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"KARI!!!" Tai yelled. "We're going to be late, hurry up!" It had been a year since the digi destines first adventure in the digital world, and after the fight with Deaboramon, things were getting back to normal. Kari scampered to get her dress on. It was now summer vacation again, and Tai was taking her someplace special. He told her it was a surprise, and she was bursting with excitement.

"I'm coming!" She called out. As she left she gave one last look to her new room. Now that she was 9, soon turning 10, her parents promised her, her own room. Plus Tai was now a teenager, and also needed his own space. Her and her father spent the weekend cleaning out his old computer room, painting it, and picking new furniture. They had just finished it, an hour ago, and she hated to leave it.


"I'm coming…" She called flicking off the light, and running to the door.

"Finally, common, were going to be late…" Tai said helping her with her coat.

"Bye mom!" Kari called out.

"Be home soon, I'm making liver sticks for dinner….." Their mother called.

"Great…." Tai said. "Don't worry Kari I planed for this, we can get something to eat when we get there."

"Where?" Kari asked taking Tai's hand as they walked out of the building.

"You'll see…" Tai said as he waved down a taxi.

"TAI!!!" Kari cried with happiness. "This is sooo great I've never been to the circus!" She said looking at the large tent. It was a circus all right, and it was incredible, they weren't even inside yet and they were dazzled, by all the rides, people, and the smell of the food.

"I thought you'd like it, this group is really good, and they travel all over the world, they'll be staying her in Odiba Japan for about to months, before moving on. They have some of the strangest creatures, and they're so mysterious, it's so cool! Everyone so excited because it's been almost five years since they've been here." Tai explained, as he walked around.

"Wow…" Kari said still in ah.

"Ya, dad took me to the cruces when I was about you age, and it scared me to death, but after the second time, I loved it. After what happened a year ago, makes me think your ready. Specking of which…where are they??"

"Hey! Tai!!!" The tall blond waved them down.

"Matt, TK!" Kari said happily.

"Hey guys, common, I got us great seats."

"We're packed sir…"

"Great….I'll make sure there ready." The tall man said, as he walked to the back of the tent. It was packed with cages full of animals, and people.

"Well my slaves tonight, once again, it time for you to serve your master, now I want you to go out there and put on the best show of your life…or it will be the end of your life!" The creatures around him cringed with fear. Then the man turned to a cage behind a curtain. He pulled the long drapes accost it reveling, a very angry being. The tall man smirked.

"And if you try anything again tonight I will make sure you suffer. Remember, you time is over, you're mine now! I own you, and I'm going to make the rest of your life miserable and don't forget it!" The creature's eyes glowed red with anger. The tall man just laughed.

"Now if you don't mind, I have a show to put on." He smirked.

"Wow! These seats are great!" Tai exclaimed.

"Ya and after, we can it the rides, and get hotdogs, and cotton candy." TK said smiling at Kari.

"Ya." Kari said moving in closer to TK. "Hey it's starting!"

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, welcome to the Worlds Greatest Circus!" A tall man shouted. There was a huge roar from the crowd.

"I am the ring master Kale the Great, and I have brought to you here tonight, creatures of every shape and size, form the far corners of the earth. Creatures that will stun and amaze you. I have brought you people from all accost earth, with talents, and powers that will leave you breathless. With a little magic…." As he said it there was a great explanation of fire works, the crowed cheered. "Some humor, and of course your help, this will be the best show we've ever had!" He smiled with satisfaction, as the people ate it up, he waved happily as he walked back behind the curtains. As soon as he was out of site a frown came over his face.

"Get out there!" He shouted, as the performers were pushed into the ring.

Kari, watched the acts with pure excitement she was entranced, the jugglers, the acrobats the animals. It was wonderful, and she was loving every minute of it. Next came the clowns, they were laughing so hard; they thought they'd die.

"Now for are final act, we will need a volunteer from the audience." One of the acrobats shouted. The crowd jumped and screamed. "Pick me!" Kari and TK were yelling. As a young lady walked through the belchers, she noticed the young girl.

"Would you like to help us young lady?" Kari nodded happily as she took the girls hand. The crowd cheered as Kari walked down into the center of the ring. The all of the performers were there now, each waving, or doing something, as they did their final acts for the night. Everyone's eyes were on Kari, as she was put onto the shoulders of the male acrobat.

"Ok kid, here's the deal, I'm going to climb up to the top of the late and walk across the rope, all you have to do is smile and look pretty, don't worry there are nets, you'll be fine going across." Kari nodded a little nervous as the man climbed high above the ground." Everyone watched in suspense as the acrobat carrying Kari slowly walked across the wire. One of the performers was particularly interested.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" He thought. As the two reached the end, the man put Kari down and motioned for her to clime down the latter, he was too busy socking in the applause to notice the young girl quivering half way down the high latter.

"Ok Kari, why have you stopped climbing?" She asked herself, as she looked around at the load people, and bright lights she started to feel dizzy. Just as she tried to regain her balance she looked down, and in fear, slipped off the latter.

