T-rex and a Vampire

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Chapter 8: Now that must hurt!

The last thing that raptor heard was Moka. "Know your place!" Then its world went black from the kick to the head.

"Yeah, Moka! You go!" cried Tsukune jumping from out of his haven. "I can't believe how strong that last raptor was!"

Moka just folded her arms and looked away from him. "Nothing for a S-class monster like me," she coldly remarked and walked over to one of the fallen raptors. "For some reason, just like the rex, these have monster energy in them; I need to find out why." She bent down to her knees staring at the raptors face. "Then I might find the reason why I have split from the fake me."

"She's not fake!" shouted an angry Tsukune "She is just as real as you or me!" He walked closer to Moka. "You know that just as much as I do." He glared at her back not moving away.

"Be careful what you say to me, otherwise you might end up like these. Still, I respect your courage for defending her." She got up and faced him with a crooked grin, showing a fang. "I still owe you for earlier. I won't take my fill from you now, though, as we are going to need strength."

The pair heard footsteps running in their direction.

"Are you guys all right? I heard a lot of noise coming from here and thought I would see what it was," Alan explained as he neared them noticing the raptors. "Moka, Tsukune, what… uh, happened here?"

"Moka, that's what happened." Tsukune shrugged.

"They made the mistake of attacking us and not staying down with the first attacks that I dealt them."

"Get in here quick Moka!" Kurumu pleaded with her friend.

"I'm running as fast as I can!" She made it through and Kurumu slammed the door shut and hit the security lock just in time so the raptor got to know the door. "That… was close," panted the vampire, releasing Yukari from her grasp.

"Moka, you did a good job there," Kurumu said as she hugged her companion smiling.

The trio heard the raptor banging at the door making them jump out of their skin and scream.

"L-let's get out of here before that thing gets through that door!" panicked Kurumu "Everyone else is just down here in the main room!" She released the other two from her grasp and walked off motioning for them to follow her.

Moka turned to Yukari smiling. "Hey, Yukari, do you think the other me and Tsukune will be okay?"

The witch shrugged her shoulders. "Honestly, Moka, I have no idea and don't forget Mr Grant!"

"I won't." She chuckled. 'Please be okay Tsukune! I need to see you again and I just wish everything would go back to normal, none of this running away from dinos…' Moka then collapsed onto the floor in tears.

"Moka!" shouted both Yukari and Kurumu rushing over to her side.

"What's wrong?" Yukari asked out of worry for her fallen friend. "Hey come on, seriously, Moka what's gotten into you?"

But she got no reply as Moka still carried on crying, not moving from her spot no matter how hard Yukari and Kurumu tried to move her. The stress of everything was getting to her and she could not take it anymore, all Moka wanted was Tsukune nobody else, her first friend, her first and only love. The only person she wanted by her side for the rest of her life, no matter what!

"I won't see him again, will I? He won't choose me over her! I'm nothing but a fake person," she remarked, void of all emotion in her voice not even a tiny bit of anger. This earned her a slap across the face—not from Yukari or Kurumu, but Mizore who had just arrived after hearing Moka cry.

"Pull it together, you are not a fake person, you are just as real as us, so stop crying and get into that room, otherwise you will be in trouble," Mizore said in her usual manner but with anger across her face.

Moka did nothing but stare at her friend with empty eyes; she then got up and walked off in the direction of the main room, no longer crying and just walking.

"Moka, wait up!" cried Yukari chasing her down.

Moka just carried on walking repeating, a thought in her head. 'Please be okay Tsukune.'

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