Nick was facing backwards in his seat, whispering to Blaine. "And New York City was just really fun. I got to go to see Wicked on Broadway. I don't think you realize how awesome it was." Blaine laughed.

"I can't wait to tell Kurt. He's going to be absolutely mad with envy." That was true; Kurt was a giant fan of the musical. Before he could say anything in response, though, the door swung open, and Nick's head swiveled over to see. A boy walked into the room, glancing around with a clear disinterest. Nick's eyes widened. He had on a leather jacket and tattered, skin-tight jeans. His black boots tapped impatiently at the floor as he paused and glanced around the class. Catching Nick's eyes, he winked.

"Oh, right, you must be Jeffrey," Mr. Harris said, looking up at the boy with disdain. "Class, we have a new student as you can see." He gestured at Jeff who smirked lazily out at everyone. "Take a seat, Mr. Sterling. We'll be getting to The Bell Jar in a moment." Jeffrey nodded and looked over to where Nick was. Nick glanced over next to him as if he couldn't believe the empty seat, and he felt his throat tighten.

"I'd wipe away the drool if I were you," he heard Blaine whisper to him, and Nick turned around, blushing and hitting him.

"Shut up. I am not drooling." Blaine cocked an eyebrow at him before sighing.

"If you say so." The boy sat down, turning around so that he was facing Nick. He leaned back and propped his legs up on the desk, still giving that infuriatingly cocky grin. There was a moment of silence before Nick finally managed to squeak something out.

"So, uh, Jeffrey, right?" The grin fell off of the boy's face, and he rolled his eyes.


"Oh, okay. Nick." He held out his hand. Jeff looked at it for a moment before purposefully ignoring it and running a hand through his hair. Nick felt as if he should say something, keep the conversation going, but Jeff's attention seemed to have dropped. He was leaning back, eyes closed as he tapped the desk with his fingers. Nick turned around to see Blaine grinning at him.

"Nicky's in love," he mouthed, and Nick blanched, his eyes darting over to Jeff. Luckily Jeff didn't seem to have heard. Taking out a sheet of paper, he scrawled out a messy note.

Am not! I just met him. Besides, he's going to hear you. Blaine took a look at it and snorted. Pulling his pencil out, he wrote back, his handwriting far more legible:

Sure. Keep telling yourself that, Nick. And I'm mouthing the words. He's not going to hear anything.

Fuck you, Anderson.

Nah, you'd much prefer Jeff.

Nick's jaw dropped and he glared at Blaine. He had to burn this note or do something to hide it, but at the moment all he could do was stare at Blaine, his cheeks heating up. Blaine laughed quietly before grabbing the paper back.

Relax. I'm just kidding.

Nick grabbed the paper, but before he could start writing out a response, Jeff's voice rang out. "So, are you two going to tell me what you're saying about me, or am I just going to have to steal the paper and read it myself?" Nick froze, his pencil hovering above the paper.

"What?" His face got hotter and he shook his head. "I – it has absolutely nothing to do with you." Jeff cocked an eyebrow and his smirk got more defined.

"You have to be the worst liar ever. Like what you see, Nicky?" He licked his lips and stared straight at Nick challengingly. Nick sputtered.

"Don't call me that!"

"I'll call you what I want," Jeff said. Nick huffed, crossing his arms over his chest. Two could play that game.

"Fine, then, Jeffrey."

"Feisty. I like it. But the real question is whether you're the same in bed. See, most guys like that seem to change once they're on their knees." Nick's stomach tightened. But he couldn't think like that, no. No, that was offensive and vulgar and oh God why was Jeff looking at him like that? Nick's eyes flickered to Blaine for a moment and saw that Blaine's face mirrored the same sort of shock. Looking back at Jeff, he straightened his back, hoping he looked properly offended.

"Fuck you!" Nick spoke quietly, making sure his teacher didn't hear.

"Doesn't sound like you'd mind." He lifted his fingers up, revealing the note he'd been passing with Blaine. And there Nick was thinking he couldn't be any more embarrassed. There was a cough from the front of the classroom, and Nick jumped. Mr. Harris clasped his hands, smiling out at them, oblivious to the conversation that had been going on.

"Okay, so we're going to be reading The Bell Jar first, as I said. You guys are going to split up into partners. The two of you will be working on a video assignment that'll stretch over the first nine weeks. You'll be comparing it to The Catcher in the Rye, which we'll be reading, yes. You guys understand?" There were still hushed whispers going around the classroom. "Okay, guys, really, just nod your heads. I know it's the first day of school, but really." Nick nodded his head and went to turn around to face Blaine.

"Okay, so –" Nick began, but was quickly cut off.

"Woah, not so fast you guys. I'll be picking your partners. To make it easier, though, it'll just be the person sitting next to you, so, for example, Michel and Patrick, Jeff and Nick… So on and so forth."

No. There was no way he was working with him. "Looks like we're going to be forced together anyway, Nicky." Jeff was looking more and more amused by the minute.