"KARI!!!!" Tai cried. It all happened so fast no one was paying attention, well almost no one. As the young girl fell down everything for her seemed to stop.

"NO! I'm falling! Please, someone help me!" She cried in her mind as the ground came rushing towards her. She reached her arms out franticly trying to grab something, and as she was about to hit, let out one last yelp as she closed her eyes tightly.

It was strong and warm, the people were silent, Kari opened her eyes slowly, a pale face looked down at her. It was silent and blank, there eyes seemed to stare for forever. She wanted to say everything she felt at that moment but she couldn't think of anything to say.

"Clown???" She whispered. Before she knew it she was in Tai's arms and outside the circus. Matt was freaking out at the ringmaster, as well as TK and Tai, who were trying to also look after Kari at the same time.

"Look, I will deal with the man responsible for this, you have my sincerest apologies, I have arranged for the four of you to have VIP passes for the rest of our stay in Odiba, and will do anything I can to help. An ambulance is on the way and…."

"I'm fine…" Kari said abruptly. They were all silent for a minute. "It was an accident, I should have been more careful, I'm fine now, thank you." She said as Tai put her down.

"You sure?" Tai asked, not wanted to upset his sister any more.

"Yes I'm fine, lets just get something to eat, and go on the rides now ok Tai."

"There the girl is fine, the acrobats in charge of that part of the show will be disposed of, you have our apologies, and VIP passes for as long as we are here, can we please just forget this…"

Matt glared at him.

"Fine…" Tai said dryly. Matt and TK looked shocked, but had to do what Tai thought was best.

The four of them now sat eating hotdogs and ice cream, they were all trying to forget what happened. But Kari could forget, she couldn't stop thinking about the face of her savor, and it didn't take her long to decide she needed to thank him. As they lined up for a ride she convinced TK to cover for her wall she ran off to find the clown.

Kari was small and easily dogged most of the surety. She snuck her way into the large maze of tents. Kari felt a great fear go down her back, as she noticed she came to a place full of caged animals, all of then, looked up, enslaved, and scared. She could since something very wrong, but before she could ponder those thought she came face to face with who she was looking for. He noticed her and sat up in bed. She was a little shocked, like the others he was in a cage, with in there was a small bed, some book, costumes, and a curtain to cover up the bare bares and hide the man within.

He seemed surprised to see her there. Kari walked over in ah. She just looked at him for a minute then asked, "Why are you locked up?" There was no answer his mouth seemed painted on, and his green suit with orange dots, seemed dull in the dark light.

"Um…I'm Kari…the girl you saved….I just wanted to say thank-you." He turned away from her. Kari just stood there for a while watching him as if in a daze, her daydreaming was interrupted by a cold hand on her shoulder, she jumped.

"Your brother has been looking for you, why are you here small one?" The ringmaster asked a bit annoyed.

"I um….." Kari said trying to think up something. "Why is he in a cage?" She blurted out. The ringmaster's face was full of shock as he tried to think of an excuse. He couldn't tell the little girl the truth.

"Well he's….." He said. "You see this clown here, once did some very bad things and now he has to be watched. He has to stay here when he's not working because…well…its like clown jail." Surprisingly Kari was buying it, being so young and trusting she believed him.

"But he saved me…why wouldn't he talk to me?" The ringmaster looked at him for a moment when a funny smile came over his face.

"Say, Kari, is it? How would you like to help out with the circus while were here. You could earn some money, and help keep our friend here company, he doesn't have many friends, and I think he might like you." Kari looked a little surprised, and somewhat confused, but how could she refuse. He had someone show her out after they had agreed to meet her tomorrow; he then turned to the angry clown.

"So…she was one of the ones who helped bring you down?" The ringmaster said.

"Why did you do that? I wish to never see that brat again I only saved her…"

"Because you want revenge, face it you are mine now. You have no powers, no voice even, I am the only one who can here your thoughts, I know you. I've waited for so long for someone like you to come here. I have captured so many creatures and people in my day, but you….you were sent to me, they wanted you to suffer." Kale taunted

"True unlike the others you forest to be your slaves, the innocent ones, the gate choose to send me here…."

"My, I didn't think you cared about any of my other slaves, regardless you said it once yourself. I am a collector, and all my positions have a special value to me." He said.

"We are not positions….."

"Funny, you didn't see it that way when you were in charge, and if I set you free this minute you still wouldn't. Anyways to answer your question. Seeing the one's who destroyed you, who condemned you to my hell, it angers you, it hurts you. Nothing pleases me more then seeing you in pain. You are my favorite toy, and it is so pleasing to see the might king, reduced to what you have become, after what you did….well that's in the past, and this is the present. Sleep well, your nightmare is just beginning.

Kari lay down in her new room. All she could think about was the days events. Part of her was scared of the fall, and part of her was focus on what the ringmaster had told her. But what was really one her mind was the one who saved her. To her she was a hero, her prince charming, and he was all she could think of.

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