7 Days

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Jane stirred childishly in her sleep, her arms lashed and her legs kicked. Her previously undisturbed sleep, was now being loudly and annoyingly disturbed.

"Go away..." The brunette mumbled as she continued to dribble face first into the pillow beneath her head. Her cell continued to ring, over and over again without relent "...leave me alone!"

Tired of hearing her protests and unable to drown out the noise with a pillow for any longer, Maura sighed loudly and stretched across the naked form beside her, grabbing the vibrating cell off the nightstand whilst quickly admiring the sight of her girlfriends lack of clothing.

"This is Chief Medical Examiner Maura Isles speaking, Detective Rizzoli is otherwise unavailable at the moment may I pass on a message?" The blonde answered surprisingly chirpy, with a huge smile on her face. It was the first time she had ever answered her girlfriend's phone and it seemed like a bigger deal to her than it actually was. She was very pleased with herself, she had even considered addressing herself as 'Maura Isles, ME and girlfriend to the wonderful and sexy Detective Rizzoli' but she knew that wouldn't go down too well at work, but it might make the brunette smile.

Suddenly, the smile was wiped off her face and her tone changed "Oh hello...yes Angela, she's right here beside me...she's still asleep yes..." her eyes shot to the small digital display at the side of the bed "...ok...I will tell her...see you soon Angela." She hung up and flopped back on the bed, throwing the phone to one side and covering her face with her hands whilst letting out a sigh.

"That's why I don't answer early morning calls from Ma...let that be a lesson to you..." Jane groggily added as she peaked out from one semi open eye "...have I ever told you that you have the most amazing body I have ever seen?" The brunette suddenly sucked in the excess saliva that had been caused by ogling the doctor's naked form.

The blonde giggled and quickly rolled over on to her stomach, in a small attempt to cover herself. She had to play a little hard to get even though she was willing to offer every single part of herself out to the brunette. She would have been happy to lay there under full scrutiny if that's what Jane wanted. She was and always had been comfortable in her own skin but she didn't want to appear over confident or full of herself knowing how self conscious Jane was about her own body.

"You are quite easy on the bulbus oculi too you know..." The doctor smirked and immediately seized the open opportunity before her which may never arise again. Her eyes became fully focused on Jane's exposed ass. Her hand quickly grabbed at the pert buttock, and squeezed it as hard as she could "...and not only is your glutimus maximus mine, its also divine." The blonde's eyes twinkled mischievously. Before the brunette could protest, Maura's head had joined her hand and she grazed the smooth skin with her teeth, gently biting the flesh in front of her.

"Maur!..." Jane squealed, not only shocked but also embarrassed. She quickly grabbed for the sheets and tried to cover herself.

"Don't go acting all shy with me now Janie..." The blonde purred as she looked up the length of Jane's now covered body "...not after last night anyway..." she positioned herself on all fours, and then began to crawl up the brunettes body, painfully and agonizingly slow until they were face to face "...what we shared last night, it was amazing. I've...I've never ever felt that way, physically or emotionally with anyone." The blonde's breathing was now heavy and she felt her skin flush as she recalled their activities from the night before.

"It was fucking sexy..." the brunette husked as her hands instinctively landed upon the blondes hips before pulling her down closer "...watching you fucking me like that was..." her words were cut off by the blondes lips crashing against her own.

They kissed passionately and things easily became heated once again, both sets of hands began wondering and exploring without any hesitation as the sheets were kicked aside. Kisses began to get clumsy and the newly fueled arousal was clearly evident from the heavy breathing that filled the otherwise silent apartment.

"Jane..." the blonde gasped trying to get her girlfriends attention.

"Maur...you feel so good..." the brunette moaned into the smaller woman's mouth in response as her hands easily found the doctors full firm breasts.

"Jane...as much as..." The doctor began to get her words out between kisses and heavy breathing "...as much as I want your...face in my...ohhh...pussy..."

The vulgar choice of words coming from the pristine mouth of the usually eloquent doctor were again responsible for awakening Jane's desires "I thought you would never ask." the strong detective made light work of flipping them over so she was hovering above the petite blonde.

