T-rex and a Vampire

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Chapter 1: The Journey.

"Ohhh, I'm so excited!" screamed Moka right down Tskune's ear without realising.

"Owwww, Moka," Tskune said in a calm voice but with pain from the scream his vampire friend had done.

"Sorry, Tskune. Couldn't help myself," said Moka giving Tskune a puppy dog look with her emerald eyes. The pair were sat on a bench at the bus stop waiting for the others to turn up.

Tskune thought to himself, 'I can't believe we actually have the chance to visit Jurassic Park – it's going to be great but what makes it even better Moka is coming, too.' Unknown to him he was drooling and had a massive dorky grin on his face.

This was interrupted by Moka's sweet, gentle voice asking, "What's wrong, Tskune?"

"Nothing, don't worry," he nervously responded.

Moka gave him a confused look. 'I hope I don't hurt Tskune because if there is any blood I won't be able to help myself.' She gave a sad look and held her rosary tight and she heard her inner self speak to her through her mind, "I won't be sorry for sucking his blood." Moka ignored this statement, hugged Tskune and happily remarked, "Tskune, I'm so glad you're coming with me!"

To which he replied, "I don't really have a choice, Moka. After all, it's a trip for the newspaper club," and smiled at her. The next thing he heard was Moka muttering his name softly—but he didn't get a chance to reply.

"Get your hands off him, Moka!" A very jealous Kurumu ran over to them and pulled Moka away from him, threw herself at the poor boy and made sure his head landed in her chest.

"Don't worry your bosom buddy will take care of you," Kurumu whispered but it fell on deaf ears as Tskune couldn't hear her due to the two big melons covering his ears. To his surprise, though, Kurumu fell backwards off him. He noticed an ice dagger sticking out her forehead and then he felt an icy chill come over him.

"I wonder where she is hiding this time…" a confused Moka mumbled looking around her surroundings – and then received her answer as a golden washtub fell out of the sky behind the nearby bus timetable.

"Oh you girls I'm so glad you're my friends," Tskune commented to which all the girls (the ones that were conscious anyway) smiled at him, and then the group heard a song of cosmic love.

"Hey you guys!" They turned to see Miss Nekonome arriving on the bus. The group boarded the bus.

As Tskune made his way onto the bus driver turned to him. "You're in for a rough ride boy." His tone was sly and creepy, sending shivers down Tskune's spine. 'I wonder what he meant by that,' but Tskune shook it out his head and sat down next to Moka but got pulled away by the succubus.

"You always sit next to her! And never me!" He turned to see tears coming from her powerful eyes and felt a wave of pleasure come over him as he lost control of his body and grabbed her. This caught the attention of Moka.

"Kurumu, you promised you would never use Charm on Tskune again!"

"Sorry, Moka, but I'm sick of you getting the most of his attention. I need some for myself or…" She trailed off.

"Or what?"

"I'll die!"

The bus went silent as everyone heard this and turned to Kurumu.

"Of course. She's a succubus," explained the witchling. "They need love to survive—especially from their chosen one, which is of course Tskune."

Kurumu burst into tears and pulled Tskune close to her.

"Please guys! Let me have Tskune with me for this journey… I beg you."

"Ok… but I'm not very happy about it," Moka grumbled. 'Man, I really thought Tskune and I could talk on this journey but I guess not.' She faced to the window and watched as they passed through the secret barrier to the human world.

"Well students, time to board the InGen helicopter to take us to the island," a very warm male voice said to the Yokai lot and they followed his instructions, with Kurumu still holding Tskune.

'I really want to snatch him out her arms but its keeping her alive and I don't think it would be right for Kurumu to no longer be a part of our lives.' The pink haired vampire let out a gentle sigh as she sat down but to her shock she was sat opposite her favourite palaeontologist Alan Grant. She squealed with excitement trying to resist the urge to jump on him and bite into his neck.

"So you're the group of monsters. But, please, don't take it in an offensive manner as I only mean it with kindness."

"Y-yeah we are," stammered Moka whose cheeks had gone a bright pink colour much like her hair. She tried not to make eye contact for fear of losing control.

"You are a bunch of very kind... hmmm what would be a better word?"

"How about monsters because that's what we are. It's no hidden fact that you're human and we are monsters."

Tskune flinched at this statement because he is a human pretending to be a monster only to be close to his friends.

"What's wrong Tskune?" a worried Kurumu questioned.

"Oh nothing. I was just getting comfortable," he replied. 'Oh man, if they found out I was human I would be killed. I just know it.'

Moka looked at Tskune almost knowing what he was thinking. 'Oh Tskune. I'm glad you are doing this because a life without you is not worth living now I know you.' she turned her eyes back to Alan

"Umm excuse me, Mr Grant?"

"Please call me Alan, I hate being formal" he laughed

"I have to ask what your favourite predator is?" Being a predator herself, Moka was intrigued.

"The velociraptor. It is the single most clever predator of its time."

"Oh mine, too!" an excited Moka exclaimed but in the back of her mind she heard from her other self.

"Mine is Tskune."

'Shut it you or else.'

"Don't make me laugh; you can't even protect Tskune without my help". This statement left Moka's heart sinking as she knew it was the truth. She just wasn't strong enough to protect the one she loved.

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