"No way." Nick's hand shot up in the air, and Mr. Harris walked over to him.

"Yes, Nick?"

"There's no way I'm working with him." Mr. Harris looked over at Jeff who was giving a mock-angelic smile and sighed.

"I'm sorry, but I – He's well endowed – straight As at his last school – it's just his performance that's delinquent." Mr. Harris gave Jeff a disapproving look. "Just remember," he addressed Jeff, "I can send you to the principal's office if you ever try harassing him. And believe me when I say that twice in one day doesn't look great on your record."

When Mr. Harris walked away, Jeff leaned in to Nick and scowled. "He's lying."

"What?" Nick's eyes fell to Jeff's lips as his tongue ran over his lower one, and he couldn't help but notice that he had a tongue piercing.

"I'm actually quite capable of performing well. Though, I am well endowed. My dick really is quite large. I could show you." Nick pulled back, turning red. He lashed out his fist, accenting each word with a punch to Jeff' shoulder.

"You're such an asshole!" His voice was low as he still was afraid of catching Mr. Harris' attention.

"Yeah, but I'm a pretty asshole." Nick flushed. It would be easier to argue if he didn't agree. No, no, he couldn't agree. What was he thinking?

"Yeah, sure. Keep telling yourself that." Nick rolled his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest.

"It'd be a lot easier to believe you if you hadn't been staring at my lips. I can let you have a taste if you want."

Feeling his face heat up again, he muttered a quiet "whatever" and focused his attention towards the front of the classroom. Anywhere but at Jeff. Why was his breathing heavy? His heart beating faster than it should be?

Luckily, he was saved from any awkward conversation by Mr. Harris starting class. "All right, I'm going to hand out syllabi. You're going to need to get your parents to sign it and return it by Friday."

The class went by slowly, and Nick tried his best to keep his eyes on the paper in front of him. After they finished the syllabus, and they started reading The Bell Jar. Mr. Harris was droning on about thematic devices or something. Still, he couldn't find the capability to concentrate.

It was hard, especially when Jeff started playing with his tongue ring. There was a light clicking sound as his teeth scraped against it. Nick glanced out through the corner of his eye, watching him. Jeff's fingers ran through his hair, and Nick couldn't help but think it look soft and – God, he really was lost. Jeff must have noticed his stare because he turned and met Nick's eyes before winking. Nick sighed and his eyes darted back down to his paper.

"So, finally, I have an assignment for you," Mr. Harris said within the last minutes of class. There was a collective groan from the class. "To get you guys comfortable with your partners, I want you two to meet up and do a small video project. Just one minute talking about your views of society."

The last thing Nick wanted to be forced together with him, and at least he was hoping to stall the project for the next little while. Letting out a frustrated sigh, he looked over to see Jeff smirking.

"Looks like we're stuck together, Nicky." Nick collapsed against his seat, burying his head in his books. And yet part of him was excited. What was wrong with him?

"God help me." He heard a little chuckle, and then the bell rang. People scrambled out of class, thankful that the first day of school was finally over. He felt Blaine tap his shoulder, and he motioned for him to leave without him. Finally, when the class had cleared, he heard Mr. Harris' voice again.

"Nick, Jeff, you two have to leave." He glanced up to see Mr. Harris' apologetic expression, and he pulled himself up. Walking out of the classroom, he heard the click of Jeff's boots and turned around to see him following him, still giving that damn smirk.

"What do you want from me?" Nick asked, walking towards his locker.

"We have to work on the project."

Nick snorted."Yeah, project. Sure. Somehow I doubt that's what's on your mind." He pushed himself through people, lacking his usual politeness and simply shouldering others.

"My, my. Little puppy has a bite. And, no, it certainly isn't the only thing on your mind." Nick turned around shaking. Jeff somehow managed to be so condescending and so – No, just condescending. He groaned and ran his fingers through his hair before turning around again and continuing towards his locker.

"Why did you have to sit next to me? Why?"

"Because you were staring at me. I can't resist a good eye-fucker." Nick felt himself flush, and he glanced around to see whether anyone had heard what Jeff had said. Finally stopping at his locker, he kneeled down, turning the dial and letting it swing open.

"Is everything about sex with you?" Nick muttered, pulling out his calculus book.

"Everything's about sex with nearly everyone here. Most people just don't talk about it." That was probably fair. Still, people didn't talk about it for a reason.

"Whatever." He froze as a hand - a very not-his-own hand - ruffled his hair. It sent a tingle down his spine, and his economics book slipped from his fingers. Jeff leaned down, picking it up for him. Nick snatched it back and glared.

"We can go to my house," Jeff said, laughing at Nick's reaction. Nick belatedly remembered to pull away, and banged his head on the corner of his locker.

"Ow." He rubbed at the spot he'd hit and turned to glare at Jeff.

"Aww, want me to kiss it and make it better?"

"Fuck off, Sterling."

"Ooh, last names and a pissy attitude. I haven't had good hate sex in a while." Nick groaned and pulled out his phone.

