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As I realized what I was about to do, my mind stopped me dead in my tracks. We had never done anything like this before. I mean…we had done minor things, but the thought of sex had never crossed my mind. It wasn't really needed in our relationship. I didn't think about it once and Peeta didn't seem to mind.
He saw my worried expression and gave a smirk that could have blinded millions. "Don't worry, I'll lead. There's nothing to worry about, Katniss."

The darkness of the room, which once comforted me, now suffocated me. His ruffled blonde hair seemed more disheveled than ever in the dim lighting the moon gave from the window, and his large hands and agile fingers seemed to invite me, like a frightened rabbit, into his warm embrace.

Why was I so nervous? There was no reason to be, really. It was just us. Peeta is my soul mate, and in that consciousness I quickly decided that I should get over my superficial fears and be able to be with him in this way.

Before I knew it, I had been flipped on to the bed like a ragdoll. As he leaned over me, the moon only caught the silhouette of the broad shouldered man who was my husband, not the Boy with the Bread. Not the weak, sixteen year old who I exchanged nervous glances with at the first reaping that changed our lives forever. This Peeta was determined and protective, swift and sure. He had a new animal-like resolve to his personality that I had never seen. He took control without anxiety and I found myself admiring him for that. Not being the strongest one of the two of us oddly turned me on to the idea of this.

His lips met mine in a fiery gathering of emotions that were much overdue. His soft edges caressed mine in a way that had never been done before, and it was only a few minutes in that I realized the throaty sounds escaping from my mouth. As promised, he led, taking the liberty to explore my trembling body with his tentative touch without a sign of fear. Fire instantly ignited in my veins when he traced over the most sensitive areas of my body, teasing me mischievously. As I got more comfortable, my hands explored his figure as well, tracing my fingers over his chest and onto his stomach, which earned a ripple of pleasure from him. I took that as a sign that I was doing this right, and decided to move under his shirt and run my fingers down his massive body and play with the elastic of his pants.

His response was instant, suddenly grinding his erection between my legs and moaning stridently. Fire no longer ignited in my veins, but large flames licked my very core.

Why hadn't I done this before?

I found my hips moving in synchronization with his, teasing us both. The few thin strips of cotton that separated us annoyed me to no end, and I eagerly grabbed his underwear attempting to pull them off. He beat me too it, stripping of my thin panties and his boxers in one swift movement.

His erection hung heavy in between us and for the first time during this whole endeavor, his smoldering blue eyes looked into my gray ones and asked for my permission.
The fire in me was a human inferno, making me writhe against the bed in the passion I felt for him. Everyone, everything, every event that had ever happened seemed obsolete in this moment. All that mattered was Peeta and I, in this warm bed in Victors Village. Not Gale, who abandoned me. Not my mother, who I hadn't talked to in so long, or my dead little sister, who I tried so hard to save.

It was only us, for the first time in our lives.

His movements were slow at first being sure not to hurt me. But as time wore on, the rhythmic pushing of our bodies becoming one got faster and more fevered. We were not two people, but one, continued expanse of life.

His heartbeat harmonized with my own, and the guttural sounds coming from his throat only drove me on more. In this sultry moment I realized how happy I truly was to finally pleasure him instead of hurt him, as I constantly used too.
In what seemed to be the most heightened moment of both of our existences, he finally let out a drawn-out moan and collapsed on top of me.

The act left adrenaline pumping through my veins and caused me to still shake in pleasure. As he rolled over though, the movements stopped. I suddenly felt so fatigued that I couldn't even form coherent sentences, but even through my stupor I realized he was trying to talk to me. The last thing I remember was his tired voice in my ear saying, "I love you, Katniss. And I always will."


The sun was my wake-up call, the warm rays cradling my skin in comfort. As the sunlight peered through the window, I stretched as I did every morning and turned around sleepily to face Peeta. As I absent-mindedly brushed my hair out of my face, I realized he was intently staring at me, his face broad with the smile that crinkled his eyes and made his teeth shine valiantly.

"What's up with you, hmm?" I said playfully to his expression, which had to make me return his look of pure elation.

"Maybe you can tell me. We made love last night, real or not real?"

I laughed at his wording and sat up and stretched, but covered up after I realized I was nude.
"Pretty sure that was real. Or at least, I'm hoping it was!"

He chuckled and reached over, twirling my hair in-between his fingers playfully. "Hmm. There was something else I was wondering was real or not."

"Shoot." I inquired, my fingers drawing circles on his exposed leg. He sighed and laid down on the fluffy expanse of bed, his arm craning behind his head.
"You said we could have kids. Real or not real?"

I had completely forgotten our unspoken agreement, and realized I couldn't go back on it now. I sighed and wrapped my arms around his body, laying my head on his chest intently.

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