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Kari, lay in her bed, as if in a dream. It was morning, and her room was cool, like the outside. But she however was very warm. Her bed, her sheets, and the body holding her close to it, it was all so comfortable. The moment was more then perfect, she had almost forgotten, that the person laying beside her, was her enemy.

"Good morning..." The rich voice cooed. Kari felt her body tingle, as he held her tighter.

"Hi..." Was all she was able to whisper.

He lay down without his red jacket, just his unbuttoned white shirt. His face was only hidden by the long tangled hair, falling around it. No being who didn't know better, would have ever placed the Dark Master, and this handsome elegant figure to be the same man. That's what he prided himself on. The fact he was just so mysterious, so full of surprises. He let everyone else think what they wanted of him, like it was a joke. And it was, all his slaves, thought of him, as twisted and ugly, and only imagined the worst reasons why he wore that mask. No Piedmon knew otherwise, his handsome face, was far more shocking and disturbing then having a hideous one. It converted, his evil so well, all that remained were the eyes that hungered for power, matched with a sneaky smile.

Kari could only think of how handsome he was it was almost like it made up for his crimes, like the two weren't the same digimon. Piedmon could read her thoughts, and his twisted smile grew, as he kissed her again.

"What are you going to do?" Kari asked when he pulled away. Piedmon gave a smile.

"My dear child, what do you mean?" But as she looked in his eyes, she could see he was laughing inside. She just looked at him waiting. "Very well, you wish to know....hummmm, well its been quit some time sense we last saw one another. I've spent those years becoming more and more powerful. I plan to retake my world, and yours as well.

Kari was a little shocked by his flat out honesty. "You haven't changed a bit..." she said disappointed. Piedmon smiled.

"But I love you, that's a change." He cuddles in close again, but she moved away. He frowned.

"I don't believe you..." She said softly. Piedmon now looked angry.

"Oh really, well I'll let you in on a little secret. I've been watching you dearest. Almost every day. I've been protecting you. How do you think Gatomon, and TK were able to get into the dark ocean hum? I let them in! And Daemon! I was ready to beat him to a pulp, if he tried to hurt you, lucky your group was strong enough to send him to the dark ocean. Daemon was strong, he would have returned, however....I made sure he didn't. And MaloMyotismon HA! All those forms in that dimension, it was my own trick, don't you think if you were all taping into some power, he would have found it too. Hell he would have found if first, that illusion was one of my best, and in the end, I made sure his sprit was truly gone, your little friends blast did nothing but spread his data, however, now he is truly gone. I've gone out of my way to protect you, everything that has happened, everything that seemed like pure luck, or just didn't make sense, it was me!" Piedmon was yelling now, he was more then hurt, after all he had done she didn't believe he loved her. Kari was speechless.

"It was you...the whole time...protecting me?" She had heard a voice in her head many times, at times that seemed hopeless, one telling her not to be afraid. She had always thought it was her imagination.

Piedmon's eyes were full of hurt. He HAD gone out of his was to protect her. And now he wondered if it would matter. He should have taken her with him as a child, he thought. Then she would have grown to love him, while she was young and impressionable, but now...

Before Piedmon could think Kari though her arms around him as kissed him. She had suppressed herself, not to mention Piedmon. He smiled slyly again.

"I was starting to think you DIDN'T care...." He leaned down on top of her and continued kissing her. Kari shrived a little as he held her. The thought of being close to him was made her feel dangers in a way, but she felt so safe, and it felt so good. He was so strong, and she liked it. They continued with this loving action for a little while, when Kari had realized how MUCH Piedmon was enjoying it. She stopped and looked at him, fear in her eyes. "Come now." He said smiling a smile that sent a shiver down her spin. "Don't you want me?" Part of him knew this wasn't the time or place, but the other part of him was male...he had thought about this every night for years.

"I....I'm..." Kari said her voice trembling. Piedmon sighed, and rolled off of her. He then smiled more. She watched him release her, feeling very strange about the whole thing.