"You know what. Fine. Your house. I need to call my mom and let her know." He started walking towards the side-exit at the end of the hallway, and Jeff bounced after him.

"Aww, letting mommy-dearest know where you are." Nick rolled his eyes but dialed his house number. The doors opened, and they found themselves alone to the side of the school. He leaned up against the wall as it rang. He kicked at the dirt and pouted.


"Hey, Mom."

"Honey, how are you?" If only she knew.

"I'm good. I just wanted to let you know that I have to go over to this kid's house. We're working on a project together."

"Okay. When should I pick you up? And where?"

"Uh, one sec." Nick lowered the phone. "Where do you live, and how –"

"I'll drop you off. Ten, maybe." Nick was about to protest, but then he thought better. After all, he was sure his mom would try to meet Jeff and potentially his parents, and he wasn't really sure he'd want that. He could only imagine that if Jeff's parents let him act like this, they wouldn't really get along with his mom.

"He's going to drop me home around ten." Nick's eyes closed, and his head tilted back. He had barely stayed there for a few seconds when he heard a rustle. Before he could open his eyes or react, there were lips on his neck, sucking gently. Nick gasped, pulling back and shoving Jeff.

Opening his mouth to respond, he heard his mom's worried voice. "Nicholas, are you all right?" Glaring at Jeff, he responded through gritted teeth.

"Perfectly fine. Sorry. I just tripped."

"Okay. Don't hurt yourself. See you later." Nick ended the call and shoved his phone in his pocket before jumping forward towards Jeff.

"You… I was talking to my mom! You can't just go and attack someone like that!" Jeff ignored him and simply licked his lips, staring hungrily at Nick.

"I've been wanting to do that for the Betsy and Esther shared a cab." Nick sputtered, feeling his face go red for the umpteenth time. "Not like you didn't want it, too." His hand reached out, and he pushed Nick backwards.

"What are you –" His eyes widened, and he made a weak attempt to pull away. Jeff's other hand came out, grabbing his shoulders roughly and pressing him up against the wall. Nick froze and he let out a small squeak as Jeff pressed their lips together.

Nick tried to push Jeff back, though he far from used his full force. Jeff's knee slipped up, pressing between his legs, and Nick moaned, falling against the wall limply for a moment. He felt Jeff's chuckle go through his lips before Jeff took back his lower lip and traced it. Nick stopped struggling, and instead his eyes shut as he relaxed into the kiss. Jeff pulled back, worrying Nick's lower lip between his teeth before moving away completely. Nick lay there for a moment, trying to catch his breath before remembering that he should be angry.

"You can't just go around kissing people!" he said, though his voice lacked venom frustratingly enough. His fists clenched and unclenched, and he stumbled forward towards Jeff, feeling as if he wanted to punch him.

"Sure I can. I just did. You goody-two-shoes always taste so sweet."

"I – wait, what?"

Jeff laughed and reached into his pocket, fishing out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. He flipped open the top and pulled out a cigarette, lighting it before finally looking up at Nick."You tasted like mint gum and cookies." Nick bit the inside of his cheek, staring at Jeff. Jeff took a deep breath and held it for a moment. He breathed out a little smoke and cocked an eyebrow, giving him an amused look. "What?"

"Oh, nothing." Nick paused before adding, "Smoking isn't healthy for you." A look of mock-surprise flickered over Jeff's face, and he put a hand over his heart.

"Well, fuck, really? I'd better stop." Rolling his eyes, he put it up to his lips again, his eyes closing. Nick watched as the tip burned orange for a moment, and Jeff licked his lips. Jeff smirked and licked his own lips again before letting out another line of smoke. "Stop staring at me." Nick's eyes immediately fell to the ground.

"I wasn't staring." His eyes flickered around the school as if suddenly preoccupied with every aspect.

"Sure you weren't. Yeah, you weren't staring at me back in class, just like you're not doing it now." Nick's eyes flickered back to Jeff, and he swallowed roughly, defeated.

"I need to talk with Mr. Harris tomorrow and see whether I can change partners. I can't do this with you." All Nick's common sense told him that he should run away, angry for what Jeff did. Still, he couldn't help but run his tongue over his lips, tasting Jeff on them.

"Don't be an idiot. C'mon, I'll finish the cig soon, and we can go." Nick found himself nodding. Jeff tapped the cigarette, and a bit of ash fell to the ground.

"So, you have your own car?"

"Not exactly," Jeff replied, taking another drag and running a hand through his hair. Nick had never gotten the appeal of smoking. Not that he would do it himself still, but people always said it looked attractive. He'd seem people smoke before; hell, he went to high school, and it was all part of the experience. But never had he understood why people thought there was something hot about it.

Now, however, there was no doubt in his mind.

Nick groaned, turning away and walking a few feet. He heard Jeff laugh and the sound of boots. A head lay on his shoulder, and he made no attempt to push it off. He simply sighed, and stared at the ground, watching a few more embers drift down.

