7 Days

Thanks to all who followed, favourited and reviewed my last story Hate & Passion. As most of you know, I didn't like the way that ended so this story is going to be a lot more light hearted and fluffy to make people smile!

Anyway, here is the first chapter which I hope you will all enjoy.

It was almost 5.30 on a hot summers afternoon in Boston, and school was out for summer...or at least that's how it felt for Jane Rizzoli, Homicide Detective Boston PD.

She sat impatiently at her desk tapping her pen and glancing back and forth at the clock knowing that when it turned 6.00pm she was out of there for a whole week.

Korsak peered over his glasses at the agitated woman sat across the room. "Janie, just go home wouldya?"

"Don't call me that! Only Ma calls me Janie. Besides I said I'd wait for Maura to finish up". She huffed and slouched down in her chair.

"Sit up straight Jane". Maura had entered the bullpen. "Did you know that risk factors for poor posture include psychosocial issues such as job stress and strain? Workers who have higher job stress are more likely to develop neck and shoulder symptoms". She added tapping Jane's shoulders.

"Well thank you Doctor" Jane replied sarcastically as she rolled her eyes and sat upright.

"You are welcome" Her smile beamed not recognising the sarcasm in Jane's tone. "We should visit the Spa again, that should help you relax."

"Uh...thanks but no thanks. If I want to sit in a dirt bath for an hour I can go visit Emerson's football team after they train and get the same mud for free!" Jane snorted.

"Jane, the dirt as you call it, used at the spa is actually clay from Utah. I told you that on our last visit. If you are so against paying for any such treatment you should let me give you a massage?"

Once again, Korsak peered over the top of his glasses. "Wow that's an offer I wouldn't refuse if I were you Janie".

Jane immediately picked up the nearest object, the lid from a Sharpie and launched it directly at Korsak hitting him square between the eyes. "Shut it old man!"

"Wha...I mean come on, if the Doc here offered to do anything Docterly to make me feel better, I'd be a fool to turn her down...don't you think Janie?" He chuckled.

Before Jane could launch her next assault on the older man, Maura promptly approached Korsak to check that he had sustained no injury from Jane's immature and unprofessional behaviour, which could have been dangerous if it had hit him in the eyes.

"Are you ok there Vince? Did big bad Jane hurt you?" Maura attempted her best baby voice as she looked for any signs of injury, just to humour Korsak's previous words.

"Aw, shucks Doc, I'll be ok honestly, its nothing". Korsak tried to hide his blush caused by the sudden attention as Maura was stood in front of him, bending slightly to maintain eye contact.

"Oh come on! Maura he's just looking for attention from you because he's a dirty old man and you're hot" Immediately not knowing where that last part had come from Jane tried to cover it up before anyone realised what she had said. "Can we just go now please?" She whinned as her shoulders slumped.

Maura turned towards the door. "Will you be joining us when you finish Vince?"

Korsak smiled like a schoolboy. "Actually not tonight ladies...I have a date. So, have a good week off. You both deserve a good rest".

Jane raised her hand to her temple to pull off a relaxed salute to the older man on her way out the door. Maura followed closely. "Thank you Vince, have a pleasant evening" and as she turned, "Thank you Jane, that was very sweet of you to say".

The two women made their way out of the building in silence and headed towards Jane's car. With the vehicle in sight and Maura trotting along behind Jane to try and keep up with her, Jane turned and slowed down to wait.

"Back there...what did you thank me for?" Jane asked with a puzzled expression, obvious she had been thinking about this since they left the room.

Jane unlocked the car and they both slid in, Jane taking the drivers side and Maura buckling herself into the passenger seat.

"For saying I was hot" Maura turned to smile at her friend who was looking back at her still with the same puzzled look. "I appreciate it when my efforts are recognized by others, but I find it is more genuine when it comes from another female, especially from you Jane. So thank you for noticing."

"Hmm, ok, you're welcome I guess" Jane snorted back as she turned to concentrate on driving.

They pulled out of the parking lot, and made their way to the Dirty Robber.

The drive over to the Dirty Robber was short and sweet. They parked up and made their way inside.

Upon entering they noticed that their usual booth was already occupied, thankfully by Frankie and Frost who were chatting quietly over a pitcher of beer.

Jane made her way over to the men, closely followed by Maura . Frankie instantly noticed that the new company had joined them and arose from his seat to hug his older sibling.

"Hey Frankie, you been here long?" Jane questioned as she returned the hug.

"Nah, just long enough to notice there are a few sweet ladies in here tonight." He pulled away from the embrace and signalled for a high five with Frost.

"Hell yeah, we seen some hotties in here already." Frost added as he slapped hands with the younger Rizzoli. "Speaking of which, Doctor please take my seat." He stood from his position and gestured to the now vacant side of the booth. "May I get you some drinks Ladies?" He swooned.

"Smooth, really...smooth." Frankie nodded in approval.

"Well thank you. I'll just take a glass of house white please. Oh and many happy returns of the day, Barry." The Doctor leant over and placed a peck on his cheek.

"What did you just say Maur? And why did you just kiss him?" Jane looked on in confusion.

"Since the 18th century 'Many Happy Returns' has been used as a salutation to offer the hope that a happy day being marked would recur many more times. It is now primarily used on birthdays; prior to the mid 19th century it was used more generally, at any celebratory or festive event. You know, happy birthday." She offered with a pleased smile.

"Ok so I wish I hadn't even asked." Jane turned with wide eyes to Frost ."Sorry I didn't know...Happy Birthday pal."

"Thanks. You want beer?" He waited for a nod of approval before making his way over to the bar.