"Jane wait...your Mother called to tell us it was 12 o'clock and if we were late she would carry on and break the good news without us."

"Fuck..." the brunettes arms buckled and she let herself fall on top of the doctor with a small thud "...noooo, I don't want to go!" She buried her face into abundant curls.

"If we don't move now I won't be able to control myself and then there is no way of us getting dressed and over there in 30 minutes..." Maura pushed her moody girlfriend aside and rose from the bed "...don't be such a baby, we can continue this later."

With no time for showers or preparation, the pair arrived at Maura's house leaving only minutes to spare. The blonde lead the way through her front door. As they both stepped over the threshold, they were met by an outburst of applause and cheers from Tommy, Frankie and Korsak.

Jo Friday went yapping off into the source of the noise, excited by all of the people who were all suddenly very eager to greet the little pup. Angela on the other hand had other priorities.

Making a beeline for the newly acquainted couple, she threw her hands up in the air and gestured around the room to the abundance of Rainbow colored decorations.

"Happy coming o…" Angela began to declare.

With one graceful step, Jane was in front of her Mother with her hand firmly over her mouth "Ma! Don't you even dare."

"But Janie…" Angela mumbled through the palm of her daughters hand before shaking herself free. Before she could turn to reconvene with the other guests, Jane caught her by the wrist and pulled her back.

"I got this Ma! Just keep out of it, ok?"

Jane pleaded with her mother, but all Angela could do was roll her knowing eyes, again she tried to pull away from her daughters hold but was pulled back. This time Jane pulled her Mothers forearm into a double handed grip, twisting each hand in opposite directions, causing her skin to stretch tenderly in a childish Chinese burn.

"Ow!..." Angela smacked at the brunettes arm playfully before wrenching her other arm from her grasp "…ok ok! No need to hurt your Mother!..." She turned to make her way back to the kitchen "…I even decorated the place for you and that's the thanks I get."

"Gee thanks Ma, so thoughtful..." Jane sarcastically replied "…stupid gay rainbows." She added under her breath.

"It was lovely of you to go to so much themed effort Angela…" the blonde added as she joined the older Rizzoli in the kitchen "…can I help with anything?"

"See Janie…at least Maura appreciates me! Thank you sweety, if only my own daughter was as thoughtful as you."

The brunette scrunched her face up in a playful and childish manner at both of the women. She pulled the sort of face that a kid would pull at a 'know it all' when they were gloating about their achievements.

This was almost one of those occasions, Maura beamed from ear to ear after the appraisal from Angela; she seemed very proud of her own actions and took great pride in others appreciating her. That was until she saw Jane's face pulling, which immediately wiped the smile from her face. Instead of reacting vocally, Maura stuck her tongue out at the brunette.

"Stop pulling faces you two..." Angela called from a bent position in front of the oven "...I know what you're doing."

"How?" Maura mouthed at the brunette silently as she shrugged her shoulders in disbelief.

"Eyes in her ass!" The brunette mouthed back and emphasized her response by sticking out her own butt and pointing to it, causing the blonde to giggle softly.

"Jane!..." The elder Rizzoli turned to her daughter "...go make yourself useful, go and pick a suitable wine."

"Let me help you Jane." The blonde eagerly offered and followed the lean detective out of the kitchen.

Once they were in brief privacy of the basement, Jane reached out. Taking Maura's hand in her own and tugging her forward until their bodies bumped together clumsily. The detectives arm reached round and encircled the smaller woman's waist before pulling her in closer. She placed her hands upon the blonde's hips as she planted her lips upon her eager girlfriend's mouth.

Maura's hands reached up and rested upon the detective's chest, using just enough force to walk her backwards until the brunette came into contact with a pile of boxes stacked neatly behind her.

"Does the dark and dusty basement turn you on Doctor Isles?" The brunette playfully teased as she wiggled her eyebrows.

"Actually no. It's the thought of people being right above us while I make you climax…"

"Oh." Jane visibly shuddered, she wasn't sure if it was the blondes embarrassing choice of words or just the thought and excitement of Maura's suggestion, knowing that anyone could catch them if they dared do it.