"Moping doesn't suit you," Jeff whispered in his ear before tilting his cigarette to the side. Was he going to actually stop smoking? He leaned into Nick's neck, and Nick suddenly realized why he was doing that. Jeff bit down lightly before sucking on the skin. Nick shivered, his head unconsciously tilting and giving Jeff room. Jeff's fingers trailed up the back, fiddling with the hairs at the base of his neck. Again the teeth grazed lightly against the skin, and his tongue flicked out a final time, tasting it.

"You h-have to stop that." He shuddered, and Jeff wrapped an arm around Nick's waist.

"Because you're putting up such a big fight." He ran his fingers lightly over Nick's hip before pulling away completely. "You know, you're almost no fun like this." He walked back, and Nick stayed where he was in silence. After a few moments he felt hot breath against the back of his throat.

Turning around, he saw Jeff drop the cigarette and press down on it with the boot of his heel. Grinning, he pressed himself forward. This time, however, instead of a simple kiss, his hand snuck down, and he roughly cupped Nick through his pants. Squealing, Nick pulled out of his reach.

"You dick! You can't go around – God!" Nick's hand lashed out, and he smacked Jeff across the face. Jeff's eyes darkened, and he looked at Nick with an odd sort of satisfaction.

"Finally," he growled before leaping forward again, pulling him closer, almost painfully. Nick pulled at Jeff's arms, and twisted around in his grip, but Jeff seemed to hold him still. If only his cock wasn't twitching at it. No. He couldn't give in like that. He let out a frustrated, choked-off sound.

"Let go of me! You creep! You –" He couldn't say more since Jeff's lips crashed down on his again, and the taste of ash clouded their mouths. He was surprised to find that suddenly he wasn't pushing back, but he was kissing back. If he couldn't break away, the least he could do was kiss back. Nick pressed forward, and Jeff fell backwards, barely catching himself as Nick reached up. He yanked Jeff's hair as his own tongue wrested with Jeff's and won over, tracing Jeff's mouth.

Jeff seemed to freeze in a moment of surprise, and Nick managed to pull himself away, though not before biting harshly on Jeff's lip. Jeff stood there for a moment, his lips absolutely swollen and red. "Well, fuck, Nicky. I didn't know you had it in you." He ran a hand through his disheveled hair and started walking towards the parking lot.

"That's it?" Nick couldn't believe he hadn't put up more of a fight. He'd just complimented on it in a tone lacking surprise and moved on.

"What, you think I antagonize you expecting you to sit back. Like I said, you're no fun like that."

"Antagonize… is that word out of your dictionary?" Nick asked, sneering.

"C'mon now. Petty arguments can wait 'til I have you in my room." Nick gritted his teeth.

"Lay another hand on me like that and I'll – I'll – "

"What, stutter at me? Moan at me? 'Cause that I can do, pretty boy." Walking by him, Nick purposefully rammed his shoulder into Jeff's. Jeff simply laughed at it and passed him, leading them towards his car.

Speaking of which, where was it? There were only some ten left in the parking lot by this point. Some of them seemed too homely. Jeff kept on walking, though, past the parking lot into the woods behind it. "What the hell…" Nick muttered to himself, following the other boy. He felt like he should have some reservations about walking into the woods alone with him, but he kept on going.

"Voila." Nick looked where Jeff was pointing and groaned.

"How am I not surprised?" Nick asked, rubbing at his temples.

"Oh, c'mon, she's pretty."

"I am not riding that thing."

"She doesn't like it when you call her a thing."

"It's a motorcycle. It doesn't have feelings." Jeff reached out, ignoring Nick and running his fingers down the side. He grabbed the helmet from the side and tossed it to Nick. Nick made a quiet sound of surprise and managed to catch it. Jeff then proceeded to wheel the bike out of the forest, onto the pavement.

"C'mon, get on," he said, as soon as they were on solid ground. Jeff climbed up, swinging a leg over it and flipping the key around his finger.

"What about you?" Nick motioned to the helmet.

"Don't need it." Shrugging, he put the key in, and his legs stayed on either side, on the ground. "C'mon, get on." Nick bit his lip nervously before climbing up and sitting on the back of the seat. "For fuck's sake, scoot closer." Nick nodded and begrudgingly did so. "Now, your arms around my waist."

"I…" He wasn't sure what he thought of that.

"Jesus Christ, I'm not going to molest you while I'm driving." Nick reached out wrapped his arms around Jeff's waist. He curled himself in, and his chin rested on the other boy's shoulder.

"If I die today, you're going to hell," Nick muttered, feeling slightly uneasy. Jeff laughed.

"Oh, Nicky, I'm already going to hell. Heaven's no fun." Nick was about to retort when Jeff turned the motor on, revving the engine. Instead, Nick yelped, grabbing more tightly around Jeff's waist. "Relax and enjoy it." With that, he began driving.

For a few minutes, Nick's heart raced and he buried his head - or, rather, his helmet - in Jeff's neck, whimpering. "I don't like this," he said, his eyes clenched shut.

