THE A-TEAM: We Are Young

Author's note: Again sorry for the gap between updates I'm trying my best! And thanks for all the reviews they totally motivate me! I hope you guys enjoy chapter three and the pace will pick up soon I just don't want to rush straight into the plan that I have for this story!

Plot Summary: In November 1966 teenage run away Templeton Peck winds up in a small town where he befriends the peculiar H.M Murdock, trials and tribulations arise as these two face teenage life and discover the real meaning of 'family' and realise they're more similar to each other than they think. Face/Murdock, Face/O.C, Murdock/O.C.


Murdock tapped his right foot impatiently as he waited in Templeton's hospital room. He hated hospitals form the clinical look and smell to the technical jargon used by the professionals and not to mention the last time he'd seen his mom and grandpa had been in a hospital, although the former was when he was very young he still had several memories.

"Hurry up and wake up buddy," He muttered to his unconscious friend.

With a half yawn/half sigh, he crossed his right leg over the left and shook his foot as the tapping had begun to irritate him. He spotted Templeton's wallet and watch on the bedside table. He picked up the brown, leather strapped time piece and studied it. The brand name read 'Hamilton', Murdock didn't know much about watches but it sure looked expensive. Carefully, he put it back down and picked the wallet instead. This was also brown leather, matching the watch, he noted. Flipping it over in his hands several times, he debated with himself whether to take a look inside it.

He was curious as to what such a mysterious character as Templeton Peck carried in his wallet, maybe he'd find I.D that proved the young lad's name to be different. Maybe he wasn't even a young runaway lad, but instead a travelling con artist picking on naive people such as Murdock himself.

With no more inner debate, Murdock opened the wallet. Curiosity killed the cat not the teenage boy, he reasoned. Firstly he counted how much money there was; two $100 bills, one $20, a couple of $1 and about $3 worth of change. Pretty rich for an orphan runaway. Secondly, Murdock pulled several cards from one of the pockets. For a guy that couldn't drive he sure did have a lot of licences, there was about six of them. One was a Californian one under the name of Templeton Arthur Peck who's date of birth was 7/12/47 which would make him nearly 19. The rest were under a selection of names such as Alvin Brennar, Al Peck and Morrison Holmes, each from different states and with different, yet still believable, dates of birth.

Murdock put all the licenses back in their proper place and pulled out the contents of the second pocket. It contained scraps of paper with addresses and phone numbers scribbled on them amongst other things and a condom. Go figure, most of the phone numbers were accompanied by women's names. Templeton seems like one who knows how to charm the ladies. Maybe he could ask for some tips on how to win over Louise. Again, Murdock put the papers and condom back in their correct place.

What he found next intrigued him the most, a small black and white photo. It was in poor in quality and torn round the edges but Murdock could still make out the picture of a smiling toddler, perhaps around one year old, sitting on the lap of a woman whose top half of her face was torn off. But you could just make out her smile, one that identically matched that of the toddler and the boy laying here in the hospital bed.

"H.M, honey."

"Grandma..." Murdock jumped, almost dropping what was in his hands. He quickly put the photo back and put the wallet in his pocket.

"This is Dr Gillingham."

Murdock looked at the middle aged doctor that had followed his grandma. "Hey." He greeted.

"Don't look so worried," Dr Gillingham gave him a reassuring smile, flipping through pages on his clipboard. "Your cousin will be just fine."

"Cousin?" Murdock's grandma questioned.

"Yes," Murdock quickly spoke up. He'd given the nurse the same story he and Templeton had given the police after the fight earlier. "Second cousin actually."

"Well, as I was saying," the doctor continued, "Mr Peck here will be just fine. He suffered quite a heavy blow to the head, he has mild concussion and will probably have one hell of a headache, but there isn't any long term damage. He should wake up in the next few hours or so but we'll still keep him over night for observation just to be on the safe side."

"Can I stay here with him?" asked Murdock.

Dr Gillingham nodded. "Sure. But like I said, he won't wake up for a while yet and visiting hours finish at 7:30. You're better off going home and coming back tomorrow morning. Due to the nature of his injury we won't discharge him unless he's with someone."

"Got it doc."

"I must dash now, there's a little boy in A&E with a marble stuck up his nose."