"Better now...I told you I loved you. I'm not going to do anything to hurt you..." He said hoping that his giving up on what he so desired, might make her trust him more. Kari smiled with relief, feeling a little better. She cuddled in closer to him, and before she knew it there lips were locked again. Piedmon rolled over on top of her again, Kari pulled him closer, feeling his heavy weight pressing her into the warm bed.

He's so strong, she thought. It scared her, yet pleased her. He had nearly killed them all, yet he saved her twice. What could she do? She cared about him, she didn't want to say she loved him....but, everything he did. It felt so good. She wanted him closer, she wanted him to never leave. He saved her, he protected her...but he tried to kill her too. The good and the bad, kept competing with each other, and it made every pleasurable move they made together, sicken her. Suddenly he pulled away. Kari turned over and looked at him, he was panting lightly, trying to relax again. They were alone together, without ether in a position of real power "yet". This may never happen again, Kari thought. And maybe, know one but them would ever have to know it did happen.

Kari climbed up onto his lap. Piedmon's eyes widened, in delight and surprised. Kari smiled wicked, a little unsure of what to do. She rubbed his thigh, and slowly moved her hand closer. She had almost touched him, when he stopped her. It had taken every muscle in his body to do it too.

"I know your not ready..." He whispered. Kari's eyes widened. He smiled slyly again. "I know why you were going to, but believe me, we won't be separated. I plan on bring you with me. And I also plan on having you....but only when the time is right. You don't have to, not now dear. Kari smiled, not only would he not fours her, he wouldn't let her, fours herself. She lay down again next to him, just looking into his eyes.

"Piedmon...I um....I'm still not sure about this, I...I care for you, but your evil..." Kari said softly.

"Really? I never noticed. Dear Kari it's all a matter of perspective. You see form my point of view, you are the evil one..." Piedmon smiled.

"You know what I mean. You did so many bad things....have you changed? Please tell me you have." She asked hopefully. Piedmon's smile faded, his face became cold.

"I will take back my world, and yours as well. I plan on ruling over all, you know I haven't changed...the only thing that has changed is my growing power, and you..." He said leaning in to kiss her again, but she pushed him away.

"What?" Her face was full of pain.

"I'm sorry my dear, but I am whom I am." The evil jester said softly. "However I don't think I haven't thought of you in all this. I don't want to make you chose between me and your friends, frankly I don't think you'd chose me." He frowned. "But I understand that, that's why I have come to you now, I have a deal to make with you. He picked her up effortlessly and placed her on his chest. "I will spar my revenge upon your friends. All of them, the digimon there partners. I will let them live, I won't even enslave them, but you must give yourself to me forever.

"What makes you think I'll do that?" She asked.

"Do you know what happened last night while you slept?" She shock her head. "I have retaken the digital world, and I have sealed the digi gods away. You will witness the fall of your world within the next two days." He said completely cold. Something inside told her he wasn't tricking her this time, something about him, the way he spoke he was telling the truth and she knew it. "And one more must give me your digivice and crest, to prove that you will fulfill your part of the deal, becoming mine. Kari grew angry now, how dare he! She thought, coming in here telling me how much he loves me then he says that he wants to rule our world, telling me to give myself to him in exchange for my friends safety!

"How dare yo." Kari's words were stopped by a powerful kiss, and as he held her she could fell just how strong he was, she couldn't understand it but she knew, she knew they really where no match for him, not this time. When he pulled away she couldn't speak.

"I'm going to give you one hour, meet me at the top of the tv station where Myotismon held you captive. You will give me your decision then, I hope you choose to cooperate ." Before Kari could think he head kissed her again then vanished.

Kari could think she feel to the floor she knew what he was about to do, yet she couldn't stop him, could she tell her friends no. She couldn't tell anyone what would she do, she didn't know what he was planning but what ever it was, he was going to win.

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