"You are the biggest baby ever. What do you even do in life?"

"Not this." Even as he said it, though, his eyes cracked open, and he started to feel himself relax.

"C'mon now, save your breath for later. I promise you'll need it." Nick resisted the urge to punch him, figuring that probably wasn't the best idea while Jeff was driving. They pulled up at a traffic light.

"You suck," Nick said, though his hands slipped lower, more comfortably around Jeff's waist.

"Yeah, but I do it well." Nick gave a tired laugh.

"Okay, I set myself up for that one."

"You set yourself up for all of them. Life is just a series of opportunities for wit, and you just have to learn how to spot them. Think about all those wasted moments." He laughed and lifted his feet off of the ground as the light turned green. "But don't worry."

"I'm probably going to regret asking this, but why?"

"Because I'm going to make sure you make up for every lost one."

"You will not!" He willed his cock to stop twitching at the thought.

"My, my, Nicky, is that a cell phone in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"

"You did not just use that pick-up line." Jeff laughed but didn't say anything. They rode the next ten minutes in silence. Nick started to actually enjoy being on a bike once he realized that Jeff's driving wasn't as horrendous or illegal as he had expected. The most exciting thing that happened was when someone cut them off. Jeff honked his horn, giving the guy the finger and muttering something under his breath.

When they finally pulled up in front of a row of apartments, Nick was surprised to find that he was comfortable and didn't want to get up. Still, they made it up the stairs and to Jeff's apartment. It was rather dark, and Jeff led him through a few rooms before opening up the door to his room. There were clothes in piles on the ground, and everything was jumbled up. There was a guitar leaning up against the bookshelf.

"Wait, you read?" Nick went over to the bookshelf, bending down. He was surprised to see they weren't some porn magazines or something else he might have expected from Jeff. In fact, a well-worn copy of 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' perched on the top shelf.

"Yes, I read, pretty boy. Mr. Harris wasn't lying when he said I'm not stupid. I'm just lazy." Jeff's hand reached out, pulling him back. "Let's get this video out of the way so that we can get on to better stuff." This time, Nick didn't hesitate to punch him, scowling.

"Finish it, yes. Better stuff, just... no."

"You're not fun. Though my grandmother's not going to be home until ten, so you'll have plenty of time to change your mind." Nick fell back on the chair, rubbing at his temples.

"Grandmother? What about your parents?" There was a moment of silence before Jeff replied.

"They're dead." Nick's head perked up, and he stuttered, unsure what to say to that.

"Oh, Jeff, I'm – "

"I don't need pity." There was something sharp about his tone, and Nick knew better than to continue the subject. A silence settled between them again as Jeff pulled out a camera, and Nick cleared his throat.


"Let's get this baby over with," Jeff said.

It took over half an hour to get the footage since Jeff kept on cursing or saying something vulgar. Nick would have to restart the video, and he had started to feel increasingly more frustrated. Jeff finally managed to settle down enough to say something half-decent about society. Jeff seemed to be spewing soliloquies on repression for a while before Nick had finally called him out on it. Jeff had insisted that it was only the assignment, and they continued arguing. Or, at least, he started to. Nick wasn't sure at what point it'd progressed from arguing to a make-out session, but he currently didn't mind.

At the moment, he was pressed back down against the bed, Jeff pinning down his arms on either side of him. Jeff nipped at his lower lip before worrying it between his teeth, and Nick arched upward, letting his jaw fall slack. Jeff's tongue slipped in between his lips, and he slowly tasted Nick's mouth, mapping it out.

"Gorgeous," Jeff muttered, half to himself as Nick's head fell back against the pillows. "Gorgeous and all mine." Jeff's fingers slipped under Nick's shirt, and he ran them gently across the skin. Nick's breath hitched, and his own hands came loosely around Jeff's neck. He pulled the other boy closer, and his own tongue danced against Jeff's.

For a moment, Jeff's fingers tightened around his waist, and then he was pressing in even more firmly, trying to feel every aspect. When he pulled back, both of them were breathing heavily, their lips swollen. Jeff opened his mouth to speak, and Nick quickly put a finger to his lip, shushing him.

"I swear, Jeff, if you ruin his moment or say something to make me regret it, I will kill you," he hissed, his hands moved back to Jeff's hair and tugging. Jeff let out a small moan and leaned back in.

"You're so fucking hot when you're like that," he groaned. Nick felt as if he should pull away, but as Jeff's lips dipped down and he bit down at the juncture of Nick's neck and shoulder, those thoughts started to leave his head. He tilted his head slightly, giving him better access.

"I should..." The thought was left unfinished, and Jeff chuckled. Jeff's hand fell to the inseam of Nick's pants, and it trailed upward slowly.

"Do what, exactly?" Jeff whispered, his tongue flicking out and tasting Nick's neck. Nick simply whimpered. "Thought so." God, he needed to stop, but Jeff seemed to be hearing his thoughts, and his hands lightly brushed over the bulge in his pants. There was no way he was getting out of this. Abandoning his thoughts, he instead arched into Jeff's touch.