"…and I wanted to continue what we started earlier." the blonde added as she reached down between her own body and the brunettes. In the limited space between them, the doctor managed to pop the top button of Jane's jeans, the remaining two followed suit with a quick firm tug which pulled the strong detective off balance slightly.

The brunette placed her hands on the boxes behind her to steady herself "Maura?..." she wasn't quite sure that this was a good idea. She never had been the adventurous type.

"Shh…" Looking the brunette directly in the eye, Maura placed the flat of her hand upon the taller woman's stomach and slowly began to push her hand downwards until it disappeared into the opening of her jeans, instantly finding the elastic of her underwear.

With a quick twitch of her fingertips, Maura found her hand under the fabric and continued on its downward decent.

The blonde placed her other free hand beside the brunette and leaned in, just close enough to whisper "…can you be quiet?" The blonde pushed her fingers a little lower, until they found the apex of Jane's sex.

The brunette took a sharp inhale of breath and as she bit her lip in anticipation. All she could do was nod eagerly.

"If you start making too much noise, I will be forced to stop. Do you understand?" The blonde's fingers dipped lower, parting damp folds.

Again, the brunette nodded "Uh huh." Her eyes slammed shut at the sudden intrusion and her head fell backwards as the blondes nimble fingers dipped lower still, spreading the evidence of her arousal back up until she found the sensitive spot which ached to be touched.

"Oh god…" Jane gasped in appreciation as the doctor's fingers quickly and diligently got to work on satisfying her girlfriend's needs. Her pace quickened in a short space of time as she buried her face into the detective's neck, nipping and licking at the sensitive skin.

"I feel…" the brunette breathed heavy "…like a man."

The doctors confused eyes found her girlfriends dark, arousal filled pools "What?..."

"Oh…fuck…" The brunette was quickly approaching release "…I mean…because you're…ah…" her breath was increasingly labored "…giving me a quickie."

"Oh Janie…you are from being like man, you are far too sexy. Anyway…can a man feel this…" her fingers quickly slipped from the brunettes throbbing clit and easily pushed inside her burning core.

"Fuck!..." the brunette hissed.

"Oops, sorry…" the blonde removed her fingers agonizingly slow and once again found Jane's clitoris. This time her pace wasn't slow and tender like before. It was rough and hurried, intent on bringing Jane to orgasm as quickly as possible.

Her actions worked.

"Maur…" the brunette almost begged as she gasped for air desperately.

"Come for me Janie…" the blonde whispered as she locked her lips onto the gasping mouth before her. She forced her tongue into her girlfriend's mouth and with a few more precise wrist and finger movements, the detective was groaning into her mouth.

The brunette's body jerked and spasmed several times as her orgasm ran through her weakened body. As she recovered, she slumped forwards into the blondes arms.

The doctor tenderly kissed the top of her girlfriend's unruly locks "I love you Jane." She gently removed her hand from her pants so that she was able to embrace her fully and support the dead weight in front of her.

After taking a minute to regain her composure, Jane lifted her head and placed a chaste kiss on Maura's lips "I love you too…and thank you!" The two women giggled as they straightened their clothes and hair.

The blonde swiftly turned, grabbing a bottle of wine without even inspecting the label and made her way back to the stairs, stopping halfway up and peering back down with a huge smile at her girlfriend "Well? What are you waiting for?" Without giving Jane a chance to respond, she was gone.

Seconds later, the brunette bounded back up into the house, not able to hide the smirk on her face. She glanced over at Maura who was removing the cork from the wine bottle. The same goofy grin was etched on her face too.

"Did you two girls have to move all of my boxes out of the way to get to the wine rack?" Angela enquired.

"No, I had already rearranged your storage boxes Angela." The blonde nonchalantly replied.

"Yeah Ma…I think Maura alphabetized them all before you had chance to." Jane joked as she removed the bottle cap from her beer and took a sip.

"Oh, thank you honey. It's just…it sounded like you two were struggling with something down there…" Angela replied, not detecting her daughter's sarcasm.

"Yeah…I nearly came down to help. Figured you needed a big strong man like me to help." Frankie added.