Maura slid into the booth, into the seat previously occupied by Frost . Jane followed accidentally scooting a little too far over, leaving her leg pushed up against the smaller woman, but neither of them feeling the need to pull away.

"So, no Korsak tonight then?" Frankie enquired.

"Nah, he said he had some sorta' 'hot date' emphasised by air quotes. "I bet the women he dates will run a mile when they find out about all of his ex's and his stinky feet." Jane shuddered at the thought.

"Jane! That's a little cruel don't you think? Vince is a very sweet man and I say good luck to him." Maura added.

Before the conversation could deepen, Frost returned with another pitcher of beer, a bottle for Jane and a glass of the Dirty Robbers "finest" house wine for Maura.

The four friends continued on for several hours, exchanging pleasant conversations about work, teasing Korsak in his absence and reminiscing about family memories. During this time a substantial amount of alcohol had been consumed by all in the booth, working towards total inebriation, for Frost's Birthday celebration of course!

The conversation suddenly seemed to take a different turn when Maura spotted Giovanni at the bar. All three of the other drinkers had noticed her expression change. The gleeful laughter and smile that had adorned her face suddenly turned to a look of sheer horror and panic, like a deer caught in headlights.

Then they had witnessed the Doctor suddenly bury her head into Jane's neck. "Please don't let him see me, please please."

They began to look around for the culprit who was causing the strange behaviour from the doctor and immediately saw the lanky Italian oozing sleaze at the bar.

"Great, just great." Jane sighed. "Don't look at him, maybe he wont see..."

It was too late, Giovanni had already noticed Jane and began his sultry swagger over as he smiled uncontrollably.

"Jane, you look great." He pointed with his beer bottle. "Ah, you still with the little lady?" he beamed noticing Maura still hiding her face against Jane. "You look hot Maura!"

"Yes...err, yes Giovanni, she's just a little tired." Jane reached round and started to stroke the top of Maura's head, causing the doctor to nuzzle her face in to Jane's neck further. "We should actually get going soon so if you don't mind..."

"Ah yeah, sure, I mean I could take you both home if you want." Giovanni wasn't going to let the 3-way offer rest.

"No...thanks...we can get a cab. Thanks." Jane rolled her eyes and smiled politely.

"Well, I'll just be over there if you ladies change you minds." He pointed with his beer bottle once again and winked before making his way back over to the bar.

"What a total douche." Jane whispered out of the corner of her mouth.

"Oh man, poor guy. Its gotta hurt being rejected for another woman." Frost chuckled as he wiped his mouth.

"Excuse me, I'm not just another woman" Maura interrupted looking very serious. "I am Jane's little lady!"

They all began laughing and Jane pulled the Doctor in closer for a hug, noticing Giovanni was still looking over at the "couple" nodding in appreciation.

"You do look good together though." Frost stated bluntly. "Back me up here bro." He added as he slapped Frankie's arm.

"I gotta admit sis, you do look happy. Happier than I've seen you in a long time." Frankie offered sincerely.

"Well wouldn't you be happy with this woman?" Her eyes darted down to Maura who was still clinging on to her "...being your lover?"

"Duh yeah." Frost smiled. "You got a point." Frankie added in unison.

All of their attentions went back to the bar, Giovanni still stood admiring the couple and licking his lips.

"Jane, I am finding this attention rather disturbing. Can we leave before I vomit please?" Maura pleaded.

"I never thought you were going to ask, babe." Jane stood and pulled Maura to her feet, dragging her close into her body so that they could walk out with her arm around the feminine waist of the doctor.

As they left the Dirty Robber the cold air of the night hit them like a ton of bricks. Without realizing, the pair had started to stumble down the sidewalk as the amount of alcohol they had consumed caught up with them. They both paused to start looking for a cab but as they turned it was obvious how intoxicated they both were.

Maura stumbled backwards, luckily finding the wall of the Robber behind her to prevent her from falling. Accidentally pulling Jane with her so that their bodies were flush against each other.

It couldn't have been timed better, as Jane's body crashed against Maura's, Giovanni exited the building. Looking up, his eyes met with Jane's. She then turned her attention to Maura.

Jane raised her right hand and placed it flush against the wall beside the blonde's head and placed her free left hand upon her hip. The two friends eye's locked and without warning Jane gently placed her lips upon Maura's.

A squeak came from the smaller woman as she froze in shock. With their lips still stuck together they both looked round to see Giovanni throw his hands up in the air before turning and leaving.

They parted and their eyes once again were set upon each other.

"Do you think he got the message?" Jane asked breathlessly.

"I hope so." Maura replied as her hands reached up and started playing with the collar on Jane's shirt.

They did not say a word, they didn't need to. The invisible force between them was undeniable. Slowly Jane's lips moved closer to regaining contact with the full moist lips that lay before her.

Maura's tongue dipped out to lick her own bottom lip and Jane grazed that very tongue with hers, sampling a small taste of her friend.

Maura used Jane's shirt collar to pull her in closer and their lips once again became one.

Mouths squashed together, they gently parted several times. They slowly gained momentum as the meetings came in quicker succession, divided by sharp intakes of breath.

Mouths began to open against each other and as they both became braver a tentative tongue grazed against Jane's. Not needing any further invite, Jane replicated Maura's actions as their tongues gently met and danced playfully around each other.

Jane deepened the kiss further and pressed her body harder against the blonde who was still pushed up against the wall, causing a moan from the blonde as Jane's hand wandered from her hip, up her side and down her feminine arm until their fingers were intertwined.

Jane reluctantly pulled away, breathing heavily and flushed. She looked around suddenly conscious of the public display "My place or yours?" she husked as she pulled the smaller woman away from the wall and down the street to search for that cab.

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