"Jeff." The name came out as a needy moan, and a blush crept over his face.

"What do you want, pretty boy?" Jeff's palm pressed down slightly, applying just too little pressure. Nick couldn't think, and - oh God - he just wanted to feel it without any clothes in the way. Jeff smirked. "I asked you a question."

"It's not that easy," Nick stuttered, his fingers clutching around the sheets. Jeff suddenly pulled away, and Nick was left wide-eyed, his hair disheveled.

"Well, if you really don't care enough to tell me…" Nick was pulling Jeff back on top of him before he could help himself. Their lips met again and he felt Jeff chuckle again.

"Too many clothes," was all that Nick could say. His face was already in flames from that. Jeff nodded, and his hand slipped under Nick's shirt, playing against the skin there. He paused for a moment before his other hand joined in, and he tugged at it. Nick propped himself up for a moment, letting the shirt slide off of him. It was tossed to the floor, and Jeff's head dipped down. He licked a trail down the skin, his tongue swirling around Nick's navel.

Nick whimpered, and his eyes closed. Jeff's head tilted upwards again and he took a nipple in his mouth, sucking harshly. At that, Nick couldn't help but let out another shout, and his hands reached up to Jeff's hair, pulling his mouth closer. He felt the hot breath against his skin and a hand fumbled at his zipper. It took mere moments before his pants had joined the pile on the floor.

Jeff suddenly slowed down, his fingers merely dancing at the edge of the boxers, playing with the waistband. Nick groaned, wishing to hell he'd stop teasing. "What's the password?"

"Are you five?" Nick hissed. "You don't say that when you're about to suck someone off."

"Oh, so that's what you want?" Jeff tugged the boxers down in one fluid movement, and he yanked them to the floor. As his cock sprung free, Nick hissed and clutched the sheets.

"No, I wanted us to cuddle," he said dryly. He knew Jeff was teasing him, but he couldn't help but feel annoyed. He just wanted –

Fuck. Jeff took advantage of his distraction by leaning in and wrapping his lips around Nick's erection. He swirled his tongue around the head, and Nick's hips jerked upward. Jeff must have anticipated this because his own hands shot down just in time, holding his hips in place. He chuckled around it, sending vibrations down Nick's cock.

Every inch of him felt as if it was on fire. He groaned as Jeff's tongue flicked over the slit one more time before slowly easing down. He went lower and lower – taking more than Nick thought possible. Looking doing, he watched as his cock slowly disappeared into Jeff's mouth through his half-lidded eyes. The noises he was making weren't controlled, and his fingers pulled through Jeff's hair before pushing him down slightly.

Jeff must have anticipated this as well, and his throat relaxed as he let Nick pull him downwards, taking him all the way to the base before swirling back up. His throat constricted around it as he went down, gagging slightly enough that it didn't hurt him but enough that it squeezed against Nick's cock. He groaned, shaking.

His stomach was twisting, tightening, pulling and – damn – he was just so close. His muscles tensed up and –

Jeff pulled away. Nick's head shot up and he looked at Jeff. "Why did you do that?" he asked, his voice high as he whined.

"Patience, Nicky," Jeff said as he reached over Nick. He opened a drawer and pulled out a bottle of lube. Oh. Nick felt the color drain from his face, and he watched with wide eyes as he opened the bottle and squirted some onto his fingers. "Flip over."

He immediately obliged, for the first time without any complaints. He couldn't be bothered at this point. His cock strained painfully against the bed, and he braced himself as he felt himself slowly be nudged open. Two fingers eased their way in. There was a burning sensation and Nick's eyes screwed shut.

"I promise it gets better," Jeff muttered, placing a kiss on the back of Nick's neck. "Just relax." Nick tried his best, his breathing heavy. For a moment, Jeff stopped at the knuckle before pushing them in all the way. The pain increased and Nick couldn't help but let out a small whimper.

Jeff paused before adding another finger, this time giving Nick less time to adjust. Once they were completely buried inside, he twisted them, his fingers curling. There were several movements where Nick's eyes screwed shut and his teeth bit his lip, and then –

"That spot," Nick gasped as Jeff brushed against his prostate. His hips jerked upward, trying to press back against Jeff's fingers. The burn seemed to disappear and was replaced with a seeping pleasure as he continued to work at it. Jeff added a final, fourth finger and continued to curling his fingers and thrust them in and out. Nick met each thrust, trying to get him deeper and harder.

"You have no idea how hot you look fucking yourself on my fingers." Jeff leaned down over Nick, grabbing his hair and yanking his head back and pressing their lips together. Their teeth scraped against each other, and Jeff bit down, making Nick whimper against his lips. When he pulled back, he licked a stripe down Nick's neck and nipped at the lobe of his hear. "So eager for me to fuck you," he whispered, and Nick moaned in agreement.