"Kids," Murdock's grandma chuckled as the doctor was leaving. Once he'd shut the door behind him, she crossed her arms and looked at her grandson. He knew what was coming.

"I can explain." He said.

"Really?" Murdock's grandma looked slightly amused, "Please H.M, do tell when you gained a cousin and I gained another grandson."

Murdock hesitated before answering, "Templeton's ran away and he has nowhere to stay?"

"So you think he's going to stay with us?"

"That was going to be my next question." Murdock flashed her a hopeful smile. "It'll only be for a night or two! Please grandma!"

"Murdock," He's grandma matched his hopeful smile with a sympathetic one. "I know you're only trying to help, but do you know how much trouble I could get in if the authorities found out I was harbouring a teenage runaway. And not to mention his poor parents are probably out of their minds with worry."

"He comes from an orphanage!"

"Well I'm sure they're worried about him too."

"No they're not." Murdock mentally apologized for the lies he was about to tell is grandma. "He said they treat him horribly there and the other kids pick on him. He's 18 next month, and then he can do what he wants anyway. But please don't make him go back just for that month."

For a moment his grandma didn't say anything, she just turned her gaze to Templeton and studied him carefully before turning back to her grandson. "And you trust this stranger enough to invite him into our house to stay?"

"Yeah," Murdock nodded. "He's not a stranger, he's my friend. And he stuck up for Louise, he's a good person." He truly believed this, despite the mystery that surrounded the younger boy.



"Templeton can stay at ours until he finds something more suitable. You're a smart boy and I'm trusting you on this one H.M. but I don't want you boys getting in anymore trouble. No fighting."

"But it was Steve who..." He took one look at his grandma and realised his defence was futile. "Done and done. There'll be no trouble, I promise. Thanks grandma."

"Just make sure I don't regret it." His grandma said. "Now we should get going, you heard what the doctor said. We'll come and pick Templeton up tomorrow morning."

"Okay, grandma." Murdock sighed, despite hating hospitals he wanted to stay with his new friend but he knew it made sense to go for now.

He stood up and took one last look at Templeton. He was going to put the wallet back but before he had a chance, his grandma had slipped her arm around him and was ushering him out the door.

Oh well, he could give it back tomorrow, no harm done.


Upon waking up it took Templeton a few minutes to make sense of his surroundings.

"Where am I?" he mumbled weakly. He pushed himself up and realised he was in hospital. The last thing he remembered was being in a kitchen. Murdock's kitchen, when the room had started spinning. He must have collapsed.

Whatever had happened it had left him with a killer headache. He carefully felt his head, unfortunately the bump was still there, he knew it was stupid to think it would mysteriously disappear.

Damn, he thought. Why did he have to go and collapse and why did he have to end up in hospital? This was all he needed and there was no sign of Murdock. What if he'd told the doctor's the truth? There was no doubt they'd call the police or social services then it would be back to the Sacred Heart orphanage in L.A for him.

"Oh boy, oh boy." He groaned, softly pinching the bridge of his nose, wishing this terrible pounding in his head to go away.

He had to get out of this place and quickly. He pulled the bed covers off himself and swung his legs over the side of the bed. He grabbed his jeans and t-shirt which were fold neatly in a cubby; in the bedside table and hurriedly changed out the hospital gown he was wearing. It was when he was pulling on his boots he noticed his watch and wallet were missing.

Templeton quickly located the watch but there was no sign of his wallet. Panicking, he patted down his pockets, but still no wallet. He needed that wallet. It had all his money, his many plus contact numbers in it. It also had the photo in it.

It wasn't much of a photo but it was the only one he had of her, his mother.

He began to panic even more. He pulled the covers off the bed, it wasn't there and it wasn't under the pillows or dropped on the floor either.

Just then someone entered the room, it was a young nurse. "Mr Peck, what are you doing out of bed?"

"Where's my wallet?" Templeton asked, ignoring her.

"Mr Peck, I must ask you to get back in bed."

Templeton ignored her again, "I need my wallet, my watch was here so where's my wallet!"

"There was a young lad, your friend, who brought you in earlier maybe he took it for safe keeping." The nurse explained. "Now please sir for your own good will you get back in bed."

"Murdock!" Templeton said, "I've got to find him."