"That wouldn't have been necessary…" the doctor blushed as she looked over at her girlfriend who was sat at the dining table with a horrified expression on her face "…we are both strong independent women, we are more than capable of taking care of ourselves without needing a man."

Jane choked on her beer, ungracefully spitting the liquid over herself as she coughed violently.

Grabbing a towel, the doctor rushed to her side. "Are you ok Janie?" Without warning she began patting the front of her t-shirt with the towel, using it to cover her hand as she groped the other woman's breasts casually.

"Hmm…" The blonde hummed "…all good now?" She turned and resumed her kitchen duties, leaving the brunette to watch open mouthed.

Before long, all six of them were happily digging into the Sunday feast that Angela had prepared like one big happy family. There were occasional hums of appreciation and compliments made about how delicious the food was, in additional to the general banter between the Rizzoli children. All of which was easily hushed by Korsak. It has been easy for him to fill Franks shoes, they hadn't seen their Father for so long he had almost been forgotten and Angela was definitely happier without him being around.

Angela finished her meal first and sat back, taking in her happy family and smiling in appreciation.

"Ma…are you ok?" Tommy enquired, seeing Angela get all teary eyed. But she did not reply, she kept on smiling.

"Ma…" Jane butted in "…you look like you have wind, what's wrong?"

Angela glared at her eldest, finding it hard to believe that she would lower the tone of such a perfect moment "Oh Jane…don't be so crass. I'm just happy! My beautiful children are here, my lovely Vince is here…" she reached over and took Korsak's hand in her own "…what more could I ask for?"

Jane rolled her eyes, that was her queue to break the news. She nervously cleared her throat and wiped her mouth on her napkin before rising to her feet. She took a deep breath, here goes.

"While everyone is here…" She had broken out in a nervous sweat, she looked down to Maura sat beside her who was gazing lovingly back at her, her chin resting on her hand. The blonde casually let her fingers linger below her nose, inhaling the faint smell of Jane's arousal that lingered there. The brunette's eyes went wide before she continued "…there is something Maura and I have to tell you."

"What is it Jane?" Angela tried to act as though she knew nothing but it was obviously fake.

"You both have super powers?" Tommy joked.

"Yeah, like detective and ME by day, super crime fighting hero's Rizzo and Izzlo by night." Frankie added making both of the grown men laugh.

Korsak sighed at their childish antics "Don't you mean professionals by day, lovers by night?..." Now he couldn't help but laugh at his absurd suggestion, but his laugh quickly subsided when he saw both Jane and Maura glaring at him "…I was joking…right…I mean everyone jokes about it." He laughed again uncomfortably.

"Vince, let Janie speak." Angela urged.

"Yes, go run away and tell all of your little buddies and laugh about it…" Jane made a gesture with her hand, as though her index and forefinger were legs walking away "…Maura and I are now in a relationship…and we will be living together as partners."

Without a word, Frankie jumped to his feet. He stepped towards his sister and engulfed her in the biggest hug he could muster "I'm so happy for you sis…anyone gives you any grief about this and I will personally knock them out." He let go of his hold and moved towards Maura, pulling her into the same vice like hold "You and Janie were meant for each other."

"Great…" Tommy piped up throwing his hands in the air "why'd you have to take the only hot friend you ever had?"

"Because she knew from the beginning that I loved her." Maura stated as Jane glared at her youngest jerk of a brother.

Angela stepped forward and put her arms around the two women "My beautiful girls…" they quickly returned the embrace "…I am so proud of you and I am happy you finally did this!"

As Jane let herself be hugged she glanced at Korsak. He was smiling back, nodding his head in approval, he didn't need words to tell Jane how proud he was of her, the action alone spoke a thousand words and his acceptance was all that she needed.

"Get over here old man." Jane joked as Korsak stepped forward and joined the group hug, quickly followed by Frankie and a reluctant Tommy.

"Welcome to the mad house!" the brunette managed to get her head under the mass of arms to look at her girlfriend, before quickly kissing her lips.

"I feel at home already." The blonde replied, she finally had a family. She finally had someone who cared. She finally had everything she had ever wanted…Jane.


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