Jeff pulled out and reached out over Nick again, reaching into the drawer. This time he pulled out a small wrapper. Nick could hear the tearing sounds as Jeff shifted, and he waited impatiently, his hips grinding against the fabric of the bed in a desperate attempt at friction. There was the sound of lube being squeezed, and then Jeff leaned back in.

"Flip over and wrap your legs around my waist." Nick nodded and did just that, looking up to see Jeff eyeing him hungrily. His legs hooked around the back and he shut his eyes. He felt something prod at him, and then Jeff slowly began to ease his way in. It would be a lie to say it didn't hurt. Jeff gave him time to adjust, his fingers running down Nick's chest as he made small choked-off moaning sounds. After settling down for a moment, he bent over Nick, his breath whispering against his ear. "Ready?"

Before Nick could even respond, his hips jerked and Jeff pulled out before thrusting back in. Nick groaned, and Jeff changed angles, giving a determined look. After a moment or two, the same sharp feeling of pleasure that had been there before ran through him, and he moaned. "Fuck." His hips jerked upwards to meet Jeff's thrusts.

They moved together, Jeff careful to keep on hitting him at the right angle. Nick's legs tensed and let go, his back arching off of the mattress as he let out drawn-out moans and whimpers. His fingers dug into his palms, but the sting was washed away as his body keened, and everything was wiped out and replaced with beautiful white noise.

"So close," Nick muttered after a few more minutes. Jeff nodded jerkily and grabbed Nick's cock, his lean fingers wrapping around it and giving it a harsh tug. Nick let out a groan, his fingers reaching out and grabbing Jeff's hair. Though the position was uncomfortable for them both, Nick tugged him down and their lips met. Jeff weakly moved his hips as much as he could and his hand worked at it, his thumb playing over the tip before sliding back down to the base.

Nick felt himself tense, and he bit Jeff's lip before pulled back, moaning, "Please, Jeff, fuck me harder." Jeff's fingers dug into Nick's sides, and Nick was sure that there would be bruises there tomorrow. He went deeper and harder, and Nick threw his head back as he came. The warmth seeped through his entire body and everything pulsed. Jeff continued, milking Nick. Nick shuddered and finally came down, his breaths heavy.

Jeff was clearly close as well, and his entire body shook. He took another few moments, his hips moving erratically and his eyes fluttering shut only to open again. Nick felt weak and sensitive, and as he slowly came down, he suddenly felt Jeff freeze above him. His mouth opened and his face twisted into a look of utter bliss. Nick could feel something warm fill him, and Jeff slumped over him, panting.

They lay there for a moment like that before Jeff pulled out and placed a kiss on Nick's neck. "Can we just sit here for a bit?" Nick muttered quietly, his arms wrapping around Jeff. His head nuzzled into the other boy's neck and he let out a contented sigh.


"Are you limping, Nick?" Blaine gave him an incredulous look as they walked into English class. He'd been doing his best to hide it, but with the day going on and on, it had been near impossible. Most people either didn't think anything of it or didn't notice it. Still, Nick's face heated up.

"I stubbed my toe," he lied, looking away. He knew that if Blaine saw his face he would know that he was lying.

"Oh my God. You didn't." Nick's head turned around and he felt a sense of panic run through him.

"I didn't what?"

"You did, didn't you? Oh, Nick." Blaine gave him a semi-horrified look, but it quickly melted into something close to amusement. "I knew you found him hot."

"Shut up! No one else has noticed. Just –" Nick couldn't think of a good comeback at this point.

"No, look, it's fine. Just – wow." He relaxed and laughed, shaking his head. "Can't say you didn't have fun last night." Nick scowled and slipped into his chair, throwing a side-glanced at Jeff.

"Who wants to go first?" Mr. Harris asked. Surprisingly enough, Jeff's hand was the first to shoot into the air, and he pulled out a DVD of the edited film.

"I never thanked you for editing it," Nick muttered to Jeff as he pulled himself out of his seat.

"Say your thanks after you've seen it," he said, winking. Nick wasn't sure what Jeff meant by that, but he had a feeling he wouldn't like it. Mr. Harris took the DVD and fumbled around with the DVD player for a moment before looking apologetically at Jeff.

"I'm afraid I don't know how to work one of these." Jeff nodded and took the DVD.

"I can do that for you." He gave an uncharacteristically polite smile and slipped it in before making it back to the seat. Nick's eyes fixed on the monitor mounted in the room's corner.

Jeff was playing with his hair. "C'mon, let's just get this over with, please?" Nick said, sighing. He ran a hand through his own hair in clear frustration, and a small scowled played over his face. "How do you view society?"

The scene cut to another one of Jeff starting a rant. "It's fucking unfair the way we're treated –"

"You can't curse for a school project!" Nick said, glaring at him. "Honestly, we need to get this done."

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry, Mr. Harris! I could've sworn I cut that out," Jeff said, giving a look of concern. Nick couldn't help but wonder why the hell he had left the scene in, but looking at Jeff, he got no answers.

The scene faded again into another one. This time Jeff was leaning back against the wall, gesticulating wildly. "No, I have a valid point. Listen, Nicky."

