Welcome everyone to my new little story, Pressing My Luck!

Summary: Bella faces fierce competition to be crowned Ink God. Her biggest rival is the man who taught her everything about ink, not to mention love. With a lot of talent and a little luck, Bella knows she can win it all, including Edward's heart. Rated M for language and lemons.

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/*Pressing My Luck*\


"Bella! Bella! Get your ass out here!"

Grumbling, I stopped my sketch design work for Alec, one of my favorite regulars, and made my way to the front of the shop.

I knew trying to hide out in the back would be futile; Alice was persistent as hell and would nag the fuck out of me until I did her bidding anyway.

Why not save myself the headache?

Walking in to the main room, I saw her perched on the stool behind the glass counter case, a smile wide on her impish face.

Of course, that was all that looked impish on Alice. The rest of her, while beautiful to me, tended throw others for a loop.

I think it was the many piercings and visible tattoos that caused people to take a second look when seeing her for the first time. It wasn't often you saw such a pretty girl covered in steel and ink. You could just see them question what had caused her to do that to herself. The truth was nothing had. She was normal, with the exception of her body modifications.

Then again, that was kind of a theme around here. All of the guys working here came from good homes, and had regular backgrounds with no major skeletons in the closet. It was misconception that everyone who looked like us, tattooed and pierced had troubled pasts.

Sure, that applied to some of the people I'd met in various shops and at conventions, but for most of us, we just wanted to display our art, ourselves, the best way we know how. Through our skin.

"What's up Buttercup?" I asked as I stepped closer to Alice.

"This!" She shouted, thrusting a paper into my face and bouncing up and down.

"Quit waving it around," I scolded, grabbing her wrist. Once I finally got it away from her, my eyes quickly scanned the letter.

"Holy shit," I whispered in disbelief.

"I know."

"Holy shit."

"I know."

"Holy fucking shit! Alice!"

"I know!" she cried, her violet eyes excited. "You fucking made it!"

"Hell yes!" I shouted, throwing my arms around her and jumping up and down.

We were such girls sometimes. I didn't give a fuck though, I was so pumped.

"This is amazing! I can't believe they picked me…"

Alice scoffed. "Whatever, Bell, you're a badass. They could see that from your portfolio; it's no wonder they picked you. I can't believe you are going to be the next Ink God!"

"Calm your tits, girl. I haven't won anything… yet," I said.

We both laughed, giving each other knowing smirks. Alice and I had been best friends and business partners for the past four years. I first met her when I'd been looking to get my eyebrow pierced shortly after I moved to California from Chicago. She was the piercer at the shop I went to, and complimented me on my visible ink and body modifications.

We'd got to talking, me explaining my passion for tattooing and desire to open my own shop, and her to be her own boss. One thing led to another and here we were four years later, the proud owners of Lucky Ink, a small but well respected tattoo shop in San Diego.

It had been Alice's idea for me to enter into the national Ink God competition. We'd been at the Ink-N-Iron Festival down in Long Beach when she'd spotted the flyers for the event. I let her sign me up as a gag, but once they'd tapped me for a prospective contestant, I'd let my hopes get up.

I knew getting that sort of national attention would be amazing for our business. And if I was truly lucky, then I might just have an opportunity to see him again.

Before I could get caught up in those old memories, the bell chimed, announcing a customer's arrival in the shop.

We mostly had appointment only bookings for tats, but Alice didn't mind the occasional walk in for her piercings, which is what this girl explained she wanted. Once Alice gave the chick paperwork to fill out, I pulled her to the side.

"Let's plan our trip over drinks tonight," I said, making sure Alice knew there was no way I was going to Chicago, where the competition was being held, without her. She wouldn't be able to stay the whole time, but she could cheer me on for at least the first round.

"You got it sweets," she replied then turned back to the co-ed who was looking at the jewelry in the cases.

I smiled, feeling excited and ready for this challenge. I was sure the competition would be stiff, but I could handle it.

Nothing to be scared of, as far as I could tell.

a/n: For those wondering, yes this story was inspired by the television show Ink Masters. I blame my baby sister entirely since she got me hooked on it. If you are reading this Smashley, I hope you enjoy (and also, never mention it to me…'cause, you know).

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