"Your friend will be here to collect you tomorrow morning but for now you need to rest." The nurse sounded like she was trying her best not to lose patience with him, but Templeton didn't care, he just wanted to get out of this place and get his wallet back.

Then, as if he didn't have enough to worry about, he saw two police offers speaking to what seemed to be a doctor out in the corridor. In his already riled up state, Templeton instantly thought the worst.

"You called the police on me!"

"Huh?" The nurse looked over her shoulder to see what the patient was on about. "Oh, no..." she began to explain, but Templeton wasn't sticking around to listen.

He pushed past her and ran down the corridor where the police were not, he could just about here the nurse calling after him.

He turned into more corridors despite not knowing where he was going, several staff members took it upon themselves to recite him the safety rules about running as he dashed past them.

Eventually he found a fire exit which lead him out the back of the hospital. He stopped to catch his breath before casually walking away. The hospital was located near the town he had been in earlier. Great, he roughly remembered the route to Murdock's house but he was in no fit state to get there by foot. He looked at his watch: 6:14, it was going to start getting dark soon.

He subconsciously found himself walking through the town towards the cafe where the fight had taken place. Although he could really do with an ice cold beer right now, he knew he wasn't going to get served without his fake I.D which was in is wallet, which hopefully Murdock had. He didn't even have any money on him either. Maybe at the cafe he could talk his way into a free coffee at the least because of his 'heroic' deeds earlier.

The closed sign was up at the cafe door but the lights were still on and Louise could be seen clearing up. He lightly knocked on the door getting her attention. She smiled at the sight of him and walked over to unlock the door.

"Templeton," she said, locking the door back up once Templeton was inside. "What brings you here? And where's Murdock?"

"I was in hospital." He explained and Louise shot him a worrying look. "It's nothing serious, just the fight earlier took more out of me than I thought. Anyway, I didn't want to stick around but I'm not quite sure how to get back to Murdock's place."

"Well let me fix you up a coffee on the house then I can give you a lift to Murdock's."

"Do have any pain killers too? I have a bad headache."

"I think there's some in the back somewhere."

"Thanks," Templeton smiled, he could tell this girl had taken to him. "Hey, didn't you tell Steve you finished work at 3?"

Louise shrugged as she went behind the counter and he took a seat in one of the booths. "I ended up having to cover my dad's shift plus it stops Steve coming back here for me anyway."

"He's really possessive."

"My dad and his dad are close friends, so in Steve's mind I and he are meant to be together. I keep telling him otherwise but he just won't take no for an answer.

"Well I can't blame him," Louise looked over at Templeton and he continued, "Such a beautiful woman like you."

Louise tuned visibly red, it seems he had made her temporarily speechless and clumsy as she nearly dropped a mug. She managed to compose herself before changing subjects. "So why did you tell the police that you was Murdock's cousin?"


"And you actually managed to get the teacher to write the whole essay for you?"

"Yep," Templeton nodded proudly. "She even gave me an A+ and praised me on my excellent writing techniques."

"You are quite the guy." Louise said.

"I've been told that before." He picked up the chocolate muffin Louise had given him alongside the coffee and took a bite. The two had been sharing stories for the past 45 minutes. Most of Templeton's were true apart from swapping the orphanage to his made up family when ever needed and convincing her he was 18, she didn't need to know the whole truth about him. He had even gotten away with telling her the reason for lying to the police was down to nerves.

Louise blushed before she asked her next question, "Have you got a girlfriend back home Templeton?"

Templeton put the muffin down and mentally high fived himself as he played out what was going to happen next in his head. "No, I haven't." He replied, he brought his hand up to Louise's face and gently rubbed her cheek with his thumb. As expected, she didn't mind. "But if I did, I'd want her to be just like you." he slowly leaned forward, closing his eyes; he was met with no complaints when his lips met hers and they began kissing. Still cupping her cheek with one hand he wrapped his other arm around her waste. Louise's hand found its way through his hair and to the back of his head where she pulled him into the kiss more.

The teenagers kept making out until they were disturbed by a banging on the door. They pulled apart and Louise popped her head up to see what had interrupted them. Then she ducked back down in her seat.

"Who is it?" Templeton was about to look for himself but Louise pulled him back down. "What?"

"It's Steve and he's got more than just Butch with him this time."

"Oh shit."