"Nick," Nick corrected.

"Whatever, Nicky. I'm just saying that society acts differently based on what other people think. Some people think they can waltz in here and take over your life – call you names and – " He cut off, his fists letting go as he stared up at the camera as if realizing it was there. "Say you… Okay, the whole class is going to watch this video, right?"

"Yeah," Nick said, unsure where this was heading.

"So, basically, you don't want anything to do with me. I mean, I'm a bad boy, rotten egg, if you will. Nick gave another courteous nod of his head. "That's why you're pretending to hate me."


"If I were a goody two-shoes, I would suck –"

It cut off again, and Mr. Harris made a startled noise. Even with the cut off, the fact that it was in there was too much, and he reached around looking for the remote. "Where did that damn thing go?" he muttered to himself, though the whole classroom could hear."Detention, by the way, Mr. Sterling," Mr. Harris said, glaring at Jeff.

"Will do, Mr. H," Jeff shot back. Nick felt his cheeks burning. This was not happening.

"You said you deleted those videos," Nick hissed at Jeff, and Jeff merely smirked.

"And you believed me?"

"Okay, I believe, actually, that society has become more honest and accepting."

"Bullsh –" Nick's hand whipped out, blocking what Jeff was next about to say.

"We're more willing to accept certain roles now than we were before."

"So, you're saying you don't want to kiss me?" Nick turned red, starting to walk towards the camera to see whether it was on or off.

"What does that have to do with anything?" he asked, moving closer. Jeff pulled him back.

"You'd lie about what you want and with whom? Society puts labels on things. You can't be a depressed teen without being told you're faking and looking for attention. And God forbid you're actually gay in a place like this." His voice was low and seething.

"I still don't see what that has to do with me," Nick muttered, his cheeks turning noticeably red.

"You can't like the bad boy because it's too cliché or stupid or something. But you do. Admit it. You fell for the bad boy," Jeff purred, leaning into Nick and running his fingers down Nick's sides down towards –

"Or maybe you're just self-absorbed," Nick said, pulling back.

The scene changed again. Nick was looking away from the camera, arms crossed over his chest.

"You – you kept on filming?" Nick asked, feeling his heart dropped. This was definitely after Jeff had supposedly stopped. Oh, fuck, whatever was about to happen wasn't going to be school appropriate. Nick didn't know what was worse, trying to call that out to the class or letting them watch it.

"You're such an asshole," Nick said.

"Would you have said that on the video for the school project?" Jeff was off camera, but his voice was still obvious.

"Well, no, but that's different than society mandating me. It's just being polite and following school rules." Nick seemed to consider what he said for a moment.

"Hm, what about this?"

"What about wh –" The rest of his word was cut off as he was yanked off camera. It was obvious from the audio that they were kissing.

There were shocked sounds and murmurs around the class. Mr. Harris' face lit up and he stormed over to the TV, reaching up towards the mounted DVD box. It was nearly out of reach, and the TV itself was definitely out of the question. Instead he frantically pressed buttons, and the red x appeared with each one.

Nick sat frozen, wanting nothing more to stop the video. Why hadn't anyone else? They all stared either at the video or over at the two of them, some faces flickering with disgust and others with shock. Some even seemed to be… turned on. But Nick was frozen. Nick looked over to see Jeff dangling the remote just out of his reach and winking.

Blaine reached out, swiping as well, but Jeff continued to tauntingly pull it out of reach.

"Someone help!" he heard Mr. Harris faintly call his eyes moved over from Jeff to the other person.

"You wouldn't…"

"Just watch."

Everyone watched with a fascinated horror as it continued.

"Say it. Say you haven't wanted to do this all evening," Jeff growled. Nick let out a low whimper. The camera continued filming the empty shot.

"Fine. You're ri-right. I wanted it since you walked into classroom like you owned the place." Nick let out another small moan.

There was complete silence as Mr. Harris looked around the room for the remote. Snatching out a few times, Nick found Jeff's reflexes annoyingly fast. He pulled completely out of the way, and Mr. Harris simply pressed frantically some more at the buttons. Nick slid down his seat, feeling eyes flicker towards him. Why him? Oh, God. Oh, God.

There rhythmic creaking of the bed, slap of skin against skin, and the overdone moans where enough to imply that they were having sex at this point. There was a moment where you could just hear their groans and the sound of them moving together, against each other. And then Nick let out a sound. More specifically a drawn-out moan of Jeff's name. Worse yet, it was followed by him begging. "Please, Jeff, fuck me harder."

The screen went black. There was silence in the room, and all eyes gravitated towards them. Nick wanted to disappear. He wanted to just never have to see anybody again. People began to start to talk more and more loudly, and Nick covered his head, the crescendo of their voices pressing in on his head. This had to be a dream.

"I hate you," he said to Jeff. The blond still lounged in his chair, looking rather smug with himself. With a raised eyebrow he replied.

"You said that yesterday, and look how that turned out."