the frailties of the body, to coming to grips with one's mortality, and moving on to another goodbye...

We as humans strive to hold onto the lessons taught to us by our teachers, the taught by our parents, the virtues learned from time, patience and our life experiences.

The pain of loss is a never ending cycle.

Beginning at birth and ending at death.

Loss is horrible and difficult. And for many it makes us feel as if we will never be happy again. As if the very light and warmth as been stolen from our souls. However as we turn our gaze towards the future and begin taking those small steps that will eventually lead to the new chapters in our lives-

We are reminded of what was lost.

And though it will hurt us greatly. Those of us secure in the knowledge of the lessons taught, the lives we've touched, and those that we held most dear- though many will leave us behind along the way- we will always remember.

Love is eternal.

And through us; it will never die.