"Bella! What the hell is taking so fucking long?"

I rolled my eyes, annoyed by the voice yelling at me again. Alice knew I was back here working on a special piece for a new client, Jared. He wanted a wolf howling at the moon and the sketch needed to be very detailed so I could get the most realistic tattoo possible.

Was it taking up to much of my time when I had other shit I'd rather be doing? Yes, but being your own business owner wasn't always fun and games.

Just ask the stack of invoices, receipts, and records I needed to go through on my desk.

Still, I had been holed up back here working on this piece for the last hour and half. I glanced at the clock and realized we were actually going to be late if I didn't get my ass in gear.

"Shit, I'm on the way," I shouted as I scrambled to clear up my work space, stuffing Jared's design in a folder and flicking off the lights as I left.

"Okay, let's do this," I said, coming into the front lobby. Alice jumped down from her perch behind the counter, her now purple pixie spiked hair gelled so well it didn't even move.

I'd teased her about it at first, but then she head butted me and caught my eye with one of those points. That shit hurt, and I was not making that mistake again.

"Took you long enough," Alice griped.

"I know, sorry. I got caught up, you know how I get when I'm in the zone," I answered as we locked up the shop, flipping the open sign off and stepped out into the warm breeze.

"I know, I know. And business has been crazy thanks to you and your mega fame, but you know how pissy he gets if things get off schedule," Alice admonished.

She was right, of course and I knew that I was likely going to get an earful if we arrived late, but whatever. I couldn't help it that everyone wanted a tattoo by me now.

We made good time driving, mainly because Alice was reckless as hell on the roads, and we arrived with a few minutes to spare.

"Hurry up, Bell. I want to get there before all those sluts show up and throw themselves at my man," Alice said as we rushed up the sidewalk.

"You just want to piss on his leg," I said, giving Alice a knowing smirk.

She shrugged. "And? They need to know that he's taken. And if I have to mark my territory, then so be it."

I laughed, and shook my head at her as we entered the shop. Alice had lost her mind it seemed, and all over a guy.

I couldn't believe it. She was so different from the free-loving girl I used to know.

"What's so funny over here?" A smooth, deep voice asked beside me.

I smiled, turning towards the man who owned it, owned me. "Nothing, baby. Just Alice being Alice," I said, sliding my arms around his waist and hugging him close.

God, he smelled good. A little spice, a little ink, and all man.

Perfectly Edward.

"Ahh, that explains it," he said, his arms rocking me gently in his embrace. We stood in each other's arms for another moment before Edward pulled back.

"Hi baby girl," he smiled warmly.

"Hi Pretty Boy," I teased back, earning an eye roll. Edward had never warmed up to my nickname for him, though it was true.

Even with all the ink and steel that covered his body, he was still pretty. And he was all mine.

Edward leaned forward, pressing his lips to mine in a soft kiss that began to escalate into more before long. He wrapped his hands around my waist, pulling me in tight to his body and I reached up for his hair.

I ran my fingers over his short fuzz, missing the longer locks from a few months ago, but Edward decided to buzz it all off after it kept getting in his eyes while he was running.

I dealt with it by making him promise to grow it back out. And secretly, I sort of loved it. He looked like a total badass.

"You guys gonna get a room or is this a free show Skin Deep will be providing customers? Because I could be down with that," Emmett shouted loudly, forcing me to pull away from Edward's tantalizing lips so I could scowl at him.

"I got it," Rose replied, slapping Emmett on the head.

"Thanks," I said, nuzzling into Edward for another second before I untangled myself and went over to give Rose a hug hello.

She wasn't one for much physical affection but I figured I could wear her down eventually. Seven months since I first met her, and she was finally relaxing a little when it happened.

"I'm glad you guys could make it," I said, smiling when I stepped back from our embrace.

Edward came up behind me, his arms finding their place around my waist as I leaned back into his chest. I twisted the silver ring on his left hand, glad it was finally where it belonged as Edward said hello. "Yeah, thanks for coming out."

Emmett slung his arm over Rose's shoulder and proclaimed, "We wouldn't have missed your grand opening for anything, bro. In fact, with as much foot traffic as you'll get now that you're even more famous, I may not see you ever again. Hey, what do you think the odds are that Schwarzenegger will show? That would be so cool for you to tat him up!"

Edward shrugged behind me and Rose rolled her eyes, exacerbated with her boyfriend. "Ignore this idiot, it's what I do," she said.

"Babe! That's not nice," Emmett mocked offense. "And to think I wanted too," he trailed off, whispering in Rose's ear. She blushed, something very rare to see, and kissed him on the lips. It still surprised me, honestly. Somehow, Emmett had worn her down and convinced her she needed to be with him.

I think it worked, oddly enough. Emmett was just goofy and fun loving enough to balance out Rose's bitchiness.

"Now look at who's putting on a show," I teased. Edward laughed behind me, his rumble shaking my own body slightly as I continued to lean on him.

Emmett and Rose ignored us as they began to make out in earnest.

"Let's leave her Highness and that jester alone," Edward said, grabbing my hand and pulling me into his office. Once there, he flipped the lock and then settled onto his desk, tugging me to stand in between his parted legs as he ran his hands up and down my arms.

"How was your day, baby?" Edward asked.

"Good, busy. You know how crazy things are now. I can't wait until the expansion gets completed," I said, placing my hands on his neck and stroking under his jaw with my thumbs.

"Mmm, yeah, that will be nice for you," Edward agreed.

"How about you?" I asked. "Big day, opening up your new shop in a new city."

"I'd say it's going alright. I've got you here with me, so that's probably the best part," he said, pressing his lips to mine.

I kissed him back softly, conveying as best as I could how grateful I was that he had made this move. He could have chosen to start a new shop anywhere in the country after the competition and done well, but he chose to move here to be near me.

I loved him so much for it; for letting us get the rest of our lives started as soon as possible.

We continued to share kisses; growing in heat and passion the longer we stayed in the back room. I was seconds away from laying myself out on his desk and letting him take me there, but Edward managed to find the strength to slow us down. Damn it.

"Bella," he mumbled against my neck, licking a line up to my jaw and nipping there. "Baby, we've got to go back out there."

"No, I don't want to. Can't we just stay here and have a little fun?" I said seductively, playing with hem of my shirt a little so he'd know exactly what I meant.

Edward's eyes zeroed in on my exposed flesh, the very top of my black swan tattoo peeking up from my low cut shorts. He groaned, his eyes closing as he shook his head. "No, no, no. Not right now, Bella. Jasper will kill me if I leave him to do this on his own."

"I'm sure Alice will be happy to district him," I countered.

"Bella," Edward admonished. I pouted. "Fine," I huffed, crossing my arms.

Edward chuckled darkly, kissing my lips and nose softly. "I know, baby. But if you can make it through a few hours, I swear I will make it worth your while."

I wasn't convinced, and scoffed to let him know.

"It'll be so good, Bella. I'll be your own personal Ink God. And do you know what Ink Gods can do?" he purred, kissing my jaw and sucking the spot below it, where he knew I was extra sensitive. "We can go all night. I'll make you cum so many times, you won't know which stars are real and which are on my body."

I shivered, feeling the heat pool between my thighs. "Yeah, let's do that," I muttered as he continued to suck on my skin.

"Good," he said, moving his mouth back to mine as he breathed his heady words into my mouth. "Because you'll have to show me how long an Ink Goddess can go too," he smirked before taking my lower lip between his, sucking on it and letting his tongue ring find its way into my mouth, which I welcomed readily.

I was the luckiest woman in the world to be able to call him my own, and have him claim me as well.

No title in the world could beat that.


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